Sunday, August 31, 2014

I watched the Isha video...

Well, I watched the Isha video.  But, I'm suspicious of anyone who dresses up like an Indian guru (long beard) -- has a website, and all of that (to make money).  
What he spoke of in English words, has to do with objective versus subjective reality. But, it made little sense to me.
Albert Einstein wrote that imagination is more important than knowledge.
I 'believe' we create our 'wor(l)ds' from this imagination.  To me, saying I'm going to New York, creates the possibility.  Of course, in Duality, we have to act.  But, the idea to act comes from our imagination (the mind).
And the question posed, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE?, has to be divided into two categories:   What is the purpose of life to an elephant?  To live, procreate, and to die (continue the species).  What is the purpose of human life (ego consciousness)?  To know there is something else greater than us -- I do not name this, as different for everyone.
Thus, to me there is no objective reality.
P.S.  Another of these Indian gurus, Osho, popular around the world.  I used to go to one of his facilities, outside of Kathmandu, Nepal.


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