Thursday, February 27, 2014

How we create our world with English words.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Gold Rush, 2014.

How we create our world!

Death nell of the Middle Class in the U.S.

Don't vote, bring the system to a halt!

This coming, along with androids.

Oh, woe be unto them!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Someone with courage!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh, the M-I Complex won't be happy about this. No wonder the Cretin-Right wants to get rid of Obama.

22a0214 BLOK

22a0214 BLOK 
Day becomes night in an unusual way at Chez Hache!  It's stunning!  How gloriously beautiful it is, the fading mauve-gray contrasted with my brilliant color string of artificial lights (endorsed by Kerryn Dignam).  A 'lap-dissove' of sorts, slowly, lento, ever so slowly.   But, then at an ever-increasing rate… Suddenly dark!


21a0214 BLOK

21a0214 BLOK 
The world has gone into a 'too many rats in a cage,' syndrome.  We're too close together, now.  A 'bounty hunter' needs to come and 'thin out the herd!'  And guess what that is?


210214 BLOK

210214 BLOK
Healing and understanding are 'won' in the same!  To understand is to be healed.
'Butt' these are only English words!


19A0214 BLOK

19A0214 BLOK
I left a khata, a Tibetan greeting scarf, tied around the head stone of my parent's graves in Springfield, Missouri, this having cycled there from New York City (2000, a new millennium ). 'Memories I left behind!'
Have you come to say 'hello' now, I think so?  Or, maybe just to warm yourself by the light.
Mother Earth crying so much now, a deluge of pain, trying to get our attention!
If only we would wake up we could save ourselves!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh, a thousand thanks for this one, Rajesh, as my main economic issue

Oh, a thousand thanks for this one, Rajesh, as my main economic issue:  
We have failed Capitalism, it's not the system that's bad, it's us that has failed Capitalism.  'It,' our natures, who invented it, want all, not just a happy 'peace.'   This is called greed!  Why are some people 'greedy,' and others more giving?  Although I have a half-assed degree in Economics (Paul Samuelson's the 'Marginal Propensity to Consume!' -- Why not the 'Marginal Propensity to Share, to Love?')  To answer the question, 'Why are some greedy and some 'knot?,' I don't know.  Maybe they're one of two groups of new-borns, the ones that get picked up and loved, and the 'wons' that don't!  Nee Rupert Murdock, and the other asshole that's currently trying to fuck up Apple Corp.  
Note:  organizations should never go 'public!' You lose control, your vision destroyed for that Great God MOney!. Adam Smith was only partially 'write.'  Quien sabe what to do?
Our 'The New Capitalism,' ( tries to solve the problem by having the temerity to suggest less profit and more sharing (bunch of Commie-Pinkos).  Simple.  We're not of the mind to threaten 'the Owners,' God knows they're 'write' about everything they can afford! 
However, we 'no won' thing... Humanity's gonna have to wake up, and soon, or we're simply 'knot' going to 'bee!'  We're killing all the bees in the world... No bees, no flowers. No flowers, no fruit.  No fruit, no trees.  No trees, no air!  No air, no us.  We're pretty stupid, greedy!  Nature isn't, it's all about balance.  AND BOY IS HUMANITY OUT OF BALANCE!  KUYUNNASQUASI (I could 'Google,' the word, but maybe I'm trying to confuse you!)   The Hopis knew, 'no!'  The Denay know!  The indigenous peoples of ALL THE WORLD KNOW, that the white man is evil and destroying the known world, and taking everything with him.  Like History.  Do you think after the last homo Sapien goes, we will have been 'hear' at all?  Better think about that one...
Notice all the violence in the world?  It's the 'Too many rats in one cage,' syndrome!'  We're too close together now, and now fighting over resources.  Why do you think 'theirs' so much interest in mining asteroids, and seeking other exoplanets?  We've trashed out this 'won,' and are in the process of finding another 'won' to trash out!  
We better start thinking of creating a BETTER (more sharing) 'world!'  AND STOP WORSHIPPING MONEY!
'Wee' will close with an Albert Einstein quote:  GREAT SPIRITS HAVE OFTEN ENCOUNTERED VIOLENT OPPOSITION FROM MEDIOCRE MINDS!'  (this quote just discovered in Carlos' house).  
'Who's that man singing that song?'  (Eric Anderson)


We're in an economic Depression, I've been saying it for years, and the only thing that's going to correct it is metanoia! Not the same ole!

Friday, February 21, 2014

American Pathology!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

OHMYGOD, I'm going to kill myself!

This is CIA/U.S.instigated!

Winklevoss twins launch the 'Winkdex,' a new Bitcoin site - Feb. 20, 2014

American Pathology!

The U.S. missing out as usual!

Oh woe be unto Putin!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


'TIME OUT!'  -- Silly business, both of us, for shame!
Re:  'Killing the messenger'
First of all, I apologize if I 'insulted,' you, as was never my intention!  My Centaur 'arrow,' was aimed at your head, but seems to have hit your heart.
All I'm trying to do, probably misguided, is to WAKE UP MY 'SLEEPING' FRIENDS.  But, I've learned they don't want, nor appreciate.
I guess it's a matter of perception… I can see, what you/they can't (or don't want to).  
I feel like I'm a 'New Age,' version of Paul Revere, THE BRITISH ARE COMING, THE BRITISH ARE COMING!'  My friends, roused out of bed, cry in return, WHAT BRITISH, LEAVE US ALONE!
You're probably familiar with Edward Abbey, the American Environmentalist.  He described himself as a 'pot stirrer.'  He wrote, 'I feel like I have to stir the pot occasionally, lest the scum rises to the top!'  
Jan scolds me for including the group with her replies (says she 'can't find the 'reply all.').  You scold me for not including them (yet I did).
I don't know what to do anymore, and I'm thinking seriously of stopping all this direct contact, as it seems to have little value.  Would you believe I'm actually trying to ensure that your daughter does have a future in the U.S.?
Can't you see what's happening?  We've become Nazi Germany (in the 1930s)!  There are one million people behind bars in the U.S., for minor crimes.  A young woman just admitting to murdering 22 people.  Almost everyday now there is some crazed violence in the U.S., which I have labeled 'American Pathology.'  Something is VERY WRONG with our 'American Dream' society!  
It's like we're on the sinking Titanic, but the passengers don't want to know!  What iceberg?  I'm 'bailing,' madly, hand a bucket to you, ask for help, and you say I've 'insulted' you.  It's analogous to saving a drowning person, and they pull you under as well. 
The messenger is always killed (Jesus, Ghandiji, the Kennedys, etc.).  And so it goes throughout history.
As a philosopher I ask this question:  Why are we living, for what purpose?  Is it not to examine each of our lives?  What are we doing?  Who are we, and why?  You and the others in the group help me examine my own.  I'm trying to help you do the same, as Socrates said:
P.S.  Recently an interesting thing happened with this group.  For some reason I mentioned, or asked about Oakland, California, U.S.A..  I was amazed that so many responded to this innocuous subject.  Several people in the group who never write, did, adding something.  Why?  IT'S A SAFE SUBJECT!  If, I want to discuss the violence, or politics, or the U.S. Gov. and/or Edward Snowden, silence, nothing!  Why?  People are afraid to speak up.  Is this a way to live in a 'free' country?  

A democracy, to flourish, survive, requires an enlightened and VOCAL constituency.  Guess what?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here is a real woman!

China Lost 14 Million People in World War II. Why Is This Forgotten? - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

I'm a sugarholic!

Money is God, what would you expect?

N.C. coal ash spill raises questions about regulation: "Watch a massive asteroid pass by Earth, beginning at 9 p.m. EST"

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Monday, February 17, 2014

16c0214 BLOK

16c0214 BLOK
Do you ever think what living is about, or do you just go through the motions?  Do you just sleep, eat, work, procreate, play, etc. robotically?
Why do we live?  Is there a reason for human life?  Or, do we just 'strut and fret our hour on the stage, to be never heard of again?'
Is it about indulging oneself, trying to get $ rich?
Isn't there something more, that opens the door to 'eternal life?'  But, I'm not suggesting organized religion, that's for the unvolved ('the opiate of the masses')!
Or, are we just 'cancer cells' on Mother Earth, a disease, that she will cure?
I 'wander'…

P.S.  Speak up, you brilliant people!

16b0214 BLOK

16b0214 BLOK
From a book entitled, THE TIGER'S WIFE, by Tea Obreht:
PP 289
This is how far humanity has gone in one million years of evolution.  Tell me David A., what's so great about us?:
"…and I get the sense that he is showing me the great strength of character it takes for him to serve me this wine like it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference to him whether or not the owner of the vineyard (from where the wine came) is bayoneting (killing) his son in the airplane factory right now!"
This is progress?  Spare me, modern life, will you!

16a0214 BLOK

16a0214 BLOK
Just so you know…
I'm an irascible curmudgeon,
Comes with being 74!
I'm emotional and feeling
Sometimes reeling from it all
Destroying myself!
This comes from being a poet, as
Without destruction there is no creation!
It's the life of the artist!
I am not an:
Conservative, or 
And/or something you probably 
Want me to be, or
'Knot too bee!' 

a celibate Taoist monk.

160214 BLOK

160214 BLOK 
'Reply All,'
Open the Hall,
Let the gate down,
Fear not!
Let us start sharing,
Preparing for the end,
It's coming!
What is there to hide,
Time to ride the horse all the way,
In the 'Year Of'...
Dare to be alive
Before you die!

P.S.  I rode around the world on a bicycle, mostly alone, and will little money.  But, when you risk, reward comes like a never-ending 'orgasm!'

Check on her words she utters now, in 20 years...?

Great story about acting...

Those interested in Shakespeare, and/or acting...

Oh woe be unto Putin!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

American Pathology!

It's all murder and mayhem in the U.S, 'American Pathology!'

Saturday, February 15, 2014

15d0214 BLOK

15d0214 BLOK 
It's quiet up here at Av. Los Robles Final, Chez Hache, tres casas, a derecho, el puerto de verde.  Save, of course, for Mario's dog who barks at night, and passing motor vehicles.
They graded the calle turned rio, in front of my house.  All the rain has turned it into something you need a 4-wheel drive to go up.
I 'here' the birds, 'sea' the wind in the trees.  
This is the season of flies as so much lluvia.  But, the wind is soft and the breeze cool.
Mother Sun appears, unlike anything I've ever 'scene' before.  Muted, yet bright in the late afternoon shadows.
This is February.
This is summer!
This is winter.
I'm confused!


15b0214 BLOK

15b0214 BLOK 
Perfection Day!
This is the best ever, this day!   I sit in the sun (G.L.).  I can hear!
It is quiet, yet I can 'here' the clouds.  We drink 'there' nectar!
The grass is green;  the lemon tree giving birth,
Such mirth!
The birds come to eat.  They sit high in a dead tree, Alive,
That's this existence, but there are 
Many more!
This is 'butt' Duality,
Thus, a 'perfect' day!


15a0214 BLOK

15a0214 BLOK
Men have been abusing women since the beginning of time!  And all because the female developed consciousness before the male.  She knew that sex led to babies before him.  When the male discovered this, that she was manipulating him, he got angry.  This anger expressed in the Garden of Eden Myth.  Man blames women for all his woes (because of this 'consciousness'). Thus, he's been abusing her unconsciously ever since, and in a variety of ways.  
Man suspects (unconsciously) that he is inferior to woman.  He envies her birth-giving capacity.  Thus, he takes this out on her, of course, 'for her own good!' 


150214 BLOK

150214 BLOK 
We scamper around the edge of humanity, hoping to find someone alive!  So far, all DoA!  When money became God, people started dying!
Living an illusion of ourselves, we project our 'persona,' but that really isn't us!
If we asked to list the 10 most important things in your life, would you tell the truth?  It's a matter of consciousness.


While people starve to death, the U.S. spends money on WMD!

Religion, the opiate of the masses!

It's always been an economic issue.

Bitcoin's transaction malleability rattles system - SFGate

What is Bitcoin?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Here's the future of medicine, or healing...

'War,' is always 'won' in the media first. It's the words you use. These so-called 'terrorists' aren't really, but once said by Beijing Gov., 'bad,' and O.K. to kill. The U.S. Gov. does the same thing!

What's wrong with Capitalism!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What does this say about the Anglo Saxon?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12b0214 BLOK

12b0214 BLOK 
We feed on violence,
And call it 'piece!'
This Race out of control,
Like cancer cells,
Eating the Earth!
But, we will go…
And the Earth will remain!

P.S.  When the last homo sapien succumbs, the question begging… Will we have been 'hear' at all?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

They produce them, because we respond by buying tickets, which makes them $ richer!

Women of the world, unite!

Religion and war do have one positive aspect, they do help to keep world population down!

Monday, February 10, 2014

This is business as usual in Hollywood! I was ripped off on an SP also!

Snowden used simple technology to mine NSA computer networks | World news |

An example of how we create our world!

And yet another one, the growing violence just ignored by U.S. citizens.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Our St. Valentines Say...

St. Valentines Day has been 'hijacked' by the flower and candy industries!  I wonder if people know the original meaning, now just to make money!
Winter Light,
Summer Time,
An illusion
The fusion of
Time and space,
Let's say grace,
Hoping my arrow pierces your heart!


07a0214 BLOK

07a0214 BLOK
Today Kerryn and Brandon arrived from Santa Cruz, a 12-hour bus ride!
Kerryn is the daughter of Ruth and Paul Dignam of Adelaide, Australia.  
Xutan and I stayed there at the Adelaide home, camped out in their backyard for months.
What a family the Dignams, eight children and two working parents!  They may be the BEST FAMILY I've come across cycling around the world.  I was pleased that Xutan (my Chinese 'son') lived with them for so long, as they are a wonderful influence!   Why?
First of all, they took us in off the street (3 at the time, one Japanese cyclist with Xutan and I). We were sight unseen, and Ruth asked no questions, nor was money mentioned.  Paul and Ruth, after 30 years of marriage, are still loving each other.  Their children all bright, and/or a success in whatever endeavor, with none of the usual problems (drugs or pregnancy)!   Ruth, somewhat legendary, can cook a dinner for 20, in no time, and not just burgers or pizza!  Dr. Paul, plays and sings with the guitar.  I was around them long enough to be amazed!  Other families should study them, see how and why they have succeeded where others have failed. Yet, it's simple… They're just basically kind and thoughtful of others!  For example, they've been 'babysitting' one piece of luggage for me now for three years.  How many people would do this, without losing it?
Kerryn, their daughter and Brandon (boyfriend) are currently backpacking around South America (for one month).  They first flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina, then partook of Brazil, and now they are here with me in Cochabamba, Bolivia. 
They arrived by taxi at 0900, the bus from Santa Cruz late of course.  After they got settled, I took them for breakfast buffet at the Gran Hotel Cochabamba. 
After eating, we had an interesting, if not challenging, morning.  
Brandon, was suddenly struck with the symptoms of elevation sickness.  He said, 'I feel like I'm going to faint!'  I told him to put his head down on the table and rest.   I can't remember exactly but I think I asked the waitress for the house doctor.  Amazingly, three adult Bolivianos sitting next to us responded immediately, one getting Brandon some medicine (might have been Diamox), and brought him some coca tea (good for such).  The other man in the group was a doctor.  What are the odds?  We had immediate and kind help.  The woman in their group talked with Kerryn, wanting to know about them.  My opinion about Bolivianos has soared since. 
After a time, Brandon fell strong enough to walk, and Kerryn and I helped him out to a taxi.
At mi casa, up in Temporal Alto, we put Brandon in bed, where he slept most of the day.  They had been thoughtful enough to have Diamox with them, and with that, rest, and dinner,  Brandon seemed to recover.  Of course, at his young age the body usually quick to recover.  Older people have a worse time of it, recovering from anything. 
For example, I've (at 74-years of age) had a challenging time in Bolivia, since moving here one year ago.  First it was, Giardia, a parasite, that makes things unpleasant (much time in Los Banos).  Now, I have, and have had this affliction, that has been hard to diagnose… But, my entire head congested, particularly my ears, making it hard to hear!  Luckily, I've found El doctor Rios, an ear, nose, and throat specialist.   I'm now waiting for the second appointment, and relief!
'What'd you say,' leaning in closer, 'I can't hear you!'

P.S.  As my Pappy Jack used to say, a professional rodeo cowboy who had nearly every bone in his body broken at one time or another.  He told me one day, 'You just heal up and go on!'   Jack, was an inspiration!

Friday, February 07, 2014

070214 BLOK

070214 BLOK 
The problem is in the wanting, the desiring, what you want when you want it!  Damn it!  The lesson is patience!  Not wanting, try that!  Have no expectations, there are only possibilities!  What's the difference?  'Won' is specific, the other general!
We're not in charge!  Free Will is an illusion!  We collaborate, maybe…
So, what's the point, Alfie?  We invent our own!
You get to a point when you have no choice except to be 'happy' -- different for everyone!
Trust me, I'm 'their!' 


To me, one of the great 'stories' in Nature... How they can find the way, thousands of miles, back to the exact place of birth, amazing!


From, THE TIGER'S WIFE, by Tea Obreht
"When people die, they die in fear,' he said.  'They take everything they need from you, and as a doctor it is your job to give in, to comfort them, to hold their hand.

But, children die how they have been living, in hope!  They don't know what's happening, so they expect nothing, and they don't ask that you hold their hand.  Thus, you end up needing their hand to hold yours!'

06b0214 BLOK

06b0214 BLOK 
What is this sunlight through wet Neutral Density filters…?  Europa in the winter comes to mind!  Rannelanda, Sweden, comes to mind.  With it the silence!
Of course, right now I don't 'here' very well.
I remember one particular evening in Rannalanda, walking after dinner with 'what's her name?'  It was dark, but the snow reflected in ambient heavens.  I had my trusty 'torch' along, however, just in case.   I remember the trees in the forest, the silence.
I went to La Cancha today in the rain, first by bus and walking, then returning in a taxi with a new desk lamp, wristwatch band and rake.  I wanted a pitchfork, but saw none, so we settled for a sturdy rake to deal with my new compost, piling higher and higher.   My incense stall was closed.
We are developing the La Cancha Shopping Network, both a TV show and website, to change the face of shopping in South America. 
But, what does this have to do with 'this sunlight?'  We begin with one thought, and end with others...


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The U.S. innovative and for this reason... But, this idea, 'course,' much needed in foreign countries, where the masses basically roboticized!

Politics the last refuge of scoundrels!

The IOC, a bunch of old farts, have figured out how to exploit the youth of the world, for their benefit!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Years ago (the Sixties) when the airlines were sill regulated, I had the pleasure of gaining 'membership' in the 'Mile High Club.' As I remember it was a flight from L.A. to Seattle, United AL of course. This was a DC-8, whose seating capacity was something like 180. But, we were only three guys, young, and dangerous. Three passengers in this huge commercial jet (4 engines). After take off we decided, with the help of the flight attendants, to divide up the aircraft: one, in the rear, one in the middle, and one in First Class. Needless to say, the party began, and the flight just long enough (3 hours) to consum-mate our 'voyage!' Can you imagine, no security, and 'serviced' by a cabin crew of 8 young, and attractive flight attendants. Eat your heart out! H.

No doubt in my mind, we're killing ourselves, as we kill the fauna and flora so vital to our own health!

Women of the world, unite!

Getting Fired: A Blessing in Disguise | Fox Business Certainly getting fired from ABC Sports, in 1972, the best achievement, at only 32-years of age!

03c0214 BLOK

03c0214 BLOK
The Myth that we need more people (growth) has beget 'diminishing returns!' If the human race wants to survive on planet Earth, we're going to have to start thinking differently (metanoia)!  Is this possible?


030214 BLOK

030214 BLOK 
Clark Gable smirks at Vivien Leigh, all is 
'Gone with the Wind!'  
Was there ever integrity, was 'their' ever,
In the land of golden starlets,
Mexican gardeners;
White men chasing small, white balls?
Spread those legs for casting,
The hype,
And wiped clean,
All worthless!

Socrates said, 'An unexamined life not worth living!' 

28XX0114 BLOK

28XX0114 BLOK
Where Am I?
Whimpy pañales,
Unstable tables,
Where am I?
No change,
Home on the range,
Where am I?
Late on time,
Unlike the balanced dime,
Where am I?
Mean streets,
Motor minds,
Where am I?
The house runs downhill,
I pay the bill,
Where am I?
No 'Hello,'
We have to bellow,
Where am I?
A cat lies in the grass,
Where am I?


Monday, February 03, 2014

GO, ICEBOX MOVEMENT! May it spread around S.A.

How Rio's residents are fighting inflation with fake currency | World news | The Guardian: "e", according to Leonardo Mazeron Tubino, who posts a photograph to prove his point. Inflation in property prices is a particular concern, with house prices having risen at 15-20% annually over the past two years. Cariocas (Rio denizens) reckon it is time to fight back, and Facebook is their chosen battleground.

The $urreal itself is a mock banknote – Brazil's currency is the real – emblazoned with the face of Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. O Globo, Rio's biggest-selling daily newspaper, joked that the city needed its own currency, and some media-savvy Cariocas decided to create one, with Dalí's face on the front in place of the usual Brazilian national heroes. "We can't just act like typical Brazilians a"

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American Pathology!

Now, 'American Pathology,' in Moscow, Russia!

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Gender exploration...

Another one!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Kristin Scott Thomas: 'I cannot cope with another film' | Film | The Guardian

Fascinating... About Edward Snowden, the first book out...

First Jewish Museo in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Who cares about the people (trees supply most of the oxygen we breathe)? It's all about profit with Capitalism!

The Minor Greatness of Benjamin Britten

They only concern, is that there is 'concern' (no doubt from competing factions, like the brewers and the distillers).