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31a1213 BLOK

31a1213  BLOK
It's shouldn't be 'Supply and Demand' (unequal).  It should be 'Give and Take' (equal).
When you beat someone out of something (steal) you create negative energy (unhappiness).  You may think you're happy…  But, this always comes back in the same form (unhappiness).  So, when you think you're winning, you're really losing!
Money has become God in the world!  This is causing much of the violence.  It isn't all ideological.
What to do?
Evolve to a place where we share more, and ultimately equally. Then there's no theft at all.  Why steal when you already have?  And having is spiritual rather than material!  You don't really need that large, flat, expensive TV screen.
What we need is to share more!  This is 'The New Capitalism!'  It's not the system, it's us!
Let us evolve!


311213 BLOK

311213 BLOK
Why are we here?  To watch the grass grow!  We are 'specs' of dust in the wind, together a life force, whatever life is…?  We call it reality, a dual existence, a binary system of opposites (Heraclitus was on to such, 2300 years ago). 
Enantiodromia, is the attraction between opposites that creates the vibration, ultimately the cycle which is life!
But, these are only English words, what is it really?  It's a mystery and what drives us to find out.  But, the story keeps changing.  'In the language of Parmenides, the Atomists would say, that what is not, is just as real as what is.'  So, what is real?
The complexity of our English language would be somewhere around 500,000+.
In the beginning it was a grunt, various grunts which increased their 'wor(l)d' back then--little by little until now we can call modern life destructive!
We need to change, but can we?  Can the human race evolve to a higher state before we self-destruct?  If something is 'born,' like the human race, does it have to 'die?'  What is 'higher?'
It's all by comparison.
It's consciousness on many levels.  It's watching the grass grow.  It's 'Waiting for Godot!' 
We need to stop thinking so much, trying to figure it out.  Why not just enjoy it?


I talk about this all the time...

The Wolf of Wall Street: The True Story of Jordan Belfort | TIME.com

Of course, money is God!

And yet another one, the growing violence just ignored by U.S. citizens.

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301213 BLOK

301213 BLOK
What's the truth?  There is none, it's all POV.  There are only stories that we live by, and these change. Heraclitus was right:  "All is in flux!'


And yet another one...

And yet another one...

Friday, December 27, 2013

And yet another one...

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261213 BLOK / T.T.

261213 BLOK / T.T.
'Oh, what a beautiful morning!
Oh, what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going our way!'
(Rogers and Hammerstein)
Tantric Taoism... It's simply takes a sexual 'metaphor' to unite with The Divine!  Of course, the 'unwashed' will see pornography.  But, it is they who are pornographic!
There are many way to unite with the Divine, many ways to ultimately become the Divine.  Tantric Taoism is only 'won' way.
And within T.T., it's up to the individual to select their own method.  
T.T. is not a religion, it is merely a method, one way, to unite with the Divine!   
Whatever way, it's important to pursue, while you still have a body!  It's the test, the school, the class, after which 'graduation' awaits!

Tantric Taoism 


25a1213 BLOK

25a1213 BLOK
This Christmas day happily alone, the neighborhood so quiet ('…nary a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!')  Christmas day here at Chez Hache--everyone having 'crashed' (sleeping)… Even the barking dog at Mario's is still for the moment. 
I was sitting the hot sun in my patio, but got some help from a cumulus nube, that reduced the intensity, like a Neutral Density filter for a camera. The sun here monstrously strong, Bolivianos and 'as,' always hiding from it.  I see Santa Claus in the sky, white clouds beholding.  He was reclining in his sleigh probably tired from all the flying around! 
At this latitude (17 degrees south) and elevation (2800 mts. ASL), if the sun is out the temperature is high.  If the sun is clouded over the temperature is low. 
This beginning of summer here (just had the Summer Solstice), is confusing as what's happened makes me feel more like the holidays (cooler temperatures).  Even though it's a summer Christmas here (supposedly to be warmer), it's cooler than winter.  Why?  The sun dictates as mentioned. And because it's now the rainy season, clouds and rain make it feel cooler, and more like winter, that's what I'm trying to explain.  Confusing, maybe?
When you're used to snow and cold at Christmas, this Southern Hemisphere Christmas difficult to adjust to shorts and sun burn.
I wait for Edgar's call as about dinner.  We've planned to partake of a new restaurant in the Hotel Aranhuez.  We had met the owner, Jose Andres Jordan at the children's party the day before.  If Edgar can't I'll just go by myself, as I don't need other human beings to accompany me--I'm never alone.
Edgar shows up at my gate around 4P.M.  He's been out trying to sell his Toyota RAVA.  We chat, and then decide to go find this new Hotel on C. Buenos Aires (rich part of town). 
Oh, this place turns out to be just what I was looking for with few preconceived notions.  Right away you could tell it's a 'class act,' by the exterior appearance (overgrown and guarded).  
We're ushered into the reception area, mention Jose, and the next thing he appears.  Note, the day prior when he invited us, he said he wouldn't be there because of family Christmas.  So, I was surprised.
We got the grand tour, and this hotel more luxurious at 4 stars, than others I been in with 5 stars.  It's a quiet boutique hotel, genuinely unique for Cochabamba.  Once inside you feel like you're in Italy or another European country. 
We had dinner outside on a terrace.  Jose joined us, and suggested a pasta dish he was experimenting with for himself.   It turned out to be one of the best restaurant meals I've had in six months in Cochabamba.  We had apple pie with ice cream for desert (postres).  We languished, basking in the tranquility, as few other guests (I saw one other couple).   Jose is full of much information on a variety of subjects.  He's become an expert in serving good coffee. 
What a perfect Christmas dinner this turned out to be, solving what and where to go 'after the gifts have been opened.'  Note, I received a high-quality writing pen, from Rucha, a fountain pen no less!  She's too much, Mrs. Santa to all!
We make a new friend of Jose, and pledge we will bring customers to Hotel Aranhuez (now 25-years old).
Additionally, I have a new 'home away from home,' at Jose's invitation.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

251213 BLOK / T.T.

251213 BLOK / T.T.
The honeymoon continues on Christmas morning.  Santa Claus comes!  There are so many gifts, such joy beyond, beyonds, beyonded!  One long, exquisite 'orgasm,' a wave of highly-charged energy, fission to the 100th power!
The Guan Yin!
The honeymoon continues 'full boar,' this day, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!  Jesus the first to bring the concept of 'Love Thy Neighbor as thyself!' 
Early morning it's overcast with threatening clouds, I turn the patio lights on.  The sun up in the east somewhat defeated, yet bright.
Later, the sun 'full boar,' and a buen dia in store…
We're out of our minds with delight!
The honeymoon continues!

Tantric Taoism 


24a1213 BLOK

24a1213 BLOK
We went as invited guests, this via Carolina and Tyson, our guests at our own Christmas dinner party at Caffeina.  Confusing?  We know Carolina via Paula, a friend of Edgar's, a Bolivian women who cooks lunches for all those who want high quality veggie food.  Thus, we are at Carolina's house every day at 1230P.M., to pick up our catered meal.  We pay $10 each for five meals, Lunes y Viernes, or $2 per.  It's the deal of the year!  
At our dinner party I discovered Tyson (Carolina's husband) is involved in several, for lack of a better description, 'orphanages,' facilities that house children, orphaned, abandoned, given up for dead, disadvantaged in some way.   
It was, their gathering, us invited guests, in a word what Christmas is all about:  children!  The idea as explained by Tyson, 'Ninos Valor, Bolivia.'   The facility we visited was for girls only, the boys coming from another.   I think their motto, 'Saving lives, one child at a time!' 
But, the children, I'm a sucker for, trying to communicate with them in a meaningful way.  They were so darling is the only word I can think of 'darling,' in their costumes the wise men and women visiting the birth of Jesus. Note, this a Nativity Scene 'on stage,' with a handicapped boy playing the baby Jesus.  Tender this scene was!
This was a part of a program that included singing and dancing.  I was impressed with all the effort that goes into producing one of these.  And these kids mostly younger. But, you can see the value, the progress they've made with these kids, this foundation, that 'transforming lives, one child at a time.' 
There was one charming little girl, maybe two years of age.  Her face reached out and grabbed my attention.  I found out from Tyson she was one who had a tough beginning as abandoned, found in time, but emaciated, and ill.  Now, look at her, this bundle of life!  I fell in love, but I know a little girl as such described, I'd spoil to death!  She'd be running the show!  
Edgar and I climbed the stairs for a piano concert.  I took many fotos., in inferior light, but I don't like using a flash. So, many out of focus.  
Then back downstairs for the gift opening.  The dozen or so shopping bags full of gifts for the boys first in the center of the floor.  I watched Carolina's face as a mother she was watching some a young one in need.  Sometimes, the gifts had to be explained.  But, much donated from a high school in the U.S. (happy to find out).   Every once in a while a cheer would go up, some applause, as parents reacted to a special gift.  This went on for a long time, so Edgar and I wander outside and sat under a fig tree.
This fig tree, by the way, laden with fruit, and Hache's favorite… I told Tyson, I'm happy to 'get paid,' in highs!   If I ever 'settle down,' I will have a fig tree in my yard!
Finally, lunch came, a basic Bolivian meal, or beef and chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes all served in a bowl with sauce.  I ate everything but the beef. 
On my left sat Georgia, a model-faced woman, who could be as so tall and skinny. Born in Vermont, went to Stanford, wants to be a doctor.  Wow, kids so ambitious. She's a long-distance runner as well.  Speaks Spanish (the young volunteers usually have to).  On my right Edgar regaled two young women (more volunteers) with his stories.  Across from me, a middle-aged Bolivian man who owns/operates a 4-star hotel, and I was so happy to meet, to ultimately collaborate with… His name, Jose Jordan, the hotel, The Aranhuez Cochabamba. When I found out, I told him we would have Christmas dinner, Edgar and I, at his restaurant in the hotel.  Perfect. 
We departed the party breaking up at 3P.M.
We arrived back at Caffeina too late, as they were closing.  But, so kind they are, they we're going to crank up the machine, but I said no need.  Instead, we opened a bottle of champagne, and toasted 'Father Christmas.'  
This, Jose's family, Sivonne, wife, children:  Adrianna, Aristides, and Isabel (all teenaged) one of the best families I've met in Bolivia.  We will accomplish something significant together.  Strangely, Jose is a U.S. citizen, besides being born in Bolivia.  How and why?  He's worked in the U.S. as an infrastructure engineer so many years.  After a time you apply, like I'm going to do here for me, apply for Bolivian citizenship. 
After Caffeina, I suggested the restaurant at Hotel Gran Cochabamba, as still desiring postres and coffee.  We ended up ordering two chocolate mousse, and for Edgar a banana split.  I have a small black coffee.  We watched the Pakistani girl, Malala Yousufzai on CNN, who was shot in the head by members of the Taliban, now an international celebrity, and heroine to many!   She managed to survive, and return even stronger than before.  But, just think how life can 'jump cut,' you into a place you thought you never go… One moment Malala was just another 14-year old Pakistani girl going to school, the next moment an international celebrity.  Many people prayed for her recovery--and she did!  GO MALALA! 
The chocolate mousse, some of the banana spit, did it for me!  Now, I could move on, but needing to stop at ICNorte Mercado, because no doubt it's closed on Christmas Day.  Inside, it's a madhouse of last minute shopping.  I got out as fast as I could needing little.  Mas El Inca cervesa for one, yogurt, my favorite kind, two brownies (my nemesis).  Time to splurge, as I have so little discipline anyway.  Christmas holiday, the excuse of course!
Edgar drove me home, and then he was off to sell one of his motor vehicles.
I reminded him about Christmas dinner, but we always say we will talk on the telephone. 
Things change, here we are on the verge of another new year, 2014.  


241213 BLOK

241213 BLOK
The scene at Caffeina, this Christmas Eve morning, so interesting… 
Sitting outside drinking coffee, a Bolivian man arrives with his two young sons.  they sit very near at an adjacent modern glass table.  I appear to be reading my book, and so the boys are curious.  
The father, middle aged to younger, talks to the boys, sings to them a Christmas Carol and seems to be attentive to their needs.  They order breakfast, bebedas (drinks).  I observe, curious as you see so few males/fathers with children (not macho).  It's the women who deal with children. 
Eventually, the father and sons depart.  I manage a 'Buenos tardes!,' and the father responded politely.
The morning sun in and out of the clouds, the traffic incessant, the noise, my only criticism about Caffeina, outside you deal with the madness of the drivers, riders rushing around as in race!  BURN FAT, NOT OIL!  my cry!
With Nat King Cole singing in the background, 'I'll be home for Christmas!'  Nat baby, I am home!  Yet, nostalgia sweet sometimes, remembering… Remembering all those Christmas' past, now some 73!  It's true, what they say… You spend your life in the future (a mistake), one day you're 35 years old, you go to bed, sleep, wake up the next morning and you're 74-years of age.  Where did it all go?
'I'll be home for Christmas!'


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The Secret CIA War in South America You Haven't Heard About - PolicyMic

Snowden: 'Mission Accomplished'

23b1213 BLOK / T.T.

23b1213 BLOK / T.T.
Give 'berth' to yourself!
Participate in understanding who you really are, not what 'they' wanted you to be,
Or, not to be,
That is the question posed by Mr. Shakespeare?
That is the great question!
Most choose not to be, as they don't even 'no' it's possible!  It's safer 'not to be.'
Being your true self is risky.  It's painful as well!
It takes courage!
Tantric Taoism
P.S.  No uniforms, please!
         No flags!
         No borders!
         No insignia!

         Naked before thy!


23a1213 BLOK / T.T.

23a1213 BLOK / T.T.
What's it like?
What is it like to die?
Not to be gone, but the getting there, passing over the bar?
Aaron Burr described it as taking a boat and drifting further and further from the shore until you don't return.
That's the slow way.  The fast way, just losing consciousness, before you can think. Ernest Hemingway, stuck the barrel of a shot gun, and pulled the trigger.  This is the coward's way out, although one never knows until one is in the same position (mental pain, tired of living, etc.). An inability to function would be enough for me…
What thoughts did JFK have in the seconds before he lost consciousness, and never to regain?  Surprise, complete surprise?
Those executed with lethal drugs, just 'fall asleep.' 
It's not the being gone that's a challenge, it's getting there!
You don't wake up, no more pain, eternal bliss!
We who are born must 'shed the body,' as the rules in Duality.  But, the Spirit not born, just was/is, never dies as in Singularity.  The Spirit energy was/is, is like electricity--nobody knows what it is, exactly!
It is called 'life' in Duality, human consciousness, but what is that really?  Nobody 'nos' until they 'shed the body,' then we 'no!'
In Tantric Taoism:
Supreme and eternal bliss!
Nirvana beyond nirvana!
Heaven beyond heaven!
Enlightenment beyond enlightenment!
Beauty beyond beauty!
Joy beyond joy!
A feeling so strong, so intense, so wonderful beyond describing in English words, it's
NO FEELING at all, 
The UNfeeling,
The nothing,
The Guan Yin!
Yin qi!
Yin qi!
Yin qi!

Yin qi!


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231213 BLOK

231213 BLOK 
#3 re:  Tibetan Buddhism, all
Read the original stuff by Sakumani Gautama, the first Buddha, who was in fact brilliant, the stuff that come out of 'him/her'…This is worth reading, as the ideas, like with Jesus, Mary Madelene, Mohammed, Lao Zi, Shakespeare, DiVinci, Madame Curie, Dr. Jung, etc..  They were all original:  Life is suffering say the Buddhists, but there's value in it, the lesson of Jesus!
Religions are all about the same thing, thus intertwined.  Just different words, different languages. 
The Han Chinese are rapidly becoming Christian.  Why?  A reaction to the official athesim of the Communist Party?  Something to believe in, to define life, as its ultimately a mystery.
And then there's them mystics, who eliminate the 'Middle Person,' and have direct contact!  This is what Dr. Jung knew!
It's the ULTIMATE!
It's Supreme Bliss!
The Guan Yin!
Tantric Taoism


Sunday, December 22, 2013

'Sell, sell, sell, everything you stand for!'

Go Elves!

This cultural exchange good as well, as China has been xenophobic in the past. Plus, Chinese weren't allow, nor had the money for foreign travel until recently.

I think it's great Rodman is doing this, this cultural exchange important. If there's anything that will change and open up N. Korea, it will be body piercing and tatoos!

22a1213 BLOK

22a1213 BLOK
A bit strange here in Cochabamba, Bolivia, I suppose it's why I travel…
It's summer here, but the month names different:  December, January, February.  Even more confusing the summer here, more like winter in terms of weather (cloudy, rainy), so I feel more like home (northern hemisphere).
Listening to Bach's Concerto in C for three harpsichords.



Finally, a Ruling That Recognizes Snowden as a Whistleblower | Threat Level | Wired.com

221213 BLOK / T.T.

221213 BLOK / T.T.
What's the difference between science and religion?  Nothing!

Tantric Taoism



I know much about Buddhism, as have had much experience with a variety, from my Russian girlfriend in Kathmandu, to the Buddhist monk, Karma Sherpa, who (ironically) initiated me into a Taoist order.  A wonderful story actually, as I was taken, as in 'kidnapped,' but didn't take it seriously in the beginning.  Now, I do. 
Buddhist monks, in the real, at least Tibetan Buddhist monks, aren't what you think.  Very few are pious (Karma made videos, was into business).  The Lamas I have no respect for, traveling around in SUVs, with consorts and retinues.  They live like royalty.
Around Kathmandu, Lhasa (under more control) are hundreds of Monasteries, with real gold tops.
In cycling from Xining, Qinghai Province, down to Lijiang, Yunnan Province, I counted over one hundred.  In fact, we stayed in one (camped out in their court yard, ate with the head lama, participated in a healing ceremony ending with chanting). 
I have toured the interior of the Potala Palace, and you'd be amazed!  No elevators, however, you have to walk up some steep stairs, and I remember it was packed paying $25U.S. each to huh and puh (we''re talking 3700mts. 12,000ft ASL).  But, the Dalai Lama had quite a view (from his penthouse).  
I've also walked around the vast gardens of the summer palace (Norba Linka), and again, you would be amazed. Here, among the wandering paths, the D.L. could enjoy Nature.  Outside, however, one of the great present day contrasts of culture, a large sign selling Coca Cola! Money is God!
But, I wonder... Why do 'leaders,' always hide behind wall?  Obama, Putin, nor whatshisname, 习近平 all heavily protected.  Obama does not return my telephone calls!
On the other hand, the Tibetan devote are the poor ($), but rich of spirit.  And it saddens me, that the Chinese Government uses an Iron Fist dealing with them!  They crush every bit of even suggested violence.  
Note, much going on right now in Xinjiang, A.R., where I lived, trekking, and cycled (buses and private automobile) all over this vast land (including the Taklamakan Desert with Rucha). Very interesting culturally, the Han Chinese relatively new. Archeologists tell us the area was first settled but something like Celts, or Angles, or Saxons.  Now the Moslems and the Atheists (Communist Party/Beijing) are fighting over the territory.
That's all humanity seems to be doing right now, making war!  'Oh, when will all people's good by each of our rules, and peace be like a shaft of light across the land!'  (I forget the author's name?).
Anyway, I probably have a book about my seven years cycling around Mother Earth (Panchamama, they call her here), only to end up in Bolivia.
P.S.  'Oh, when will....?'

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snowden's a hero to me!

This is how we let 'scientists' create our 'wor(l)d' with 'wor(l)ds!' But, it ain't really that way!

And yet another one...

3D Printing: Here, There and Everywhere


Friday, December 20, 2013

So, ethocentric, people living in the Northern Hemisphere... It's the 'Summer' solstice in the southern hemisphere, the longest day of the year!

They (governments) could if they wanted to, but peace not a priority!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

191213 BLOK

Let's have a discussion about ethics--the literal definition from www.dictionary.com:
The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture.Moral principles, as of an individual. That branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.
What does ethics have to do with integrity?  What has happened to the idea of integrity, by the way, it seems to have disappeared from humanity?
Our government(s), our 'leaders' don't seem to set a very good example!  We read story after story of corruption, and even in the military, supposedly the bastion of up-righteousness, fraught with bad behavior (cheating, rape, murder)!  Religions seem to disregard their own tenets, abusing children in the process!   The Catholic Church rife with discord.  Neo-Nazism, discrimination of minorities, xenophobia on the rise.
Maybe I'm just a crabby old man, complaining about younger generations, but it seems to me from my lofty age of 74, mores, standards of conduct, whatever you want to call them, have declined.  Am I wrong?  Why would I even bring this subject up to discuss?
What has happened to the idea of trust?  Nobody trusts anyone anymore!  Why?
Taking responsibility for our own actions is out of style!  It is the Era of, 'The end justifies the means!'  'The 'Money is God! Era!'
Materialism, the new religion!  People believe things, having things (money, etc.) will bring them 'happiness,' when in fact things (money) are 'that obscure object of desire!'  Things, money, doesn't ultimately serve us (you find out)!
Our so-called leaders a disgrace in my opinion.  'Politics, the last refuge of scoundrels!'  What we lack are leaders.  What we have are politicians out for their own gain.  
My definition of 'government,' is a smaller group controlling a larger group for fun and profit. Doesn't matter what 'flavor' or what continent, from Mexico to the U.S., from Russia to China as all the same (with slight variations). 
People of the world act like robots!  'They strut and fret their hour upon the stage,' going through the motions, without ever really living!   Theirs is a 'car-futbol-TV life.'  A life on the surface, never probing the depths beyond 'approved' books like the Christian Bible or the Koran.
What has happened to ethical standards, responsibility and trust?  We have sold our souls to the Devil for money/power--oh, woe be unto us!
What to do?  I know it has to do with consciousness which is in short supply in the world!  Most people don't even know what it is…or, isn't!  Most people don't know that they don't know! 
What to do?  Open your heart to others (beyond your immediate family), while turning your thoughts/mind inward.  Ultimately we can only improve ourselves!
Take responsibility for your community, your culture, your country, without projecting wrongdoing and evil on others.  We're the problem, not 'them!'  Recently, discussing another of the strange, youthful violence in the State of Colorado (U.S.A.) a friend concluded that it's the parents fault.  'I blame the parents!' was the conclusion.  I responded with, 'When we project the problem away from ourselves, onto others, we only exacerbate the situation.  We're all a part of the problem!'  We (all) invented and support the system in which this (violence) is happening, and now at an alarming rate.  And until we have the courage to admit such, it will get worse and worse until I don't know what…   I just know what we (all of us) have created has turned out to be 'a mountain of shit!'  And it's time to deal with it, or God help us!


The entire country is 'broken!'

Sixty percent of 12th grade students do not view marijuana as harmful

And, they are correct!

International bill of digital rights: call from 500 writers around the world | World news | The Guardian

Writers of the world unite!

No doubt in my mind...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hey, keep smoking cigarettes, we need to reduce world population!

And yet another one... When are U.S. citizens going to figure it out?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Of course, gotta make that God, money!

Gosh, I'm glad to finally know. Of course, this will all change in the future...

'Sell, sell, sell, everything you stand for!'

And yet another one, the growing violence just ignored by U.S. citizens.

Snowden to Brazil: Swap you spying help for asylum

Monday, December 16, 2013

How Bolivia Became Obama's No. 1 Foreign Policy Screwup of the Year | Mother Jones

Go Bitcoins!

Go Snowden, wherever you are!

Edward Snowden says judge's ruling vindicates NSA surveillance disclosures

• NSA whistleblower welcomes Judge Richard Leon's ruling
• 'Programs would not withstand constitutional challenge'
• Judge: phone surveillance program likely unconstitutional
Edward Snowden in Moscow
Edward Snowden in Moscow. 'The the American public deserves a chance to see these issues determined by open court.' Photograph: Sunshinepress/Getty Images
Edward Snowden, the former security contractor who leaked a trove of National Security Agency documents, welcomed a court ruling on Monday that declared the bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records to be a likely violation of the US constitution.
Snowden said the ruling, by a US district judge, justified his disclosures. “I acted on my belief that the NSA's mass surveillance programs would not withstand a constitutional challenge, and that the American public deserved a chance to see these issues determined by open courts," he said in comments released through Glenn Greenwald, the former Guardian journalist who received the documents from Snowden.
"Today, a secret program authorised by a secret court was, when exposed to the light of day, found to violate Americans’ rights. It is the first of many,” said Snowden, whose statement was first reported by the New York Times.
Judge Richard Leon declared that the mass collection of so-called metadata probably violates the fourth amendment, relating to unreasonable searches and seizures, and was "almost Orwellian" in its scope.
He also expressed doubt about the central rationale for the program cited by the NSA: that it is necessary for preventing terrorist attacks. “The government does not cite a single case in which analysis of the NSA’s bulk metadata collection actually stopped an imminent terrorist attack,” wrote Leon, a US district judge in the District of Columbia.
“Given the limited record before me at this point in the litigation – most notably, the utter lack of evidence that a terrorist attack has ever been prevented because searching the NSA database was faster than other investigative tactics – I have serious doubts about the efficacy of the metadata collection program as a means of conducting time-sensitive investigations in cases involving imminent threats of terrorism.”
Leon granted a preliminary injunction sought by plaintiffs Larry Klayman and Charles Strange, concluding that their constitutional challenge was likely to be successful. In what was the only comfort to the NSA in a stinging judgment, he put the ruling on hold, pending an appeal by the government.
Senator Mark Udall, a leading critic of the dragnet collection, welcomed the judgment. "The ruling underscores what I have argued for years: [that] the bulk collection of Americans' phone records conflicts with Americans' privacy rights under the US constitution and has failed to make us safer," said Udall, a Democrat.
At the White House, spokesman Jay Carney said he had no comment on the on the case, saying he had not heard of the decision when the press briefing started and referred reporters to the Justice Department for reaction.
“We’ve seen the opinion and are studying it. We believe the program is constitutional as previous judges have found. We have no further comment at this time," said Justice Department spokesman Andrew Ames.

The U.S., a very sick Nation!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

There will be more in-air collisions.

Congratulations to China for this technical achievement! Next, getting a human being to the moon.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finally, the phrase 'mental illness,' included in the discussion (of violence). We've (all of us) have created a culture that is pathologically ill--where money is God, and if you're not $ wealthy there's something wrong with you. Thus, people will do anything to get it, and/or the attention needed. 80% of Hollywood movies, the theme is: 'Violence is the solution!' to all problems. WE MUST HAVE A NATIONAL DISCUSSION ABOUT THIS! WE MUST CHANGE!

NSA review to leave spying programs largely unchanged, reports say | World news | The Guardian

I love this! Now, 'bridal wear' for lesbian couples!

And yet another one, the growing violence just ignored by U.S. citizens.

Friday, December 13, 2013

121213 BLOK / T.T.

121213 BLOK / T.T.
'MOJO,' and QI (chi) are the same thing!
Yin Qi!
Yin Qi!
Yin Qi!
Tantric Taoism 

P.S.  "In Chinese philosophy, the concept of qi is a form of energy which includes original qi that a person has at birth, and qi a person acquires from air, water, food, sunlight, and interaction with the environment.  A person is believed to become ill or die when qi becomes diminished or unbalanced. Health is believed to be returned by rebuilding qi, eliminating qi blockages, and correcting qi imbalances."


111213 BLOK

111213 BLOK (interesting numbers for date)
My 73-74th BD, depending
on how you count.  I prefer the Chinese count, beginning with conception.  And let's face it, we all 'began' a long time before that, and without end.
The material body goes, but the Spirit (energy), never 'born,' never 'dies.'
The 'trick' is to identify with the Spirit, as your body ages, and less and less with the Ego--an easier 'death.' 
I sit on the veranda at Hotel Gran Cochabamba having eaten at their breakfast buffet table (all for $6U.S.)--writing this BD post in long hand on paper with an ink pen.  No, I don't have an iPad. 
This after a hectic morning getting ready to be at the Laboratorio by 0800 (for my Candida test).  But, when I arrived I discovered a waiting room full of people because they open at 0730.  But, I didn't have to wait long until a female technician was sticking a cotton swab down my throat, in my ears, and up my nose.  A bit spendy for Bolivia, this test some $50U.S. dollars.  But, what price to know if I have Candida or not, as driving me crazy!  I'll have the results on Saturday, and accessible by Internet (their website).  
The contrasts in Bolivia stark, as 90% of the people hardly have a job, much less a computer.  But, this service helpful to me as I do have a computer, and Internet connection which will save me from going there again.  
Last night Angelo came by the house to ask for a favor.  Seems he has a friend in town and they request to park his Toyota 4-Runner in my walled patio.  Note, all Bolivianos paranoid about theft.  Of course, I said yes, somewhat reluctantly, as any motor vehicle ends up on my lawn which I'm not too happy about.  His friend, a guy named Peque Gutierrez, had driven from La Paz to compete in a mountain bike race in Cochabamba.  I'm always happy to help those who ride a bicycle in any form.  Of course, we'll go out and watch the race, Edgar and I.
Also, at Angelo's request I changed my BD dinner plans from Wednesday to Thursday evening, as he was busy on Wednesday evening.
What a good guy I am!
Happy Birthday! (Feliz Cumpleaños! in Spanish) 

P.S.  BD dinner at The Factory was good, as Edgar and Angelo got to know one another.  I ate cheese and bean nachos, drank a beer, and had their 'Factory Brownie' (shared with Edgar).   Not exactly health food, but once in a while one must indulge their desires. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This era in history will be known as THE PEOPLE VERSUS OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENTS! Now playing at your local theater in the Ukraine.


News Analysis: Flip-Flops Point To Splits In Yanukovych's Circle

Protesters hold portraits of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych during a demonstration in support of EU integration on Independence Square in Kyiv on November 29.
Protesters hold portraits of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych during a demonstration in support of EU integration on Independence Square in Kyiv on November 29.
By RFE/RL and Robert Coalson
Just hours after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych called for roundtable talks with the opposition, police forcefully moved against demonstrators in Kyiv under the cover of darkness -- and hopes of a negotiated settlement to the standoff were dashed. 

Yanukovych's reversal, appearing conciliatory after a meeting with three former Ukrainian presidents on December 10 only to crack down that night, was just his latest U-turn. It mirrored another apparent flip-flop weeks earlier, when police used force against protesters on the night of November 30 only to back off and cede the streets to them the next day.

Throughout Ukraine's ongoing crisis, which was sparked by Yanukovych decision to back away from a landmark pact with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Moscow, the president's mixed signals and frequent reversals of course have been dizzying.

According to Kyiv-based political analyst Viktor Nebozhenko, they have created the impression that he is losing control over the situation.

"President Yanukovych is clearly not up to the political task at hand," he says. "He is lost, that is obvious. The fact that he acts in directly contradictory ways -- one minute, he's conciliatory, the next, he is harsh -- shows that he has no strategy and he is simply being carried along with the currents."

He adds that Yanukovych's vacillations are the "main problem" in Ukraine now, producing an atmosphere in Kyiv that Nebozhenko describes as "de facto martial law."

"It is obvious that the president is acting illogically -- at one moment, he is trying to frighten people and then he tries to make compromises," he says. "This is now the main problem -- what move will the president of Ukraine make next?"

Deep Divisions

The Ukrainian government's zigzags reflect deep divisions within Yanukovych's inner circle and conflicting advice that is being offered to him, analysts say. In their view, the external appearance of chaos is the result of intense internal conflict.

Nebozhenko says one group, represented by presidential chief of staff Serhiy Levochkin and oligarch Dmitro Firtash, is urging a softer line with the protesters in hopes of wearing them down. Another, centered around Security Council Secretary Andriy Klyuyev, Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, and others tied to the so-called "Family" of Yanukovych's closest cronies is pushing for a harsh crackdown.

PHOTO GALLERY: Protests In Ukraine

Political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko tells RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service that the the authorities initial use of force on protesters, on November 30 was initiated by pro-Moscow politician Viktor Medvedchuk and carried out through Klyuyev. Medvedchuk, who served as chief of staff to ex-President Leonid Kuchma, is a formerly powerful behind-the-scenes player with close ties to Russia who has been attempting a return to politics since 2012.

Ukrainian President Viktor YanukovychUkrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

Following the November 30-December 1 violence, which led to even bigger demonstrations in which hundreds of thousands took to the streets, Ukrainian media reported that Levochkin had resigned, but that Yanukovych refused to accept it. Such reports further inflamed speculation of splits within the ruling elite.

Adding to the intrigue, Levochkin is rumored to have ties to opposition figure and world heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, although Klitschko denies this.

But former Yanukovych adviser Taras Chornovyl warns that, in the opaque world of Ukrainian court politics, misleading leaks are commonplace.

"There has been a lot of information alleging that the decisions about using force against protesters [on November 30] were made by [Security Council Secretary Andriy] Klyuyev," he says. "But this information comes from sources that are linked with [presidential chief of staff Serhiy] Levochkin. This personal war between Levochkin and [Interior Minister Vitaliy] Zakharchenko casts doubt on the perception that Levochkin is good and Zaharchenko is definitely bad."

Moscow's 'Long Hand'

And then, of course, there is what Ukrainians call "the long hand of Moscow." Ukrainian political analyst Oleksandr Paliy tells RFE/RL that crackdowns on the protesters only isolate Yanukovych from the West, and "this is something that Moscow is most interested in."

Analyst Nebozhenko also notes Russia's high level of activity in Kyiv.

"No one is even hiding the fact that there is a large contingent of political consultants from the Kremlin here of the type like [Russian presidential adviser Vladislav] Surkov in the corridors of the cabinet of ministers," he says. "Of course, there are [Russian] security people who have infiltrated literally all the structures of the special services, the police, and the presidential security team."

He adds, however that there are also no simple divisions between "pro-Europe" and "pro-Russia" forces within Yanukovych's inner circle. Klyuyev, for instance, has close ties with Russian security forces, but his main economic interests are in Austria.

Firtash's business empire has strong interests both east and west.

ALSO READ: Ukraine's 'Euromaidan' Through The Lens Of Russian TV

Elena Gnedina, a Paris-based analyst of post-Soviet affairs, says Firtash, despite his strong ties to Russia, favors an Association Agreement with the European Union in hopes of "improving his image in the West." Powerful oligarchs such as Renat Akhmetov and Petro Poroshenko have publicly thrown their support behind closer ties with the EU.

Gnedina adds that Yanukovych has not been as successful at balancing the interests of various oligarchs as former President Leonid Kuchma was, leading to weaknesses in his support now.

Nebozhenko says Azarov is the most pro-Russian force in the upper echelons at the moment, genuinely believing that the antigovernment protests have been organized by the EU and the United States.

But despite the apparent splits in Yanukovych's circle, what unites them -- the desire to remain in power -- could turn out to be more important than what divides them.

"For years we've been hearing about splits within the Donetsk clan [of oligarchs close to Yanukovych] and they are there," says Ivan Lozowy, president of Institute of Statehood and Democracy in Kyiv. "But the joint interests of this group are much stronger because they achieved power in 2010. They have absolute power in Ukraine. It is practically unfettered by any other institutions in the country on a scale unimaginable in any developed Western country. So this is the overriding interest. Even though there may be tactical differences and different points of view, they're all bound by this overriding principle -- they are in power and they are making huge amounts of money."

Lozowy believes Yanukovych and the Donetsk oligarchs who support him are now playing a political game, trying to wear down the protests and then, later, crack down on its leadership much as Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka did following the presidential election there in December 2010.

"The 2015 [presidential election in Ukraine] is happening right now," Lozowy says.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Uruguay legalises the sale and production of cannabis | Mail Online

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I doubt it, as the U.S.A. a 'sick' Nation!


Monday, December 09, 2013

09b1213 BLOK

09b1213 BLOK
The little demons here at Chez Hache plague me, nothing too overt but annoying, soaking up , taking what energy as they can!  Is it me or them, I do 'knot no?'  My mind trying to survive on the cusp of turning 73/74 years of age (depending on how you count)!
Yesterday, Edgar and I managed 80KM, our Sunday ride to a remote dried-up lake he knew about.  This on the highway to Torata (some 40KM southeast of Cochabamba).  At 17KM we turn off the old highway (to Santa Cruz) , then around the lake and another 10KM we exited to take a rock road to this place, this dried-up lake Edgar had suggested we go.  He seemed keen on visiting this remote area.
The rock roads in Bolivia daunting, so we take the dirt at the edge when we can.  At some point, however, Edgar fell, as his thin road tires not ideal for off road.   Unhurt, except for a few cuts, he's back on his feet immediately.  Falling/accidents all a part of cycling. 
The day before in Cochabamba, cycling to the Christmas Open House/Garage Sale, I came close to serious injury or death, when a passing automobile almost hit me.  I remember gasping, as it was going so fast.  But, I learned something as always… In these 'roundabouts,' or circles, be extra careful turning from the inside lane.  I had signaled, but drivers are either distracted or don't notice silent two-wheelers like bicycles.  
The rock road to our destination, was through some hills, nothing too challenging, however.  But, oh so primitive the rural areas away from Cochabamba.  You go back in time, the adobe houses falling in disrepair (yet all have TV antennas or satellite dishes).  In this area the Chalita women herd sheep.  So much of Bolivia, at least the rural areas, remind me of Tibet/China.
At Edgar's dried-up lake we stop to rest and eat my tuna-fish sandwiches.  We sat  at the edge of a primitive futbol field (see fotos. at www.cyclingpeace.org/gallery/).   
I had brought some Christmas cookies (purchased from Carolina at the Christmas Open House).   I gave these cookies to Edgar.  My cookies were from a 'health food' store, and sweetened with stevia, or so the label reads.  Note, I don't trust the labels in Bolivia, however. 
After eating Edgar, a former soccer player, made a soccer ball out of sheep dung in a bolsa de plastic.  He then demonstrated his prowess with such, and for a 68-year old man can still move with the best of them.  
But, by 2P.M it was time to consider returning to Cochabamba.  Note, this 40KM distance, getting there, had taken 2.5 hours.  Thus, we had arrived at 1230P.M, Resting, eating, and playing, by 2P.M. it was time to return.
On the way home we stopped at Edgar's favorite restaurant (on the Santa Cruz highway) where we ate empanadas (like a pocket sandwich; cheese or meat in a wheat crust) and drank our favorite cervesa, El Inca (only 3% alcohol).
I managed to survive cranking up my Los Roebles hill, having to rest three times.  But, by the time I arrived at my gate, so happy that there was no more, or little, exertion needed!  Note, when I had rested, however, I walked to the local market and purchased mas El Inca (thirsty).  Note, I have a tough time drinking just agua!
Today, Lunes, or Monday, I am very tired!  Candida is 'eating my lunch' (probably literally)!  This means (in order to get rid of) no sugar, alcohol, and/or yogurt (stevia sweetened, O.K.)  And this regimen maybe for three months, eating mostly vegetables!  Oh, Lord, give me strength, as addicted to sugar (the cause of)!  Damn!


Yes, it should require a warrant!

09a1213 BLOK

09a1213 BLOK
Endless, the joy!
The ticking of the clock,
Dividing change, and making c-locks…
Thoughts to syncho the world
A mad machine!
Modern-man-life destroy…
Oh, let us retreat to when there was no clock time,
Endless, the joy!