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030514 BLOK

030514 BLOK
Re;  'The Three Peruteers!' 
I tell cyclists who come here to stay while passing through Cochabamba, 'Welcome to Chez Hache, the house running downhill and falling a part.  The views nice, however, and the aires, buenos (as in Buenos Aires).  The valley below (centro Cochabamba) polluted. 
I figure, if you can get here (at the end of Av. Los Robles), you're welcome to whatever!
I'm into sharing up to a point.  No, you can't use my computer or ride my bicycle (Senor Fetes).  Funny story about the latter from Tibet (2010).
Tibetans think you should share everything, up to a point (no 'punt 'intended).  They all want to ride our exotic bicycles.  When I say 'no,' to riding mine, they take offense.  So, I had a way of dealing with this, so they would understand that Senor Fetes is not a hunk of metal to me, but a companion (now of 15 years and 100,000KM).  I would offer this, 'If you let me sleep with your wife, you can sample Senor Fetes!'  When this was translated, all that emerged was nervous laughter!  None took me on my offer.  Had they, I would have had to apologize and explain that I was only joking, that I'm a celibate Taoist monk!  And Senor Fetes to me, as alive as your wives!   More befuddlement!
This is what I mean about 'mental development,' it's horribly lacking in the world… 90% of the world, not as 'hip' as the Neanderthal people!
P.S.  Now, about 'The Three Peruteers,' the 3 Peruvian cyclists that stayed here with me for three weeks:  Oscar, Jose, and Jesus.  They had made their own bicycle trailers.
If you would be so lucky as to host these guys, they might rebuild your entire house!  They did so much for me, and without asking.  They redid my 'driveway,' they buried an exposed electric cable, they repaired several plumbing problems, they repaired several broken light fixtures, the redid my clothesline, on and on… They repaired some items with 'Senor Fetes!' 

I normally allow cyclists to stay up to one week without 'payment,' but this group… I told Oscar (who speaks English), 'Stay as long as you like!'   One night we cooked out in my patio.  They did all the work.  They were great, and when they finally departed, I told them 'You're welcome back here any time!'  And so, Oscar, Jose, and Jesus, ride safely wherever you go!  Vaya con Dios!  But, redo your trailers so pulled from the rear axle.  We might manufacture and sell them!


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