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What hypocrisy! We're the ones that have caused it!

30b0913 BLOK / T.T.

30b0913 BLOK / T.T.
We love J. Rumi's way of identifying 'the problem,' and what to do about it! 
'Butt,' how?  Rumi, we want to 'no' how?  How to overcome the Ego, 'I?'
Do we need to meet a Shams Tabriz?

Tantric Taoism 


30a0913 BLOK / T.T.

30a0913 BLOK / T.T.
Wide brims,
Big butts,
Motor crazed,
The Earth razed!
The old, shuffle along
Abused by 'the Man,'
The history of the world! 
I sit outside in the sun,
Seeking myself!
A must the 'eye' to lose.
It's the essence of being
Connected to the 'hole!' 
Seek the soul, be bold!
The weak, those who don't 
Wear wide brims, have big butts, and
Burn oil!
Tantric Taoism

P.S.  Read J. Rumi 


300913 BLOK / T.T.

300913 BLOK / T.T. 
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
If only I could remember,
What's my name?
Tantric Taoism

P.S.  It's good when you can't remember your name!


29b0913 BLOK / T.T.

29b0913 BLOK / T.T.
The Ego wants, and Master wants…
Guess who wins?

Tantric Taoism


29a0913 BLOK

29a0913 BLOK
It's a beautiful, albeit windy (ventoso) Spring day in CochabamBO--September = March in the Southern Hemisphere!  The sunlight at 4P.M., budding like a flower!
The young couple at the next table, a date, mating (it's Spring)--so cute to watch the interplay ('foreplay').
Everyone here in Bolandia, and everywhere in the world captured by a little screen.  I want to SCREAM!
Additionally, a motor mentality.  The masses love noise.  I'm reminded of China.  The motor vehicle, the illusion of power and freedom powerful!
I drink my 'double' Cafe Latte and eat my brownie sitting at Capressa.  Note, I've never met a brownie I didn't want to eat.  My epitaph:  TOO MANY BROWNIES!  (I died happy)!  I rate Capressa's low (stale), but the girls are pretty. 
Here in Catholic South America, like in China, marriage, children, family #1.  Male and female have clearly defined roles, although for women, 24/7!   Homosexuality, I think, underground, as I've seen no evidence of…  Families want offspring!   I should say the Pope wants!
Ernest Hemingway, was my teenage hero, speaking of marriage (he married four times).  The 'big white hunter,' the 'love 'em and leave 'em,' 'the two-fisted drinker' I tried to emulate!   I almost killed myself trying.  
Now, I just am nothing like, except for the writing part.   He wasn't a poet, and I'm not a novelist.  He blew his brains out with a shotgun, but I don't think I'll be doing that (not wanting to leave such a mess to clean up).   But, they say speak no ill of the dead, as they can't respond!
Why am I writing about Ernest Hemingway?


290913 BLOK / T.T.

290913 BLOK / T.T.
Death, what you call 'death' (loss of the body), is in fact, the biggest, longest, best, most intense 'orgasm' you can imagine!  So start imagining!
Note:  Einstein said it, 'Imagination is more important than knowledge!' 
Tantric Taoism 


Bolivian History

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who cares about the workers? It's profit we lust for...

We're all dying, by the way... But, her best hope is to get out of the system!

U.S pathology, and 'yet' another example...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Get in now, and make dinero!

How a government gets control, more things ($) to combat 'terrorism.' 'Terrorism, a government's best friend!'

It's us that face 'Armageddon,' along with the animals. We're all connected!

Here's a guy with balls!

280913 BLOK / T.T.

280913 BLOK / T.T.
Life is a cauldron of opposites, a seething mass of enantiodromia, Nature trying to keep everything in balance, humanity a 'wildcard,' in the every changing mystery of Duality.  But, 'know' Duality, 'no' Singularity! 

Tantric Taoism


Yep, we're killing ourselves...

Sen. Ron Wyden: NSA 'repeatedly deceived the American people' | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |

Friday, September 27, 2013

pp.161, from TEACHINGS OF RUMI (Andrew Harvey):

pp.161, from TEACHINGS OF RUMI (Andrew Harvey):

"One day the story of Sheikh Kermani was told by our Master.  The skeikh loved to dally with beautiful boys.  But, in all honor, it must be reported that he did nothing with them!  So, Rumi cried out, 'Would that he had done something to them...  But, then gotten past this weakness?  Then, ultimately gone beyond it all--what an achievement!


Polarization will destroy the U.S. Republic, and us with it. How did we get here?

The U.S. is having a mental-health crisis...

270913  BLOK
The U.S. is having a mental-health crisis, nee violence, and this needs to be addressed, rather than avoided!  
We tend to treat the symptoms of a problem for money, but now we must cure the illness--us!  That is, if we're going to survive!
If we ignore, and business as usual, no chance!


Selling war...

26b0913 BLOK

26b0913 BLOK
Funny, I've gotten so absentminded or maybe senile.  I misplace things all the time, and then can't locate them.  Today my sunglasses (which I lose regularly).
When I wear 'James B.' (my bicycle helmet) I have no place to store my sunglasses when not needed.  So today to fool myself I hung them on the neck of my t-shirt (done this before).
I had gone to Capresso Cafe, for my morning brownie.  Departing for La Bicicleta La Adventura, I couldn't find them.  Oh, well I thought, they were scratched. I was resigned to buying yet another pair at La Cancha (only 30Bs / or $5U.S.).  
Done at La Bici. I decided to return to Capresso to ask if someone had picked them up and returned them.  
The girls had departed and a man was on duty.  Standing right in front of him, my sunglasses plain to all, I asked.  'Did anyone turn in some lost sunglasses?' (¿Alguien enciende en unas gafas de sol perdido?)  He thought for a moment, asked another employee, and said 'no!'   He might have said, 'Check under your neck, Sir.' but he didn't.  Of course, I would have been embarrassed.
I don't know at what point I discovered them, hanging on my shirt.  But, I laughed about it.  How stupid!  And once again proving I may be the most absentminded person walking the Earth.


26a0913 BLOK

26a0913 BLOK

260913 BLOK / T.T.

260913 BLOK / T.T.
The 'Law of Attraction,' is enantiodromia (opposites attract).
It creates the energy,
The movement,
The perpetual cycle, 
Back and forth,
Until we are lost 
In each other.
The vibration,
We call
'The Guan Yin,'
Unconditional love!

Tantric Taoism 


25a0913 BLOK / T.T.

25a0913 BLOK / T.T.
'I' don't exist!
We do!
All Ego pursuits are ultimately worthless.  'Won' must feel sorry for all the so-called media celebrities, that sell their souls to the Devil for attention (money).   They are trapped in a world they don't understand.  All they know is attention nee money, and thus woe be unto them.

Tantric Taoism 


250913 BLOK / T.T.

250913 BLOK /  T.T.
Made 'hole' via a 'whole!'
We're coming so much!
We're coming so much!
We're coming so much!
The feeling beyond feeling,
The 'no' feeling!
The Guan Yin!

Tantric Taoism 


24a0913 BLOK / T.T.

24a0913 BLOK / T.T.
'I no' nothing!
We 'know' something…

Tantric Taoism 


240913 BLOK / T.T.

240913 BLOK / T.T.
'I' (we) only 'no won' thing bout 'death.'  It's the loss of ego consciousness.  What else we don't 'know!'  Life is ultimately a mystery to keep us 'safe.'

Tantric Taoism


23a0913 BLOK / T.T.

23a0913 BLOK / T.T.
We saw The Guan Yin this afternoon, 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds!'   She was an angel with a blue hole and a red 'baby' cloud.  The blue 'whole' the 'umbilical hole,' to 
The Divine Love,
The Guan Yin.
S/he is 'Blue-tiful!'
Tantric Taoism 
P.S.  Details not lost on us.  A red cloud… My N.A. name is Red Cloud, Nube Roja, en Espanol. 


230913 BLOK / T.T.

230913 BLOK / T.T.
Make the Light PENETRATE!
PENETRATE, every darkness, 
Every unconsciousness!
The Light!
The Love!
'The Light is with you!
The Light is within you!' (sayeth The Rock)
Tantric Taoism

Penetrating every darkness! 


Thursday, September 26, 2013

How can someone not be 'anti-drone?' Those in the M-I who profit from it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A mere 300,000 Galaxies, besides our own Milky Way... Vast...

Go Dilma!

The best countries in the world for vegetarians

The best countries in the world for vegetarians

Glasgow has been heralded as the best city in the world for vegans, but where are the best nations for travellers on a meat-free diet?
Vegetarian food India
Meat-free meals and snacks can be found on almost every corner in India. Photograph: Earl & Nazima Kowall/CORBIS
So now that we've established – or at least Peta has – that Glasgow is the most vegetarian/vegan-friendly place in the UK the next question is, which the best country for vegetarians and vegans? In many countries, eating meat is part of the national identity. Think of Australian barbecues, American cowboys and South American cattle ranchers. There was controversy earlier this year when President Obama hosted a dinner for 12 Republican senators, and one of them ordered a vegetarian meal. The identity of the culprit was protected, for fear that exposure could mean losing their seat. TV host Bill Maher commented that American voters would sooner elect a gay president than a vegetarian. Republican senators in Iowa and Texas said vegetarians were ''un-American" and made public pledges to eat more meat.
Still, once you've waved the political madness aside, you'll find that cutting-edge vegetarian and vegan cuisine thrives on America's east and west coasts. San Francisco still benefits from its hippie heritage with decent vegetarian and vegan options as standard around the Haight. San Francisco's Zen Center established Greens in 1976, and various cookbooks from its resident chefs continue to influence the menus of vegetarian eateries worldwide. Millennium, in the city centre, ranks as one of the world's top vegan restaurants with impressive high-end cuisine. Seattle and Portland are hot spots, with vegan bakeries, breweries, clothing stores, bike shops and even – in Portland – a vegan strip joint. However, Peta's choice for the top city in the US this year was, surprisingly, Austin, Texas. In the heart of ranching country, vegan entreprenuers have taken to the streets with food trucks offering tempeh burritos and chicken faux-jitas. It can still be a struggle to find vegetarian food in small-town diners, and it makes most sense to look for sustenance in areas that are highly populated and diverse: big cosmopolitan cities are the best place to look for vegetarian and vegan food.
Barcelona is fast becoming a hot spot for vegetarians, whether your preference is for punk bars or candle-lit fine dining. Elsewhere in Spain, it can be a struggle to explain that vegetarians don't eat ham. Likewise Berlin, another city where countercultures thrive, offers a good deal more for the vegetarian or vegan visitor than more rural German towns. France is notoriously hard work for vegetarians, and it can be far easier to settle for an omelette than to brave the ire of a waiter in a high-end French restaurant, but Paris has more than 30 exclusively vegetarian eateries. Even Russia, where vegetarianism was actually banned and driven underground for decades after the revolution, offers enough meat-free dining experiences in St Petersburg and Moscow to keepvegetarian visitors out of a rut for a week or so.
Any bustling city with a diverse population, cultural leanings and a university or two can generally be relied upon to offer a few exclusively vegetarian cafes, but often the food on offer is disappointingly divorced from the national cuisine. Falafels and hummus, veggie burgers, pizza, pasta and Indian-style buffets are pretty standard all over the place, but getting a vegetarian meal in, for example, a restaurant that specialises in typical Danish food can be very hard work. Vegetarian visitors to Denmark tend to rely on curry houses and Turkish kebab shops that offer falafels, tabbouleh and salad-filled pittas. There's no history of meat-free eating in Belgium – even the chips are often cooked in lard. Belgian vegetarian food makes frequent use of seitan, a surprisingly realistic meat substitute made from wheat gluten. Against all odds, the EVA (Ethisch Vegetarisch Alternatief) has persuaded many cafes and restaurants in its home town, Ghent, to adopt Paul McCartney's Meat-Free Monday idea and serve vegetarian food one day a week – in this case, Thursdays. Ghent also has more vegetarian restaurants per capita than most cities (13 for a population of 240,000).
Of course, there are many parts of the world where vegetarianism is widespread, largely because of religious principles and dietary laws. Hindus, Jains and Taoists all advocate vegetarianism to a greater or lesser extent, and this has a positive effect on the availability of vegetarian food in India and Asia. Between 20% and 40% of India's population is vegetarian – the figure is muddied by the fact that most Indian Hindus do not consider people who eat eggs to be vegetarian. Clear food labelling laws make things easy for vegetarian visitors. Most of the food served at Sikh gurdwaras is vegetarian, not because Sikhs are required to be vegetarian but because they aim to offer food that is acceptable to as many people as possible.
Countries with large Buddhist populations are generally good destinations for vegetarians, although the Buddhist approach to vegetarianism varies and is often misunderstood. The Theravada tradition, dominant in Thailand, teaches that it is all right to eat meat if it is offered to you, the Mahayana Buddhists of Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan recommend vegetarianism, and Tibetan Vajravana Buddhists consider vegetarianism optional. Being vegetarian would have been tricky in a mountainous region centuries ago, so it's hardly surprising that countries with climates that support plentiful harvests of fruit and vegetables tend to have more of a history of vegetarianism than those whose inhabitants are forced to rely on eating fish or animals that do not require lush grazing land.
Vegetarian travellers can also benefit from religious dietary observations that don't directly advocate vegetarianism. In Israel, Kashrut laws require that meat and dairy produce are not served together, making it relatively easy to find vegetarian food. In some African countries, such as Ethiopia, the Christian faith calls for frequent days of fasting, when only meat-free or vegan meals are acceptable.
British vegetarianism has Christian roots, too. Abstinence from meat was considered a form of temperance in the early 1800s, and over the years many radical thinkers embraced the idea. During the second world war, rationing conferred luxury status on meat, but interest in vegetarianism perked up again in the 1960s, thanks to trendsetters such as the Beatles, who brought the idea to a new audience. In today's multicultural society, it is easy to find meat-free specialities from all over the world. Add to that clear labelling regulations, and the UK has to be one of the easiest places in the world to be vegetarian.

NSA surveillance goes beyond Orwell's imagination – Alan Rusbridger | World news |

Monday, September 23, 2013

Keep selling marriage, as the panacea to just about everything!

Go Michael! We need more celebrities 'questioning the Sysem!'

It's coming, because things are reversing, in this case, male to female!

NSA spying, making us less safe! For sure!

Various items: NSA stories around the world | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |

Being a professional writer, I'm a great fan of libraries. And the best are in the U.S.!

What libraries do for us – and me

Libraries' huge contribution to children's literacy is threatened by swingeing cuts across the country. Where is the outrage?
Schoolgirl in Antrim library
'Libraries are an equaliser, providing access to books, librarians and a safe environment for all.' Photograph: Paul Faith/PA
'A city without a library is like a graveyard." Those were the words thatMalala Yousafzai, the inspirational Pakistani women's rights activist, used to open Birmingham's new £189m library this month. A poignant statement, considering the continuing tide of public library closures announced recently.
To paraphrase a famous scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian, what do libraries do for us? Well, they introduce many into the world of literacy and learning and help to make it a lifelong habit; they equalise; they teach empathy and help us to learn about each other; they preserve our cultural heritage; they protect our right to know and to learn; they build communities; they strengthen and advance us as a nation; they empower us as individuals.
I myself wouldn't have my lifelong passion for literature, would never have become a writer and certainly wouldn't be the current children's laureate if it hadn't been for visiting my local library as a child.
While I appreciate that in these austere times all local authorities are seeking to make savings, there is surely a strong argument for library services, and in particular children's library services, to be ringfenced against such cuts. Indeed, the 1964 Libraries Act states that every authority must provide a "comprehensive and efficient" library service, and that the government's duty is to investigate when there are serious complaints that this is not the case. Yet this government has not once seen fit to intervene, not even in Gloucestershire, where nearly half the libraries were scheduled for closure, and Herefordshire, where swingeing cuts to the public library service were initially proposed.
Recent figures from Public Libraries News show that nearly 105 UK libraries have either been closed or left local authority control since April 2012.
Last week Sheffield's city council announced plans to keep only 12 of its 28 libraries open, unless community groups come forward to run them. In the past few weeks Moray council has voted to close seven out of 15 branches. Sefton libraries are due to close a number of their branches. Not to mention the Lincolnshire libraries' cuts that have seen further public outcry, with plans proposed to keep just 15 out of 47 libraries open
In August, when there was a danger of Jane Austen's ring leaving the country, the culture minister Ed Vaizey was quick to intervene with a temporary export bar as the ring is deemed to be a "national treasure" that should be "saved for the nation". I would argue that our public libraries are just as much of a national treasure as Jane Austen's ring and yet I have seen no such outrage from Vaizey at their closure.
In these times of increasing government emphasis on children's reading and their resultant educational attainment, surely the closure of public libraries, reduced book spend, limited opening hours and the compulsory redundancy of librarians have had a direct and negative impact on this aspiration? Only last week the Institute of Educationreleased a study that gave yet more evidence that reading for pleasure between the ages of 10 and 16 improves vocabulary and boosts attainment in spelling, and also maths. Reading was found to be even more important for children's cognitive development at secondary school than the influence of their parents.
Libraries are the best literacy resource we have. For children they provide an equaliser that allows everyone access to books, story-telling sessions, homework clubs; expert librarians who give non-partisan assistance and advice regarding books; and warm and safe environments within which to discover and explore the world of literature. Libraries switch children on to a love of reading, with all the ensuing benefits, and can make them lifelong readers. Without them, literacy may increasingly become the province of the lucky few, rather than the birthright of everyone.
• This article was amended on 23 September 2013. An earlier version said that Medway council had confirmed closure of seven out of 15 branches. Medway has no plans to close any of its 16 libraries. The article also said swingeing cuts to the library service were initially proposed in Hertfordshire. That reference should have been to Herefordshire.

20e0913 BLOK / T.T.

20e0913 BLOK / T.T.
Clouds in the moonlight, what a 'site!'
This to reverse,
Less people, More resources,
Sustaining small growth!
Survival of the homo sapien
Clouds in the moonlight!

Tantric Taoism 


20d0913 BLOK / T.T.

20d0913 BLOK / T.T.
Mama Sun gone dark,
Flying past a lark,
So cool,
A drum beating,
A rooster crowing...
They must know… This 'pleine lune' cum Vernal Equinox (210913),
Perfect balance!

Tantric Taoism


20c10913 BLOK / T.T.

20c10913 BLOK / T.T.
The clouds a work of art, a glimpse of Heaven.
I'm taken, captured, enraptured,
And even if I could, I wouldn't!
This is graduation, these gifts beyond expectations!
'Wee new knot!' 
Language ultimately worthless!
It's all 'pee-nultimate,' until you get 'their.' 
But, the 'there' you call 'their' is not really 't'ere.' 

Tantric Taoism  


20c0913 BLOK / T.T.

20c0913 BLOK / T.T.
Now, Mama Sun is a flying bird, an 'engine!'
Changing, changing, everything… 
Reversing, from 
Father sun to Mother sun,
Mother Earth to Father Earth.
North to South,
Male to female,
East to West,
War to more peace
Man to woman!
Creating a new cycle,
The Age of the Guan Yin.
And now winged porpoises,
And now a 'Blow' fish, baby out of mouth.
And now a 'Dog' fish, hook in the mouth.
And now a Flounder, fat to eat.
Such animals, these clouds, we drink the nectar from…
Hey, we're 'knot' so dumb!
Spiritual Intercourse,
'Lucy in the sky with diamonds!' 

Tantric Taoism 


20b0913 BLOK / T.T.

20b0913 BLOK / T.T.
At the speed of thought, STOP THINKING!
Relax, 'we've got to make the morning last, feeling groovy!'  What is it to feel 'groovy?' 
'Feelin' Groovy!'

Tantric Taoism 


20a0913 BLOK / T.T.

20a0913 BLOK / T.T.
Does consciousness create form, or does form create consciousness?

Tantric Taoism


200913 BLOK

200913 BLOK
I shall always remember the days of August and September, 2013, at Chez Hache, Terminal Alto.   Sheer ecstasy!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eliminating guns, is only treating the symptoms. We must cure the illness, us!

Another example that money is God!

'Yet another,' example of money over people!

'Yet Another!' Shouldn't this get someone's attention in the U.S., to admit the U.S. has a serious problem that needs to be dealt with...?

The Pope has got this right, and the biggest problem in the world: Money has become God!

Friday, September 20, 2013

And yet another one, another violent shooting incident that suggests the U.S. has a problem... A big problem...

Edward Snowden has started a global debate. So why the silence in Britain? | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | The Guardian

Another example of Modern Life pathology...

Number of children blackmailed into webcam sex acts increasing, says report

New research reveals child victims of online sexual blackmail often go on to self harm
Andy Baker of Ceop: 'These offenders are cowards. They hide behind a screen'
Andy Baker of Ceop: 'These offenders are cowards. They hide behind a screen, and in many cases make hollow threats.' Photograph: Alamy
Children as young as eight are being blackmailed into performing sexual acts on webcams by abusers in increasing numbers, research by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre shows.
In a report published on Friday Ceop says it has uncovered a number of children self harming or, in one case, killing themself as a result.
The trend for online blackmail to cause children to harm themselves is a small one but its growth is worrying experts who investigate child sexual exploitation.
In the past two years Ceop has investigated 12 cases where children were blackmailed into performing sexual acts on a webcam.
In the past two years, according to figures from police forces in the UK and abroad, 424 children have been a victim of online sexual blackmail in some form – 184 in the UK.
Ceop says research shows that of those victims seven children seriously harmed themselves as a result – including six from the UK, one of whom killed themself.
Often the offenders – who frequently pose as a child online at first – go on to threaten to share naked pictures of the victim with friends and family unless they do what they are told.
In one case that Ceop investigated the offender collated images he had obtained by blackmailing a child into a file entitled "Slaves".
Andy Baker, deputy chief executive of Ceop, said: "These offenders are cowards. They hide behind a screen, and in many cases make hollow threats which they know they will never act on because by sharing these images it will only bring the police closer to them.
"Our research shows that the power offenders use on their victims means children who are forced into performing acts on webcam or sending pictures feel trapped, and some tragically go on to self harm or in the worst cases to take their own lives."
The NSPCC has set up a 24-hour helpline for children or adults worried about such blackmail (0800-328 0904).
Forty-six forces were asked to provide details of cases where a child in the past 12 months had been coerced into producing sexual images, then threatened with them being distributed and whether the victim had self harmed as a result.
One teenager who was interviewed by police in a blackmail case told investigators she was targeted when she was 12.
"This person started talking to me in the internet and said he was around my age," she said.
"Then the conversation sort of developed into other things. He'd steer the conversation in a way that was turning a bit dirty then he'd start asking for other types of pictures as well.
"If you try and say: 'Oh I don't want to talk about that,' he'd threaten or blackmail me, saying he'd send my dad all the chat logs if I didn't do what he said ... he started to do that every week.
"He always used to say: 'You know what happens if you don't send me any.' "
Investigators first uncovered online blackmail for abuse in 2010 in an investigation codenamed Hattie. It led in 2012 to the jailing of two Kuwaiti brothers. They had targeted 110 children, including 78 in the UK, and forced them into performing sex acts online.
Researchers say children are more vulnerable to such grooming if they are isolated or suffering problems at school or home. Parental monitoring of online use by young people is one of the key ways to prevent children being targeted. But more than two thirds of parents do not have filters on their children's smartphones.
Abusers often use instant messaging on smartphones to contact victims – it was used in a third of cases in the last year. The rise of smartphone ownership amongst 12-15 year olds also increases the risks.
Letzgo Hunting, a controversial vigilante group targeting potential child abusers, announced on Thursday night that it was abandoning its operations.
The move follows the suicide of Gary Cleary, whom the group had accused of grooming a child over the internet, and criticism by police that its tactics could disrupt their own operations.
The members of the Leicestershire-based group posed online as girls aged 12 to 15 and interacted with men who they believed posed a risk to children before arranging real-life meetings in car parks, filminged the confrontations and passing the evidence to police.
Cleary killed himself in May, days after he was arrested and released on police bail after a Letzgo Hunting sting. An inquest into his death was held last week.
In a statement on its website the group said: "Letzgo Hunting is done with, we always did what we could with the best intentions of children in mind, and sometimes we may have been a little over-passionate, but this is because we believe children should be protected.
"But now its over to you guys, we have shown you how easily these people groom children online, its your turn to protect them now, Letzgo Hunting have as of 17:00 on 19/09/2013 suspended all hunting activities with no view to continue them."

Predator and prey

From a case investigated by CEOP, this is an online chat between a perpetrator – an adult male pretending to be a teenage boy - and a 16-year-old girl
Offender Hi, asl? [age sex location]
Victim 16 female You?
Offender 17 m
Victim Ccool ;)
Offender Wuu2 x
Victim Fck all u? X
Offender Same babe
Have u cam Or u like shy :/ x
Victim I have cam but can only do video call && i look a mess today x
Offender Haha then sex it up babee ;P
Just go on :) x
Victim Hmmm do II have to x
Offender Yeh ;P
Next day
I make u do stuff on cam that befor a month ago right
Victim Yh
Offender And u do 4 times right
Victim Yh
Offender So i want u again for 2 times again and I ll delete u from my msn
Victim Im not doing anything dirty...u sed that i didnt have to
Offender I know but u have no choice only u listen to me this time ok
2 times more and u be free forever
Victim Omg u promised Yeahhh thanks for making me want to cry
Uve got ur slaves sed that you didnt need me no more Thanks for making me want to kill myself
Offender Ok that all 2 times more Then u be free forever Send cam now
Victim No i really don't want to...please don't make me
Offender Send cam
If u keep saying no ill let u do 4 times
So u agreed 2 times then u cant see me anymore
And if u agreed ill ask u when u start do it ok
Victim What have i done wrong to you for you to treat me like this :(
Offender Realy nothing
But ur hot that why i like u do stuff for me
And u will do it 2 times more
Brb 2 mins
Victim Well u promised ii wouldnt have to do it
Ever again
Oh ok...i feel sick
Offender Remember i have ur video so don't do anything bad
See u later