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Captivating South America Drone Footage Will Leave Your Mouth Agape | TravelPulse

31a0315 BLOK

Most of humanity on Earth now (2015) is unhappy!  Why?  Have religions helped?

310315 BLOK

310315 BLOK
This Sunday is Easter in English, Pascua in Espanol.
I assume all Christians know what this is about, a celebration of resurrection, of the victory of 'life,' over 'death!'
It's getting a 'second chance!'  That's the idea, that's the offer, that's the story of Jesus, that you can win the battle of life over death. But how?
By 'dying of the ego body, to be reborn as the Spirit!'  This, however, is not an easy or pleasant task, so most avoid.  Jesus suffered being crucified.  (Note: I wonder how many Christians  know what the cross symbolizes?  The intersection of man and God.)  But, we don't have to suffer literally, dying, hung on a cross, but gain, somehow, the consciousness to fall on our knees and submit to a greater thing, a greater power, the ineffable.
That's the good news (Gospel);  that it's possible in this bodily life time, but that you've got to do this yourself (somehow), and just going to church every Sunday and making a donation doesn't make it!
This is the message of the Jesus Story!  This is the Resurrection!
P.S.won:  When Christians ask me 'What are you?  I tell them that I am:
a Christian,
but most of all a
Why be only one?
P.S.too:  No suffering; no pleasure in Duality.  The ultimate suffering, the ultimate pleasure;  enlightenment!  Jesus was enlightened, a descended God.

Wake up, people!

Monday, March 30, 2015

30b0315 BLOK

30b0315 BLOK
There is one fallacy in the idea that humanity evolved over millions of years.  Doesn't it take 'two to tango?'  Evolution assumes that male and female evolved simultaneously -- what are the odds?
There was the first one, maybe male, maybe female?  How long did it take to evolve the opposite sex?  Couldn't have been very long, as it takes one male and one female to continue the species .
'Adam and Eve' are so named in the Christian Bible as being the first 'couple.'
I'm prone to believe now that a 'couple' (male-female) was 'set down' on this Earth simultaneously, either by the Gods (as the Ancients believed) or by Aliens.


30a0315 BLOK

30a0315 BLOK 
Why are the places on the globe, that are the coldest, wettest, have the most consciousness?  Iceland and Denmark come to mind.  What does the temperature and humidity have to do with consciousness?


Woz goes off-leash -- disses the $17K Apple Watch, says computers will make humans into pets | VentureBeat | Business | by Mark Sullivan

Op-ed: Angelina Jolie's Choice Bolsters the Trans Argument | Advocate.com

290315 BLOK

290315  BLOK
Two things about  the recent GermanWings crash in France, killing 149 innocent people.  They say the forensic experts there now gathering DNA, that they have not found one intact body.  The saving grace for the victims, if they did not know, no fear and instant 'bingo out of here!'
This guy, and I've forgotten his name already, I've figured it out.  He hated his parents!
Think about being the father of a son that deliberately kills 149 innocent people, some from your own country.  They, the family, they better move out of Germany, and go into hiding.  The only honorable thing to do, and they do this in Japan, would be to commit suicide.  Just think about if your son killed 149 innocent people.  What would you do?
Secondly, i don't know if you read the commercial media much, but the stories are that the 'Rule of Two,' has been adopted by more European airlines (has been in effect in the U.S.).  Takes this kind of tragedy to wake people up.  This means that there must be two people in the cockpit at all times.  If one of the pilots has to use the toilet, a flight attendant (armed air marshall, etc.) steps into the cockpit.  But, I got to thinking…  What if a woman?  What if the pilot has a gun?
The people running modern life are as dumb as a box of rocks!  Why?  We always treat the symptoms of a problem, for money of course, without curing the illness, us!

And we… We just keep bending over again and again!  This, if you wonder why I agree with F. Kafka.  Remember the movie NETWORK (Dick will)?

American Pathology!

Rural women in Tunisia: ‘We have been silent for too long’ | Nay Elrahi | Global development | The Guardian

Look Back in Anger: how John Osborne liberated theatrical language | Stage | The Guardian

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Can Dying Languages Be Saved? - The New Yorker

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The Spanish region as deserted as Siberia – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

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Two Maxims at Odds: Tell a Story, Tell the Truth - NYTimes.com

Egyptian Woman Reveals 42-Year Secret of Survival: Pretending to Be a Man

Egyptian Woman Reveals 42-Year Secret of Survival: Pretending to Be a Man

Sisa Abu Daooh, 64, said she first began dressing as a man to escape employment restrictions.
Bryan Denton for The New York Times

AL AQALTAH, Egypt — She has worked for more than 30 years among the shoeshine men of Luxor. She sits with men in coffee shops, prays with them in the local mosque and dresses just as they do in pants or a traditional floor-length tunic known as a galabeya.
Many people believed Sisa Abu Daooh was a man until several weeks ago, when she publicly revealed her 42-year-old secret.
Perhaps surprisingly in a society where many hold conservative notions of gender roles, Ms. Daooh’s announcement was greeted not with condemnation but with curiosity and a flurry of mostly positive reactions from local news media and officials. On Sunday, Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, personally gave her an award for being an extraordinary mother.
In an interview last week, Ms. Daooh, 64, said she began dressing as a man as a practical matter, to escape restrictions on women’s employment in a patriarchal culture and earn enough to support her daughter, Hoda.
But now, whether she still needs to pose as a man or not, she said she had no intention of changing. What began as a way to survive rural poverty has evolved into her preferred way of life and a means of navigating a world dominated by men.
Ms. Daooh shining shoes on the street in Luxor. She takes home an average of 15 to 20 Egyptian pounds ($1.97 to $2.62) a day.
Bryan Denton for The New York Times
“I’m thankful to God,” she said in a raspy voice that is at least an octave lower than the average man’s. Wearing a dark gray galabeya with a green scarf over her shoulders, she sat smoking cigarettes in a relative’s home on a dirt lane in the small farming village of Al Aqaltah, on the west bank of the Nile near Luxor.
Expressing comfort with her life in the role of a man, she kisses her fingertips like an Italian chef satisfied with a soup. “She even dresses this way at home,” said her daughter, Hoda.
Ms. Daooh found herself penniless after her husband died in the early 1970s. With few options, she made the bold decision to seek work as a man. “I worked in Aswan wearing pants and a galabeya,” she said. “If I hadn’t, no one would have let me work.”
The early years were hard. She faced verbal and physical abuse from anyone who discovered her secret. “Like this,” she said, smacking her fist into her hand. “I used to carry a wooden club with me.” She spent seven years working in construction and other manual labor, earning the equivalent of less than a dollar a day. Most of the time, the men she worked with either had no idea or did not care that she was a woman. “They’d say, ‘He’s good at his work,’ ” she said. “They’d offer me cigarettes.” Eventually, the other workers began calling her Abu Hoda, the father of Hoda.
Ms. Daooh’s decision to disclose her long-running impersonation came at a time when the state has been clamping down on unconventional expressions of gender and sexuality. The police have accelerated arrests of those accused of being gay or otherwise not conforming to gender norms since the military deposed the country’s elected president, Mohamed Morsi, in July 2013.
A large part of the reason her story has been so widely accepted by Egyptians is that there is no suggestion that her choice of clothing had anything to do with sexuality issues. Nevertheless, her story has demonstrated how many in Egypt are “pushing at the limits of traditional gender roles,” said Scott Long, a human-rights activist living in Cairo.
“While the state appropriately honors her for her courage, it imprisons others who call themselves transgender,” he said. “If the government cared about principles, not exploiting prejudices, it would respect people for being true to themselves and for doing what it takes to keep themselves and their families alive.”
Inequality between men and women in the workplace is a reality most everywhere, but the gender gap in Egypt is among the worst in the world. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, only 26 percent of women in Egypt participate in the labor force, compared with 76 percent of men. In the study, the country ranked 129th out of 142 countries for workplace inequality.
As the years went by, Ms. Daooh switched to the less physically demanding trade of shining shoes on the street in Luxor, work she continues to this day, taking home an average of 15 to 20 Egyptian pounds ($1.97 to $2.62) a day. She said that until recently, only her family and neighbors in her village knew that a woman was lurking beneath the galabeya.
She said she had no plans to dress as a woman again. She lifted the white scarf wrapped around her head to reveal a close-cropped mat of silver hair. “See? There’s nothing else.”
Saturday was Mother’s Day in Egypt. To celebrate the holiday, Hoda bought men’s shorts and a new galabeya for her mother.
“She’s not just my mother,” Hoda said, smiling. “She’s my mother, my father, everything in m

The Real Adam or the 'Father of All Humans' First Lived 239,000 Years Ago : News : Yibada

Vision of Humanity

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ThePaper: "Who Are the Sly Masses of Chaoyang?" - China Digital Times (CDT)

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Coricancha, the Incas' temple of the sun: a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 3 | Cities | The Guardian

Kapow! Attack of the feminist superheroes | Books | The Guardian

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American Pathology!

American Pathology!

It's the Airbus 320, has stalling issues. I'm a pilot. Don't fly them if you have a choice.

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Older Really Can Mean Wiser - NYTimes.com

Robert Duvall: ‘Whatshisname should have won the Oscar’ | Film | The Guardian

Russia threatens to aim nuclear missiles at Denmark ships if it joins NATO shield | Reuters

Mega asteroid crater discovered in Australia | Sci-Tech | DW.DE | 24.03.2015

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21a0315 BLOK

21a0315 BLOK
Where are we anyway?
Certainly not in Bolivia!
Time-Space traveling, it's less expensive than using commercial airlines.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Breaking a decades-long trend, the world gets more violent

Not just a solar eclipse! Today sees THREE astronomical phenomena take place as the supermoon and spring equinox align | Daily Mail Online

5 Painful Things Everyone Needs to Realize About Themselves | Cracked.com

200315 BLOK

200315 BLOK
How long is forever?  A long time!  Some would say, 'never ending.'
But, in Duality, if 'never ending,' then, because of enantiodromia, must have a 'never beginning.'  This maybe is the 'door' to Singularity.
The word 'forever,' we each give it it our own meaning…
Is there an objective 'reality!'
Einstein;  IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE!  Have we made it all up?  Have we created our own existence?
Thus, the greatest question of all, Did God create us, or did we create God?
Dr. R.W. Funk and David J. Carter once said, Existence is a conundrum, wrapped in an enigma, trying to escape from a labyrinth!
And and 'butt,' reinventing Carl Sagan's quote, Dick so often uses:  The Universe IS our imagination!
In our opinion.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

19a0315 BLOK / T.T.

19a0315 BLOK / T.T.
China-Tibet 2010
Coming down that stretch of dirt road, south of the Village going both ways.
The steep hill I pushed, BiciClown managed.
Then down at the River the lowest we would be…
The highest… Everest Base Camp and the gift of THE SERPENT OF LIGHT (THE KUNDALINI)!
We slept uncomfortably on rocks there, yogis all!
But, 'We let nothing stop us!'

Tantric Taoism 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Myanmar court jails New Zealand bar manager, colleagues for insulting religion

Tea Tuesdays: South America Runs On Yerba Mate : The Salt : NPR

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Childbirth in Bolivia's High Plains - NYTimes.com

Bolivia: A Country That Dared to Exist » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Thousands of snow geese fall dead from sky in Idaho - Yahoo News

Spain: Experts can't say for sure if bones are Cervantes' - Yahoo News

At Oregon Festival, Films About (and on) Bicycles - NYTimes.com

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No we don't understand, as we try to explain in English words..l.

The U.S., a very sick Nation!

Malaysia Airlines MH370: We believe MH370 was 'kidnapped' by aliens, and the passengers are now specimens being probed and analyzed.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Assange agrees to be quizzed in London | Herald Sun

Finland, Home of the $103,000 Speeding Ticket — The Atlantic

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Snowden's legacy...

120315 BLOK

120315 BLOK 
From SYLVIE AND BRUNO by Charles Dodgson (AKA Lewis Carroll)
Editor's Notes, 
"But in the 'Alices' Carroll lays bare the lack of reason in the adult world."
Every one, every adult human being, claims 'reason' when mostly unreasonable.  Why? 'Un-conocimientos!'  When we don't 'no' that we don't 'no!'
Bob, ever read Charles Dodgson (no wonder he changed it)?
"'You are old, father Frederick,' the young man said, 'and your hair has become very white, and yet you incessantly stand on your head -- do you think, at your age, it is right?"


Materialism consuming the world!

This is the beginning of the 'war!'

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110315 BLOK

110315 BLOK
What does it mean that Jesus suffered for our sins?  Dr. C.G. Jung wrote that the only 'sin' is unconsciousness (when we don't know that we don't know!).
So, what did we gain from Jesus' suffering?  Did we gain consciousness?
Did He suffer that we might worship him?
What is the answer, Christians?


How wrong they are! This is the AMA-medical-pharmo. establishment protecting their territory, $.

Yes, governments need more people to sacrifice, fodder for the mill!

Capitalism was supposed to reduce red tape. Why is bureaucracy worse than ever? | Oliver Burkeman | Comment is free | The Guardian

Chasing Chinese Planes 400 Times a Year Is Wearing Out Japan's Top Guns - Bloomberg Business

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080315 BLOK

080315 BLOK
What a day last Friday, the 6th of Marzo.  I traveled from La Paz to Sorata, a trip I've taken before maybe a half-dozen times -- always to visit friends Diego and Gina who own and operate HOTEL GRAN SORATA.  
It's always an arduous trip packed in a Mini-Van with huge Chalita women with their bundles, and/or drunk Bo.men, and/or too many passengers (they pack in as many as possible).  This is normally a three-hour trip, some 200KM / 120 miles north of La Paz.  This 'torture' costs all of $3U.S. / 25Bs.
Of course, I'm up early on time in my room at Hostal Kaira on Sarganaga in the heart of the tourist area (WIFI and 'backpacker' food).  This located directly across from the San Francisco Cathedral/Plaza.  Always the church, the plaza the center of any Latin (Catholic) city.  La Paz no different. 
I can recommend Hostal Kaira in La Paz.  I love their Banais Restaurant's quinoa coquettes and torte zanahoria (carrot cake).  The Hostal is unusually well managed with private bath for $38U.S. / 272Bs. per noche.  The hot water shower worth the money alone.  This is Bolivia (you don't always get agua caliente that they advertise). But, here a breakfast (desayuno) buffet is included (7-10A.) as well.  Better to show up at 0730, however, as the 'Bolivia Hour' in effect.  Note, Latin American people not so 'screwed down to clock time,' generally late, running for buses.  This is particularly evident in Bolivia, yet watches for sale everywhere.
I take a taxi to where the mini-buses (vans) for Sorata depart (near the La Paz Cemetario). I wait for 45-minutes before departing at 1045.
My seat in the bus all the way in the rear sitting next to an older Bo. man who talks to himself while eating the chicken he's brought with him.  At the last moment another Bo.man crammed in between us!  Ah, this separation better.  The old 'chicken' man, slightly inebriated, never stops talking.  Marx was wrong!  It's talk that's the opiate of the masses, not religion! 
I focus out the window as the bus climbs up the steep hills to El Alto.  At some point I realize we're taking a strange route for some reason.  Note, this is usually because of road construction.  Then when we turn right on the main highway and start heading back down into La Paz Centro I begin to worry.  Are there two Soratas in Bolivia I wonder?  But, no one seems too upset about this.  We descend all the way to the La Paz Bus Terminal, and then climb back up the highway.  This crazy diversion stupefies me.  What's going on? Only in South America!
Up in El Alto I note the police in riot gear -- something's going on, probably the not-so-unusual protests blocking the roads (workers wanting more money, or some grievance etc.).
The driver takes us through the back streets of northern El Alto, sometimes having to negotiate gullies, and in one we almost get stuck in the mud.
At the same time I'm needing a banos, wondering why I didn't go when I could have?  It starts to rain, symbolically making my situation even worse.  Of course, the bouncing up and down doesn't help either.  At some point I consider peeing in my pants, but decide against.  I invoke the name of my personal 'God,' Vajrachod, please HELP!  Of course, you won't believe it, but within minutes the driver is pulling into a Gasolina Station!  I'm not so surprised as relieved.  And this station has a banos!  Not all of them do!  Ah, it's the little things in life that sustain us, not the BIG things! 
Note,  most people don't know how to use their personal power  -- they don't know that they have any. 
Onward we go, but now the horrible music beginning to grate, the speakers right next to me, .  Note, in the larger buses, La Paz to Cochabamba, for example, they torture you with bad Kung Fu movies.
Traveling via bus in Bolivia (La Paz to Sorata) can be so unpleasant for me I have considered paying 500Bs. / $70U.S. to ride alone in a taxi (Note, I've investigated this.).  
I fly between Cochabamba and La Paz now, avoiding the bus trip (no banos on the buses -- why?  Bolivianos trash them out; they stop working, etc.).  If I had my way, I'd go EVERYWHERE by bicycle if I had the time. 
The rain stops.
We stop for passengers getting off and on…  At one point we have 17, for only 14 seats, and people have to sit on top of other people -- crazy.  But, we know money is God, right?
Everyone tries to doze off, avoiding the discomfort!  i keep shifting my position, trying to relieve the pain in my butt. The only good news, we're more than halfway, Sorata only 50KM distance!
I realize too late, that my MacBook in my backpack has been sustaining all the jolting from the bumps.  I worry I might have to replace the hard drive (have 2X in my 7-year sojourn around the world).  I pull my backpack up into my lap and hold like a baby.  I invoke the word, VAJRACHOD again!
We start down from La Cumbre at 4200Mts. ASL.  This is roughly the same height of Pike's Peak in Colorado, U.S.A., 14,000ft.  The next 33KM have spectacular views on one of the great mountain highways in Bolivia.  We cycled down this highway in November.  But, this season's extra lluevia (rain) has caused landslides covering part of the highway.  Luckily, none of them stop us.  However, the mud in one is so deep, the passengers in the front have to get out of the vehicle.  We in the rear are spared.  When clear, we continue.  This driver is beginning to impress me.  Ultimately, no matter what the pain involved, the 'bottom line' for any trip is getting there safely without injury.  This, as well traveling by bicycle.
Where I'm going in Sorata, a small village, the HOTEL GRAN SORATA is the first building on the right -- massive in size (built by the government in 1946).  I had debated making the driver make a special stop at the hotel, but decided to go with the rest to the Plaza and take a taxi back to the Hotel.  One must think of others!
Then, the driver stops halfway between to let some passengers off.  I decide to get off as well.  Later, carrying three bags, I regret walking through the mud. However, 'We let nothing stop us!' our cycling group's motto.
Up the Hotel's 44 steps to reception, I rest halfway, admiring Diego's vegetable garden -- I'm 75-years old (out of breath).  Note, the elevation of Sorata, is 2600mts. / 8,500ft. ASL.  It's exactly the same elevation as Cochabamba. 
When I ring the timbre (door bell) Gina answers surprising me.  She's supposed to be in La Paz.  But, I've learned never to be too surprised in Bolivia, as always happening.  Change, the only constant…  Flexibility, the mantra of travel!
The Hotel Gran Sorata, is my second home in Bolivia.  And long story how I'm here.  Except, Gina and Diego are very special people.
Diego and I catch up, and all the travail of the traveling to get here is forgotten.
I suppose the point is, sometimes we have to suffer to have great pleasure.  And being around Diego is my great pleasure.  I would bear any pain to be with him -- that's how special he is -- and Sorata, in the shadow of Illampu (a 6.5Kmt./ 21,300ft. ASL. mountain).
This is Hache in Bolivia, 2015.
'Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety!'

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A Timeless Portrait of Nepal - NYTimes.com

Humans despoil everything.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Police killed more than twice as many people as reported by US government | US news | The Guardian

The less than 01%...

Godfathers of Chilean right charged with tax fraud, bribery and money laundering | World news | The Guardian

Snowden says U.S. not offering fair trial if he returns | Reuters

Meet the 85-Year-Old Texas Lady Pushing Republicans to Embrace Marijuana | Mother Jones

What Hillary Clinton’s Emails Really Reveal - NYTimes.com

Petraeus Mistress Got Black Books Full of Code Words, Spy Names, and Obama Briefings - The Daily Beast

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030315 BLOK

030315 BLOK
Great example, of ENANTIODROMIA:
The month of March in terms of weather, the old-odd expression: If it comes in like a lamb (here, 2015), it will go out like a lion (roaring) (and vice versa).  Opposites attracting, seeking the other!
Everything is in the process of reversing -- everything!

P.S.  Now, there is no BIG BANG theory!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts

Amateur Videographer Captures Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting On Camera « CBS Los Angeles

The Plot to Free North Korea With Smuggled Episodes of 'Friends' | WIRED

020315 BLOK

020315 BLOK 
That humanity has to procreate to survive.  This somehow, innate, in the human species.
THE NEW MYTH, as offered by Pope Francis:
'That we don't have to breed like rabbits.'
Note, I have discovered in the less mentally developed cultures, that there is this huge pressure for marriage, and child bearing.  I'm afraid that if we don't curb this that we're going to 'marriage and child bear' ourselves right off this planet!
The world is over populated, approaching 8 billion!  Note, why do you think there's such a rush to get to the planet Mars?


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Sex sells! Simple!

Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning - Yahoo News

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