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10 things that put people off cycling | Politics |

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If This Terrifying Report Doesn't Wake You Up to the Realities of What We're Doing to This Planet, What Will? | Mother Jones

30a0314 BLOK

30a0314 BLOK
The last few days in Cochabamba, clear, sunny, nary a nube!
March entered like a 'lamb,' exited like a 'lion' (mucho tormento!).
Nary a nube
No lluvia in sight,
What a night,
That March Lion,
A scion!
(The roof leaked!)


300314 BLOK

300314 BLOK 
There's never been a hill or mountain I couldn't get to the top, or so I thought.  This both literally and figuratively!  But, now approaching 75, it's obvious there's an end to all this.  You begin to lose the ability, the body goes, little by little, until there is no more!  You have to accept this, death ('shedding the body'), Peter.
However, Keith assures me that 75 isn't old!  This another example of how westerners can't accept the idea of death (the end).   If we are born we have to die, simple!  And best be prepared for it.  
99% of westerners end up in a hospital drugged out of existence, every $ sucked from them and their descendants.
If you don't want to have this happen, you better start reading at:


Has organized Religion lived up to its promise of Divinity?  Did it deliver God to us?  Seems to me, 2014, money has become 'God!'  Did we create God, or did God create us?  
Is there an objective reality?  
Is there Free Will?
And what's the best way to peel a boiled egg?
Wake up out there! 


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Human Nature won't change until it has to...

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'Spin,' from the anti Marijuana group. It's basically non addictive, but depends on the personality and circumstances. We can say that water is addictive as well!

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Bitcoin Is Taxable, IRS Claims

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From a book entitled, FUGITIVE PIECES, by Anne Michaels

From a book entitled, FUGITIVE PIECES, by Anne Michaels
pp 233:
"Most discover absence for themselves; trees are ripped out, sorrow floods the clearing.  Then we know what we've loved!"
I'll never forget staying with a friend in Christchurch, N.Z.  
I would pedal a few blocks to the nearest supermarket for whatever.  One day I noticed a void just entering their parking lot.  A huge, old (probably 200 years old) tree had been 'ripped out.' and God only knows why.  Maybe it had something to do with visibility, so automobiles would be more safe (because automobiles are God in modern life).  Maybe it was a nuisance or a health threat of some kind…?  I took a picture of the 'void' and made a comment when I posted to my website: 
Nobody in the area seemed too upset (that I was aware of?).  But, I almost wrote a letter to the head Mall guy, asking why?
'Woodman, woodman, spare that tree touch not a single bough!'

P.S.  Most people in modern life, consuming robots! 

26c0314 BLOK

26c0314 BLOK 
There was so much 'boom, boom' ('tormenta' in Spanish) last night.  Then sometime in the middle of the night it rained steadily for a couple hours.  The roof leaked in the storeroom, puddles of water on the floor, the garage bags with we bottoms.
That afternoon it had hailed, the ice balls as large as marbles, and probably as hard.  We (me, Georgia, and Gus), luckily, had retreated inside after doing my ear candling outside on the grass. 
Ear candling, what is it?  I've done several times in my life, and very useful (to cleanse; to clear the head).  Thousands years old, the Mayan people used for ear infections, etc.  I'm trying to get rid of some kind of ear infection that nothing (antibiotics) has been able to 'kill!'   'Demons!' 
After we were inside it hailed (perfect timing, as described above).  It was the first time for hail (ice balls) here at Chez Hache (Temporal Alto, Cochabamba, Bolivia).  But, we are closer to the hills and the weather deemed by changing rapido.  The wind prior had signaled something, and little did I know… It wasn't the weather, but the fact the wind currents kept the smoke from going into my ear, thus we learned the hard way, you can't do such (ear candling) outside.   
The upshot of the entire afternoon was that the ear candling didn't remove the infection that continues to plague me ('Shambala Demons!').
That evening we took Gus and Georgia to dinner at THE FACTORY.  It was Gus' 22nd BD.  
Wow, 'two-two,' was 1962 for me, my last year at the University of Arizona party school!  52 years ago!  Hard to believe!

P.S.  I am Georgia and Gus' 'Abuelo Hache!'  

26b0314 BLOK

26b0314 BLOK (for the Virtual Blue Bucket Society):
That you'll die happily…?
That you'll win the lottery, and buy a boat?
That you'll invent something significant, and be compared to Albert Einstein?
That you'll win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
That you'll cycle around the world?
That you'll win the Olympic Marathon race?
That you'll live happily ever after?
That an asteroid is going to sweep humanity off the earth, and we will never have been 'hear!' 


26a0314 BLOK

26a0314 BLOK 
From 'Fugitive Pieces,' by Anne Michaels
"If one needs proof of the soul, it's easily found.  The Spirit is most evident at the point of extreme bodily humiliation!"
For me (F.A. Hutchison, given English name) this point was at the U.S. Open Golf Championship, Merion Golf Club, Merion, Pennsylvania, June, 1972.  I had just been confirmed as a wild man and jailbird, trying to 'hijack' a 747 over the Atlantic.  I had gone crazy, having mixed amphetamines and Dom Perignon champagne staying up most nights for almost one week.  (Note, I forget the event, I think the amateur matchplay golf something or other somewhere in merry ole England.  Jim Jennett would remember as was there.)  I had gone chemically insane, biting a flight attendant in the process.  (Note, I think releasing much frustration/anger working at ABC Sports, Inc. / Roone baby.)
One moment I was fantasizing sex with the lovely flight attendant pouring me Dom, the next, menacing black eyes in my face explaining how I might survive in the Manhattan House of Detention!   Talk about 'jump cutting!'   
I woke up in a nightmare lasting two days, until influential friends got me out!
On Memorial Day, May, 1972, I was arraigned by a Judge who been pulled off a golf course for the task.  Thus, the Warden was also present, saying to me, "I had to see who you are, as in the 102-year history of his institution no one has ever been released on a Holiday!"  We shook hands, and I was freed.
To make a long story shorter, it pays to have influential friends and money.  It you don't have, you can 'kiss your ass goodbye!'  That's how the Injustice System works in the U.S. (around the world).  In the words of an author (and play) I don't remember, "Just us! Just us white folk! This is how the so-called 'Justice System' works!"  If you are poor, a minority, and don't have what the System wants, you're going to do time.  
The Penology System in the U.S. has swung from the idea of 'rehabilitation,' to let's privatize, get as many behind bars as possible, and go for the profit!  There is something like 20 million people in prison for minor offenses.  'Tough shit for you, profit for me!' the system's motto!'  Note, we can thank 'Ronald Raygun' for this.
Then there's a recent story about a female convict (somewhere in the U.S.) that was finally released after serving 32 years for a crime (murder) she didn't commit.  How do you compensate for such travesty?  You can't!   Maybe money! 
My 'extreme bodily humiliation' cost me something like $10,000U.S. and my job at ABC Sports (although that was only the excuse used). 
I was actually fortunate to get out of 'jail,' but it took me time to realize the yield…me!   And where I'm sitting today would have been impossible had fate kept me 'locked up' in a nowhere, self-serving job (operated by the unevolved)!  
It's truly amazing to realize, that in my case at least, there is no Free Will.  I'm here, siting where I am in Cochabamba, Bolivia, today, by the Grace of God (Vajrachod).  Who would have ever thought this when, way back, I was 'selling my soul to the Devil' for cheap?  Certainly 'knot eye!'  
We 'no' we have been redeemed in the process -- everyone's task while having a body!
P.S.  What is your most humiliating moment, event or story in your life?  Do you dare tell, risking the group's comments?  Remember 'won' thing… The truth shall set you free!

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Finnegans Wake - in pictures | Books |

What can the Dutch teach the U.S. about selling pot?

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Read this from her novel, FUGITIVE PIECES;
"The relation between a man's behavior and his words is usually that of gristle and fat on the bone of meaning!"


Go Dianne!

American Pathology!

25a0314 BLOK

25a0314 BLOK 
This must be Hell:  a tiny ant trapped on a pink plastic plate, the edge to steep to climb out.  S/he wanders from wheat toast crumb, to crumb.  
How would it feel to 'no' you won't starve to death, but that you'll never get out of this 'jail?'

P.S.  Until some 'angel' like me deposits the ant and crumbs on the grass outside.  Saved!   Let us start 'saving' things, ultimately ourselves! 

Monday, March 24, 2014


'FUGITIVE PIECES,' BY Anne Michaels.
pp. 203
"…we turned to each other in the dark, still silent!  She became a climber on a rock face, limbs precise, pinned against space, until with closed eyes she looked down between her legs from a height.  I couldn't move the moment meaning flooding over us (union)!
Before sleep her muscles twitched, a mechanism released.  Soon I felt her against me, breathing with the steady intensity of a machine. 
We slept close, knowing we could not have such pleasure without such silence!"
Note, if David A., or Bob P., our two aspiring novelists, could write such prose they'd never do without! 
"You described your first experience of the flesh, this sex with a woman as coming alive for the first time:  as if you'd surfaced from water, a drowning man, breathing life for the first time!" 
Note:  MY OWN about physical sex between human beings:  It's best denied (go as long as without as possible!).  Of course, most won't understand this, particularly the young… Or, another way to describe (for David A.):  HAVE ONLY WITH MEANING, like creating a child!  The rest is 'Nature's Joke' on us, and debilitating for males. 
Women only have so many eggs (maybe 400).  Men have only so many orgasms!'  Men go through a form of 'menopause,' as well as women.

P.S.  I haven't had a male orgasm in 8 years!  I became a celibate Taoism monk in Kathmandu, in 2006.  


Sometimes we just have to survive the ugly times to get to the good times.  Life comes in cycles, some good, some not so!  But, survivors find a way to get to the good!  They 'hang in' through the bad, ultimately realizing we can't have 'good' without 'bad!'  
So, keep going and turn the 'bad' into 'good!'

Abuelo Hache 

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Women of the world, unite!

Go, people of Spain!

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And we accuse China!

N.S.A. Breached Chinese Servers Seen as Security Threat -

The couple conserving South America - Telegraph

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21d0314 BLOK

21d0314 BLOK 
('F.P.' by Anne Michaels, pp 176):
"I don't know what a soul is, but I imagine that somehow our bodies surround what has always been!"
And that is 'Singularity,' nothingness, that can't be described in English words nor Chinese characters!
Can you attempt to describe in either?


21c0314 BLOK

21c0314 BLOK
('F.P.' by Anne Michaels, pp174):
"So, the monk runs away to join the circus!'  Just the opposite for me…
I escaped 'the circus' amazingly thrown out of it when I couldn't let go myself!  At the time devastated, now so grateful I was 'won' of those who has managed to become; to become the potential I was given!  This having suffered 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!'  Now, a celibate Taoist monk on a bicycle!  Who would have ever imagined?  'Knot mee!'

P.S.  'Slow as geography, fast as a bicycle!' 

21a0314 BLOK

21a0314 BLOK
Humanity, in what you call 'reality,' is a 'movie,' projected on the 'screen' of life.  The dream, flickering images at 24 frames per second.
Shakespeare 'new' the theatre is a metaphor for life; that it allowed people to 'live' vicariously, sometimes even revealing (and allowing) the truth!
Movies, TV, the computer-smartphone screens, now supply this function. 
If you want to change the world (and Dick, Marty understand this), make motion pictures, videos, etc.  Hollywood understands this all too well, but uses this power only to enrich themselves!  But, Hollywood's days are waning! 


210314 BLOK

210314 BLOK
Remember Toby,
Ultimately, imagination is more important than knowledge (sayeth Albert).  But, together they are omnipotent!


20d0314 BLOK

20d0314 BLOK 
This day, 20 March 2014, the Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, and the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.  Equal daylight and darkness in both, just opposite directions in terms of Seasons.
Everything reversed, North to South.


'The owners,' Dick refers to...

'The owners,' Dick refers to, if you didn't know already, are 'the ASSet people!' They 'own' all the resources!  And with them cometh woe, as with their last breath nothing, no thing to say goodbye to…


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The global Transition tipping point has arrived - vive la révolution | Environment |

This 'crash,' needs to happen, in order we might start over, better!

20a0314 BLOK

20a0314 BLOK
These are the last days of many flies, the Autumnal Equinox.  A pox on flies, fewer born next Spring! 
This is my third Autumnal Equinox in South America (oh, how time flyeth)!  But, only my first Autumnal Equinox in Cochabamba, Bolivia, at 17 degrees south latitude,
The sun so hot here, at 5P.M. that I have to retreat into the shade, and I'm a 'lizard!'  No wonder Bolivianos hide from it -- it's a killer!  Then again, at 4K mts. ASL (Alti Plano) it feels pretty good on a cold morning!  Ah, relativity:  When too cold we want heat, when too hot we want cooler!  Best in the middle,
Cochabamba, Bolivia, at 2600mts. ASL.


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17b0314 BLOK

17b0314 BLOK
All the places we have been, including Ireland on this Saint Patrick's Day.  ERIN GO BRAU!
'The wildest dreams in the land of Kew, are merely facts in Kathmandu!' 
What is a 'fact' anyway?
Mt. Kailas,
Mt. Lemon,
Sabino Canyon,
The Grand in both the U.S. and China,
La Paz (for peace),
Vietnam (for war),
China (for cycling),
Just to name a few,
Wouldn't you,
Go to
Mt. Everest,
The Firth of Forth?

P.S.  And let's not forget to include Bolivia! 

18c0314 BLOK

18c0314 BLOK 
We 'no' what beauty is, it's Nature speaking to us!
99% of humanity, so many messages missed, living in the dark, human robots!
Control of our world must be so widely held impossible for a small group to control. True democracy cometh from… The 'Old Patriarchy' is dying, the Yin Rising!


15a0314 BLOK

15a0314 BLOK
Plastic birds fly through the blue,
The white a Gerhard Richter painting!


Missing Malaysian jet most likely in southern Indian Ocean - Hindustan Times

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The Rise of Anti-Capitalism -

20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

American Pathology!

Ji Yeo: dispatches from cosmetic surgery's frontline | Life and style |

Oh be woe unto those who torture!

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State Senate Backs Use of Hemp Oil as Medical Treatment | WEKU

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The man who lives without money - World Observer Online

10 famous geniuses and their drugs of choice -

Cold War thinking, all over again...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10c0314 BLOK

10c0314  BLOK 
How do people lose all humanity, decency, integrity?  Just to survive?
'Fugitive Pieces,' Anne Michaels
PP. 67
"When the British were still here, we managed to find things.  A little margarine, a bit of coffee, sugar, sometimes even meat.  But, when the German (WWII) came they even stole cows about to give birth; slaughtering both the mother and child.  They ate the mother, threw the child away."
Such cruelty man is capable of… Unconscious, less than an animal, a killing machine!
This is how much we have evolved in one million years!

10a0314 BLOK

10a0314 BLOK 
F.A. Hutchison, Jr., not to be confused with Sr., had much karma to work out in his early lifetime. Sixty years of it.
Sr. will be back climbing another rung!
Most don't understand, living in darkness!  They're unhappy, constantly distracting themselves with purchasing things or watching TV.  A dead end!
It's Nature you seek!


The Senate-CIA Blowup Threatens a Constitutional Crisis | Mother Jones

Medical marijuana and 'the entourage effect' -

American Pathology!

Senate candidate: Snowden is a whistle-blower, not a criminal -

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations - The Intercept

American Pathology!

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We've lost 'trust'...

We've lost 'trust' in the world!  Why?
I liken us, the human race, to fledglings just recently 'pushed out of the nest!' 
Faking it, we get into deep trouble.
Then, there's a few human beings that understand!  Must be very painful for them to experience Duality/Reality/Modern Live.  It is for us!


090314 BLOK

090314 BLOK
What the world needs now,
Is for the Homo Sapien to evolve: 
Mental development,


060314 BLOK

060314 BLOK
Great line from 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,' movie:  'Butch laments, 'I have vision while the world wears bifocals!'
I just proposed the 'Mother of all ideas for the country of Bolivia,' 'ATLANTISLAND, a Disney-like  theme part, and I don't think one out of twenty understood the potential.
What to do?
I need to either become a recluse or live in a community that understands our vision!  I suppose we're vastly different from the rest… 
I inform my U.S. group that there are 20 million people in prison for minor offenses!  'Knot won' spoke up about such, too afraid! 
Those who do 'knot' speak up don't deserve to live free! 


09c0314 BLOK

09c0314 BLOK 
The 'battle' is simple in Duality, 'Good versus Evil!'  The problem, all 'no' they're 'good' and 'the other,' bad.   True Believers all! 
We must go inside as that's where the solution lies, not evil projected outside.
We are, all of us, just as evil and stupid as anyone else in existence -- alive or dead.  Hitler only activated that little dark part of each of us, that longs for expression (an archetype).  Hitler expressed his, most of us keep it suppressed (and for good reason). 
This 'evil' is somewhat relieved psychically by watching others suffer.  We only have to go to the Internet.
Suffering and sex, that's what rules us!


09b0314 BLOK

09b0314 BLOK
'The Arctic tern, riding Westerlies and the Trades, goes back and forth between the Arctic and Antarctica every year (an amazing feat).  They travel some 20,000 miles through the sky, day and night.  How long does this take?  What do they think about?  
On their brains, the rotating constellations, the imprint of longing and distance!' (note first two paragraphs from 'Fugitive Pieces,' by Anne Michaels -- a stunning novel, by the way). 
Their wing muscles are the strongest of any species flying or not (lb. for lb.). 
And how about in the U.S., the tracks of the migrating bison, so accurate, the RR built their iron tracks, right in them.
Turns out the animals are superior!   
Certainly cockroaches higher on the survival chain.

09a0314 BLOK

09a0314 BLOK
Why is there so much violence in the world, so much mistrust, so much male-ego 'strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage?  Out, out brief candle, life's but a walking shadow, a poor player'…
What clue 'hear' about existence?
That Duality is the 'Dream,' what we think of as 'reality!'  Chuang Zi asked, 'Am I a man dreaming I'm a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I'm a man?'
The 'sin' of separation created 'this' for a reason (symbolized in the the 'Garden of Eden Myth'). What is that reason?  We create it with English words and Chinese characters.  In the process, however, we become aware that 'their' is something greater!
What created this potential?
What is this all about?
Philosophers, ask these questions.
Right now, we're (homo sapiens) the 'cancer cells' destroying Gaia, Mother Earth, our host!  How smart is this?
We better change, evolve fast!
Quien sabe?

08a0314 BLOK

08a0314 BLOK
Distant clouds
That's where 'I' be!
Or, is it we,
The three of Thee?
This an 'Arizona Highways' sky,
To the sound of a 'buzz saw.'
Ever heard of 'Quiet Rights?'
'Love they neighbor as thyself!'
Giant fluff, nothing ruff;
Distant clouds!


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Can Greenwald's digital magazine Intercept help to reinvent journalism? | Media | The Guardian

Julian Assange tells SXSW audience: ‘NSA has grown to be a rogue agency’ | Media |

Inheriting Stress -

For all you honky meat-breaths!

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So much for 'roughing' it (in Scotland).

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

SXSW14: Eric Schmidt on Julian Assange, GCHQ, Russian internet censorship and robots | Marketing Magazine

American Pathology!

Study: Millennials Deeply Confused About Their Politics, Finances, and Culture - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic

Study: Millennials Deeply Confused About Their Politics, Finances, and Culture - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic: "Study: Millennials Deeply Confused About Their Politics, Finances, and Culture
Or at least deeply contradictory: They're always connected but distrustful. They're selfish yet accepting of minorities. They're "independents" who mostly vote Democratic and love Obama while hating Obamacare.


'via Blog this'

And yet another reason for not living in the U.S. South!

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Women of the world, unite!

Thursday, March 06, 2014





Claire Messud
Barbara Kingsolver
Tea Obreht
Anne Michaels

F.A. Hutchison

Cochabamba, Bolivia

15 March 2014

15 March 2014


WIN 1,000BS. / $147U.S., if you beat Hache up the hill (Av. Los Robles) to this house (roughly 2KM).
Entrance fee:  20Bs.
Proceeds go to 'Igelsia, de la Mercedes' (minimum of 100Bs.).
Post race:  Food and beverage at Igelsia de la Mercedes.
Contact Edgar Lujan (Race Director) for details (no date picked yet):

cel. tel. 7696711 

Oh Bos!

Oh Bos!
A derribar las paredes
Apaguen las luces
Mejor prendan las luces de sus corazones
Abrense a los demas
Jesus de la Concordia, declare
Lo haces?
Lo puedes?
Puedes amar a Jesus mas que al futbol?
Jesus era macho? Creemos que no
Deja tus juguetes!
Ayuda a los mendigos de la calle!

Saluda a todos con un HOLA - BUEN DIA a todos que conoces!!


Read what the Spanish did to the Indians circa 1600 (mainly in South America)!  This from a book entitled, ONE RIVER by Wade Davis:
Tairona priests where drawn and quartered, their severed heads displayed in iron cages.  Prisoners were crucified or hung from metal hooks into their ribs.  Those who escaped and were recaptured had their Achilles tendons sliced or a leg cut off.  
In Santa Marta (Columbia) Indians where disemboweled by fighting dogs in obscene public spectacles.  Women were garroted (slowly choked to death), children branded and enslaved.
Every village was destroyed , every field burned and sown with death.
When the Spaniards took the Tairona settlement of Masinga, the troops severed the noses, ears and lips of every adult!  
To ensure the legality of their deeds, Spanish captains read aloud the famous 'Requirement' a standard legal document exhorting the heathen to accept the true faith, Catholicism.
From the pulpit Catholic priests advised husbands to beat their wives regularly.  Midwives were burned alive, because they eased the pain of childbirth, which the Church maintained was God's punishment for Eve's original sin.  And woman who healed (helped) were witches and tortured to death.  The rape of children, the violation of the earth, the destruction of all that was beautiful was all condoned by the Catholic Church!
Men who raped Native women called them 'whores.'
They branded children's faces, the Pope debating whether or not Indians were really human beings!
Three million Indians died between 1494-1508.  Within 150 years of Columbus, the aboriginal population of 70 million would be reduced to 3.5 million.
In the southern Andes of Bolivia (Potosi), on a mountain of silver, once sacred to the Inca, an average of 75 Indians died EVERY DAY FOR 300 YEARS!  Note, I did the math for you, and that's 8,212,500!)."


No doubt the Judge a 'peeping Tom,' himself!

Andean Parliament calls for more unity | Infosurhoy

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I knew TV and the computer were 'getting married' 20 years ago!

World's largest aircraft unveiled and hailed 'game changer' - Telegraph

Monday, March 03, 2014

The U.S.'s greatest export is culture!