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Is the Famous 'Paradox of Choice' a Myth? | The Business Desk with Paul Solman | PBS NewsHour | PBS

State of the Union: Soldier Cory Remsburg Used as a Prop by Barack Obama |

How American Expatriates In Paris Built The United States - Forbes

Bike blog: Pulling ad for showing cyclist without a helmet is daft | Environment |

Snowden gets Nobel Peace Prize nomination from Norwegian MP | Reuters

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You can see what's happening... The U.S. now being shunned, especially in Latin America.

27a0114 BLOK

27a0114 BLOK
Dreary… The overcast this morning, a blanket of flat light that makes me want to sit in front of a wood fire, or return to bed!
Rucha and I had that fire in Sorato last year, during the Christmas holidays.  We spoke little to each other enjoying the flickering images (ancient man's TV). 
Dreary, rain, however good for the plants and the 'water table.'
But, what about the homeless Bolivian woman who 'lives' in the meridian on Circumvalacion, a boulevard with heavy traffic?  Can you imagine?  The noise and the pollution, and nothing to do but sit and try to survive!  And now with it raining all the time.  Although someone, maybe she, put up a plastic 'lean-to' for shelter. But, I'll bet it leaks! 
When I pass this woman, riding into Centro, I'm reminded of 'Man's great inhumanity to mankind!' 

P.S.  I've thought about giving her my tent, but maybe too complicated.  I wish I had a large place for the homeless! 

270114 BLOK

270114 BLOK
What kind of culture/society have we've created when aspiring female models and actresses have to be 'hot?'  Have to undress!  Note, males in the same plight!
These people, desperate for any opportunity will do almost anything to get hired.  The 'casting couch' alive and well!
What kind of culture/society have we created where money is God?

26b0114 BLOK

26b0114 BLOK 
What the Spanish did to the Indians in South America,
What we did to the Indians in North America,
And all in the name of money (our God)!
But, it will be the Native peoples of the world that will inherit the Earth!  They will nurse it back to good health, after having been raped by the White man!
Oh, woe be unto us!


26a0114 BLOK

26a0114 BLOK 
Cycling Sundays…
I'm getting so old, I have to be inspired anymore to get out there on a cold, rainy morning. 
This morning (26th), one look out the window and bad news, raining and appearing like it would be yesterday, Sabado, when it rained steadily all day!
I kept a look out, and by 0800 not much better.  So, I called everyone and cancelled.
By 1130, however, it had cleared somewhat and looking more promising.  We probably could have gone, and maybe I was too quick to judge.  Maybe a mistake!
Hindsight is always brilliant!  We should live our lives backwards! 
Later, I did get out and cycle to Carolina and Tyson's place, delivering the fotos. of their Christmas Party.  So, the day, not a total loss!
It is the rainy season here, and trust me, it rains, and rains hard, but you never know quite when.  Much of it is at night, as in 'Camelot.'  But, there's just as much during the daytime.  A mountain climate, as in changing by the minute.

250114 BLOK

250114 BLOK
Making sense out of living… Most just go through the motions, dictated by parents, family, culture, government, etc.  They live their entire lives without having some idea about living, what is it, how to manage best?  They're the 'androids' of humanity, controlled from a 'computer keyboard.'
Is life just about making $  We think 'knot!'
Is it just about having a family, raising children, etc.  We think 'knot!' 
Have you examined yours?  There's still time!


A Conversation with La Paz | Hemamalini Sukumar

He was a great man, with courage!

I stood at the South Rim of the G.C., in 1946. It's become Disneyland since.

Monday, January 27, 2014

100 Open Source Apps To Replace Everyday Software - Datamation

“My Life in Middlemarch”: How great books shape us -

'Women must be hot!'

Hollywood’s hidden sexism: How casting notices keep beauty standards alive - "Sofia Vergara and Ed O'Neill of "Modern Family" attend the Emmy Awards, September 23, 2012. (Credit: AP/Frank Micelotta)"

'via Blog this'

When companies break the law and people pay: The scary lesson of the Google Bus -

American Pathology!

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The invention that will change your bike forever! - News

American Pathology!

About Brazil, host of the World Cup in 2014, and the Summer Olympic Games in 2016.

Bill Gates, out of touch!

Yes, what is 'F-art,' anyway?

14 Cannabis Stocks To Watch In 2014 | Benzinga

Worth reading!

USA famous reporter expelled from Russia for plotting the murder of Journalism Rafapal Snowden at Galactic Minds

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Contrary to Obama's promises, the US military still permits torture | Jeffrey Kaye | Comment is free |

Copenhagen: the happy capital | Travel | The Guardian

250114 BLOK

250114 BLOK
Making sense out of living… Most just go through the motions, dictated by parents, family, culture, government, etc.  They live their entire lives without having some idea about living, what is it, how to manage best?  They're the 'androids of humanity, controlled from a computer keyboard.'
Is it just about making $  We think 'knot!'
Is it just about having a family, raising children, etc.  We think 'knot!' 
Have you examined yours?  There's still time!


Another one!

Hitler escaped Berlin bunker and died in South America, new book claims | Mail Online

There's a 'metawhor' in there somewhere... See if you can spot it?

Anything about sex, always makes money! Whether it be undressed women, or how to have better...

Does Anyone in the U.S. Still Go to Foreign Films? Yes. Indians! |

Another example of America's pathology! And as we keep ignoring it, it will get worse and worse!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Why Latin America Will Be A Tough Solar Market To Crack - Forbes

We're all to blame, as we support the system in which this is possible!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cost of raising a child surges past £225,000 | Money |

We want Edward Snowden as our rector because he stands for democracy | Chris Cassells | Comment is free |

So much for 'Just - us!'

Watchdog Report Says N.S.A. Program Is Illegal and Should End -

American Pathology!

WWIII could start here...

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Goodbye Rhinos!

22a0114 BLOK

22a0114 BLOK
From a book entitled, ONE RIVER by Wade Davis
"The Tairona, an Indian group in Columbia, S.A., believed that gold was the blood of the Great Mother!
Their word for 'vagina,' was 'dawn!'  Now, thing about that… 'vagina' as 'dawn,' what could this mean?  The beginning?  God can be yellow in color like sunlight at dawn, maybe?  A 'door' to light?  What's the connection between 'vagina' and 'dawn?'


220114 BLOK

220114 BLOK
From a book entitled, ONE RIVER, by Wade Davis
"There is an Indian tribe in Uruguay, one of the Guarani group, whose word for SOUL is 'The sun that lies within!'  (Note, all the Indian mythology, so rich and colorful to me.)  They called A FRIEND, 'One's other heart!'  To FORGIVE was to FORGET!
They had no writing and when they first saw paper they call it, 'The skin of God!'  And just because you could send messages!  'Magic,' they called it, like email now!
Technology changes… We have adapted so far…
But, the challenge is now!
How do we develop more consciousness in the world?  Start with ourselves! 
What is it?  Bewusstsein, in German, meaning, 'A state of knowing!'  Or, better, as friend, Dick Hammerstein defined the opposite one day, 'It's when you don't know that you don't know!'
It's time now to start 'noing!'


The Age of Kalki is upon us! Blessings!

Another one!

Another one!

It's Napster for finance!

'I'm not a spy': Snowden dimisses allegations that he is working for Russia as 'absurd' - Gadgets & Tech - Life & Style - The Independent

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Russian lawyer says Snowden in danger after hostile remarks | Reuters

We're killing ourselves in the process...

They (China) need to return to bicycle commuting!


Read what the Spanish did to the Indians circa 1600 (mainly in South America)!  This from a book entitled, ONE RIVER by Wade Davis:
Tairona priests where drawn and quartered, their severed heads displayed in iron cages.  Prisoners were crucified or hung from metal hooks into their ribs.  Those who escaped and were recaptured had their Achilles tendons sliced or a leg cut off.  
In Santa Marta (Columbia) Indians where disemboweled by fighting dogs in obscene public spectacles.  Women were garroted (slowly choked to death), children branded and enslaved.
Every village was destroyed , every field burned and sown with death.
When the Spaniards took the Tairona settlement of Masinga, the troops severed the noses, ears and lips of every adult!  
To ensure the legality of their deeds, Spanish captains read aloud the famous 'Requirement' a standard legal document exhorting the heathen to accept the true faith, Catholicism.
From the pulpit Catholic priests advised husbands to beat their wives regularly.  Midwives were burned alive, because they eased the pain of childbirth, which the Church maintained was God's punishment for Eve's original sin.  And woman who healed (helped) were witches and tortured to death.  The rape of children, the violation of the earth, the destruction of all that was beautiful was all condoned by the Catholic Church!
Men who raped Native women called them 'whores.'
They branded children's faces, the Pope debating whether or not Indians were really human beings!
Three million Indians died between 1494-1508.  Within 150 years of Columbus, the aboriginal population of 70 million would be reduced to 3.5 million.
In the southern Andes of Bolivia (Potosi), on a mountain of silver, once sacred to the Inca, an average of 75 Indians died EVERY DAY FOR 300 YEARS!  Note, I did the math for you, and that's 8,212,500!)."


Another one!

Another one...

200114 BLOK

200114 BLOK 
With every so-called illness or disease, there is a 
Spiritual element, a
Mental element, and a
Physical element.
Modern medicine only treats (for money of course) the physical element, and
'Scientifically' no less!  They treat the symptoms ($) not bothering to cure the 'dis-ease!'  Note, if ultimately there were no illnesses or 'dis-ease,' they would be no doctors.  When you leave out the Spiritual and the Mental elements of an affliction you get 'remission!' 
Illness is Nature's way of keep us healthy!  You can't live without it!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world | Business |

Go youth of the world! Change things!

I believe the U.S. Postal Service should be shut down, or privately operated.

American Pathology!

I don't think so!

I hope it fails!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

19b0114 BLOK

19b0114 BLOK
I lost it mentally today, cycling up a hill.  Mario had made it, I was embarrassed.  But, I know why I 'lost it.'  I wasn't prepared mentally for this hill. 
The first time cycling with an experienced cyclist like Mario, you're not quite sure what's going to happen.  He explained in Spanish, but maybe I got 20%.  
He seemed to go very slowly in the beginning.  We took the best, easiest route, out east toward Sacaba on Highway #4 (the traffic maddening).  But, about six kilometers out we turned right (south) on a good, new concrete street, I thought the entire route would be easy.  I was lulled into a false sense of security.  Immediately, the concrete turned into the old, very old rock road (very difficult as vibrated like a weight-loss machine). 
Then he gestured to follow him up a dirt road, not long, a short cut, but had about a 15% grade.  I went for it, made it half way and then the mental loss, slipping, falling, stopping.  And once you stop on a hill like this almost impossible to crank start with my kind of weight.  So, I had to push up.  We rested at the juncture of this hill and the main road.  Interesting down below us, the Cochabamba 'prison.' 
The rest was easy and then down, winding past the back of the 'campo de golf.'
Yes, Cochabamba has an 18-hole golf course (and driving range).
Then on the bike path around Laguna de Alalay (the remains of the 'lake' that the Cochabamba Valley was 20,000 years ago.  In fact, the name 'Cochabamba,' in Quechua (remaining Inca language), means 'big marsh.'  
The ride around the Laguna (7 KM), interesting, easy, although much water in puddles on the asphalt path.  There's been much rain, even this morning when I arose it was raining.  I knew looking out, Edgar wouldn't come.  Note, he took Adrianna to Cliza for some kind of doctor deal.  A doctor open on Sunday?
But, the weather… it went from rainy overcast to partly, to mostly sunny, and a 'bien dia in the afternoon back at mi cassia!'  Actually it was a good day to cycle, as the nubs (clouds) keep it from getting too hot.  
I was impressed as the laguna looks like they've done some work trying to save this body of water from some invasion of flora.  Note, some kind of algae or plant is trying to take over, Laguna de Alalay.  But, today the laguna was looking good, like it should as it's a tourist attraction.  Besides the bike path, it has a running path, plus both futbol and baseball fields. 
We need more bike paths in Bolivia (like this one around Alalay).  We need more cycling consciousness!  We need less about DAKAR, and motor minds, more about the environment, and how we can save it (ourselves).  We need! 
On a grander scale we need more reliable people, more reliable workers here in Bolivia.
No good worker,
No good job,
A million restaurants, everyone selling something, to begging! 
The food is good, but I can't find a reliable, on time, worker!
Is this the indian way,
No clock time,
Rushing about,
But, always late?
Ride a bicycle slower and be on time!  
Don't make people wait, as discourteous.  It's the modern-life game necessary to play if you want to win materially!
Get organized!
Learn computers and the Internet!
Learn a second language, preferably Chinese, as they're taking over the world. 
Maybe they'll make it better, but…
In the meantime, we're here cycling around Bolivia!


19a0114 BLOK

19a0114 BLOK
How do I exist?
Ask yourself this question, 'How do I exist?'  You would, of course, quickly say something like this, 'I pinch myself and it hurts, ough, I'm alive!  Plus, I'm talking to you, you me, you asked the question.'
O.K., good answer.  But, is it the same for all 7,200,000,000 people living on earth?  Can't be.
How do I know I exist? maybe a better question.  Can you prove you to me, that you exist?  Yes, I touch you (hand on shoulder).  
So, you feel something.  Do you think it's the same feeling for everyone, aaaaaallllllllllll 7.2 billion of us?
So, how do we 'cum' together?  We invented language trying to communicate, trying to understanding one another, leading to mutual respect (via understanding).  Ultimately it's called consciousness.
How do I exist?  Ask yourself.


190114 BLOK

190114 BLOK
Truly a verano day,
In every way!
What would that be?
The sun directly overhead, and
Shooting down those rays,
The light,
A certain vibration,
The Guan Yin
From where I'm sitting,
Getting burned,
Getting inseminated
By Mother Sun!
Everything is reversing!
Male to Female!
North to South,
The Sun just reversed its poles from
North to South.
Next Earth in its 10-million year
War to more peace.
More giving-sharing, less hoarding (fear).
Yang to Yin!
Yin Qi!
Yin Qi!
Yin Qi!

P.S.  Truly a verano day! 

Funny, although sophisticated (a warning)..

American Pathology!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

This is me!

"Mine are superficial roots, along the railroad tracks across Europe, through the paths of emigration and deportation.  But, I neither emigrated nor was deported.  The world that was destroyed was not mine.  I never knew it.  But I am, so many of us are, the orphans of the world.   Our roots are 'diasporic.'  They do not go underground.  They are not attached to any particular land or soil.  Nor do they lie… at the bottom of a well in Jerusalem.  Rather they creep up along the many roads of dispersion… Such roads are endless!"
Henri Raczymow

'Memory Shot Through With Holes'

What a wonderful tale of overcoming! Women of the world unite against poverty!

Jack Monroe Has Become Britain’s Austerity Celebrity

JAN. 14, 2014
    Launch media viewer
    Jack Monroe, a single mother with a blog, has become an emblem of modern poverty in Britain. Andrew Testa for The New York Times

    SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, England — First she stopped heating her apartment, putting furniture in front of the radiators to try to forget they were there. She unscrewed most of the light bulbs, turned off the hot water, and sold her iPhone, her watch, her television and even her curtains to feed herself and her 2-year-old son.
    Then she wrote about it in a blog post titled “Hunger Hurts” that soon spread widely. “Poverty is the sinking feeling when your small boy finishes his one Weetabix and says, ‘More, Mummy, bread and jam please, Mummy,’ ” she wrote, “as you’re wondering whether to take the TV or the guitar to the pawnshop first, and how to tell him that there is no bread or jam.”
    Jack Monroe, a 25-year-old single mother who changed her name from Melissa because “I’m just not a Melissa,” is an unlikely ambassador for the growing ranks of Britain’s poor — and now one with a $40,000 book contract. Her sudden slide into poverty two years ago and her plucky online diary,A Girl Called Jack, chronicling the reality of life on the bread line have turned her into a celebrity in Britain. She is now courted by politicians, charities and even supermarket chains, and people regularly ask for her autograph.

    Multimedia Feature: Out of Europe’s Long Jobs Crisis, Voices of the Young

    Ms. Monroe, who left school at 16, has more than 31,000 followers on Twitterand now writes a weekly food column for the newspaper The Guardian, featuring recipes costing less than one pound ($1.64) a person. Her austerity cookbook is due out in February. More than once has she been told that she does not really “seem poor.”
    “My parents are still together, they’ve always worked, I’ve always worked, I had a decent well-paid job,” Ms. Monroe said one recent morning in the kitchen of her new apartment, which has two bedrooms. “But within the space of six months I found myself going to bed hungry.” For most of 2012, she says, she had about $12 a week for food.
    There is no simple tale here about a broken home, bad schools, drugs or racial prejudice, no familiarity in her path into poverty. As one of her neighbors in this seaside town in southern England put it, “She could be anybody’s daughter.”
    Her story has made her an emblem in the debate about the future of the welfare state, which the government of Prime Minister David Cameron, a Conservative, has been trying to slim down.
    SINCE coming to power in 2010, Mr. Cameron has overseen nearly $100 billion in welfare and spending cuts, with more in the pipeline. Charities like the Trussell Trust, which runs 400 food banks, say half a million people relied on food aid in the final eight months of last year, three times as many as in 2012.
    The Guardian called Ms. Monroe “the face of modern poverty,” proof that in post-financial crisis Britain neither the job market, which is sluggish, nor the benefit system, which is shrinking, can be relied upon to maintain a basic living standard.
    The opposition Labour Party was quick to recruit her for a campaign against high energy prices. The charity Oxfam just took her to Tanzania to visit one of their projects, and the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, long partial to featuring celebrity chefs with expensive tastes, picked her for a television piece on how to cook with Christmas leftovers.
    But others, on the right, dismiss her as a fake or simply as “The Guardian’s favorite poor person.” In a scathing piece last fall that referred to her as a “poster girl of Welfare Britain,” Richard Littlejohn at the pro-Conservative Daily Mail mocked her kale pesto pasta recipe for 48 pence, about 80 cents, a head.
    “You couldn’t make it up,” Mr. Littlejohn wrote. “If I’d set out to compose a spoof Guardian food column aimed at those living in ‘poverty,’ I couldn’t have done any better.”
    Ms. Monroe insists that she is “nobody’s paid face.” She turned down a lucrative offer from Tesco, another grocery giant. When the upmarket grocer Waitrose airbrushed out her tattoos in a photo they published with a guest column last year, she posted an indignant comment on Twitter.
    She liked Sainsbury’s leftovers campaign, and that is where she has always shopped and priced her recipes, she said. She says she is giving most of her fee to Oxfam, food banks and a local shelter, keeping only $2,600, the equivalent of a living wage for the six-week running time of the campaign.
    For all her celebrity, she still lives modestly, keeping to a monthly budget of around $2,000 and trying to save a similar amount. Her benefits were stopped in May when the BBC publicized her book contract, briefly sending her back into a panic because she had yet to receive any money (she has since been paid about $16,500). She says she now earns about $325 a week from her column and freelance writing.
    Growing up, Ms. Monroe never thought of herself as poor. Her father was a firefighter, and over the years her parents, who still own a small house in a neighboring town, took in around 80 foster children alongside her and her older brother. She passed the entrance exam for a selective public high school, but struggled there and dropped out when she was 16, working in shops and restaurants until she got a job as an emergency dispatcher, where she eventually made $44,000 a year, just over the average income in Britain.
    Launch media viewer
    “I’ve always worked, I had a decent well-paid job,” Jack Monroe said. “But within the space of six months I found myself going to bed hungry.” Andrew Testa for The New York Times
    BUT in November 2011, she suddenly found herself out of a job. Returning from maternity leave, she asked to be taken off the night shift because of difficulty finding child care. When that was denied, she felt she had no choice but to quit.
    In the months that followed, Ms. Monroe fell into a spiral of mounting debt and growing panic. Bills piled up. Lacking money for a deposit, she could not afford to move to a cheaper apartment.
    Often, there was little food left over for her. In her blog she wrote: “Last night when I opened my fridge to find some leftover tomato pasta, an onion, and a knob of stem ginger, I gave the pasta to my boy and went to bed hungry with a pot of homemade ginger tea to ease the stomach pains.”
    Her son would ask: Why aren’t you eating, Mummy?
    “I’m not hungry,” she would reply, praying that he would leave the crust of his toast.
    For eight months, she did not tell anyone. There was shame and a residual hope that one of the 300 job applications typed out on her mobile phone would come through. Above all, there was the fear that child services would take away her boy. “He was the reason I was still getting up in the morning,” she said. “A cuddle on the sofa is free, reading a story is free. I didn’t want to lose him.”
    WHEN she could no longer afford a haircut, she told her friends that she was growing it out. She kept her apartment tidy, her son’s clothes clean. “You become really good at hiding things,” she said.
    It was not until July 30, 2012, when she wrote “Hunger Hurts,” that she officially came out as poor. Her parents dropped off bags of food and clothes, and berated her for not telling them sooner. But with two young adopted children to feed, they could only help so much. That August, Ms. Monroe had a sale, parting with almost everything she had left, raising almost $3,300 to pay off her debts and put down a deposit for a cheaper house share.
    “Where is my dinosaur toy?” her son asked when he came back later from a day with his father, who helps look after him.
    “Mummy had a tidy-up,” she told him.
    Ms. Monroe started cooking. Cooking and sharing her hard-times recipes. Mumma Jack’s Best Ever Chilli costs 50 cents a person, Oh My God Dinner 45 cents. At about 15 cents, the carrot-kidney bean burger is still a reader favorite.
    As she settles into her new apartment, still modest but with a decent-size kitchen, her priority is to make her son forget their hungry spell.
    At 3, he has developed a quirk: He saves food. When she made mackerel fish cake for lunch last week, he ate half of it and said he would have the rest for dinner. “You don’t have to,” she said. But he insisted.
    One day, she will show him her blog, she said. For now, she makes a point of having meals together. “So he sees me eating,” she said.

    As a 'retired' acting teacher, always interested in 'the game.'

    More repression!

    The president should end – not mend – the government's collection and retention of all law-abiding Americans' data. When the government collects and stores every American's phone call data, it is engaging in a textbook example of an 'unreasonable search' that violates the constitution.

    Money is God, what would you expect?

    Both of my two divorces cost less than $100U.S.

    It's simple for a country or a company to make $. Produce something useful and sell it well!

    Obama’s Changes to Government Surveillance -

    American Pathology! "There has been another school shooting in the United States."

    Two students injured in Philadelphia school shooting | euronews, world news: "There has been another school shooting in the United States."

    'via Blog this'

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    How to Choose an Air Travel Search Site -

    American Pathology!

    Who cares about the people? It's all about profit with Capitalism!

    I've been suggesting the same...

    American Pathology!

    160114 BLOK

    160114 BLOK
    I've had so many varied experiences in my life!  I guess the key word here is 'varied.'  An 'experience junkie,' I am!  It makes for a writer!  It makes for a poet!
    But, there's a hidden price to pay!  You discover that there's no creation without destruction.  You pay with a self-destructive nature (unconscious in the beginning).  There are grew highs and great lows!  Every writer/artist has contemplated suicide!
    Someone said to write is 'to wrestle with oneself!'  And so it goes… But, Socrates stated, 'An unexamined life is not worth living!'   Mine has been… examined!

    P.S.  That's what being a monk is all about, self contemplation.  A spouse is simply a distraction! 

    Thursday, January 16, 2014

    Ultimate 2014 Global Risk Guide [CHARTS] - Business Insider

    Plural (different) marriages make for real families -

    Not for me!

    Read President Eisenhower's words in this article!

    Childless couples have happier marriages, study reveals | Society | The Guardian

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    13a0114 BLOK

    13a0114 BLOK
    Go Figure!
    Winter gray,
    What a day,
    Sunshine, rain, a flood,
    But, no blood!
    Christmas lights,
    Such sights,
    'Herd' around the world!
    Summer weather,
    Wrong months,
    Winter weather,
    South America,
    Go figure!


    Detroit woman whose eviction at 101 made headlines dies

    Another one... Growing example of American Pathology.

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    The 'wave of the future,' is going to be about repairing, not throwing away and buying new!

    American Pathology!

    13a0114 BLOK

    13a0114 BLOK
    I think about my demise, my death (shedding the body).  It might be on a day like this --- good, although rainy.  I'm planning it, as I ask for something special.
    I think every older person should 'die gamely' not retreat from it!


    Monday, January 13, 2014

    Colorado: high demand for marijuana after legalisation – video | World news |

    The latest U.S. political scandal! There's probably one every day!

    12c0114 BLOK

    12c0114 BLOK
    On Saturday, I had a wonderful experience with an American woman, 23-year old Georgia Griffin, and her four younger disadvantaged Bolivian girls from 'Ninos Valor (supported from U.S.):  Aydee Villarroel Cruz, 18, Karen Isla, 13, Lissed Panozo Cruz, 14, and Darlin Aguilar Arias, 13.  Cute, all of them so excited to get a day out of the 'house,' and ride a bicycle no less.
    Edgar and I borrowed three bicycles from Anna and Carlos, and that's where we met at 0900.  But, two of the girls too short for the two 28-inch (700CM) bicycles, plus, I couldn't get the pump to work with these old values.  So, we basically had two out of four of them riding, one of them on Georgia's own bicycle.  
    So, after coffee with Anna, we headed out, Georgia, jogging, leading the way, two girls on a bicycle, and the two younger (lighter thank God:  70KG), I carried on the back of Senor Fetes.  Note, Edgar had called the previous night saying he had to go out of town and couldn't make it.
    Georgia and I decided to take the bicycle path south toward Lago de Alalay, the cities' own little body of water.  It was a beautiful sunny morning ('Buen Dia'), with the city stretching out below.
    There were many stops and starts as the bicycles had issues, the saddles for one.  We had to improvise to make it all work, but nobody was complaining.  The two girls on Senor Fetes with me, jabbering, and giggling all the way.
    At the hill down to Alalay, one of the girls got way ahead on her bicycle and Georgia had to run her down.  We had planned this was far enough for the first time. 
    On the way back we took several fotos., now available at
    Back at Anna and Carlos' house, we put their bicycles away and organized to go to Globos for lunch.  Note, Globos, a restaurant chain in Bolivia that caters to children (great big ice cream desserts).  
    We walked along Cochabamba's Botanical Garden, down to a city street, where we could get a taxi for the girls.  Georgia and I rode to Globos on Av. Pando (the new one having just opened). 
    There we indulged our appetites, the girls devouring huge amounts of food, ending with a dessert of choice.  And they of course so appreciative of every little thing.  
    I love doing this kind of thing, and have in most of the countries I've lived or visited (particularly China).  To see their young faces light up, to know you've actually made somebody happier (at least for the day)--try it! 
    I found out a little about their stories, why and how they'd ended up at Ninos Valor.  Most of it has to do with neglectful parents, and the girls running away from their homes -- alcoholic mothers, the father never at home, etc.. 
    Of course, they wanted to know about me, 'no children, porque?' etc.
    How to explain to children in a Catholic culture, that we have too many people on planet Earth now (7,200,000,000 and counting).  And that we need to reduce the birth rate. This is absolute blasphemy here in Catholic Bolivia!  Note, every woman in Bolivia is either pregnant, or nursing, or pushing/pulling one or more! 
    They wanted to know the title of the 'Hollywood' movie I'd written, MRS. SOFFEL. But, ancient history. 
    Have I accomplished anything in my life (no children)? One wonders!  But, this day we managed to make 5 young people a little happier.  Actually, I'm ultimately selfish, as doing this kind of thing makes me feel good, worthwhile!   When younger you take and take from everything and everybody.  When you're my age the desire is to give back what you've been given! 
    This is Rucha and mine idea, THE LOVING-KINDNESS GROUP FUND, informal giving to people in need, and only asking that they 'Pay it Forward,'  to someone else.  Love unites!
    We parted from Globos, me getting kisses on the cheek from each, and muchos gracias! They sped off in a taxi, while Senor Fetes and I headed for Av. Los Roebles, and our climb up the hill to mi casa (up in 'Temporal Alto'). 
    But, it was a very good day all around!  
    Next Sabado, maybe a hike up the hill depending on the weather. This is the rainy season in Bolivia.
    Thanks, Georgia!

    Sunday, January 12, 2014

    American Pathology!


    On the Road Less Traveled!
    Ample, muss this bed,
    Touch not a single leaf,
    The Phoenix bird takes up flight!
    We are things that nightmares are made of;
    Awake!  Awake,
    Dear sisters,
    On the Road Less Traveled!


    12a0114 BLOK

    12a0114 BLOK
    Wouldn't you know that in a Spanish culture (Bolivia) they have a male potato and a female potato!
    I want a gay and lesbian potato, a transvestite carrot, a bi-sexual head of cabbage, and a trans-gender artichoke.
    And why limit it to vegetables?  Let's not discriminate against fruit! What about garments, and/or clothing for fruit, or vice versa?
    How boring just straight males and females!
    It's called IMAGINATION!  'Imagine that!'


    American Pathology!

    11b0114 BLOK

    11b0114 BLOK
    The $ rich, assholes in any country/culture, greedy and heartless!  They are the predators that prey on us, making us sacrifice for them.  So, we send a CURSE to these $ rich people:


    Saturday, January 11, 2014

    10c0114 BLOK

    10c0114 BLOK
    Numbers, too finite for me.  I need more flexibility, I'm a poet.
    'Po-e-tree' lives in FigurativeLand, I'm thinking of launching a theme park,
    Or maybe an Ark,
    One of Disneys!


    100114 BLOK

    100114 BLOK 
    Bos love to toot their horns,
    The music of the car alarm!
    Barking dogs,
    Fireworks, the 
    Boom, boom, boom
    Of the canon!
    Still dueling with windmills
    They rush about, always late!
    Ride a bicycle and be on time!
    Be, like a balanced dime!
    What is your hurry,
    Oh world of worry 
    Sped up, not 'noing' why?
    Slow down!
    Smell the roses while ye may!
    Sit in Nature,
    She will 'talk to you1'
    Know you're uno con 


    Friday, January 10, 2014

    For those interested in 'crowd funding' (and 'Open Sources')

    'Words will break cement!' Go Pussy Riot!

    Walt Disney, one of the most dangerous corpos. in the world.

    Thursday, January 09, 2014

    I believe Bitcoins (virtual currency) is going to flourish! The best thing about it, the Gov. can't control!

    Wednesday, January 08, 2014

    Opinion: America's real problem is too much stupidity -

    Seems like I might relate to this...

    Tuesday, January 07, 2014

    The 'mad rush' is on to find another livable planet we can trash out. We're trashed out this one, and need to move on...

    070114 BLOK

    070114 BLOK
    Yesterday's 'Cycle with Hache and Edgar,' we had 2 'Firsts!' 
    First, we cycled 50KM to Edgar's hometown, Toco, the home of the famous 'Pan Toco' (see foto. in the Gallery).  The roundtrip (100KM) took 7.5 hours, including helping one Argentine cyclist stuck with a bad tube.  We gave him one of ours.  Getting to Toco, took 3 hours, with many stops including a one-hour lunch break in Cliza.  
    We always eat at the Cliza Nueva Restaurante when in the area.  On Sunday it was full of customers, one christening party, and others out on the last day of the Christmas holidays. 
    Then on to Toco, only 3KM distance, Edgar's hometown (born in a house on the Plaza).
    The first order of business was to replace the flowers at Edgar's parent's grave site in the local cemetery.  They, along with Grandfather, and eldest son, in their own little 'house' (crypt).  See fotos. at  Since Edgar didn't have the key, it was a challenging exercise pushing the flower vases through the bars of the gate.  But, he persevered. 
    As some point a derelict walked up and offered to pray for the deceased.  Afterwards, I paid him 30Bs. or $4U.S. for his 'work.'  Edgar admonished him to buy food and not beer with the money. 
    We cranked on to the Plaza, happening to pass Edgar's estranged younger brother living in the family house (right on the Plaza).  Edgar and this 'brother,' in a legal battle over who owns it now (and not speaking). 
    Edgar pointed to another structure next door, this 70 years ago, the house where he was born.  Now, it's a bakery.
    The second 'First' was 'Senor Fetes' parked inside a church, the Igelsia De Toco (of course of the Catholic variety).  'Senor Fetes,' has been many places but never inside a church before until Sunday in Toco.  He's now 'blessed!'  
    But, by now, it was 3P.M., and 50KM to crank to get home.  With gathering rain clouds we started off, the first 7KM to the Cochabamba-Santa Cruz highway. 
    There we stopped at our favorite fruit stand and purchased 1KG of duranzas (peaches). 
    I got back to Caffeina at 5:30P.M., and immediately ordered a smoothie.  I had Av. Los Roebles let to climb, and was wanting a short rest. 
    At the end of the day, up Av. Los Roebles and at my gate, I'd had enough for one day, trust me!


    Go Greenwald!

    Which proves my point that nobody knows. The story keeps changing, as new words/phrases are coined like 'fast radio transits.' In one hundred years, if we're still around, they'll be another 'revolution,' trashing the old.

    Sunday, January 05, 2014


    Friday, January 03, 2014

    Go Snowden!

    Thursday, January 02, 2014

    And yet another one...


    China's military presence is growing. Does a superpower collision loom? | World news | The Guardian

    Chinese balloonist lands in midst of isle dispute with Japan | Reuters

    Arsonist strikes Chinese consulate in San Francisco | Reuters

    It's the right thing to do! But, we rarely do the 'right' thing!

    The biggest risk to young people smoking marijuana, is that it will make them peaceful, 'the owners' greatest fear as they rule by violence!

    Wednesday, January 01, 2014

    01d0114 BLOK

    01d0114 BLOK
    The world population today, 010114, is:
    Today alone it increased by some 200,000 new mouths to feed, when we can't feed the ones already here!
    We are increasing while the resources to sustain us are decreasing! There is a point of diminishing returns, and I think we've reached that point!
    The birth rate has to slow, yet Capitalism is based on growth, so 'they' want more babies, more people to pay for their excess.
    The Chinese Government just reversed the 'One Child' Policy, because the mean population is rising in age, thus a fear of fewer younger ones to exploit (to die in wars, etc.) .
    The Catholic Church is against birth control. Thus, every woman in Bolivia has a child, or is pregnant, and pulling two along behind.  Where are the 'macho men?'  Out having a good time!
    The birth rate has to slow!  Let's make that the 'macho' thing to do!