Friday, May 02, 2014

01c0514 BLOK

01c0514 BLOK
The 1st of May, May Day… 
I should have known, a holiday in Communist-Socialistic countries, like China. But, in Bolivia, any excuse not to work!
Bolivians do work, as they have to, to get all those things Mama and the kids require!  But, any excuse to 'party' (eating, drinking, dancing, socializing), and May Day good enough!
Without knowing Rosa and I took the Trufi (van buses) into Centro, only to discover everything closed.  And we were right in the midst of a large demonstration, marching down Av. Heroines, 'Workers of the world unite!' (see foto. in Gallery at  There were firecrackers (loud explosions), impassioned speeches, drums, etc.
We walked away from it all, north up to the Parado.
I paid Rosa for the day, and told her to go home. 
I scurried (walked all the way, several kilometers) to Hotel Gran Cochabamba, and just made the close of their breakfast buffet!  I sucked up an omelette and four small chocolate donuts, sitting in the sun outside. 
I've been eating like a starved animal, the body demanding, in order to rebuild, calories, protein, etc.  Immediately after my accident, wasn't hungry for several days.  Now, making up for it. 
Today, after a lousy weather day yesterday, bright and sunny, the new moon adding more energy.  It's the '1st of November,' in terms of weather, don't be confused by the named date.  Everything reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, where June means winter, and December means a warm, sunny (summer) Christmas. 
Back at mi casa in Temporal Alto, the music started (some 'party' in the Parque?), and I was bereft, as so loud and destroying the tranquillo.  But, it turned out not to be so bad (they reduced the volume) … 
And this less 'loco,' than La Paz, where I have to go soon to renew my residence visa.
In the meantime, I have one more week to recover before La Paz!

P.S.  And so, we 'godt laid!' 


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