Wednesday, July 31, 2013

31a0713 BLOK / T.T.

31a0713 BLOK / T.T.
Here's an example of creating our worlds from our minds with words:  YOURS FOREVER!  What does that mean to you?  I'll bet it's different from my 'Forever!'
Tantric Taoism

P.S.  The Honeymoon continues...


310713 BLOK / T.T.

310713 BLOK / T.T.
The Guan Yin is a form of silence!

Tantric Taoism 


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30a0713 BLOK / T.T.

30a0713 BLOK /  T.T.
What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday, Hell, from dropping the chicken on the sidewalk to, on the war path after Coco.  
Today, Heaven!  Suddenly, our T.T. program changed the energy, and negative became positive.
Note, everything is reversing:  Male to Female, North to South, War to Peace, Destruction to Creation, East to West, Night to Day, the male giving birth…  The Yin Qi has risen!
The weather perfect, sunny but cool in the shade, nary a cloud nor a wisp of wind.  But, now and then a breeze to cool you off if sitting in that laser-like Mother Sun!  At this south latitude, July/January, the most oblique angle, it can burn you faster than popcorn!  Bolivians hide from Inti, I relish in it!  I suffered through La Paz, for six months of rainy cold, in the summer no less.  Now winter, I'm glad I'm not there.
But, this day in Cochabamba, of Ramiro re-plastering the outside wall, making lentil soup, meeting Angelo, trying out the new stuff, taking a hike up the hill (3KM, up and down in two hours), adding up to perfection!  A little shaky, the hike, but I persevered!  
Tantric Taoism

P.S.  After two weeks battling Giardia (single cells parasites that like hanging out in your small intestine).  I thought the discomfort was just some bacteria, taking anti-biotics (a mistake), becoming dehydrated, spending all nights on the toilet, trust me, I'm suddenly a happy camper.  Feeling good, that's the goal always.  Of course, this means mentally, as well as physically.  Actually they're the same thing!  There's always a mental element in every physical manifestation.


First Gay Divorce Finalized in Colorado

Marriage, a bad idea, invented by the church to control and to make money.
Now, the lawyers make money from divorces.
It's all about money, with Capitalism.
It's an illusion this perfect union, because beset with expectations. We call it 'Nature's Joke!'   The divorce rate in the world, at least 50%, the other 50% still married, after 30 years, hardly talk to each other.
Isn't there something better?  Yes,
When the human race 'grows up!'
It's all about consciousness!  
Otherwise, I'm stumped!

The Light is with you! The Light is within you! (Phyllis Rock), Tantric Taoism


Twenty years ago, residents drank from Lake Athabasca. Now, fish are deformed and many people blame health problems on pollution.

300713 BLOK / T.T.

300713 BLOK / T.T.
IT completes us!
IT makes us whole,
The union,
Of both male and female:
The Guan Yin, is
Everybody, and 
Cuming together, as

Tantric Taoism 


Monday, July 29, 2013

BBC News - World - Woman held in Washington vandalism

Notice how there's more and more disobedience, protest, unrest?  People are tired of BOHICA time. 
But, I know one thing, it's easy to revolt, but harder to govern.
There's no objective solution, except perfecting ourselves, each and everyone of us!  Then, maybe the 100th Monkey phenomenon will come into play, spontaneous combustion, and 'bingo' a better world...
Imagine that! (Thank you, John Lennon)
It all starts from our minds!

The U.S. is going to crash economically, and sooner than you think!

We're hoping!

I'd like to make a movie of this guy's life!

29b0713 BLOK / T.T.

29b0713 BLOK / T.T.
Are we God, or is God us?

Tantric Taoism


29a0713 BLOK / T.T.

29a0713 BLOK / T.T.
Silence attracts noise,
Noise, silence.
Winning attracts losing,
Losing, winning.
Consciousness attracts unconsciousness,
Unconsciousness, consciousness.
We always desire what we don't have,
Yet, we never appreciate it, until it's gone!

Tantric Taoism 


290713 BLOK / T.T.

290713 BLOK / T.T.
We're female
With a penis,
Concave and convex,
We serve either sex,
Satisfying ourselves in between!
Spiritual Intercourse!

Tantric Taoism


Sunday, July 28, 2013

270713 BLOK / T.T.

270713 BLOK /  T.T.
'I' love 'hearing' nothing,
The Guan Yin,
That 'sound' in your mind, no not
This, the 'sound' like electricity,
The simultaneous orgasm of
Everybody, and
The Guan Yin!
Tantric Taoism




I'm an old man,
A dead man,
Maybe tomorrow,
Maybe in 20 years!
Quien Sabe?
But, I hear the Fat Lady
Warming up,
Not so steady as I used to be!
No death, no life!
In Duality!


I think this would be good for the earth, to get rid of its 'cancer,' humanity!

Very insightful about the world economy!

Religion does have one good purpose... It helps to keep populations in check!

We can finally lose the entire U.S.!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A country/culture self-destructing!

I have a better idea, scrap the entire agency! We don't need it anymore!

I'd vote for him!

More evidence Nature is fighting back!

I'm heartened by this! Nature beginning to fight back!

I'm sure they would like to!

It's true, what he says... and this is the New Age version of the Crusades.

They're all the same, politicians, public officials. Doesn't matter what country/culture, party, sex, or religion! Inferior people!

Losing is right, but everything, not just high-tech talent!

And yet, more U.S. pathology! Now, an epidemic!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Total control, can't be far!

They become, what we name them! There is no objective existence!


With Capitalism, the ends justifiy the means! Money is God, so what would you expect. A moral issue, of course.

Who cares about people? Money is God!

Welcome to a BRAVE NEW WORLD!

More mind control!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here's a potential hot war!

240713 BLOK / T.T.

240713 BLOK / T.T.
The Guan Yin is Simultaneity, all at once!
Tantric Taoism


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

C'mon, people so stupid about this... He's already made a deal with Putin, Putin's not stupid enough you pass up looking at all those 'juicy' documents, Snowden has on his laptops.

There's a 'price' to pay for celebrity, and most don't understand that... Sometimes, your life!

They love to shoot and kill people in Texas!

We create our world with words! Now Neutrinos 'shape shifting!' What is 'shape shifting' is the world we create!

We learned nothing!

They're beginning to fight back, protecting their habitats!

BLOK 230713 / T.T.

It's way more than that, Jan!  We live vicariously, looking for saviors!  We know we have feet of clay.  We worship the wrong Gods:  movie stars, football players, Royalty, the Pope, etc.  We aspire to, material things, and thus we suffer, we think so little of ourselves!  
When the solution is simple:  Get control of the Ego, stop identifying with the corporal body, it goes!  The Spirit, not born does not die!  Start identifying with IT! It is 'life' eternal!
Tantric Taoism


Monday, July 22, 2013

Economics is not a science, but a philosophy: People act to benefit themselves!

General Hayden should ask why Snowden did this, it wasn't for money?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're killing ourselves, plant by plant, animal by animal!

More endless U.S. pathology... I wonder when someone's going to start recognizing!

Sorry about that!

Ride a bicycle!

The U.S., the most destructive country in the world!

If I could just get women of the world to unite, in some way, they would have more power!

Why argue? You go right ahead and have as many as you like! Not me!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Police out of control everywhere in the world!

I'm beginning to feel sorry for him, so inept!

Our legacy!

Go Venezuela!

Eat your heart out, as it will get you out of the gene pool!

So typical... Governments steal from us, and then want us to work for free!

Great! Hacktivist! I'd love to have, as I want to express somethings to my representative that doesn't represent!

We should be debating why the U.S. culture is ill, not just about guns!

Too late to worry, the Fat Lady has sung!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Not true, Putin playing the U.S. like a fiddle!

The U.S. on the way down, and out (within 5 years)!

"Perhaps, in such times, loving one's country means being hated by its government." Edward Snowden

American surveillance: Licence to snoop | The Economist: ""Perhaps, in such times, loving one's country means being hated by its government.""

'via Blog this'

He's (Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro) right! The U.S. the most repressive in the world, next to Russia and China!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This is good news!

The first domino to fall...

So is planet Earth!

Texas, living in the Dark Ages!

It always seems to come down to money!

Thank you, Mr. Gordon Humphrey, for having the 'balls,' to speak out against this egregious violation of the U.S. Constitution!

Absolutely justified!

Hey, great idea! Go, Deer Trail, Colorado, U.S.A.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh, woe be unto all the men, who do this kind of thing, and for 7 generations!

The media will do anything to get attention, and there's no such thing as bad publicity.

From one of my Nepali 'sons,' living in the U.S., Rajesh Khadka

Hi Hache,
 You are a man/woman composed of many parts.
 Some times  you are an optimist, a whistleblower, a visionary, a compassionate man and sometime a challenge to the Status Quo.
 Like the writer George Orwell novel 1984 highlights I hereby designate you with the title and honour of a futuristic man with all the rights and privileges bestowed with it.
You have an intuition far better than a lot of young.
An insight as compelling and powerful to the issues that is plaquing the world.
So If I were you I would not worry about Alzheimer disease.
 Live your life like a bird/King.
Rise and shine each day.
You Simply Rock Hache.

The U.S., the most dangerous country in the world!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

China makes friends, we make enemies!

Wouldn't surprise in the least!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The entire justice system in the U.S., failing. In fact, the country is failing!

Bureaucracies, incredibly inefficient!

10 Ways to Be an Authentic Leader -

We're polluting ourselves to death!

Inequality, Sally, that's what causing 49 million people on food stamps (in the U.S.)

Go protesters! There is no justice in the U.S. for black people!

MONEY IS GOD, what would you expect?


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Israel, has become like Nazi Germany!

Job opportunity!

How sad!

You live by the sword, you die by the sword!

Great story of Arctic exploration and survival!

Wear a pollution mask!

What does this tell us?

The beginning of the end of the U.S., as we once knew.

TV will do anything to get attention!

French history...

Slain American Student's Letter Says 'Good Friends,' 'Good Deeds' Make a Happy Life - ABC News

Black leaders: Zimmerman verdict is 'old South justice'

China makes friends, we make enemies! Who do you think will be #1 in the world?

'Integrity,' hardly!

The U.S. all about crime and punishment!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Hut Where the Internet Began - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic

The U.S. has been abusing South American countries for a hundred years! Shame on us!

The continuing tale of U.S. pathology, a very ill nation.

Capitalism, U.S. style isn't working!

Old and bloated with bureaucracy they are... Ironically, the biggest danger of a new business, is success!

Another example, of 'killing the messenger.'

This is what bureaucrats do... They wangle their way in, the stay until it gets too 'hot,' and then they leave with all the benefits.

130713 BLOK

130713 BLOK (Sam's 21st BD)
Some advice…
When I can't go any longer,
I will stay,
I've had my day in the sun,
Always on the run!
Away from the congestion,
The rush,
The hush of
Modern life,
Now insane!
What to do?
Get out of it!
Some Advice…


It's simple!

It's all about right and wrong, and we all know what is the right thing to do!
So, why so much 'wrong,' in 2013?
Too many people trying to survive, with dwindling resources.
We're going to have to get together, or go instinct!


We're (the human race) killing ourselves, and all for money. I don't think we're a very evolved species!

More U.S. pathology...

I kicked this habit long ago!


It's all about fighting, winning, and getting rich!

Friday, July 12, 2013

We need to have an economic crash, as the only hope of waking up!

It's all about money!

This is news?


Go Oliver Stone!


Let's hope they save us from ourselves! Certainly, we're not capable!

My God, the U.S. Gov., inept at foreign relations! We think we can just 'buy' people!

Women cyclists of the world unite, you have only your 'chains' to lose!

Go Snowden! If I were a billonaire, you'd have no problems!

You'd have to pay me $200K to listen!

Whatever happened to integrity?

We make enemies, China makes friends. Guess who will be #1?

Many U.S. citizens, bad behavior! To do this, spray paint on the Chinese Embassy, only makes matters worse!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's he that's not healthy!

The Sun is 'jerking off!'

Just a symptom of the U.S.'s woes!

Great! It's about time!

What a joke!



Creating our existence with English words...

I'm learning how to be old...

110713 BLOK / T.T.

110713 BLOK / T.T.
'Death,' is 'know' separation!
Step on the Ego,
Become more,
And then less,
That is the test!
Neither right, nor wrong,
Left or 'write!'
Don't limit yourself!

Tantric Taoism


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Of course they did, as inept!

What about the U.S.?


Ah, blame the equipment. But, for landing, pilots should be in control.

Of course! This is the Establishment, the 'owners' of the world, conspiring to exploit the masses. Nothing new here.

The Pilot's Union pressured them. Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything anymore!

Nothing changes! If one wonders why I'm not sanguine about the future of humanity, here's an example... Nothing Changes!

101013 BLOK

101013 BLOK 
I guess what's happened in the world is
And if that isn't a formula for extinction,
We don't know what is!


Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Where do I join?

Another example of U.S. pathology... U.S. citizens just take this as 'normal,' anymore...

Monday, July 08, 2013

This country/culture self destructing...

Who are we, the U.S., to tell Egypt what to do? We didn't use 'restraint' in Iraq or Afghanistan... Viet Nam?


The heat from the sun has nothing to do with distance, but angle!

Not me, thank you! If I die of cancer I won't know, it will just be another pain! Once diagnosed, they operate on your wallet!

080713 BLOK / T.T.

080713 BLOK / T.T.
Everything begins with an idea!
Thus, if there's the idea of 'life,' then there must be 
The 'idea' of 'death!'
We live in a dual wor(l)d.
The 'trick' is to
Get control of the Ego,
And sample
Where there is no 'life' and no 'death!

Tantric Taoism


Sunday, July 07, 2013


Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval - Health and Medicine - The Sacramento Bee: "
"Do I criticize those women for manipulating the system because they're pregnant? Absolutely not," said Martin, 73. "But I don't think it should happen. And I'd like to find ways to decrease that."

Martin denied approving the surgeries, but at least 60 tubal ligations were done at Valley State while Martin was in charge, according to the state contracts database.


'via Blog this'

What a story!

07a0713 BLOK / T.T.

07a0713 BLOK / T.T.

WE'RE GIVING 'WOR(L)DS' TO the concept of SINGULARITY, as it comes to us. This, so we can understand it (right now no 'wor(l)ds').  In the process we will be SAVING THE APPEARANCES (thank you Owen Barfield)!
What is 'Enlightenment' anyway?  Getting control of y/our Ego!

Tantric Taoism


070713 BLOK

070713 BLOK (Think about it, speaking of numerology… Next year we'll have a 070714 Year.  What you think that will mean?)
Yesterday was 'Lost and FOUND Day' for me!  I still marvel at it, the day, the total day from getting up at 0530 to 2200 hours, when I got into bed.  Truly amazing!
It started with me, it ended with Sam, cycling, seeking wood, in the middle.
I had an urge to find the pipa screens I'd been able to purchase.  Having value to me I hid them in a safe place, one not even I would find.  And therein lies the conundrum.  My nose was aching too!  Maybe that's like getting an 'itch,' as I was driven to find them, two pipa screens.
I started looking in all the obvious places.  I didn't find them!  But, I pursued!  (Perseverance is omnipotent!).  
I finally worked all the way around my bedroom/'office.'  Nothing.  I got to my relatively new cloth satchel (we used to call them), although this one Aymara colorful mit internal steel frame (I had made).  It has four external pockets.  I thought, perfect, the pockets for the small, thin, light packet (2 pipa screens).  The first two nothing, but then in back the larger pockets, BINGO!  I was stunned, my old U.S. Passport, which I thought had been lost or stolen, I hadn't lost, I'd only hid it from myself to go through all the 'fun' of applying and paying ($135U.S.) for a new one!  It was all slightly amazing, as I went on to locate my 2 pipa screens in the same matchbox, and the offering box where I'd hidden (in a 'secure' place).
This must be a game I play with myself.  But, at my age, a few eccentricities come…  Like riding a bicycle around the world.
What's amazing?  Two days ago I had no passports now I have TWO!  Note, a woman called from the U.S. Consulate to inform me my passport was there at there office in Cochabamba.  I had thought they would send it to Namaste in La Paz, part of the reason for going to Elder Jove's 95th BD.  Anyway, struck, I could hardly wait to tell Angelo, as it's Angelo who has always helped when I need sophisticated Spanish.  Thus, we've spent hours waiting at many Government 'torture chambers' (Interpol, hospitals, consulates, lawyers offices,  Imgraciones, etc.)
We got a message from Angelo, the trip to his property cancelled, and he and Nirzia going to La Chancha to pick up our new fire (oil drum turned into a barby).
Chris and Inez (?), our two Austrian cycling guests ( were off to La Chancha as well).  
Angelo returned with the 'barby,' (pictures always at -- in fact now, 14360 images on 21 pages in 103 albums).  
We're having a party August 3rd (Bolivia's '4th of July').
Sam, Angelo, and I 'took a break,' discussed how to save the world!  We couldn't agree!
I went off to ride up a mountain, as needed to talk to Jesus.  Note:  Cochabamba has the tallest stature of Jesus in the world (45mts. high), and it's at the top of a hill over looking Centro Cochabamba.  You can climb up the 1,000 steps (which I've done, take the cable car, or drive the road.)  If you ride a bicycle It's 5KM of rock road (from the Gate to the parking lot).  I made it only stopping for one picture (ditto, GALLERY).  From the house here, to the top of Mt. Jesus, this crank took 90 minutes.  At the top I turned around in the parking lot (ringing my bell), and vibrated down (rock road horrible on Senor Fetes, in fact, he complained).  Half way down I stopped for a 'pit stop').
On the way home, after almost colliding with a drunk (on the bicycle path no less), I stopped at IC North Market to buy some potato chips/Golden T (new drink sweetened with stevia).  After checking out I noticed my cel. tele. was not in its usual spot.  Ah, the day of 'Lost and Found!'  I surmised it had fallen out when I laid Senor Fetes on the ground up on the hill.  Thus, the plan was to return home, then take a taxi back to that spot, about one-half the way up.
I was getting ready to depart, when a woman walked up and handed me my cel. tele.  Shocked for the third time in one day about things returning to me!  It had fallen out when I was locking and taking my bag into the market.  She found it lying on the sidewalk.  What are the odds?  How did she know I was the owner?  And it works!
It you wonder why I entitled this THE DAY OF LOST AND FOUND, isn't it obvious?
P.S.  But, no wood fire, as the guy, after saying 'yes,' said 'no.'

If this isn't an example of worsening U.S. pathology, what could be?

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Go Evo! If Snowden ends up in Bolivia, I'll go meet him!

Economics is not a science, but Philosophy!

These are 'The End Days,' but not in Christian terms, just an end to an old, male, destructive cycle, and now a new, female, constructive cycle!

And yet another example of U.S. pathology! SEE REALTIME COVERAGE! Maybe there's even nakedness... Wow!

See realtime coverage

NJ mom charged in disabled adult daughter's death

Las Vegas Sun - ‎4 hours ago‎
Aggravated manslaughter charges have been filed against a New Jersey woman stemming from the death of her disabled adult daughter, whose decomposed remains were found in their home.

I think to worship any human being is a mistake.

Violence, everywhere in the world! Why?

06a0713 BLOK

06a0713 BLOK
We are the ultimate predator, we're even killing ourselves!
Now, how smart is that?
Please explain?


How Should We Respond When Humans and Sharks Collide?

This is too funny!
I THINK WE SHOULD STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION (in English of course), offer them a doby, and hope they like cocaine!   We're 'lunch' to them, and maybe they're the 'warriors' in the battle between the human ego, and Nature.  Guess who's going to win?
Can't you people see that things are changing, it's a new cycle, and this time more Yin!
P.S.  Dick, this is like resuscitating a lizard!

How to become a saint in the modern age

It depends on how you define 'saint!'

Left Behind by the Recovery, Inner City Teens Struggle to Find Jobs

What recovery?
I think the media a 'clack' for 'the owners!'  They've become the 'Propaganda Machine!' 
Of course, we speak only of the truth!  And if you believe that you also believe in the TOOTH FAIRLY.
The 'truth,' is as we want it to be!  Willy wrote, TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION?  This guy was brilliant in an English/Western way!
So, dream well!
双手遍布全球各地! (12年12月21日)
Tantric Taoism,
Penetrating every Darkness!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Texans will probably barbecue and eat them!

And yet another example of U.S. pathology!

Endless violence in Egypt. Glad I don't live there!

God, we're dumber than I thought!

At least these countries have 'balls!'


This is how to get attention!

This is called 'setting a trap' in the military. You deceive them into attacking, and then the missiles work!


Let's just kill them. Many U.S. Citizens into guns, violence, war and death!

Look at all the earthquakes! I think Mother Earth trying to get our attention!

It's true what Evo Morales says, sad but true!

Go E.U.!

Go South America!

050713 BLOK / T.T.

050713 BLOK / T.T.
O Life, a 
Mental wrestling match with oneself, and
The reconciliation of the two opposites,
The Ego (Duality consciousness) and
The Spirit (Singularity).
The Spirit gives you the choice.
Some aware to take, most not.
But the choice, you think is the choice, is
'Knot' the choice!
Tantric Taoism
P.S.  Stephanie is correct when she describes existence as a 'mystery.'  But, Stephanie, 'The mystery you think of as the mystery, is not the mystery!'


Multiply 11 Billion times 6 trillion and see what you get...?

More U.S. pathology!

They would 'eat our lunch,' in a sea battle!

Some good comments about the Snowden story...

This is the country where I was born, and personally I'm ashamed!

This is the country THE U.S. that has 166 men locked up illegally in Guantánamo, 86 of whom have been cleared for release; a country that justifies the use of torture and the killing of innocent civilians with its drone attacks; a country that pardons members of its armed forces who have admitted the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes, I agree! But, Snowden should stay on the run, and you can't trust the U.S.Gov.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

We don't deserve it anymore, and should return to France!

040713 BLOK

040713 BLOK (question to TVBSS group)
From 'The Garden of Eden,' Myth/the Christian Bible:
What tempted Eve to take a bite?
If there is temptation, there must be 'no temptation,' in Duality.  Thus, Eve had ego consciousness before Duality was 'born!'  But, how could that be?

P.S.  Myths are stories we live by...

Go Evo!

Somebody with 'balls,' film director Oliver Stone.

Boy you can sure feel it in Bolivia!

Good news for alcoholics, rich ones at least!

No war, no peace. We live in a Dual world.

If you believe this, you also believe in the tooth fairy!

Who cares about whales, we have to have submarines to kill both people and whales!

What they need to do, is create a better Egyptian, like we need to create a better American!

Texans love to kill people. A couple hundred years ago the Texas Rangers used to shoot Mexicans for target practice. And the revealing dialogue line from the movie, GERONIMO, 'Worst form of white man!'

The U.S. about as 'screwed up,' as I've seen it in my 73 years!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

There's nothing new about this, it's the ole 'haves' versus the 'have nots,' the real terrorists the 'haves!'

03a0713 BLOK

03a0713 BLOK
What is going on in the world today, the violence, the wars, is nothing new!  It's just that, because of the media, we know more about such, and almost instantly!
It's simply the 'haves,' versus the 'have nots,' as resources dwindle!  And the REAL TERRORISTS are the 'haves!'


030713 BLOK

030713 BLOK
Dia de Pipa!
Yesterday, an amazing experience at La Chancha, the huge open-air market in Cochabamba (covering hectares of goods and services)!
One, I'd been looking for a tool to clean my pipe (cotton wad stuck in the stem).  I thought that might be an embroidery needle, as they have a little hook at the end.  But, we never found an embroidery needle.  Angelo found something better, however, a similar needle with the usual i-hook.  This worked and I was able to pull out three separate wads of cotton encased in resin.
Then, a minor miracle!  Earlier, when I had given up on finding the proper tool, I decided just to buy another pipe.  Angelo said this was possible at La Chancha.  Of course, we were there to purchase other items, like curtains and a rod for my bedroom, a fire-pit barbecue, pillow slips, contact lens solution, etc.  
Thus, I followed Angelo up and down many aisles strewn with goods, kids, and dogs.  He was in search of the stall where he guessed we might find a pipe.  But, we never found 'his' stall.  Finally, we stopped 'by chance' at a stall that looked 'the part.'  When he asked the woman, sure enough she pulled out two tiny pipes.  I asked if she had something 'mas grande?'  She reached up and pulled down one THAT WAS IDENTICAL TO THE ONE CLOGGED AT HOME!  Now, what are the odds?  The first I had purchased in Cusco, Peru, nine months ago.  I was amazed!  Still am!
So, within the space of hours, I'd not only unclogged the old one, but had a new IDENTICAL TWIN!
This is why I named this 'BLOK,' 'Dia de Pipa!'
It turned out to be a very productive day all the way around!


Go South America!

Oldest living animals. A 200-year old fish!

Go, Evo! Go Bolivia!

Nature, trees in this case, finally getting even with humanity!

Go South America!

It's all about money, honey!

You can't force people to do what they don't want to do...

Of course, General Keith Alexander, head of the NSA/U.S. is entirely wrong! What Snowden has done, is the ultimate patriotism, revealing a Gov., that has gotten arrogant beyond belief!

Great example, of genes not being passed on to children. For shame!

Easy, sex appeal for the media!

Oh, Evo, reconstitute the RR in Bolivia!

Magnificent Mallard: World's fastest steam locomotive

Seventy five years ago a world record, still unmatched, was achieved by a steam engine called Mallard.
For just a couple of minutes the locomotive thundered along at speeds of 126 miles per hour on a stretch of track just south of Grantham.
To mark the occasion the engine will be reunited with five of its sister locomotives at the National Railway Museum in York, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world.
Danny Savage reports.