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Shooting Film and TV Sex Scenes: What Really Goes On -

Think way back to...

Sally, 280215…
Think way back to circa. 1948, 2708 E. Mabel St.  What possessed our father to paint the patio walls different, loud colors?  Additionally, was it at the same time he cut our mulberry tree down to nothing, took years to recover?  A bit of craziness I think…
I have certainly take after this 'craziness'…  However, some things happen to you, you never could imagine happening to you!
Who would have ever thought I would end up being a celibate Taoist monk, riding around the world on a bicycle?  Or, you getting two new knees age the age of 82?


New Fabric Tech Could Be Outerwear's Biggest Advance in 40 Years | WIRED


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Because money has become God, we try to manipulate the economy -- unsuccessfully!

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Actress Emma Thompson Refuses To Pay Taxes Over HSBC Scandal

26a0215 BLOK

26a0215 BLOK
The tyranny of Capitalism, is this:
MORE FOR ME, less for you!
It's called 'profit!'
Marx was corrector abouta este uno!
P.S.  People always want me to learn their language.  I'm creating our owna.  Every word must end in an 'a' or 'o,' or 'h' for the very special!  It's called 'Otarepse.'

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Tinku, a Bolivian Aymara tradition

Tinku in Bolivia, South America
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tinku , a Bolivian Aymara tradition, Began as a form of ritualistic combat. In the language of Aymara it means "physical attack." [1] During esta ritual, men and women from different Communities will meet and begin the festivities by dancing. The women will then a form circles and begin chanting while the men proceed to fight each other; rarely the women will join in the fighting as well. Large tinkus are held in Potosí During the first few weeks of May.
The story behind dance culture esta Is That long ago, the Spanish conquistadors made the Indigenous people Their slaves. Tinku dance costumes are colorful and decorative. Women wear a dress, sandals, and a hat and wear an undershirt men, pants, jacket, sandals (sandals), and hard hats helmet like. Even though The people were slaves, They loved to dance, and would Often fight, but never really hurting each other.

Because of the way the men throw rhythmic Their fists at each other, and Because They stand in a crouched stance going in circles around each other, a dance was formed. This dance, the Festive Tinku, simulates the traditional combat, bearing a warlike rhythm. [1] The Differences between the Andean tradition and the dance are the costumes, the role of women, and the fact That the dancers do not fight each other whos . The Festive Tinku has Become a Cultural dance for all of Bolivia, Potosi, Although it originated in.



From April:
Oruro Motor vehicle, rail Chablapata
Pampas Aullagas (evidence of ancient civilization of Atlantis).
Cycle to Uyuni,
The Salar.
Cycle at Potosi.
Back Cochabamba.
About a month.

FA Hutchison ('Hache')

(591) 68051940

On 'hang ups' from childhood…

On 'hang ups' from childhood…
We all have them, 'selected' parents that create these in us, to overcome.
But, some 'hang ups' very difficult to overcome, as inculcated at vulnerable age.
For example, one of mine…
I eat too fast!  I've tried to slow down all my life, but can't seem to.  Where did this come from?  My father.
My father's career was restaurants and hotels, thus working much at night.  We didn't see him enough.  He always seemed in a rush, thus ate in a hurry.  We tried to keep up, so we'd have some time with him, but then always rushing off. 
Eating fast became a bad habit, as it causes indigestion at the very least and 'taxes,' organs like your pancreas and liver.
I have other 'hang ups' of course.
I'm not sure if all of them are negative, however.  Maybe some are positive.
The things that our parents teach us consciously or unconsciously certainly affect our personalities.
It's mostly 'children' raising children in the world, however.
If you had a 'bad' father, as you've described, maybe this is why you are a 'bad' father.
Since my father alcoholic, alcohol a problem for me when younger.  But, I overcame it!
Life, as we've discussed, one BIG TEST.
So far we've 'passed!'


Consciousness is a form of understanding!

190115 BLOK
From NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
"In short, people are constructed comically, there is evidently some joke in all of this!
I agree that two times two equals four is an excellent thing; but if we are dispensing praise, then two times two equals five is sometimes a most charming little thing as well!"
Note:  Basically, Dostoyevsky (from St. Petersburg) is saying it's nice to have an open mind, as you will make discoveries leading to consciousness.  Remember the quote from Robert Delaunay, PERCEPTION LEADS TO UNDERSTANDING?  Consciousness is a form of understanding! 


180115 BLOK

180115 BLOK
Now, finally a rationale for all the chaos and destruction in the world in 2015!  Without, in Duality, there can be no creation and order!
Without suffering there is no increase in consciousness -- guess we haven't suffered enough yet! 
So, ironically, all the chaos and destruction of recent times may have value!
On the other hand, it seems to take forever for us to change, grown, evolve, etc., and we don't have much time.  We're just slow to 'get it!'
Unfortunately, time is runneth out for the homo sapien (not so wise man in my opinion).
The Great Challenge, not to 'off' ourselves before we evolve!


160115 BLOK

160115 BLOK
It's always been this way, it's just by 2015, there's more of it, and 'the owners' (01%) are more efficient at frightening us (into submission).  The more violence the better for them.
This all began, with the birth of Ego consciousness, distinction, the other, 'I,' as so named 'Mitch' and 'Hutch,' symbolized in the 'Garden of Eden Myth.'  Man blamed woman of course, but this was necessary for the evolution of homo sapiens. 
Today, however, we find ourselves in an acute situation.   We find ourselves at a crossroads:  the signs indicate 'death' one way, 'life' the other.  
Now, we can blame radical Islam and/or the 01%, or both, the fact is, it's all of us!  We haven't evolved!  We're a bunch of slow learners.  And this may be the death of humanity.  More people seem to be interested in football than a discussion about consciousness. 
Jung said the only 'sin' is unconsciousness!  So what is that?  It's when you don't know that you don't know! (Thank you Dick Hammerstrom!).  What is having it?  This is when you 'no' that you don't 'know!' 
And there's all kinds of consciousness, like when you don't throw rubbish onto Mother Earth, but in a bin.  Another is smiling all the time, no matter how you feel!  Smiling, by the way, is the most international of 'languages!' 
Now, how to achieve this consciousness in the masses?  Well, first of all we have to achieve it ourselves individually. 
I tend to 'write off,' adults, as 'they/I know.'  Every adult knows he or she is right, and they tend to be closed, rather than open.  'I' know I'm right, as the ego rules! 
Thus, I tend to concentrate on the youth of the world, rather than adults, youth hopefully more open.  Most of them have been turned into robotic consumers.  Gotta have the latest 'dumb' phone!  Ironically, this is the way to reach them, however!
How to do?
The 'mopic,' moving images and distributed via the 'smart' phone (that most all over the world own).  The moving image is very powerful as it's aimed at the unconscious mind using symbols.  Dick, Marty, Bob (media people) know about this, maybe others of you?  Why has subliminal advertising been outlawed?  Yet, used all the time, in fact, I've used it.  It works! 
80% of the movies that come out of 'Hollywood,' have the theme:  VIOLENCE IS THE SOLUTION (to all problems).  And thus, that's what we get!  What if the themes had to do with things like, sharing and peace are the solution (to all problems)?  Am I being naive?  Video games that teach the same, where when one sacrifices for the group, all are rewarded!
I sense we're on the verge of a nuclear event of some sort.  This, either the U.S.-Russia, or radical ISIS (bound to get one eventually).  I don't know is this is positive or negative, but if it happens, it will certainly get the survivors attention!  It might be positive if metanoia is born -- a fundamental change in the way people think!
Money has become 'God' in the world!  This is Evil!  We're dealing with Evil!  Thus, the Spiritual must figure in our 'equation' to change things for the better. 
In fact, we, like the 'terrorists,' must be willing to die for what we believe in, the best good, for the most people!  How many of you are willing to do this, commit to, first changing ourselves, and then others?

P.S.  The t-shirt: EVOL-VE!

You know if I were...

You know if I were the leader of the 'owners,' the 01% Group,' I'd be holding a meeting, but super secret.  In this meeting I would be extolling the virtues of so-called 'terrorism, as a godsend' to us!  Why?  We now have a means to control every man, woman and child on earth!  We simply frighten them to 'death;' and into submission!  We now can spend whatever we want on weapons, more police, more water canons, more tear gas!  And they believe us, they actually believe we're acting on their behalf!  it's like taking candy from a baby!  We should celebrate!  Bring out the Dom and we'll toast this BRAVE NEW WORLD!


13a0115 BLOK

13a0115 BLOK
From SAVING GRACE by Beth Gutchion
pp. 78:
"'We've signed that piece of paper.  From the State of California.  If it even might be child abuse, you have to report it.  If you suspect!'"
Another great example of how we're been enslaved, turning us into 'snitches' in the process!
Governments have gotten control of our lives because we 'bend over' whenever they want.  It's BOHICA time in the U.S. as we just take it!  So, I guess that's what we want, to be enslaved, as


130115 BLOK

130115 BLOK
People value material things, over their own lives!  This evident to me living in Bolivia, South America.  People remind me constantly of the dangers of thieves, to lock my bicycle or to close my handbag.  Thieves are everywhere!
There's story after story about someone getting ripped off, mostly recently a woman outside of the 5-star Gran Hotel Cochabamba (Note, thieves go where the money is, not the poor neighborhoods.) 
Thus, all the broken glass, concentina wire, electricity on high walls. Locks, and more locks.  
There's much lack of trust here in Bolivia (everywhere in the world).  Why is this?
Recently I had a Bolivian man tell me, 'I don't even trust my own mother!'  Now, why is this?  I trusted my mother, was I lucky?
On our recent bicycle trip, Cochabamba to Copacabana (via La Paz) we had to have someone watching our stuff all the time.  We were particularly concerned about El Alto (the city above La Paz). Peruvians are blamed for the crime there in La Paz.  (Note, always project evil away from your group.)
I, personally, was much more concerned about our group's (total 6 cyclists) safety from accidents or injury.  Edgar had one minor spill, and I fell twice on a dirt road (going down to the 'pozo resort').  But, these were minor.  
Being a group 'leader' and I was only 'titular' is fraught will peril. Everyone wants to be in the group when it pleases them, and then when it doesn't to go like they want.  I try to explain, you can't have it both ways, ah 'the rub!' 
Thus, descending into Centro La Paz, probably one of the most difficult-dangerous cycling situations in the world, I had to fabricate a dramatic moment to get people's attention!  The upshot, everyone got home safely and/or on their way.  This, the most important element of any cycling trip to me.
Life is more important than material things, as you can always replace material things.
If someone steals something from me, I always wish that it helps them in some way!  They must have been desperate to risk their future.

P.S.  Do I want to bring my bicycle inside?  No thank you, it's good where it is!

120115 BLOK

120115 BLOK 

Capitalism ends up being a moral issue, my relationship to $-power revealing my character.  Am I greedy or generous?  Do I think of others beyond my immediate family?
Capitalism decrees profit, which basically means 'more for me, and less for you!'
Why don't we reverse this idea-situation, OHMYGOD, what am I saying, 'less for me, more for you!'  
Here in Bolivia I never negotiate the price down, I pay whatever they ask for, and sometimes paying even more!  A happy seller means good energy, good karma!
I always give to the street beggars, mostly Chalita women with children.  Of course, the handicapped come first, musicians close behind as they bring musica into our lives!
When you give you are blessed!
If we could learn to give more and take less, what a wonderful world this might be...

P.S.  Hope...?  'There is infinite hope but 'knot' for us, Dick?'

311014 BLOK

311014 BLOK 
It's been an interesting and challenging 'initiation' to Bolivia.  In December we will have been living in Bolivia, two years.  And in South America, almost three years.
South America, different, Bolivia different in S.A.
La Paz, certainly unique!  Take Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A., set it down in the Grand Canyon, and you have La Paz!  Now, one of the 14 most unique capitols in the world according to… Ah, whom?
Once, I'm sure La Paz was workable, if you go back far enough, maybe 50 years.  Now, dystopic, the traffic, congestion, the terrain (up and down) out of control!
It's the worst most dangerous city in the world to try to cycle in, around, etc. -- almost impossible!  Note, I go there only when I have to… On the other hand, it's got everything you might need to purchase (even Llama fetuses), plus good restaurants.  My current favorite, HONEST, GLOBAL FOOD, in Sopocachic (upscale district).
Where I live now, Cochabamba, it took some adjustment for this older body, and still…  Of course, I couldn't have done it, without help from many friends (mostly Boliviano/as). But, still one must be careful about the water/food here.  I got Giardia/parasite (from figs) in La Paz, and still have some kind of fungus from somewhere.  Bolivia, making great strides in terms of hygiene, still not there. I make it a rule, not to eat off the street, nor anything at La Cancha, the huge outdoor market in Cochabamba.  The Cochabamba valley, polluted from over-population, now too many people/motor vehicles.
Luckily, where I live ('Temporal Alto:  north hills) is some 200mts. higher than Centro, the air better.  Plus, I'm right adjacent Turnari Parque, and can walk right up into the hills from my house -- more trees. 
But, since moving into the house here, 18 months ago, the environment has changed for the worse.  It used to be tranquil, with little traffic.  Now, because of some development above me, there's much more vehicular traffic (even Trufi #103 goes past and up).  Additionally, the neighbors on both sides, moved in and making a ruckus.   I'm afraid I need slightly more sophisticated neighbors!
It might be time to move, but where…?
I have an angel right here in my room, on the wall next to the window.  She came in a flash fire I had soon after moving in.  I have a candle on my altar.  This in front of the window.  One afternoon when I was out of the room for only five minutes, the wind blew the window open knocking the candle over and setting the curtains on fire.  When I returned, shocked, what? how?  Eventually, after cleaning up and washing the white walls the angel appeared.  I've showed her to some young people, who had little reaction -- they don't know what to say.  i need to take a picture of this 'scene,' as she's fighting evil, having 'killed' two demons already, and in battler with the third.  If I showed this scene on my wall to a Catholic priest, the house would be turned into a shrine.  Then where would I live, as there's some things I like, like the angel that I enjoy, and the patio for two… When the dogs, including the one I've saved off the street, don't go 'ballistic,' it's tranquil, at least out of reach of the rush and crush of dystopia below. 
I guess this is another lesson about Duality, some things good, some things not so. What to do?  Balance the key!
Now, we're on the verge of taking our first long, and challenging cycling trip from Cochabamba to La Paz, and beyond to Copacabana.  This something like 500KM 300 miles.  But, it's the first 150KM that are the 'killer,' going up from Cochabamba at 2600mts. over La Cumbre (4500mts.).  Additionally, the traffic is a concern on this busy, two-lane highway, a major east-west commercial route.
But, since getting the bicycle parts I needed (cassette and chain), I'm raring to go!
I celebrate my 75th birthday coming in December!

05a0115 BLOK

05a0115 BLOK 
We live on hope and so there must be some…
We have a motto in our world cycling group:


But, what seems to get in the way is the Ego.  It's ruling the world right now, out of control!  Unconsciousness, fear, anger, violence!  We must get control of it, ourselves, and STOP PROJECTING SUCH ONTO OTHERS!  We're, each and everyone of us, are THE PROBLEM!  'We have met the enemy and he is us!' said a possum named Pogo (from Jack Kelly).
from a book entitled, CUTTING FOR STONE by Abraham Verghese,
pp. 419:
"'Life is full of signs!  The trick is to know how to read them.'  Ghosh called this heuristics, a method for solving problems for which no formula (way) exists!"
We have no formula-way to save ourselves!  But, as Robert writes, 'we are creative and there are infinite possibilities!'  Well, we better get creative fast, or the Fat Lady is going to sing!
Right now the U.S. and Russia are 'rattling their sabers,' a return to the 'Cold War.' I don't think it would take much for a nuclear exchange, wiping out half the population of the world!  But, actually, I think this might what saves humanity -- definition of irony!  As the survivors, plunged back into the dark ages, might say 'Hey, we gotta change our ways!'
It seems to take this kind of even to get our attention!


050115 BLOK

050115 BLOK
Additionally, about the survival of the human race…
I notice people with children tend to be more optimistic about our survival (as a species).  
I have no biological children, thus I don't have to be optimistic for them.  
And some of this has to do with guilt, because consciously, or unconsciously, we know we've 'fucked up,' BIG TIME (reducing their chances).
I think we've failed as a species, and like Dick wrote 'we better start acting in a way that increases our chances (of surviving), rather than what we're doing now.
What would those be, Dick?  Can you be specific?


04a0115 BLOK

04a0115 BLOK
Well, here's the $64-million dollar question…
You say that ours and all cultures (humans) are worth saving…
My question, what makes this so?  Why are they worth saving? Why are we worth saving?  We're destroying the environment (for money no less).  We're destroying other species, and ourselves in the process!
We've had a million years to develop, and still very little consciousness!
I don't see it, I don't see us surviving OURSELVES!
WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US! (Jack Kelly via Pogo).
So, please explain why you think we're (the human species) worth saving?


040115 BLOK

040115 BLOK 
From CUTTING FOR STONE, by Abraham Verghese

" Malgudi was populated by characters that resembled people we knew, imprisoned by habit, by profession, and by a most foolish and unreasonable belief that enslaved them, only they couldn't see it!"

25 December 2014

25 December 2014

Rotraut, giver of gifts, the gift of life to me…
Here's what I wrote about the wine you sent for my 75th birthday, a very special 16-year old bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothchild, a bordeaux (of course my favorite). 
I won't embarrass her about how much this cost, but if you're a wine connoisseur you appreciate such.  It's totally different from $20U.S. Chilean or Californian wine.  it's the blood of the grape, vinted into something special!
The only problem with this bottle, Rotraut, rescued as it were from Bolivian Aduana (Customs), was the cork.  It was making it's transition into dust, and I had to dig it out, leaving some in the wine.  You might mention this to whomever you purchased it from, as this should not happen even after 16 years.
Otherwise, a veritable wine 'orgasm!'
Memorable, it shall be put on my shelf (if I had one) to save.

P.S.  And thanks for reminding me of J.S. Bach's 'Christmas Oratorio,' now on 


pp. 210:
"They were in the heart of the spirit forest surrounded by thousands and thousands of plant and animal souls.
Alexander and Nadia's minds expanded still further, and they perceived the connections among creatures, a universe interlaced with currents of energy, an exquisite network as fine as silk and as strong as steel.
They perceived that nothing exists in isolation, everything that happens, from a thought to a hurricane is cosmic effect.  They sensed the palpitating, living earth, a great organism generating flora and fauna, mountains, rivers, the wind, the lava of volcanoes, the eternal snows.  That mother planet, they intuited, is a part of other greater organisms, and is joined  to the myriad of stars in unbounded existence!
They saw the inevitable cycles of life and death (Note, 'Duality'), transformation and rebirth as a marvelous design in which all things occur simultaneously, without past, present or future, now, forever been and forever being!  (Note, this is a great description of Singularity/Tao.)
And finally, in the last phase of their fantastic odyssey, they understood that the hosts of earthly souls, along with all things in the Universe are particles of a single spirit like drops of water in an ocean (Buddhist idea.).  One spiritual essence animates all existence!  There is no separation among beings, no frontier between life and death!"


241114, Copacabana, Bolivia

241114, Copacabana, Bolivia
Oh wow, I have found what I've been looking for!  A place where there are no Starbucks, nor golf courses!   Above the clamor of the Tourist street ('6 de Augusto'), in Copacabana, tucked against the Catholic hill (honoring Virgins), sits La Cupulo Hostel. 
This is Martin's La Cupulo Hostel, overlooking the harbor, and Lake Titicaca (What is always the claim? 'The Highest…").  He also hand-built the cabins next door.
If you've ever wanted to take a relaxing vacation, this is it!  Although, at such high elevation, something around 4K mts. / 13,000ft. ASL, you must be cautious.  But, once aclimatized (adjusted to this elevation), this locale is the place to relax, chill out, and just be!  And all for bargain rates/prices.
I had a wonderful room with private bath for all of $13U.S per night.  But, I suppose the cupulo suites are more expensive.  
We're talking German style, not Bolivian:  Everything works, Martin having thought of everything down to the pet llamas in the front yard, to the cock crowing in the b.g.  The hot shower alone is worth the price of admission!  Best of all, no TV in the rooms!
Martin Strather, the proprietor, born in Germany, has been in South America for twenty years.  He first went to Chile to work, then discovered Bolivia -- been here ever since!
Thank you Martin!  Thank you for surviving all the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,' as I know what it must have been like to accomplish what you have here in Copacabana.  I'm amazed actually.
How to get there, Copacabana, Bolivia?  Flying, of course, either via La Paz/El Alto, then four-hour bus ride, or via Lima, and Cusco (Machu Picchu), Peru.
We came by bicycle from Cochabamba, some 500KM distance (two weeks).
For me, being the oldest (75-years of age) in the group, it was the most arduous of any of the last 100,000KM I've cranked in the last 15 years!  
I was mentally prepared for going over La Cumbre/Andes, some 4500mts. ASL, just 150KM out of Cochabamba.  But, the 80KM trip from the Huarina junction to Copacabana, fooled me completely.  I had ASSUMED that it was flat, but it turned out to be anything but.  We got rained on twice, and 'hailed' once.  The wind wasn't much help either, as out of the north. By the time we got to Copacabana, we were wet, cold and near exhaustion (at least me).  
It's a mental exercise, this kind of tour cycling (at my age).  But, as our motto goes:  WE LET NOTHING STOP US!
Martin told me I wasn't the first to cycle to La Cupulo Hostel.  But, Martin… Maybe the oldest?
F.A. Hutchison
'Hache' in Bolivia

P.S.  A great place for an early breakfast in Copacabana, Don's EL CONDOR AND EAGLE CAFE (0700, except Jueves).  How did I know I would discover the best oatmeal porridge in the world, in Copacabana, Bolivia?  Their coffee good too.  Books… A very enlightened place, environmentally hip, etc.  Don, from Ireland, married a Bolivian woman (she prepares the oatmeal porridge). 

031114 BLOK

031114 BLOK
Ants, they just do, and for their species survival they work, cogs in the 'machinery' of life.
It is the human ego that's destroying life, thus the great challenge to overcome.
If not, the human species will go extinct, having self-destructed.  And if/when this happens, will we have been here at all?  
How interesting that the human species seems to be so unimportant in the scheme of things, yet believes otherwise.
It's the ego that's evil, the Devil, 'the enemy,' that we must defeat!  Jung wrote, the only 'sin' is unconsciousness!  But, of the 7.4 billion humans living… how many people understand?
'There is infinite hope, but not for us!'  wrote F. Kafka


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'They' may be the only thing that save humanity from itself! This author not very bright!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Anders Breivik massacre: Norway’s worst nightmare | World news | The Guardian

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American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

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Nutrition panel calls for eco-friendly diet | NWADG

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American Pathology!

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Get them out of the gene pool!

Incredible Fight Between Seal And Octopus Caught On Camera

Over 100 Patients potentially infected by Superbug in Los Angeles Hospital - I4U News

190215 BLOK

190215 BLOK 
What is time, but enantiodromia, opposites attracting each other -- change.  Movement, back and forth creating cycles.  No wonder the first clock makers used the pendulum.
Now, divided into the micro, micro, synchronizing our every blink of the eye (Google glasses).
Do you realize, Bruce, that we're robots already?
Already the 'smart' phone is in control.
What to do?
I don't own one.  My phone is 'dumb' like me.
I like a keyboard as I learned how to type sixty years ago.  Marty's talking me into an iPad con keyboard, and maybe… I like old as I am, Ms. MacBook here bounced all over the world in my backpack riding Senor Fetes.  Going through whatever they become companions not inanimate objects.
In Tibet, the country people like children, all together too curious.  They always wanted to touch, fiddle with the gears, and/or ride Senor Fetes.  I tried to explain to them through an interpreter 'He' isn't just a bicycle but something more…  That I allow no one to ride Senor Fetes (maybe those with the same amount of experience) -- certainly not a Tibetan.  When they didn't seem to understand I made a joke out of it.  I told them, 'If you let me sleep with your wife, I'll let you ride Senor Fetes!'  Thank Buddha none ever took me up on this!
I am a celibate Taoist Monk-ey.


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Evo Morales Raids Bolivia's Pension Pots

Scientists have discovered nature’s newest, strongest material - The Washington Post

BBC News - Google's Vint Cerf warns of 'digital Dark Age'

American Pathology!

​Criminally insane irresponsibility led to modern ‘hacker’s paradise’ — RT Op-Edge

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American Pathology!

Swedish Crowdfunder, FundedByMe, Eyes Global Investor Market

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There was no recovery, and what we're in is an economic Depression, not in and out of a 'Recession!' The politicians just afraid to say so.

Day 820: Mongolia Thanks China That Currency Descends Slowly Instead Of Plummeting

Kaspersky fingers NSA-style Equation Group for hard drive backdoor epidemic- The Inquirer

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Terror Attacks by a Native Son Rock Denmark -

Most people don't know show began in 1975, when friend Dick Ebersol hired Lorne Michaels. I was there.

Colorado’s legal weed market: $700 million in sales last year, $1 billion by 2016 - The Washington Post

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American Pathology!

Marijuana Tax Up In Smoke? Don't Worry, Feds Plot 50% Tax

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A cult of violence!

Netanyahu calls for 'massive immigration' of European Jews to Israel - Israel News, Ynetnews

The now shocking words of a Catholic bishop on the Selma marches -

American Pathology!

US The Transition to the Agile Data Center

LA PAZ, Bolivia: 8th Bolivian official sentenced for extorting US businessman | World | Columbus Ledger Enquirer

Chinese mobile sensation Xiaomi to offer accessories in U.S. - SFGate

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Libya’s Unraveling Means -

American: Bin Laden asked him in '90s to use plane as weapon : News

NATO expansion at heart of Ukraine crisis - The Washington Post

Analysis: NATO expansion at heart of Ukraine crisis - The Washington Post: "WASHINGTON — The Cold War didn’t end. It just took on a 24-year pause. The East-West showdown over Ukraine makes that clear."

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The Bizarre Reason Thousands Of Bolivian Simpsons Fans Protested

American Pathology!

Religion and war, do help to keep over population in check.

Argentina in Turmoil as President Named in Bombing Cover-Up - Bloomberg Business

Friday, February 13, 2015

Google boss warns of 'forgotten century' with email and photos at risk | Technology | The Guardian

Filming China's Dark Side - Video -

'Radical Brownies,' ages 8 to 11, don brown berets and tout social justice - Washington Times

Golden Hammer: U.S. sends China millions in foreign aid despite $1.3 trillion debt - Washington Times

People in the world gone wacko!

Putin Blames U.S. 'Interference, Double Standards' For Rise Of IS, Ukraine Conflict

American Pathology!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

'We have met the enemy and he is us!'

American Pathology!

a 10-year-old named Olivia wrote: “I have the right to sing. I have the right to play. I have the right to write. I have the right to live. I have plenty of rights, but I don’t have that of killing innocents!”

Charlie Hebdo Attack Puts Schools Under Scrutiny - "a 10-year-old named Olivia wrote: “I have the right to sing. I have the right to play. I have the right to write. I have the right to live. I have plenty of rights, but I don’t have that of killing innocents!”"

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Venezuela Announces Plan to Relax Currency Controls -

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

British capitalism is broken. Here’s how to fix it | Will Hutton | Business | The Guardian

Lynching as Racial Terrorism -

A Game of Chicken -

Nobody Understands Debt -

American Pathology!

Cafe helps startups get started

Study: There are fewer women in lead roles in top films than there were in 2002 - The Washington Post

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Be a Friend in Deed -

Earliest evidence of large-scale human-produced air pollution in South America found | News Room - The Ohio State University

Neil Armstrong’s widow reports the discovery of Apollo 11 artifacts to authorities | Times Gazette

Monday, February 09, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

HSBC files show how Swiss bank helped clients dodge taxes and hide millions | Business | The Guardian

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Crash Course Astronomy Episode 4: Phases of the Moon.

Doctor-assisted death: Physicians want more palliative care as well - Health - CBC News

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Simple! It's become a profit-making industry.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Was Obama right about the Crusades and Islamic extremism? (ANALYSIS) - The Washington Post

Global Warming Changes Everything -

Two Philly cops charged with brutality; video shows man being struck, beaten

Obama hails Dalai Lama as ‘good friend’ |

It Wasn't Their War: How Jordanians Came to Oppose ISIS - The Atlantic

Thursday, February 05, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

How Languages and Genes Evolve Together - The Atlantic

Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman, and the Sadness of a Sequel - The Atlantic

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

BBC News - Birds take it in turns to lead, say scientists

Before Net Neutrality: The Surprising 1940s Battle for Radio Freedom - The Atlantic

Monday, February 02, 2015

Acid flashback: one man's LSD adventures – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

GOP's Christie: parents should have choice in vaccinations |

How Backpacking/cycling Can Put You in Touch With Your Inner Saint

The upper middle class is ruining all that is great about America.