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Go Ruth Buendía Mestoquiari! Women of the world unite and stop this male madness of $ profit!

The Struggle Over Sumak Kawsay OR 'GOOD LIFE!'

IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY, violence, as it's, according to Hollywood, the solution to all problems!

Risk of nuclear accidents is rising, says report on near-misses | World news |

Stay out of hospitals if you can!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

American Pathology!

Chinese 3D Printers Build 10 Houses in One Day - Dishwashers

American Pathology!

Google's Larry Page: The co-founder's untold story.

29a0414 BLOK

29a0414 BLOK 
My name is Green,
The leaves on trees,
Our grass,
The Emerald Isle,
The color of money,
The opposite of red,
A Primary color!
We are Green,
The Green Party,
The Green Peace,
My name,
The pain
Crystalline pure,


Monday, April 28, 2014

BBC News - Teacher stabbed to death at Leeds school

28b0414 BLOK

28b0414 BLOK
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!  Well, recently 'I' have been made stronger, from a pain so intense, 'I' thought 'I' was dying!  It's so similar to the pain 'I' experienced in Texas, in 1993, 'I' know there must be a 'connection.'  It comes upon you like a 'contraction,' a woman experiences giving birth.  My only antidote, is walking, breathing, falling on my knees and praying.  In Texas, I would, depending on where I was, find a place outside and walk in a circle.  Sometimes the pain (like a red hot iron held on your insides) would last for 45 minutes, and then, as fast as they came, they would stop. 
I know that this is a SPIRITUAL pain, not just a physical pain.  'I'm' 'dying on the Cross,' to be resurrected!  We're 'giving birth,' to Unconditional Love!
What did Jesus have to endure to try to make the world (humanity) a better place?
We always kill the messenger!  Or, in our case, try to…
Tantric Taoism

P.S.  There is no 'I' in our world, only 'we!'  

280414 BLOK

280414 BLOK
This is Monday, some eight days after my bicycle accident (Domingo, 20th).  I haven't felt much like writing about it, as too much pain.  I was lucky in one regard, no broken bones, and James B., protected my face, as hit the hard-surface street.
Thanks to the local Government, so many hazards unmarked!  This was an unfilled trough across the street (in La Cancha) I didn't see in time (dusk), and then braked when maybe I shouldn't have.  I went flying over the handle bars, shades of Kathmandu, Nepal, 1999.
Edgar was ahead of me and the three Peruvian boys behind, Oscar, in particular, a big help.  I was stunned, but conscious, and opted for a taxi a mi casa.  Of course, they wanted to take me to a hospital, but I don't go into hospitals unless unconscious!  They managed to get 'Senor Fetes' (undamaged) in the taxi as well.  But, the ride to home in Temporal Alto, excruciating (jerking, bumpy)!
When we got home Oscar played doctor, 'BREATHE!  BREATHE!'  as the pain can 'take you away!'  I took what pain killers Oscar offered, but ultimately they didn't work.  Although, in spite of it all, I managed a fitful sleep, bleeding all over the bed.
Then two days later, a delayed reaction… Suddenly a chilling pain 'stabbed' my chest.  It was on the left side so immediately I thought 'heart attack!'  I would walk outside until it ('they' as many attacks) subsided.  I thought I might be dying, as I've never had pain like this since Texas, 1993 (another story).  This pain must be similar to giving birth as I wanted to SCREAM!  I prayed to 'be taken!'  Sometimes the pain is so great you just want 'outta here!' 
I ultimately knew it wasn't a heart attack.  Note, I won't die of a heart attack!  But, I couldn't figure out what was causing this intense pain.  I first thought maybe digestion related ('heartburn'), as I have such trouble with digesting food.  Then, it came to me… 
What happened to me was 'whiplash,' the muscles tensing before impact and then traumatized.  My entire torso sore.  It's like when you have the Flu, and your muscles ache.  But, the pain attacks… I'm not sure what triggers these, except stress.  I made my usual mistake of doing too much too early (second day after accident went out to accomplish tasks), then have suffered ever since…
I feel like I've gone 15 rounds with Mike Tyson, pounding on my torso!  And today, 8 days later, I'm still on the 'injured list,' part of the 'walking wounded!'
They say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!  So, I will be!  Pain is just weakness departing the body!'  


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Where Does Money Come From? - Business Insider

Nothing new here!

If you are Jewish...

If you are Jewish, or practice Judaism, you must know about THE TALMUD, the Jewish book of wisdom.
The Hakham studied it for years, generations, before finally coming up with some distillation of all of all of its wisdom.  And translated into English, it ends up being just four words, that turn out to be a 'challenge' of sorts: ENDLESS ACTS OF COMPASSION.  The Hakham added, that ultimately this is the only way to salvation, the only way a wo/man of God can live, forgiving him/herself, and everyone and constantly!  But, gosh, this so hard to accomplish for us sinners.
Ultimately, what it means is, we even have to forgive Hitler, as in the process we forgive ourselves for being all too human!

Ralph Waldo Emerson, "conservatism makes no poetry, breathes no prayer, has no invention".

The American Dream is now just that for its middle classes – a dream | Michael Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer: "Ralph Waldo Emerson, "conservatism makes no poetry, breathes no prayer, has no invention"."

'via Blog this'

American Pathology!

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260414 Sabado

260414 Sabado
I appreciate, of course, what you and Anna do for the lunch group:  You give people the opportunity to express themselves verbally (plus, good food-drink).
You suggest I learn more Spanish so I can participate more in the conversation.  So, I must explain…
You're something like 58-years old.  I'm 74-years old.  That's a difference of 16 years.  
You must understand that at 74, I'm not much interested in talk, as I've learned it can be a substitute for action.
You wrote that 'there is no solution!'  I would have to disagree, but my 'solution,'  challenges everyone to stop projecting evil outside of oneself, and accept the responsibility for what we have all created (the modern world in 2014).  This is a 'message,' most people don't want to hear… Note, the 'messenger' is always killed!
Hitler, was only a manifestation of the evil that lies buried inside all of us!   Note, in our dual existence (yin-yang, Taoism), you can't have just one:  No, 'evil,' no 'good!' 
To make the world a better place, I suggest we must all perfect ourselves first (before trying to change the world).  This is my own effort, my own goal before 'shedding the body' ('death').  I work on this everyday.  Concomitantly, I work on two things here in Bolivia:  One, promoting cycling as a means of transportation (as helps the environment).  Two, a FREE ENGLISH SCHOOL, for poor kids.  If I discover this is impossible in Bolivia, as it was in Nepal, I'll be moving on… I have no allegiance to any flag (including the U.S.), ONLY MOTHER EARTH! 
Life for me at 74, is primarily reading and writing, quiet contemplation in Nature, riding my bicycle, and helping others!

a celibate Taoist monk (although not like a Catholic 'padre')

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American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Indigenous protesters occupy Peru's biggest Amazon oilfield | Environment |

Thursday, April 24, 2014

And yet another one, the growing violence just ignored by U.S. citizens.

Western Pathology!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greetings to Russell Brice, who I believe lives in La France?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

American Pathology!

Monday, April 21, 2014

American Pathology!

Sorry students, I lied to you. University is about desperation, not aspiration | Laurie Penny | Comment is free | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Who gives a 'flying F___!'

Just reduce the money charged, and you will change the situation. The mountain is angry!

American Pathology!


You can put Ronald, Raggun, the Bushes, and Obama, on the list.

Oscar Pistorius took acting lessons to ready for teary performance at trial: report - NY Daily News

American Pathology!

List has all the ingredients to start WWIII. Putin not going to back down, as has nothing to lose.

Cannabis Holiday, A Once Underground Celebration, Goes Mainstream In Colorado | Fox News Latino

16-year-old boy 'lucky to be alive' after hiding in wheel well on flight from California to Hawaii - NY Daily News

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190414 BLOK

190414 BLOK
An ant crawls on my white wall, and then gone.  Was it even 'hear?'


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here it is, the story of 'American Pathology,' finally exposed in mass media.

I think maybe a good idea, getting rid of humanity, as we have failed.

Why China’s Soil Pollution Should Frighten Americans - Refrigerators

Why Apple's censorship was just a storm in a D-cup | Books | The Observer

Morales: Poor kids in Bolivia need to learn foreign languages | Fox News Latino

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

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Multiple 5 billion X 6 trillion miles, and see how far it is away...

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

“We are in great danger”: Ex-banker details how mega-banks destroyed America -

Vladimir Putin must be called to account on surveillance just like Obama | Edward Snowden | Comment is free |

American Pathology!

Everything is in the process of reversing, in this case, male to female!

Multiply 490 X 6 trillion! That's how 'close' it is...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

He wrote the best novel, ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE, I ever read!

17a0414 BLOK

17a0414 BLOK
From a book entitled, 'My Name is Red,' by Ohran Pamuk
pp109 (an example of the Ego):
'However, it was as if I too wanted to feel extraordinary, different and unique.  As if prodded by the Devil, he felt himself strongly drawn to what he feared (self destruction).  It's as if this were a sin of desire, growing arrogant before God, considering oneself of utmost importance, situating oneself at the center of the world!'
If you are controlled by your Ego, you have a problem!' 


170414 BLOK

170414 BLOK
From a book entitled, 'My Name is Red,' by Orhan Pamuk:
pp. 105
'I myself am not enamored of money, the unfortunate world revolves around it, not God, but money.  And it's dirty, vulgar and of a base nature.'

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You don't 'hallucinate' on marijuana.

Found in translation ... when misquoting someone is the best way to be fair and accurate | Mind your language | Media |

How often do you really need to shower? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Vaccinations, compromise the immune system. Not a good idea!

C'mon women!

See, here's how you get a job, you get creative, and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT (to get attention)!

Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scare tactics!

We could have reduced this, if acted...

I will gladly!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Go Bundy!

Great! Wonderful! Courage pays off! Go Snowden!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

American Pathology!

American Pathology! And yet another example! Almost daily now.

Compost toilets the best...

American Pathology!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

China's bike culture forges way into deadly traffic

We need an apartheid-style boycott to save the planet - Tehran Times

12d0414 BLOK

12d0414 BLOK 
The novel by Ohhan Pamuk entitled, MY NAME IS RED!' is about the era in the Middle East (Istanbul, Turkey) when craftsmanship was appreciated, even honored.  The things they created were made to last a long time.  Miniaturists and calligraphers spent years creating one book!
What happened to this idea of quality craftsmanship?  The Industrial Devolution (Marx was right about this:  a few got $ rich, the majority suffering from.  Hence, the only thing worshipped now is money!
Is this so good?


Friday, April 11, 2014

Western Pathology!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The evolved... We all know Jesus was married, nothing new.

American Pathology!

This is another example of American Pathology. The entire country (we) needs a 'Mental Heath check up!'

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

American Pathology!

Thank God for Edward Snowden, a true patriot!

Edward Snowden: US government spied on human rights workers | World news | The Guardian

Are You Programmed to Enjoy Exercise? - Yes, I like exertion!

American Pathology!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

We live in a 'Police State,' and time to reduce!

090414 BLOK

090414 BLOK
Strange grey, what a day…
Writing in the dark,
A lark,
An exultation of sorts,
Having realized:
Woman awoke man out of his slumber,
But, she had to hit him over the head with lumber!
He didn't like it, and has been punishing her ever since!
Wonderful Vajrachod!
Wonderful Vajrachod!
Wonderful Vajrachod! 
(Note:  Substitute for Vajrachod, whatever word you like.)
With Roberto's cooking you can taste the love!

P.S.  The above is what we call a 'parable,' something dare-able!

08e0414 BLOK

08e0414 BLOK
Modern humanity has 'gone off the track,' derailed!
What to do?  Get us back 'on track.'  How?   A natural cataclysmic event has to occur, like an asteroid scrapping off one-half the planet.  Something that gets our attention bigtime!


08d0414 BLOK

08d0414 BLOK 
Re:  the Christian festival of Easter
Basically in a nutshell, the story of Jesus being crucified, being reborn, is:  The only 'road' to Heaven (eternal life) is through Hell!  There is no other way!  You cannot buy your way into!

P.S.  Send only angels, please! 

08b0414 BLOK

08b0414 BLOK
The three best days of my life, in descending order:
1.  The day I met Rotraut Boyens in Husum, Germany.
2.  The day I met Rotraut Boyens in Husum, Germany.
3.  The day I met Rotraut Boyens in Husum, Germany,
April 10, 2005.


08a0414 BLOK

08a0414 BLOK
The highest mountain we will ever 'climb' is ourselves!  Summiting peaks is a metaphor for such, but the easy way out.  'Climbing' thyself is akin to climbing Mt. Everest -- it's not impossible when we get help from others!  Alone, in a vacuum, almost impossible!
My favorite mountain climber in history is the Swedish guy, Goran Kropp.  From Wikipedia:
"For his famous 1996 ascent, Kropp left Stockholm on October 16, 1995, on a specially-designed bicycle with 108 kg (240 lb) of gear and food. He traveled 8,000 miles on the bicycle and arrived at Everest Base Camp in April 1996. Following a meeting of all of the Everest expeditions on the mountain at the time, it was agreed that Kropp would attempt to summit first. On May 3, Kropp blazed a trail through thigh-deep snow and reached a point 300 feet from the summit. However, Kropp decided to turn around because it was too late in the day and if he continued, he would be descending at dark. While Kropp recovered from the ordeal at base camp, the 1996 Everest Disaster unfolded. Kropp helped bring medicine up the mountain. Three weeks later, on May 23, Kropp again tackled the mountain, this time successfully summitting (without extra oxygen support). He then cycled part of the way back home.  He returned to Everest in 1999 with girlfriend Renata Chlumska to undertake a cleanup, during which they removed 25 discarded canisters from the mountain. They also successfully summited together."
Then damned if Kroop didn't get killed rock climbing in Washington State, U.S.A.
But, we of the 'adventurer's club' die doing what we love (taking risks).  There is no better death!  We are 'Boldivians!' 


080414 BLOK

080414 BLOK 
Governments… they are the 'monkeys on our backs,' the 'parasites,' living off the 'host animal,' us, the citizens of each!
What to do?  Evolve so the majority makes better choices, not supporting people like V. Putin in Russia.
Currently, here's how it works in Bolivia.  The getter of votes, and their friends that voted for, get the jobs (better known as 'Patronage,' and nothing new)!  But, these jobs aren't always perfect, just a way to survive (if you have little education).
Right now from my park bench seat (having coffee and a muffin), I observe a 'team' of workers (6) do the work of two workers, trimming trees.  And after all the 'hard work' they sit down on the curb to recover.  I'm not against such except when the government becomes so inefficient it wastes my time and money!
The basic economic problem throughout the world:  too many people with dwindling resources!  We have to slow down the birth rate!  How?


Nathan Heller: What Did Cesar Chavez Achieve? : The New Yorker

Monday, April 07, 2014

Mickey Rooney, Master of Putting On a Show, Dies at 93 -

070414 BLOK

070414 BLOK 
Morning light on distant hills,
Dills, and 
Things I've 'scene' before!

P.S.  There is an artist in The Netherlands that paints nothing but cows. 

070414 Carlos,

First of all, I'm so happy to know you, Anna, and Eduardo!  You make living in Bolivia easier.  So, be blessed in a Taoist way (although my Taoism isn't a 'religion'). 
Things like 'Taoism,' 'the Tantra,' 'Dialectical Materialism,' English words suggesting something… but what?
'Dialectical Materialism'  (Note, Wikipeidia definition;  "The basic tenets are that everything is material and that change takes place through "the struggle of opposites." Because everything contains different elements that are in opposition, "self-movement" automatically occurs; the conflict of opposing forces leads to growth, change, and development, according to definite laws."  This is similar to Taoism, actually, yin and yang seeking each other as in enantiodromia.  I would only disagree with Marx-Engels that everything is 'material.'  Far from it in my opinion, we create our 'wor(l)ds' from our minds; yes, made manifest ultimately as 'material.'  
I don't believe in an 'objective' existence.  We come together in common via various dictionaries, lexicographers with much power. 
'The Tantra,' so difficult to explain easily, except to say we use sexual energy to unite with the Divine.   I include (attached) an iconographic image, that fundamentalist Christians would call, what…?  Of course, they live in the 17th Century.
To me, as I tried to explain, cranking down the road in Centro Cochabamba, it all has to do with consciousness, or in Spanish, 'conocimiento.'  In German it's 'bewusstsein,' a 'state of knowing.'  
Then, there's the opposite or unconsciousness, when you 'don't' know that you don't know!'   To me it all comes down to a , 'state of knowing!'
C.G. Jung, someone I've studied, said, 'The only 'sin' is unconsciousness' -- living in darkness!   This was Ronald 'Raygun!'  In fact, a colleague of mine and I wrote a thesis entitled, THE REAGON PARADIGM.  Available at Polebrige Press.
You're 58 and I'm 74, a difference of 16 years.  Go back 16 years to when you were 42 years of age.  Are you anything like that now, maybe a little?  My point, there's a huge difference between 58 and 74, in terms of priorities.  You're still having to support a family, business, developing your art, etc.  I exist at this point, only to help people (in Buddhism this is called being 'Bodhisattva.'  Yes, there's a little ego involved, but we can't have a body without an ego. 
The goal of life, according to Tantric Taoism, is to get control of that ego (your worst enemy).  How to?  Unite with the Divine (nee the image attached)!
I also wanted to explain my 'monkdumb,' as coming from a Catholic tradition, you might misunderstand, and see me like a Catholic padre.  My 'monkeydumb,' is entirely different.   I don't wear robes, as the Buddhist monks do.  I don't live in a monastery as Buddhist monks usually do.  If anything, you can call me a Taoist mystic, riding a bicycle (if you need a 'label').
How did all this happen, as when I was 42, I was 'hot after it!'  ('It' being $ and women!).  
As, I have tried to explain, I no longer believe in 'Free Will,' as what happened to me.  I was 'taken,' forced in a way to take a different path.  Robert Frost's great line from his poem:  'Two paths diverged in a wood one day.  I took the one less traveled and it's made all the difference!'  
This all began in 2004, when I was summoned to a holy (Denay people) mountain in Colorado, English name 'Blanca Peak,' Denay name 'Sissnnijani!'  There I was given a holy object to take to Tibet.  Trust me, in the beginning I didn't take this seriously, but what happened on this cycling trip began to get my attention.  Just one example of what happened… 
The first day, maybe I cranked 50 miles / 80KM.  I stopped for the night in a community park.  It bordered a stream, a few houses on the other side.
It had a picnic table.  I fixed my dinner, normally of arroz, vegetables, whatever available (when I'm cycling).  I was hungry.  I was about to partake when inadvertently, I dropped my plate on the ground, dinner ruined.  I quickly tried to scoop up the rice on the top to have something to eat.  While I'm doing this a teenage girl appeared out of nowhere with a plate full of dinner!  I was stunned!  What?  How is this possible?  Many things happened like this on this trip, whenever I had a problem it was magically 'fixed.'  
It's been that way ever since.
I was living in the Asura Buddhist Monastery in Pharping, Nepal (about 30KM south of Kathmandu) -- 2006.  One day returning from Kathmandu, I was accosted by a Buddhist monk named Karma Sherpa.  We became friends.  I shared some of my Taoist poetry with him.   One day he asked me if I would like to meet some of his Taoist friends from Taiwan.  We had lunch one day in Kathmandu, noticing the group all vegetarians (rice and vegetables).  Roughly one week later, Karma said he was taking me to a gathering at their Temple (in the western part of the Kathmandu Valley).  O.K….
It was early evening when we arrived at this complex of buildings.  It was decorated, and I could smell incense.  I was ushered into their Temple, one of the 'Eight Immortals,' staring down at me!  Karma instructed me to repeat after him (difficult as in Nepali-Hindi).  What would you do at this point, as I wasn't sure what was happening, but I didn't want to be a 'poor sport?'  I went along with whatever…  I was given a power tool (法器).  I was congratulated afterwards, and partook of a feast in my 'honor.'  It was like being in a dream, a movie!  Afterwards, I was driven back to Pharping.   Again, I didn't take it all that seriously, but I was beginning to get 'the message.'  What message?  Get the 'Heart Stone' (fotos. in the GALLERY at our website, to Mt. Kailas, in Tibet.
I went to China for a one-month sight-seeing trip, and I ended up staying five years -- out of which came TANTRIC TAOISM. 
During that time, 2010,' I was able to take 10 cyclists (5 different country-cultures) to Tibet (Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailas), five months, five thousand kilometers!  It's now a book, etc.  And, of course, at Mt. Kailas, in far western Tibet, I made an offering (of the 'Heart Stone') at 5500mts. ASL.  This as a part of what they call 'okra' (funny, my automatic spelling correction changes 'okra' into 'okra' (reverse the 'o' and the 'k' and you'll have the English word that means, 'to circumnavigate the mountain' (50KM).  My life has never been the same since!
As part of this, I was given new holy objects to take to South America (I didn't know at the time exactly where).  
In Santiago, I met a couple, a man, through an old friend in the U.S.  This man sensed what I was doing and suggested a book entitled THE SERPENT OF LIGHT by Drunvalo Melchizedek (note, 2012, was THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE in Chinese mythology).  It essentially validated everything I had done, and was doing… 
In the beginning I thought best to make the offering (of the holy objects) at Machu Picchu (Peru). 
In San Pedro de Atacama, I met a man who informed me I should go to Tiawanaku, Bolivia.  I'd never heard of it, but it sounded right.  
On 122112, at the ancient site of Tiawanaku, I made an offering as part of a Aymara Solstice Ceremony, Abuelo Lucas presiding.  Essentially, the act, the event, the trip, my pilgrimage, had/s to do with shifting the 'Kundalini,' from East (Tibet) to West (South America; Bolivia).   
What is the 'Kundalini?'  "Sanskrit, literally "coiled". In Indian yoga, a "corporeal energy - an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or Shakti, envisioned either as a goddess or else as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine, hence a number of English renderings of the term such as 'serpent power'."
What does all this mean?  The time has come for South America, the energy being shifted.  Now is the time for all of the countries of South America to unite and become strong, no longer accepting the 'role' as the 'step child' of the world. Now is the time, for South America to lead the rest of the world to greater conocimiento!
That is why we're 'hear!'
for Ernesto.
P.S.  I remembered the author of THE TAO OF PHYSICS,  Fritjoh Capra (maybe misspelled 'Fritjoh?").  I first read it along about 1978.  

050414 BLOK

050414 BLOK
What is this thing called life?
'Harry whole,'
The opposite of knoll!
Up and down and 
In and out!
My 'shout!'


Sunday, April 06, 2014

Mental masturbation. More action and less words are needed!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

And yet another one, the growing violence just ignored by U.S. citizens. American Pathology!

Great example of American Pathology!

05f0414 BLOK

05f0414 BLOK
Dear R.,
This 'affliction' I have I understand differently than you might.  From my point of view (experience) it's the Shambala Demons!  Why have no doctors, no medicines had any effect (in years)?  Nothing has killed this 'infection.' What is this tenacious 'thing,' a fungus, mites, bacteria or virus, or something else?
This started long ago with my toenails 'weirding out,' (aberration) - and all the antidotes you sent had no effect whatsoever:  They haven't changed at all.
All of this began the day we drove away from Mt. Kailas, Tibet, THAT DAY, ONE OF THE WORST OF MY LIFE, as EVERYTHING WENT WRONG!  I'll never forget it!  And it's continued in lesser form to this day in Bolivia.
Nothing went right in China after Mt. Kailas, it was even difficult departing.  Then the problem with Xutan in Australia, my feet giving out in New Zealand, and the itching beginning in Santiago, Chile (continuing to this moment)!
Now, this 'affliction,' all in my head!  Is this a metaphor (metaphor)?  The Shambala Demons, are trying to drive me mad!
Sometimes I feel like Job in the Christian Bible, or Sisyphus in the Greek Myth, about the man forever pushing something up, only to have to keep trying!
And so… 
We will prevail!



5b0414EM3 (for U.S. group, plus John L.)
Re:  the Easter story…
Basically, Jesus' message, the story… YOU MUST GO THROUGH 'HELL' TO GET TO 'HEAVEN!'   You can't just go to church and buy your way into it!

050414 BLOK

050414 BLOK
From MY NAME IS RED, by Orhan Pamuk
pp. 51:
'I don't want to be a tree, I want to be its meaning!' 
And what is a tree's meaning?
Balance:  Oxygen for humans, carbon dioxide for trees!  Sustaining life for both!
We're cutting down all the trees for money (our God).  How smart is this?


Thursday, April 03, 2014


In harmony with Nature, simple!
We're so estranged from our source, Mother Earth (Panchamama in the Andes) we're killing it (ourselves)!
We've become, each individual a cell, the 'cancer' eating away at Gaia, as the Earth is alive!  And if we don't at least slow down sucking out her 'precious bodily fluids,' we're going the way of the dinosaurs.  And then the greatest question of all, 'When the last homo sapien succumbs, will we have been here at all?'
Why do you think so much money now invested in space exploration?  I now have seen photographs of Mars, the planet Mars!  Amazing!   There are commercial endeavors to take you there to Mars, selling tickets for some ungodly amount!  We're off to exploit and trash out another planet.  We'll, no doubt, redeem it in the process! 
What we need is exploration of inner space (the mind), not outer space!  We're, the Human Race, very good at projecting evil onto 'the other.'  I might suggest we look within!
In Harmony with Nature, simple!  The 'primitive' ones blessed, they know about this--they're trying to save us.

P.S.  Boy didn't they ever misunderstand Lance Armstrong!

03c0414 BLOK

03c0414 BLOK
How a bird flies,
I 'k(no)w' how to ride a bicycle, 
'Senor Fetes,' preferred!
80% behind, 20 to go,
I ride slow now and quietly.
I come and we go having never been 'hear!
We'd rather 'bee their!' 

P.S.  I must go, see and do an 'experience junkie,' nee poet. 

03b0414 BLOK

03b0414 BLOK
Think about the woman!
Think about the woman living in the meridian, the little strip of earth right in the middle of one of the busiest boulevards in all of Cochabamba, Circumvalacion.  Circumvalacion is the 'bypass' all the big trucks use between La Paz and Santa Cruz.   Think about the woman living in the middle of it, day and night!
Think about the woman sucking up carbon monoxide 24/7.
Think about the woman whose ears are filled with nothing but motor sounds:  horns, car alarms, brakes, tires!
Think about the woman in all this rain, her lean-to tarp leaking!
Think about the woman who never gets to take a bath or eat in a restaurant!
Think about the woman who has no friends, as she has nothing to offer.
Think about the woman! 
Think about the woman who never changes clothes because she has none!
Think about the woman!

P.S.  It's amazing to me that in a country now prospering it can't take care of its own people! 

03a0414 BLOK

03a0414 BLOK
This morning light is filled with such delight and opportunity, reminding me of my boy days long ago on Route 66, the 'Golden Limited,' real hamburgers, pop in bottles, NEHI Orange Drink you pulled out of an ice box with your very own hands (they trusted you).  I go back to 'Ice Box Days!' 
Now, it's the sunlight that's 'deja vu' for me.  This is Autumn light and roughly the same in both Hemispheres, North and South at the same latitude.
Here at 17 degrees South the sun comes fast and strong!  Visitors to this area need only to observe the headgear on the locals.  Also, the roofs they construct  over basket-futbol courts!  It ain't rain they're worried about. 
At my elevation, 2,800mts. ASL or 9000ft., water takes longer to boil at 90C.
Today, the Dry (winter) season begins after six months of lluvia (rain).
We're now working to depart on our 'Cycling For Safety Tour, 2014.'  April is supposed to be the best month to partake of the Salar (October weather).  But, first cycling up from Cochabamba, on to Oruro, south to the Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats at 4K mts. ASL), on to Potosi, Sucre, and then returning to Cochabamba. 
3K kilometers in approximately one month.  This to spread the Gospel of:  QUEMA GRASA!  NO PETROLEO!
We're also producing a video which will ultimately be available at both and/or www. 
If you can't join us, be a sponsor!


030414 BLOK / T.T.

030414 BLOK / T.T.
Easter Sunday cometh (April 20th), the Christian Sabbath, bringing the story of resurrection, redemption, renewal.  Appropriately enough it's in the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  But, in the Southern Hemisphere, we have an Autumn Easter (Sunday).  Ultimately, another commercial holiday selling many things from chocolate eggs to amulets, to cards, to going out for a restaurant meal. 
Of course, they've got it all wrong literally, the belief in 'the Other,' (Duality).  When, in fact, it is another example of a history lesson missed.
What is the lesson of Easter?  There's both good (Gospel) and bad news!  First, the bad news… And that is you've got to do this, 'die on the cross' YOURSELF!   This to be resurrected (reborn of the Spirit)!  You 'kill' the ego, which allows the Spirit (Singularity) to rule!
Christ, the story, simply illustrates how you might do such as well, and in your lifetime.  Of course, this takes consciousness, so it's easier to project, objectifying reality, and to go to church on Easter Sunday donating money.  
Religion, all about money actually!
The good news (Gospel) is that's this is possible to accomplish, resurrection, by your self in your own lifetime, and without ever going to church!   (Oh, they'll 'crucify' me for that one!).
Do you know the reason they killed Christ?  It wasn't the Roman Pontius Pilate, but the Jewish money-changers in the Temple that wanted him gone!  Jesus was a messenger, and they didn't like the message:  LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF!  STOP DEALING MONEY IN THE TEMPLE!
In Duality there's a beginning (birth), middle (life) and the end (death).   With Singularity, no birth, no death, Peter!
'Jesus Christ de la Concordia' (here in Cochabamba, Bolivia), the Christians say, 'died for our sins!'   The only 'sin' Jung said is unconsciousness, which the Christians seem to have invented!
In order to become immortal you, yourself, have to 'die of the Ego body,' to gain the Spirit, everlasting life (no 'death').   This the true message of the Jesus story/Christian Easter!
How to 'get there,'  maybe has some 'clues'…  Also try reading Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, or Joseph Campbell.  To read only the Christian Bible is limiting...
The secular version of the Easter story ('getting a second chance') is THE MYTH OF THE HOLY GRAIL.  Perceval, a young inexperienced knight, gets a chance at 'heaven,' right off the bat. But, he 'blows it!'  Banished from the Grail Castle he wanders through life dueling with dragons and saving damsels in distress.  Finally, after suffering the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,' he spies the GRAIL CASTLE again.  This time he does not make the same mistake, he asks the ailing 
Amfortas, 'What ails thee, Uncle?'  (This is 'dying of the ego body.')  Amazing, a simple show of concern for others, gets you into 'heaven,' the Grail Castle.  You are 'resurrected,' you are given a second chance!
Isn't this what we all ultimately need, as when young making all the mistakes of youth (Shakespeare wrote, 'green in judgment and cold in the blood!'). 
But, you gotta do this yourself, you can't just 'worship' something and give money to…  This is why you have a body in the first place:  'to die of it,' the Ego, and thus to experience God! 
Happy Easter!
'What ails thee Uncle?'


Former inmate strives to help others with prison reform activism

American Pathology!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Here's a woman that needs to be considered for La Presidenta del pais!

02a0414 BLOK

02a0414 BLOK
…And John, yes, it's challenging for people to 'Listen to Nature,' because of material distractions, from bicycle to the opposite sex.
Capitalism wants it this way!  I mean, what if we stopped consuming the unnecessary?
We need to start Listening to Nature, as it's communicating something to us, trying to, and that something is this:  IF WE DON'T CHANGE OUR WAYS, THERE'S GOING TO BE MUCH AND GREATER PAIN!

P.S.  Find a Native American, an Indian, a primitive person somewhere (Amazon jungle).  Ask them what to do?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Top U.S. intel officer confirms warrantless searches of Americans | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour

We have to change our ways, or succumb to extinction!

A Giant Basket That Uses Condensation to Gather Drinking Water | Design | WIRED

Bitcoin Is Pointless as a Currency, But It Could Change the World Anyway | Enterprise | WIRED

it's completely stupido to try to eliminate marijuana, as now being legalized around the world, Uruguay for one. Two States in the U.S., Colorado and Washington are legalizing it. The past reason for criminalizing it, gives the police jobs, etc. It's an economic issue.

Brazil: War against marijuana in the hinterlands | Infosurhoy: "it's completely stupido to try to eliminate marijuana, as now being legalized around the world, Uruguay for one. Two States in the U.S., Colorado and Washington are legalizing it. The past reason for criminalizing it, gives the police jobs, etc. It's an economic issue."

'via Blog this'

WATER: Find more ways to reduce wastage - Letters to the Editor - New Straits Times

Our won Government lies to us!

31b0414 BLOK

31b0414 BLOK
We are Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of eroticism from the female POV.
What is sensual?
What is sexual?
What is marriage, child bearing and all the rest associated with…?
Of course, this is all open to interpretation, as translated from Greek some 3K years atras!
The human male 'animal,' wants to 'get off,' fill the vagina, and then move on, having 'planted his seed.'  The female wants a relationship first, foreplay, tenderness, romance, and possibly to get pregnant.  Motherhood, family, security ultimately important! 
Certainly this is true in Bolivia.  Besides futbol, this the most discussed topic, money #3!
What to do?
by Micha F. Lindemans
In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture. According to Hesiod, she was born when Uranus (the father of the gods) was castrated by his son Cronus. Cronus threw the severed genitals into the ocean which began to churn and foam about them. From the aphros ("sea foam") arose Aphrodite, and the sea carried her to either Cyprus or Cythera. Hence she is often referred to as Kypris and Cytherea. Homer calls her a daughter of Zeus and Dione.
After her birth, Zeus was afraid that the gods would fight over Aphrodite's hand in marriage so he married her off to the smith god Hephaestus, the steadiest of the gods. He could hardly believe his good luck and used all his skills to make the most lavish jewels for her. He made her a girdle of finely wrought gold and wove magic into the filigree work. That was not very wise of him, for when she wore her magic girdle no one could resist her, and she was all too irresistible already. She loved gaiety and glamour and was not at all pleased at being the wife of sooty, hard-working Hephaestus.
Aphrodite loved and was loved by many gods and mortals. Among her mortal lovers, the most famous was perhaps Adonis. Some of her sons are Eros, Anteros, Hymenaios and Aeneas (with her Trojan lover Anchises). She is accompanied by the Graces.
Her festival is the Aphrodisiac which was celebrated in various centers of Greece and especially in Athens and Corinth. Her priestesses were not prostitutes but women who represented the goddess and sexual intercourse with them was considered just one of the methods of worship. Aphrodite was originally an old-Asian goddess, similar to the Mesopotamian Ishtar and the Syro-Palestinian goddess Ashtart. Her attributes are a.o. the dolphin, the dove, the swan, the pomegranate and the lime tree.

In Roman mythology Venus is the goddess of love and beauty and Cupid is love's messenger.


from FUGITIVE PIECES, by Anne Michaels
'He told me about a ship that had sunk completely and then risen again.  It's cargo, salt,' and when it dissolved in the hold the ship bobbed up to the surface,'  Like someone coming back to life!

P.S.  A great book about sailing:  'Salt Water Ballads,' by John Masefield, speaking of 'The Mase.' 

31a0414 BLOK

31a0414 BLOK
I pet the dogs, shoo aggressive flies away.  I rub my itchy eyes, sitting in the sun across from Tyson and Carolina's house.  I meet Edgar here every day at roughly 1230P.M., as to collect our special, healthy lunches Carolina makes for us and others.  And all for only $2U.S. each. 
We sit on a park bench in the shadow and enjoy food made with love.  It's so much better to sit in this residential park and eat, than absorb the energia of a hurly burly restaurant in Centro.  Gopal, for example, a Hari Krisna restaurant, too much human energy.  Here in this park, although trashed, we hear the birds while we eat our rice and vegetables.  
Amazingly, Edgar, has always been careful about what he ingests (little alcohol, and no drugs).  His 68-year old body should be willed to science to examine.  Mine, maybe on the opposite end of this 'scale,' as I did everything I could when young to end it all.  Now, at 74 amazed I'm still alive!
As I mentioned 'our' park tranquil yet trashed by unthoughtful people.  This seems to be a Latin American (maybe world) 'disease,' trashing out Mother Earth (Panchamama here in the Andes).  If you have a 'trash mind' I guess you don't mind it.  We do!
Begging dogs and begging people everywhere, what to do?
Maybe birth control part of the solution!
Women with babies of no future, only survival.  Sad, what a culture can do its own citizens!