Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nepal quake: aid finally begins to arrive in remote villages, sent by locals | World news | The Guardian

Fidel Castro 'betrayed' Che Guevara, 'abandoned' him in Bolivia, Cuban journalist says | Fox News Latino

This is good!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nepal earthquake: Aid reaches hungry survivors near epicentre - World - CBC News

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Universe may be a one big hologram: Study | Business Standard News

Nepal's PM says earthquake death toll could reach 10,000 | World news | The Guardian

We're killing them off!

Helicopters ferry injured from Nepal villages near epicenter - The Washington Post

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Together Again, in ‘Grace and Frankie’ -

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Monday, April 27, 2015

27e0415 BLOK

27e0415 BLOK
Spring to Fall
The first hint of Otono today,
A cooler breeze
That makes me sneeze!
The sunlight,
The angle of the dangle.
The dog so happy
Rolling on the tarp,
Chasing her tail!
Here is life,
Everything in the process of reversing,
Primero a Otono,
In Boldivia.


27d0415 BLOK

27d0415 BLOK
'We'll meet again, don't know when, don't know where!'
Russia and Argentina have just signed some kind of defense alliance.  This is response to the U.K.'s belligerent attitude about the Falkland Islands off the southern coast of Argentina.  The 1962 war.
Note, long ago the U.K. should have given these islands over to Argentina, as this is how World Wars start.
The U.K. is not going to back down.  A nuclear exchange, Nature 'thinning the herd!'

P.S.  Von Clausevitz said, WAR, THE FATHER OF ALL THINGS.


Every morning when you arise, look out a window and sing the following lyrics from the Broadway musical OKLAHOMA (Rogers and Hammerstein):
Rejoice in being a conscious, loving, sharing, and sentient being!  AND RIGHT NOW!



Remember a movie entitled A THOUSAND CLOWNS, Jason Robarts playing Murray?  Watch it again.
Norman Cousins cured himself of some exotic, life-threatening disease, with Vitamin C and laughter!
Imagine yourself whole, no worries, no pain, if fact just the opposite, CURED!
IMAGINE THAT?  John Lennon would ask.
You only think you've got a problem!



The Talmud says, ENDLESS ACTS OF COMPASSION.  That this is the only way to live ultimately.  That means forgiving ourselves as well as others.
Do you do much physical exertion, sweating, etc.?  Great way to heal yourself!
I'm fit for my age because of 'Senor Fetes,' the name of my bicycle.  I've ridden 'Senor Fetes' for 15 years now, and though I don't count, probably over 100,000KM.
To me, 'Senor Fetes,' more of a 'companion,' than pieces of metal.
I'm up every morning at 0400, for my own program, which involves prayer, meditation, and yoga-like exercise.  This to keep older mind-body flexible.
Another good one is Tai Chi Chuan.  You see older Chinese people early in the A.M. doing it, in their People's Park (in every city).  I used to know the Beijing Form.  Tai Chi good for joints and balance.  Slowly!
It's the basis for all martial arts.
But, whatever interests you, motivates you.  I've always liked to exert, but not for everyone.  I can't get my German business partner out of a chair.  But, she's made it to 77-years of age, so everyone different.
Nike's motto, good:  JUST DO IT!

Playing with a dog is good too!


Yes, maybe, but I think all males have this problem to some degree.
I learned long ago that 'to control,' is to be controlled.  This, the sado-masochistic relationship of dependency.
Additionally, these two English words (control freak) mean something to you, that maybe not to me.  Which gives me the opportunity to describe where I 'live,' versus where you 'live.' 
I don't believe in an objective reality,  Therefore, if you do, our 'worlds' a little different.
When I choose a word I also choose its meaning, a la Humpty Dumpty/Lewis Carroll.
With my poetry I'm trying to deconstruct language (make it no so etched in stone).


25a0415 BLOK

25a0415 BLOK 
It was announced recently, by some magazine (assuming authority of course) that the actress Sandra Bullock is the most beautiful woman in the world (as if we should care).
Maybe!  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say (POV).  The Little Prince (St. Exupery) said, ONE CAN ONLY SEE RIGHTLY WITH THE HEART, WHAT IS TRULY ESSENTIAL, IS INVISIBLE TO THE EYE!
So, if Ms. Bullock the most beautiful, where does that leave the rest of the woman in the world, save for Angelina Jolle?  In the impossible situation of trying to live up to two icons of female beauty (according to the media).
It's how they manipulate us for money!  In this case cosmetic surgery, cosmetics, spas, food supplements, the latest diets, health food, gyms, spandex, on and on…
It's evil!
"So, get up right now, get up out of that easy chair and go to the nearest window (that opens).  Open it, and start yelling the following, slowly, clearly, softly at first, then building in volume:
(thank you, Paddy Cheyefsky, from a 1972 mopic, NETWORK )


American Pathology!

Bicycling in Beijing: How a two-wheeled revolution could change China’s youth cycling culture.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

18-190415 BLOK

18-190415 BLOK
We rode with MASA CRITICAL on Saturday (18 Abril).  I was amazed at the number of cyclists, something over 500 in the groupa, that sometimes stretched out into uno media kilometer.  Congratulations to the organizers, as they had promoted this extensively!
This reminded me of a night in Santiago, Chile, three years ago when I rode with Los Furiosos -- 3,000 riders!
This MASA CRITICAL in Cochabamba, however, was more gratifying as I live here.  And 3 'non' cyclists joined the groupa, three friends, Anna, Tiana, and Ritchie.
I was humbled, when one of the organizers told me, 'We're honored to have you join us!'  I was 'honored' that they took special efforts to make sure I attended.
Then the following day, our own CYCLING SUNDAYS managed to attract, Ritchie, Coco, and Jorge, along with Edgar, Johnny, and I.  I'd hoped for Patricia, but she didn't make it.  I take special effort to get woman and older people on bicycles.
CYCLING SUNDAYS meets on the Prado/Cochabamba, at 0900 every Sunday.
This Sunday, we'd planned to go to Toco, Edgar's hometown, some 50KM distance.  That means 100KM round trip.
Coco and Ritchie, came late of course, Bolivians unable to be punctual.  I think we finally departed at 1015, Coco and Ritchie, leading the way as if needing to prove their Machoness.  You might have thought, more humble, more willing to admit they didn't have the experience-endurance as much as Edgar and I, and open to learn.  NO, they went so fast that, of course, ran out of 'steam,' had to stop and rest and we passed them.  The old 'Rabbit and the Turtle' story.  I find most Bolivian men, immature.
They caught up to us at the Angostura Dam, where we rested.  But, to try to teach a lesson, I went off and cranked furiously ahead, had some help from the wind, so arrived at the junction to Cliza (from Prado) in two hours (38KM).  That's pretty good.  Here I waited for the groupa for about 15 minutos, but no Ritchie.  I thought wise of him to stop and return to Cochabamba on the bus. 
We went on to Cliza, had almuerzo (sopa), then Edgar needed to purchase flowers for his parents graves in Toco (the reason for going).  Johnny got separated, and we had to use our movils.  Coco informs us, he had to return to Cochabamba, and can't join us to Toco.  Then, guess who shows up?  Ritchie, with sore knee of course.  It's just always a little crazy here in Boldivia.  After returning from a Farmacia, he wants to have lunch while we're in Toco.  We go off to Toco, Edgar, Johnny and me.
After waiting for Edgar at the Cemetario, he gives Johnny a quick tour of Toco, where life is still in the 19th C.  Note, I'd been there before.
Toco, has one of two unsual iglesias, Catholic churches.  The other in Arani, not far away.  See fotos. at
Then we start back to Cochabamba, and end up fighting a headwind all the way back to Lago Angostura.  From there and into Cochabamba, some 20KM, but down hill and slightly less arduous.  The traffic, however, dangerous. 
At Las Carmelitas, a highway restaurante, we always stop to donate to Milton, a young Bolivian man blinded in some accident.  At least I make a contribution, Latin men not inclined.  This time we rested having a beer.
Back in Cochabamba we parted with Edgar at the usual junction, as he returns to his house in Qullicolla, and we manage up Av. Los Robles.  I had to go real slowly, as feeling the exertion of the day, and more acutely than usual.  Note, I'd gone too fast going to Cliza on the way.  I barely made it to our gate (at 6:30P.M.).
Turned out 106KM in eight hours, a bit much for the gringo viejo en bicicleta.
The next day, Ritchie came to fetch his VW, and said, 'It was easier on the way back!'  Sure, in a bus, Ritchie!  People think they fool me.


Friday, April 24, 2015

There’s Something Hiding Under Yellowstone ‘That Has Never Been Imaged Before’…Until Now | Video |

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

21c0415 BLOK

21c0415 BLOK
What do you 'sea' in the attached fotograph?
"Once in a while you stumble upon the truth, but most of us miss it as too distracted with the superficial!"  Winston Churchill.
I go to a coffee bar every afternoon after lunch for a cafe latte and pie de maracuya (Note, South America has the best variety of fruita of any continent in the world.)  The young workers create a design on the top of the coffee latte.  Sometimes it's a 'dog,' or just a 'smile.'  This day if was an 'angel.'
People miss so much of the Universe trying to communicate with them, as trapped in everyday survival (money - capitalism) -- ultimately worthless things!
What is the last thought you want on your mind before you lose consciousness (Duality)?  Mind you, death could come at any moment!



Most of you missed Dr. Bruce's message, about how it's necessary to allow everyone to express themselves.
We may disagree, argue, fight, etc., but important to have our say.
It's also important to be aware of our intentions, when contributing or responding.  If it's a 'knee-jerk,' response born of the ego, that's one thing.  If you're trying to enlighten us, so much the better!
Most of you afraid to write anything, as we now know we're being read, watched and otherwise spied on, analyzed, and ultimately 'invaded'…  Most just robots, 'strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage,' then gone, never having existed.
Wouldn't it be nice if all of us valued freedom of speech, and were willing to risk our lives to sustain it.

P.S.  Most of you living in the U.S., don't realize, we're now enslaved!  Why?  We were afraid to SPEAK UP!  You can try to avoid, but trust me, it's coming to 'your local theater' soon.

210415 BLOK

210415 BLOK
They've discovered a 'whole,' in the Universe, that's something like 1.5 billion light years in size.  Try multiplying 1.5 billion years times 6 trillion, an incomprehensible distance/size.  It has no meaning for us trapped in Duality.
'Death' the only 'solution,' getting beyond!
Get beyond English words!
Deconstructing language!


American Pathology!

Great example of the stupidity in southern U.S.

American Pathology!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vietnam 40 years on: how a communist victory gave way to capitalist corruption | News | The Guardian

Cholita paceñas: Bolivia's indigenous women flaunt their ethnic pride | World news | The Guardian

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Exploring Bolivia: From Salt Flats to a Salt Hotel - Condé Nast Traveler

These Photos Of Legal Recreational Marijuana Users Shatter Stereotypes

Monday, April 20, 2015

How Seville transformed itself into the cycling capital of southern Europe | Cities | The Guardian

Innovation in, lycra out: what Copenhagen can teach us about cycling | Cities | The Guardian

The best cycling infrastructure in cities around the world – your pictures | Cities | The Guardian

Astronomers discover largest known structure in the universe is ... a big hole | Science | The Guardian

Greece on the Brink -

‘The World Before Us,’ by Aislinn Hunter -

Van Morrison is 2015's Recipient of the Johnny Mercer Award ~ VVN Music


American Pathology!

Oklahoma City bombing: 20 years later, key questions remain unanswered | US news | The Guardian

Elephants have great memory and learning skills, but are they self-aware?

I'd move there, if I could afford, Switzerland!

American Pathology!

Why China’s President Xi Jinping isn’t Mao 2.0

200415 BLOK

200415 BLOK
Subject:  intentions /  Every action has an intention..
Continuing our discussion of projecting evil…
The 'Mr. Marbles' discussion gives me a continuing opportunity to bring up the subject of intensions… Every action has an intention whether known or unconscious.
What was my intention, using Jan's message about V. Putin 'losing his marbles, if he ever had any…?'
By the way, the expression, 'losing his/your marbles,' according to Google is:
It originated in the late 19th century. The expression has now been shortened to simply 'losing it'. The point is that the person in question has, as in another earlier variant, 'a bit missing'. Perhaps 'marbles' meant 'mind' or 'wits' before 'lose one's marbles' was coined.  An old Navy expression, 'He doesn't pack a full sea bag!'
The Russian word for 'marbles' is стеклянные шарики -- of course we knew.
I can visualize the animation:  a head opens, out spill the marbles, soon gobbled up by boys who use them for a game.
My intentions, as always, was to use V. Putin as an example of how we project evil onto 'the other.'  Certainly he cites the U.S. as the source of such.  Jan thought I was 'preaching' to her.  Sadly no one wanted to discuss the subject.
So, Jan, what was your intention in responding to my message?  You accuse me of picking on you.  What were you trying to do?
1.  Scold me?
2. Revenge?
3. Enlightening me?
As I said earlier, I use this group's subjects to 'preach' to a wider audience.  And trust me, all that you write goes around the world!  Oh, oh, now even Jan won't contribute any more!

P.S.  It would be nice to hear from you occasionally, T.T.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

American Pathology!

Thousands in Germany protest against Europe-U.S. trade deal | Reuters

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Argentina launches legal action to prevent Falklands oil and gas drilling | UK news | The Guardian

After 53-year run, Univision to end 'Sabado Gigante' | Reuters

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Friday, April 17, 2015

170415 BLOK


I'm glad you brought up 'Mr. Marbles,' as it gives me the opportunity to discuss how each and everyone of us in the world, projects evil, craziness, away from ourselves!  God forbid!
You described V. Putin, 'Mr. BIG BORSCH' in Russia, as 'Mr. Marbles.'  Thus, you couldn't possibly be!  But, what if 'Mr. Marbles' knew of you, and called you 'Ms. Marbles.'  Thus, he couldn't be… Comprende?  We all do it, and what's wrong with Humanity!  The 'problem' is always over there, or the other guy/girl!
We're all 'Mr/s. Marbles,' and the sooner we accept this notion, and the sooner we admit it, the better!  Certainly, I'm 'Mr. Marbles' for supporting all the violence that my country has perpetrated on the world!  Do you know what we've done in Latin America?

P.S.  If ISIS gets control of Pakistan, they'll use the nuclear weapons.  And guess who invented and have used them?  My mother used to say to us, BE SURE, YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT!  Karma!

17a0415 BLOK

17a0415 BLOK 
little minds gossip about others.
Greater minds discuss ideas, but
The GREATEST MINDS focus on 


170415 BLOK

170415 BLOK
I'm not interested in Modern Life,
But, the After-'Life!'
I'm not interested in the 
Ka-ka, or the
I'm interested in Natur,
The quiet power of the verse,
Not Uni, but 'bye,'
And beyond..

P.S.  Don't get trapped 'hear!'

The Armenian genocide – the Guardian briefing | News | The Guardian

Julian Assange speech prompts judges to boycott legal conference | Media | The Guardian

The silence about Europe right now makes me nervous | Natalie Nougayrede | Comment is free | The Guardian

Let's get physical: mind-bending drawings of the body – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

These Will Be the World's 20 Largest Economies in 2030 - Bloomberg Business

Y Combinator's First Cannabis Company is the Uber of Marijuana Delivery |

Thursday, April 16, 2015

President Vladimir Putin’s Dangerous Moves -

WikiLeaks Posts Sony Pictures Documents, Angering the Studio -

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finland after the boom: 'Not as bad as Greece, yet, but for how long' | World news | The Guardian

The marijuana industry's latest battle against the IRS - Fortune

'Wizard of Oz' Drama 'Emerald City' Revived by NBC With Series Order - TheWrap

What's In A Name? - Curbed Seattle

150415 IRS day

150415 IRS day
Ah, humor-comedy, a good subject to discuss.  Woody Allen said, 'Dying is easy, comedy is difficult!'
And this discussion about what humor is-isn't, perfect timing, as I'm having it locally as well.
A new friend, Ritchie, a middle-aged 'BOMAN' is upset because I don't laugh at his jokes.  Nota:  'Boldivian' culture all about getting together socially, eating-drinking, and laughing -- not a bad idea!  I guess a way to forget their situation.  I've tried to be polite with Ritchie, not hurting his feelings.  I try to explain that everyone is different.  I doubt he would find Dick's attempt (whether conscious or un.) funny; yet 'funny' to others as Jan noticed and responded.
I suspect there's  a connection between mental development and subtlety. 
I've never been a teller of jokes.  But, I will attempt to explain my kind of humor by citing examples (that have made me laugh) -- satire!
Any of you old enough to remember a TV show entitled, THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS, hosted by David Frost (late Fifties, early Sixties).
And two mopics that did it for me:  Woody Allen's ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX…"  I watched this in an old-fashioned movie theater in Ventura, California, about 1986.  I think the theater near empty, except for a few of us.  I got to laughing so hard, so long, unable to stop, I was almost ejected.
Martin Scorsese's AFTER HOURS.  I watched this later via DVD.  But, luckier, as alone, when losing it, and out of control!
More recently, A FISH CALLED WANDA.  I add some Wikipedia facts, because this is the MONTY PYTHON crew:
"'A Fish Called Wanda' is a 1988 heist-comedy film written by John Cleese and Charles Crichton. It was directed by Crichton and stars Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and Michael Palin. Kline won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Otto. Cleese and Palin won BAFTA Awards for Best Lead and Best Supporting for their acting."  Kline absolutely 'over the top!'
MONTY PYTHON, my kind of humor!
What's yours?

P.S.  My father enjoyed, OLIVER AND HARDY, and THE MARX BROTHERS (a different era, a different zeitgeist). 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

140415 BLOK

140415 BLOK
YES, THERE ARE TOO MANY GUNS IN THE U.S. (IN THE WORLD)!  When a 3-year old child, kills his 1-year old brother with a gun, there are too many!  And too many stupid parents as well!
Taking away all the guns away from stupid parents only treats the symptoms of the problem, avoiding curing 'the illness,' us -- all of us!  But, we avoid examining ourselves because of unconsciousness (lack of conocimiento)!  'Who me?  No, no, the problem over there, or nut cases, or Republicans, or whatever, always projected away from me!  Hey, I'm perfect, it's you that is fucked up!  If you'd only listen to me, be like me all your problems would be solved!'  Everyone knows they're RIGHT!'  And such the problem.
In 3-milllon years of the 'Homo-Something' we've hardly progressed/evolved mentally/emotionally at all!  I don't know how people can be optimist about humanity, maybe they're not paying attention?  I think Franz Kafka right with:  THERE IS INFINITE HOPE, BUT NOT FOR US!  I think like the Woz, predicting that we'll become the 'pets' of robots!  That's my hope!
For those who disagree (always someone), please write and explain how I'm wrong, and how we can be optimist about humanity in the future?  Explain to the German father whose son killed 149 innocent people, or the parents of the 1-year old killed by their own 3-year old.  What future does this 3-year old boy have?  What future do these parents have?
What kind of world have we created?

P.S.  I grew up in a gun household.  I was a hunter and have killed animals.  I was in the U.S. Army and know about weapons, their devastation!  Now, we 'play them' like video games!  I wonder how the people that produce these weapons rationalize such?  Money has become God in the world!

I watch therefore I am: seven movies that teach us key philosophy lessons | Film | The Guardian

13a0415 BLOK Discomfort is good!

13a0415 BLOK
Discomfort is good!
Yesterday for CYCLING SUNDAYS we cycled to Tarata (40KM -- been there many times).  But, yesterday different as at the invitation of some Bolivianos that work with Johnny at Anna's.  I wasn't sure who/why? and thought it had to do with showing people who work at Anna's how they knit/weave, make the handicrafts that Anna sells.  But, turned out to be for Almuerzo (lunch), a celebration of 'Children's Day' -- a very interesting CYCLING SUNDAY all around!
First of all, a 'BOWO' (a Bolivian Woman) joined us, and this is unusual.  Edgar and I have only cycled with one other, a year ago, and that was for only one day.  This woman's name, Patricia Jauregui, has a very unlikely BOWO name, 'Jauregui.'  (Note, Ritchie told me this may be Basque.)  Someone said she was from Costa Rica.  This is the kind of wrong information you get so often in Bolivia.  An unusual woman for sure, 50-years of age, with three children, one in the U.S., one in Costa Rica (where the confusion comes from), and one here in Cochabamba.  And mama loves cycling!
But, she hadn't done much recently, and I didn't know what experience level?  I first thought none, and I would take her for a short ride on the bicycle path.  When she said she'd join us all the way to Tarata, I was willing to turn around and escort her back at any moment.
But, as we dealt with Centro Cochabamba, mucho traffico, etc., and then climbed up to Angostura, she was going well.
At the overlook of the lake (lago) we rested, and took fotos. (all in  Then onward around the lake.  This is a nice easy ride, although some distance and time (all the way to Tarata).  Edgar, leading stopped several times to let Patricia rest.  We do our best to accommodate new riders.
Arriving in Tarata, we had an interesting experience with the local policia.
Johnny was on his movil when they pulled up.  Three uniforms got out and accosted us.  One of them I had befriended earlier, but I didn't remember.  He acted like he knew me.  Such genuine friendliness from the Policia surprised me.  It was like meeting up with your long lost relatives.  I passed out more of our postcards.  The Jefe (highest rank) asked for two.  Bolivia, always full of surprises!
"They all know you!" Patricia remarked.  Well, there's a reason for this, Edgar.  We've been diligent passing out our postcards, taking photographs, printing them, getting them back to the subject -- basically spreading joy wherever we go!  All of this 'PR' designed to promote cycling!
It's been an uphill battle, literally!  Bolivia, at least the unevolved have a DAKAR mentality.  We don't even stop for red lights in Cochabamba!  One wonders, why have them at all, a traffic control system?  Just think of all the money the City could save!
After the policia, we followed a van, and back the way we came.  We must have cycled a couple of kilometers, before turning off on a dirt road.  I thought we were heading for a school.  Turned out to be a farmer's shed, with a group of people waiting.
The almuerzo (lunch) was surprisingly good (no meat)!  Baked papas (potatoes), corn (maize) on the cob, and a good ensalada.  To drink they offered Coca Cola (Coca Cola owns South America), and a cinnamon (canela) drink.
And then it began to rain -- big time rain!  We stayed in the shelter, hoping it would abate.  It didn't much, so we decided we had to go, as two hours cycling back into dystopia (Cochabamba).  Sometimes, action solves the problem at hand.
We pushed through mud to get back on the highway.  Wet, slogging discomfort.  
Then we got hit with a torrential downpour, mucho torminto, mucho lluevia and got drenched.  I was prepared as usual, and gave an extra pair of gloves, and hood to Patricia.  At my age chivalry begs the question.  I wasn't giving up my rain jacket in a downpour.  She had brought only a long-sleeved jean shirt.  She hadn't prepared for rain.  But, at least I kept her hands and head dry and warm.  
Discomfort, the greatest of teachers!
An hour later down the highway, the sun came out and spirits lifted.  I told Patricia, IT'S ONLY WATER!
On the main highway, now only 15KM from centro Cochabamba, we stopped to give Milton some money.  Note, Milton is a young Boliviano, who's blind, and his only means of support is begging at this restaurante.  We always stop and donate!  This is the LOVING KINDNESS GROUP FUND at work (Rucha)!
Back in centro Cochabamba, on Av. Ayacucho, we stopped to split up.  Edgar and Patricia one way, Johnny and I another.  Patricia, who speaks English, expressed her delight in the day, impressing us with her attitude.   I think she was surprised she could do so much, cycle so far. That Patricia made it all the way (80KM / 50 miles) is a great example, of mind over matter.   But, today, I'll bet those leg muscles ache.  Note, best to work up to that distance/effort.
Edgar looked depleted, Johnny and I had a tough time getting home, up Av. Los Robles.  Sometimes the shorter ones, are more debilitating than the longer ones -- different energy.  All in all, however, this Domingo (Sunday) one of the more interesting CYCLING SUNDAYS, of the past two years!
Now, Patricia wants to join us on our BIG TRIP to the Salar, coming up.  This is 2K kilometers, and one month up on the Alti Plano (4K Mts. ASL).  As you are heading into Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), we're now heading into winter (November weather).  On the Alti Plano, it's going to be hot during the day, but cold camping out at night!
Discomfort, a good idea, as it makes you stronger!

P.S. I want to cycle Patagonia, Chile, where, all the time, except maybe two weeks a year,  it's cold rain, and winter like -- kinda like the Northwest in the U.S.  You have to me a masochist to do what I do. 

Medical marijuana liquid could treat severe epilepsy in children

Robot chef will do the cooking so you don't have to - GeekSnack

China frees 5 women's rights activists

Monday, April 13, 2015

American Pathology!


There's something to know about getting 'excited'…
Things can change, go wrong, etc.
Europe has become a dangerous place, almost equal to the U.S.  
You can't imagine what kind of violence is going on in the U.S., and people living there just ignore it (shades of Germany in the 1930s).  Recently a 3-year old infant killed his 1-year old brother with a gun.
There seems to be a group that thrive on violence.
One thousand years ago it was called the Crusades, a group of 'nights,' had to go to the Holy Land to save Christianity from the Moslems.
I name what's going on now (2015) as the 'New Age Crusades,' as this 'war' never ended.
Recently the German Government warned people to avoid traveling on the trains.  How is this possible?
If you defame the name of Allah you become a target.  So much for religious freedom.
The old age practice of duping young people into killing innocent people, this to have 39 virgins in 'heaven,' is still practiced.  I'm fond of quoting Franz Kafka at this point!
So, when you think of me travelling from Cochabamba, Bolivia, to Garding, Germany, don't get too excited.  Things change everyday!
I will leave you with some of the best advice ever given to me:  HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS (Erwartungen);  THERE ARE ONLY POSSIBILITIES (Möglichkeiten)!


130515 BLOK

130515 BLOK
I am a 'clock,'
I've been programmed,
Running like a machine,
What a scene!
I am a robot!

P.S.  It never started and it never stops!

German Nobel laureate Guenter Grass dies at 87 | Entertainment & Showbiz from CTV News

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Everest: is it right to go back to the top? | World news | The Guardian

A Crash Course in Two-Wheeled Survival -

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Joy Ride: Four ways to save money on your bike addiction | Reuters

10 Female Philosophers Who Will Change Your Life

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

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A history of Australia’s Indigenous art in 10 objects | Art and design | The Guardian

A history of Australia’s Indigenous art in 10 objects | Art and design | The Guardian: "Bark painting of a barramundi. Western Arnhem Land, c1961. Courtesy of the British Museum"

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New Asteroid named after Youngest Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai

American Pathology!

Friday, April 10, 2015

How to survive with only one USB-C port on your new MacBook - CNET

American Pathology!

Death of a night cyclist: how a fatal accident could change Guadalajara | Cities | The Guardian

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Clever idea, the Dutch are!

10b0415 BLOK

10b0415 BLOK
Trust, to us, is more valuable than gold!
Whatever happened to trust?  Money-power became God!  People will sell their souls to the Devil to get it!
Politicians come to mind!


Thursday, April 09, 2015

My favorite animal...

China may build rail tunnel under Mount Everest, state media reports | World news | The Guardian

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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

American Pathology!

Unlike Neighbors, Bolivia’s Morales Contains Corruption Fallout


Last Sunday, Easter, I cycled (with baggage) 140 KM / 84 miles, through mountains and against the wind -- ten hours.  By the time I got up Av. Los Robles, back home, my feet ached and my back sore, and nearly to my limit of my endurance. One wonders how long I can continue to do this kind of thing?
But, I'd been partially 'tricked' into this, as the information wrong (problem in Bolivia, this lack of precision).  I was told that Capinota, the goal for the day to purchase grapes and figs, was only 10KM off the highway, not 23KM as it turned out to be.  Thus, Capinota roughly 65KM one way.  I had thought maybe 50KM one way.
But, amazingly, the highway, was concrete all the way -- this made the long distance possible.  Had it been rock, as many of the roads are, impossible for me. 
Additionally, it happened to be, one of the three, 'Dia Del Peaton' days per year (no motor vehicles allowed to move). 
Thus, ultimately, a 'record' cycling day (never so far in one day in Bolivia) -- 140KM!  But, the next day, Monday, I stayed home and rested.
Anything beyond 6-7 hours now on Senor Fetes, no fun!

P. S.  Tiana, a friend, commented. 'Long way to go for figs!'  I responded, 'Fruta was just the excuse to punish ourselves!'  Note, Edgar and Johnny masochists as well.

06a0415 BLOK

06a0415 BLOK
They have problems here in 'Boldivia that are evident to us, but can't be directly discussed as too sensitive.  People too insecure to have open minds.
But, all countries are in 'the same boat!'  It's all worldwide, this lack of consciousness (conocimientos in Espanol). 
It's just as prevalent in the U.S., but in a more advanced form of materialism.
Problems, deficiencies, are always projected away to 'the other' country, culture, people, person, etc.  'We have met the enemy and he is us!'
It's mental, not material, development the world lacks!


Monday, April 06, 2015

Video: John Oliver meets Edward Snowden and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions - Quartz

Sunday, April 05, 2015

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Saturday, April 04, 2015

I met with the world’s leading Atlantis expert: Will we ever locate Plato’s sunken city?

Friday, April 03, 2015

American Pathology!

Matthias Jung's surreal homes – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian

Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian: "‘We are slaves in the sense that we depend for our daily survival upon an expand-or-expire agro-industrial empire – a crackpot machine – that the specialists cannot comprehend and the managers cannot manage. Which is, furthermore, devouring world resources at an exponential rate.’ Edward Abbey"

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Thursday, April 02, 2015

This is how long your business will last, according to science

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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

American Pathology!

Amazing! the tiny songbird can cross vast oceans without stopping for rest : World, News - India Today