Sunday, May 03, 2015

020515 BLOK

020515 BLOK
Why do we live, and why do we die?
Last Thursday, having just checked my mail box for my bank card (at Casilla Postal), I decided to turn right (from Av. Ayacucho) onto Av. Heriones -- big mistake!  I was just 5 seconds from severe injury and/or death.  A taxi appeared out of nowhere, going too fast of course, side-swiped me and I lost control.  This on one of Cochabamba's busiest streets.  Then suddenly, I was being lifted up, a group of Bolivians had come to help, bringing me and my bicycle to the curb, out of harm's way.  I was dazed but coherent, and when the woman asked me in English if I needed to go to the hospital, of course, NO WAY!  I thanked the group profusely and then sped away, and ultimately up Av. Los Robles to home.

P.S.  It turned out to be miraculous, that I ended up with only a bruise on my left ankle, and Senor Fetes only with handlebars rotated.  I could have been killed, but still here, why?


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