Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of course, it is, used by the U.S. Gov., to control us citizens! Wake up, people!

Another 'domino,' falls!

Absolutely! And if I were a billionaire, he'd have no financial problems!

More U.S. pathology!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great discovery, go Snowden!

If you are interested in the bicycle race, THE TOUR DE FRANCE, this year the 100th!

Bad idea, you can't trust them!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ah, this is me!

Well, here they come, androids, 'man made' human beings. But, maybe they will be better than us!

This is how we create our 'world,' with words... But, is it really that way, as described by scientists? I don't think so.

Simply, democracy-capitalism not working in the U.S.

Go Cartwright!

Texans love to kill people, doesn't matter what age!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Money is God, what would you expect?

Go Correa!

This is good news!

Personally, I hope he does, as the U.S. Gov. needs to be more transparent!

Certainly a 'hero,' to me, as he had courage to stand up and fight the establishment!

Bullshit! It's not justice, but revenge!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More American pathology... It never seems to end...

I'm not surprised, it's all about money, honey!

Go China!

Go Putin!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3D Printing, the future! No longer will we have to mail or ship objects.

More evidence things are reversing, male to female, nee the latest men's fashions.

Texas, U.S.A., loves to kill people!

U.S., pathology, where violence is always the solution a la Hollywood!

I'm one of those strange people, that think it's time one collided with the Earth, the survivors greatly changed in the process.

Another Modern Life 'Horror Film!'

Reagun started this, this extreme far Right idea about how the Feds. should be...

Important to read...

The first time I've ever thought Mr. Putin, has done the right thing! Go Russia!

A movie I'd like to produce!

‘The Caretaker’
Joesy, an undocumented Fijian immigrant in California, worked long hours providing live-in care for 95-year-old Haru Tsurumoto in the last months of her life.

Go Assange!

Assange, Back in News, Never Left U.S. Radar

Julian Assange and Birgitta Jonsdottir, in the background, working in Iceland in 2010.
Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are being investigated by at least four U.S. agencies, along with a grand jury that has subpoenaed witnesses.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Absurd! China not that stupid!

TV will DO ANYTHING to get viewers!

I'm afraid the U.S. Gov. going to be more and more 'outraged,' as time goes on... We're no longer on the good side of History!

Great! Go Ecuador! Go Snowden!

Go Ecuador, China and Russia!

Good! I hope we get into a war with Russia and/or China, or both. We'll get our ass kicked big time, or end human existence with a nuclear exchange.

Good news! Go elephants!

Great example of externalizing the costs. Get the 'customer' to do it.

More evidence that things are reversing: Male to Female in this case.

You can say that again!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

'The only thing to fear, is fear itself!'

Of course, the U.S. is trying to tie Snowden to China and Russia, easier to get a conviction for espionage. But, I think he acted alone.

Your tax dollars at work!

23b0613 BLOK / T.T.

23b0613 BLOK / T.T.
They thought it was impossible, although there are other species where the male gets pregnant and gives birth:  For example, "The Syngnathidae family of fish (seahorse) has the unique characteristic of a highly derived form of male brood care referred to as "male pregnancy.'"  
With human beings it's never happened until now!  But, fiction is becoming 'non-fiction!'   Now, the first human male has become 'pregnant,' and is giving 'birth!'  The roles are reversing, male to female.
Everything is in the process of reversing:
Male to female!
North to south!
East to west!
Bad to good!
Day to night!
Male to female!

Tantric Taoism!


23a0613 BLOK / T.T.

23a0613  BLOK / T.T.
The Honeymoon continues on this Full Moon morning (23 Junio 2013)!  So special this moment as everything is in the process of reversing:
Male to Female (with the male giving birth)
North to South (the magnetic poles reversing)
East to West (the Kundalini shifted from Tibet to Bolivia)
War to Peace (less violence)
Day to Night (male to female)!
It's begun, this new Female Cycle the
Age of the Guan Yin!

Tantric Taoism


230613 BLOK / T.T.

230613 BLOK / T.T.
Ask yourselves a question… What is the last thing you want to be thinking about the moment before you 'shed the body' (die)?  The last thought, word, image, or thing you'll be conscious of, before losing consciousness.  It lasts for eternity!
Solve this now!

Tantric Taoism 


22f0613 BLOK More about Bolivia…

22f0613 BLOK
More about Bolivia… 
Certainly Cochabamba (south, central, Bolivia) is more benevolent than La Paz.  It's a more normal and a manageable situation, set in a valley, rather than mountain canyons. 
La Paz is an anomaly, a major capitol in unlikely terrain, up and down from north to south.  La Paz, 'Our Lady of Peace,' is less than peaceful in this day and age, with roughly (nobody knows) two million people rushing around trying to survive!  
Cochabamba, is the 'Garden City of Bolivia,' and more ideal for a vacation.  Lower in elevation by 1000mts. / 3,000ft. is has more air, and more vegetation.  You'll breathe easier here, especially up where we live, inside the National Park (Tunari).  Cochabamba is something like 2600mts., / 8500ft. ASL, we're slightly higher at 2800mts. / 9,000ft. ASL.  I know as I crank up on Senor Fetes (my bicycle) from Centro most days.  But, getting stronger for it! 
Come to South America!  The Kundalini has shifted here from Tibet, China.  The energy is here!  The World Cup in 2014, the Summer Olympic Games in 2016!  The Pope is from Argentina.  It's happening here, finally! 
There are so many things to experience:  Machu Picchu to stevia, from Lake Titicaca-The Island of the Sun, to mate de coca, to umintas (tamales), the largest open-pit copper mine in the world, to Aconcagua, the highest mountain at 6,961mts. / 22,837.3 ft.), the Atacama Desert (driest place in the world), the Perito Moreno Glacier, volcanos, in Patagonia (the Norway of the South).
South America has the world’s largest (Iguazu) and highest (Angels) waterfalls, the southern most city in the world, (Ushuaia), and, of course, longest river, the mighty, Amazon, with begets the largest forest (supplying a large portion of oxygen to the atmosphere).
And the markets, maybe the most amazing in the world.  In Cochabamba, the second (behind Brazil) largest open-air market in the world!  If you can't find it at La Chancha, it doesn't exist (hectares of everything from A to Z)! 
Come to South America, where it's happening! 

P.S.  And one travel advantage to Bolivia, it's the least expensive country in all of South America!  Cochabamba, 'the Cycling Capitol of Bolivia!'

22e0613 BLOK

22e0613 BLOK
The South American National Anthem is the car alarm!  Its the obnoxious screaming noise pollution that no one bothers to acknowledge.  Some alarm!  They could be stealing your automobile and no passerby would bother to stop the crime (why get involved).  We just walk by, getting away from the piercing and unpleasant sound as fast as possible.  
These alarms, sound pollution, but modern man inured to such, having been exposed, and punished with this form of torture for so long.   I'm going to suggest that we start paying attention when one goes off.   That we show some respect, stop and come to attention, saluting!  Certainly we worship the motor vehicle!
Modern man a tragedy, a robotic consumer, wandering around an android programmed to do what 'the owners' want:  Be a good worker, don't cause trouble, spend most of what you slave for on things that increase us, and decrease you!  Most of all, shut up and don't complain, or you'll have to be eliminated (as a bad example).  Mr. Snowden comes to mind.  All you should have on your minds is futbol, eating, sex, watching a screen, being distracted from the pain, the truth which you don't want to know, please! 
Do you ever contemplate your existence?  Never!  Let's have a beer and talk about the game! 
What about noise pollution?  What are you talking about?  We want to identify with winners!  The game!  The game, that's what's important!  We know we're losers, that's why the game is so important, as OUR TEAM MUST WIN (we are it, the team)!
Modern life is a tragi-comedy, we're trapped inside of, a straight-jacket of materialism we struggle to get free of, but impossible as the straps too strong!  We know of nothing else!  The game, let's watch the game!  I can't think about my situation too much or I get depressed.  And the only thing that helps is spending money, I bow to my God, moooonnnnnneeeeeyyyyyyy!  We are allowed to live, to make 'the owners' richer!  Please don't kill us.  Please just let us have our homes, our HD TVs, our automobiles, our barbeques, meat, beer, our lawn mower, that's all we need.  We won't cause any trouble!   We're good slaves, important cogs in the machine that keep everything going!  Please just let us have our microwave ovens, our golf clubs, our membership to the club (with a parking space)!  
'The man' ('the owners' manager) is very demanding wanting more and more, more and more, so much stress we're dying faster now of heart attacks and cancer!  But, at least we've paid for that box and hole in the ground!  Where, at last, we might 'rest!'
In the meantime, we will stand at attention and salute the next car alarm that goes off, OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!

22d0613 BLOK / T.T.

22d0613 BLOK / T.T.
People have a great capacity to love, but also a great capacity to hate, as well!  Once negative emotions are engaged, trouble.  This is why the Buddhists say that emotions can be destructive!   But, how to control?  Meditation and chanting, they would recommend. The less evolved lose control, nee violence, conflict and ultimately war.  And there's so much of it in the world today, Junio, 2013, too much!  STOP THE VIOLENCE!
The solution… evolution, higher consciousness!  But, how to achieve?  Let us hope we have time enough to evolve, before destroying ourselves!  But, I think it was Carl Sagan, who wrote that civilizations don't outlive their technology.  The fact that we developed nuclear weapons shows how unevolved we really are!  We're beneath, behind, our four-legged friends, as they don't do such nonsense.
Is it a way of helping to reduce over population, this violence, wars?  Maybe, but we can go too far in that direction, and one wonders, when the last of us goes, will we have been here at all?
Look around the world, in the media at least, and what to you notice?  Unrest, conflict, violence, war, and suffering!   You see it on the children's faces!  Yet, no adult seems all that concerned about everyone's children.  What will they be like as adults having lived through hell as children?
We need to develop our capacity to love, which is ultimately sacrifice for others, forgiveness or ourselves and others, understanding and accepting difference, giving generously even when we don't have it to give, and kindness to strangers!  This has to come from the heart, it's a giving that makes the recipient feel safe, of being cared for, of someone else concerned about their wellbeing.  Love, in a word!  We only, add one 'wor(l)d,' unconditional!  Unconditional love!

Tantric Taoism


We killed something like 240,000 on this Japanese Island, which was O.K., because we were 'at war!' But, then we get real upset when 3,000 of ours are killed. Hypocrisy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why it's the first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere!

A Russian neo-pagan supreme priest, right, beats a tambourine while his followers dance around a bonfire to celebrate the summer solstice in Maloyaroslavets, some 200 kilometers (124 miles) south-west from Moscow, Russia.
A Russian neo-pagan supreme priest, right, beats a tambourine while his followers dance around a bonfire to celebrate the summer solstice.
Photograph by Sergey Ponomarev, AP Photo
Ker Than
Published June 20, 2013
Image of the 125 Anniversary logoSummer officially begins this week as the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year. For Americans, summer will begin either on Thursday or Friday—depending on which time zone you live in.
That's because the timing of the summer solstice depends on when the sun reaches its farthest point north of the Equator, and that varies from year to year.
This year's summer solstice falls on Friday, June 21, at 1:04 a.m. ET, but it will start on Thursday night for places in North America west of the Central Time Zone.
This year's summer solstice also stands out because it will be followed shortly after by the largest "supermoon" of the year. In the early hours of Sunday, June 23, the moon will officially reach its full phase and will be the closest to Earth that it will be all year.
While the astrology-minded might be tempted to see significance in the timing of the two celestial events, there is no connection, said Mark Hammergren, an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.
"People draw this connection between [the supermoon] and the summer solstice, but it's completely coincidental," he added.
Highest Sun at High Noon
The solstices are the results of Earth's north-south axis being tilted 23.4 degrees relative to the ecliptic, the plane of our solar system. This tilt causes different amounts of sunlight to reach different regions of the planet during Earth's yearlong orbit around the sun.
On the summer solstice this year, the North Pole is tipped more toward the sun than on any other day of 2013. (The opposite holds true for the Southern Hemisphere, where today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.)
As a result of Earth's tilt, the path of the sun across the sky rises in the lead-up to the summer solstice, then begins descending for the rest of the summer.
(See pictures of the sun's path across the sky—an entire year in a single frame.)
At high noon on the summer solstice, the sun appears at its highest point in the sky—its most directly overhead position—in the Northern Hemisphere.
That doesn't mean the sun will be exactly overhead at noon for everyone, though. In fact, the sun will shine down directly overhead at noon only along the Tropic of Cancer, an imaginary line that circles the planet at about the latitude ofCuba.
For every degree of latitude north of the Tropic of Cancer, the sun will appear to be at a corresponding degree south of the zenith, or highest point in the sky.
"So here in Chicago, we're at about 42 degrees north latitude, so that's 18.5 degrees north of [the Tropic of Cancer]. So the sun at its highest will be 18.5 degrees off zenith," Hammergren explained.
Solstice Is Longest Day of the Year—Not Hottest
On the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere receives more sunlight than on any other day of the year—but that doesn't mean the first day of summer is also the hottest.
Earth's oceans and atmosphere act like heat sinks, absorbing and reradiating the sun's rays over time. Even though the planet is absorbing a lot of sunlight on the summer solstice, it takes several weeks to release it. As a result, the hottest days of summer usually occur in July or August.
"If you think about turning up an oven, it takes it a long time to heat up," explained Robert Howell, an astronomer at the University of Wyoming. "And after you turn it off, it takes awhile for it to cool down. It's the same with the Earth."
Another popular misconception, Adler's Hammergren said, is that during the summer—and especially during the summer solstice—Earth is closer to the sun than at other times of the year.
In reality, the tilt of the Earth has more influence on the seasons than does our planet's distance to the sun.
"During the Northern Hemisphere summer, we're actually farthest from the sun," Hammergren said.
First Day of Summer Sparked Ancient Celebrations
The summer solstice—also called midsummer—has long been recognized and often celebrated by many cultures around the world.
The ancient Egyptians, for example, built the Great Pyramids so that the sun, when viewed from the Sphinx, sets precisely between two of the pyramids on the summer solstice.
The Inca of South America celebrated the corresponding winter solstice with a ceremony called Inti Raymi, which included food offerings and sacrifices of animals, and maybe even people.
Recently, archaeologists discovered the remains of an astronomical observatory in a long-buried Maya city in Guatemala in which the buildings were designed to align with the sun during the solstices. During such times, the city's populace gathered at the observatory to watch as their king appeared to command the heavens.
And perhaps most famously, Stonehenge in the United Kingdom has been associated with the winter and summer solstices for about 5,000 years.
Observers in the center of the standing stones can still watch the summer solstice sunrise over the Heel Stone, which stands just outside the main ring of Stonehenge. (Read about pagans' campaign to enter Stonehenge on the summer solstice and other sacred days.)
Last year modern-day Druids gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the solstice for the first time as members of an officially recognized religion in the U.K., following a controversial vote by the national Charity Commission for England and Wales in the fall of 2011.
Summer Solstice Not What It Used to Be
For many of the ancients, the summer solstice wasn't just an excuse to party or pray—it was essential to their well-being.
Associated with agriculture, the summer solstice was a reminder that a turning point in the growing season had been reached.
"The calendar was very important—much more important than it is now," saidRicky Patterson, an astronomer at the University of Virginia. "People wanted to know what was going to happen, so that they could be ready."
But for many modern cultures—and Americans in particular—the solstices and equinoxes no longer attract the same kind of attention they once did.
"The only people who really pay attention to what's going on outside on a regular basis are the neo-pagans in America and farmers, because it's important for their growing and harvest seasons," said Jarita Holbrook, a cultural astronomer at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
"But we're pretty much an indoor culture at this point ... so we have less of a connection to the sky."
Adler's Hammergren said he doesn't feel too bad about the declining significance of the solstices in modern society.
"Ancient cultures and some modern religions pay very, very close attention to certain natural alignments ... and there's a lot of mysticism and special supernatural significance attached to them," he said. "The fact that we don't pay attention to that stuff as much anymore, I think, is a rational thing."
The University of Arizona's Holbrook, however, thinks there are certain benefits in keeping the tradition alive.
"Paying attention to the solstices is a way of teaching mathematics, celestial mechanics, and astronomy, culture, and history," she said. "It is also a pretty good party."

I fotographed a full moon in San Pedro de Atacama, all at

What a crock! He should be feted with a ticker-tape parade down Broadway! That is, if our Government had any sense of integrity!

22c0613 BLOK / T.T.

22c0613 BLOK / T.T.

Tantric Taoism


22b0613 BLOK / T.T.

22b0613 BLOK / T.T.

Tantric Taoism 


22a0613 BLOK / T.T.

22a0613 BLOK /  T.T.
This is the 'place' we want to be, NOWARDS!
'To be or 'knot' to be, that is the question? (and a good 'won,' thanks to W.S.)

Tantric Taoism


220613 BLOK

220613 BLOK
Here's another example of a loaded word we each create the meaning of, HELL!  What does the word 'hell' mean to you?  Burning alive?  Dante's?  My 'hell' is the opposite of HEAVEN!  But, what do I mean by 'heaven?'  What is 'heaven' anyway?
Comprende?  Your 'heaven' maybe different from mine, and certainly different from a suicide bomber's!  My heaven is just the opposite of 'hell!'  But, what is my 'hell?'
We jerk ourselves off with words!


210613 BLOK

210613 BLOK  (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere)
The point I'm trying to make about the word 'universal,' is this:  THERE IS NO UNIVERSALITY TO UNIVERSAL.  It's all POV, it's all in the eyes of the beholder.  
You're a Buddhist, so your 'wor(l)d' is created by Buddhist ideas (words), nee the Dalai Lama's.  Thus, your definition of the word, 'universal.'  
But, if you think we differ in English, just think how different worlds are when the languages are different.  It's easy for me to understand how the Uygurs and the Han Chinese don't get along as their languages so different. 
Is there a Universal truth?  Sure, but different from person to person.  Most would say that 'God exists,' is a universal truth.  Prove it!  
The problem when we get older is, that we all know we're right!   Everybody knows they're right, if only you would see things their way! 
The Dalia Lama knows he's right about the need for more tolerance (in the world)! But, what does the wor(l)d 'tolerance' really mean?  
'The Arabic word salaam (سلام) ("secured, pacified, submitted") has the same meaning ... will experience love, self-sacrifice, compassion, mercy, and loyalty.'
Words… They're how we create our wor(l)ds!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things! EITHER!

'Stop not until the goal is reached!' Vivikananda

The U.S. is terminally ill!

The Establishment will blame everything on Marijuana!

Evo Morales is right!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Don't bet on it not harming electro-magnetic communications.

This is great news! I hope it works!

Let's hope so! But, this is business the same ole way, and won't ultimately work. I do agree with getting back to the basics, manufacturing something of valeu!

This is what happens when you lead a decadent lifestyle, and don't exercise regularly! You want live longer, get and ride a bicycle! And Dr. Paul Dudley White, president Eisenhower's cardiologist said this in 1955!

Great example of 'spin.' We created the crash in the first place, and now we're blaming others for threatened our recovery (of course not giving a damn about the rest of the world!).

She's right!

I agree, get us out of there!

200613 BLOK / T.T.

200613 BLOK / T.T.
If you read the media in 2013, you realize we've become lost in a overly technical, left-brained, engineering kind of world.  We're so disconnected from our Mother Earth we've become pathologically insane, lost!  
You should read some of these articles expounding the Great God of hi-tech!  Scientists seeks technical solutions, they know little of the Spiritual world. 
Let's say for the Economy, which isn't a science, but an art form and/or philosophy:  You can start with 'people act!'   Now it's 'The Marginal Propensity To Consume.'  We've been turned into robotic consumers, everything counted, analyzed, debated, written about, and all for the Greater God, money!  We're lost!
Life should be simple, fun and most of all Spiritual (like our Native Americans lived)!  We're disconnected having 'pulled the plug,' and now live in Darkness.
'Butt,' guess what?  We've been saved!  Not from Jesus returning , but by Enantiodromia!  The fact that opposites attract!  The Yang (male) went to its extreme and now the reverse, the Yin (female) ultimately in control, with males (yang) the ones giving birth to offspring. 
In this cycle, the Age of Kalki, the Age of The Guan Yin, the yinchi rules!
Everything is in the process of reversing:
Male to Female.
North to South.
East to West.
War to Peace.
Sun to Moon.
Night to Day.
How many can you add, as you're involved too?
Bad to good maybe,
Hate to Love?

Tantric Taoism


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Always project wrongdoing away from yourself. But, our 'skirts,' aren't 'clean' either!

I agree, I think the dumbest thing ever!

Time to measure 'productivity' in a different way (not just $):

What would you expect them to be, objective?

We need this in Bolivia.

190613 BLOK / T.T.

190613 BLOK / T.T.
We're male with a magina.
We're female with a fenis,
Going back and forth,
Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring,

Tantric Taoism


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Looking for planets to exploit! Trust me!

Another war scenario, the U.S. and Russia.

Capitalists are so brainwashed by money, they can't think of anything else!

Democracy at work!

They're lucky, and don't realize!

The true 'plot,' is Government's desire to enslave us!

The 'Chess game' continues, but the U.S. no match!

This is the AMA-Establishment medicine fighting back, trying to scare you away from alternative medicine.

Oh woe be unto any cyclist that uses a bicycle to harm people, and for 7 generations!

Good luck! They're justifying the enormous expense already!

I've starting composting here at my funky house, probably the only one in all of Cochabamba, Bolivia!

Sell, sell, sell, everything you stand for!

180613 BLOK / T.T.

180613 BLOK / T.T.
Irony… We must use words to get to the 'know word!'

Tantric Taoism


Monday, June 17, 2013

170613 BLOK / T.T.

170613 BLOK / T.T.
Tantric Taoism is all about completing, completion,
Sing. sing. sing.
Sing. sing. sing.
Sing. sing. sing.
The Honeymoon continues in Cochabamba, Bolivia!

Tantric Taoism


15a0613 BLOK

15a0613 BLOK
I'm hanging banners and watching stock car racing on TV.  Nothing ever seems to change!  But, how could this be in Cochabamba, Bolivia?  I'm having culture shock, as this is a hip/cool crowd where I'm having an espresso and chocolate fudge cake.  I'm out on the town as a 'roadie' for Angelo's SWUNK BAND.  I'm running on only 3 hours sleep, plus cranking it up hill (final, Av. Los Robles) earlier, life in both lanes simultaneously.  My second childhood.  Young enough to still manage, but old enough to know better!
Chocolate fudge cake and espresso… Tonight I gotta stay up until 0200.


14a&150613 BLOK

14a&150613 BLOK
I slept in to 0700 this A.M., a major accomplishment for me.  The humidifier is helping, I'm breathing easier at night, and this means SLEEP.  This, thanks to Angelo who suggested, and we purchased one at La Chancha for 150Bs./ $20U.S.
SWUNK BAND performance at Muela Del Diablo
I was up until 0400 involved with Angelo's SWUNK BAND performance at Muela Del Diablo, the coolest live music venue in Cochabamba.  But, I only got 3 hours sleep, and much too old to be doing this kind of thing.  But, I wanted to support the band, so I drank expresso to stay awake.
Diego here and put back my large 'bottle cage' on Senor Fetes.  He had found some rubber from an old 'bladder' (tube) to protect the frame.  But, everyday he asks for money.  He obviously doesn't understand that I'm not a human ATM.  We made a deal and now he needs to stick with it.


More evidence to me, that everything is in the process of reversing!

Boffins find evidence Atlantic Ocean has started closing • The Register:
This from a commentor:  "It's all changing, everything we see as grand and permanent, and it makes our lives seem ephemeral indeed. We are buzzing around like little flies. Our most amazing achievements soon to be turned to dust on this cosmic scale of time and power."

'via Blog this'

140613 BlOK

140613  BlOK
Mi casa runs downhill,
It's quirky and jerky,
And falling a part,
Old and lame,
It's played the game!
And now the Fat Lady is singing!
Mi casa runs downhill.


I think ole P.T., said it, A SUCKER IS BORN EVERYTHING SIX SECONDS! Virtually, everyone!

A good story for a change, people trying to save a bird, rather than kill it!

Money is God, what would you expect?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The ability to take a risk!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The first 'domino' to fall...

And if you believe this, you also believe in the 'Tooth Fairy!'

Irony, as I'm part Irish. But, the Irish one of the feistiest groups ever, now for peace. But, that's good!

We've introduced THE NEW CAPITALISM at Basically less for us, more for you!

My mother said, 'The lust for money is the root of all evil!'

Thursday, June 13, 2013

12b0613 BLOK

12b0613 BLOK
Where the fuck did I put that?  I don't know about you, but I spent 50% of my time just trying to find things!  They just seem to disappear, like my passport (lost a week ago).  I was just looking for my fly swatter, I know I got it out and put in the bedroom, but now it has magically disappeared.
Things, things, and more things, I wrote a poem about such.  We're controlled by things, objects material.  I'll bet if we counted up every inanimate thing in our modern lives, it would come to something like one thousand, or more.  I wonder how many ancient wo/man had to deal with, maybe one hundred or less.  S/he was freer!
Now, we're enslaved by things like this computer, cell tele., a toilet seat, art de objects, garbage, tools, things for automobiles, and the kitchen, a swing outside, DVD movies, our attics full of collectibles.  A bicycle!  Now, there's a good thing! 
You should spend some time at La Chancha, the open air market in Cochabamba.  It's an orgy of materialism, millions of things! 
What to do?  Try to simplify our lives!  Try at least.  And traveling on a bicycle a good way as you're forced to carry less and less.  And even with less I have trouble remembering where I put something, always spending time looking!
Where the fuck did I put that?

P.S.  We've enslaved ourselves!  

12a0613 BLOK

12a0613 BLOK
To me the great philosophical questions are:
Is there a world without us?  Is there a God without us?  Is there an objective reality, or is it all subjective (from us)?
Personally, I vacillate, one moment believing there's a thing out there called 'God,' that's responsible for all of this, the next knowing we create such from our minds.
Life, ultimately, is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, trying to escape from a labrinth.

P.S.  Note, the questions are more important than the answers.

120613 BLOK / T.T.

120613 BLOK / T.T.
More evidence that things are reversing, beginning here in Bolivia.  First the Propane Gas Canister value (in La Paz), the threads reversed (right to open, left to close).
Now, in Cochabamba, the controls of my 'new' stove are reversed.  To the right, or up, means off, left or down, means more or on full. 
Everything will begin to reverse:
North to South,
Male to Female,
Bad to Good,
War to Peace,
East to West,
The Lotus Flower is in the Jewel! 

Tantric Taoism



Cochabamba, Bolivia, is a good place, to kick back, relax and go with the flow.  It's a cultural imperative, slow down and live longer!  "Late is on time!' says Angelo.  Don't get in a hurry as you'll only be frustrated.  Be prepared to wait!
Yet, they, the Bolivians, rush around in a hurry chasing those Bolivianos!  'The American Dream' has effected them.  They want it all!  What to do?  Such contrasts in the 'Tibet of South America!'  
Evo's Socialism, the markets, the Alti Plano, the jungle.  Bolivia is a land of contrasts.  It's worth a trip, but not for the faint of heart!
Cochabamba has three 5-start hotels, for those who desire such, or you can camp out in my patio!  
I'm both a host, here in Cochabamba, for and
Hache (F.A. Hutchison)
From the 'Cycling Capitol of Bolivia,' Cochabamba. 

110513 BLOK

110513  BLOK
This day will forever be known as 'Black Tuesday!'  Just about everything that could go wrong did, and big time!  We were attacked, and I know 'who' this is, the Shabala Demons!  Most people, of course, will laugh at such an explanation.  But, I can only add that life is more involved and deeper and inexplicable than you realize.  
I can't find my passport, lost stolen, who knows…
There's more that went wrong… Angelo upset with Elvia; Elvia upset with Classic Travel and thus some business revenue in jeopardy...
A brutal day!
The first thing to deal with was the lost (or stolen) passport.  This required finding the U.S. Consulate.  So, we went to Bolivian Imagracion to ask, and they gave Angelo a little piece of paper with the address.
Onto the U.S. Consulate in a taxi which turns out to be hidden in a business building with no Identification, and no security I thought strange.  They're 'hiding.'  In fact, you only get to talk to a female voice on the telephone (and God knows where this person is physically, maybe in La Paz?).  She gave me the bad news!  Of course, you have to do all the work, filling out a police report (a trip to a remote police station), another foto.(white b.g., and 5cm X 5cm only), filling out forms online, printing them, etc., etc. When you have all this done, you get to pay the $135U.S.  The 'poor' U.S. government needs the money! 
Governments don't do shit for you, there's very little service anymore!  
Afterwards we decided to go to 'La Chancha' the open air market in Cochabamba, the second largest in all of South America.  It's truly amazing, EVERYTHING form A to Z, and double ZZ like Llama fetuses.  Food, I can't even begin to list the items or describe this massive maze of thousand of stalls, hundreds of people selling everything know to mankind.  I noticed a woman walking around selling a tray full of glasses of carrot juice, a young child squatting, peeing on the floor, dogs, carts, TVs/music blaring, a man dressed as a clown selling something (got a picture).  We were there after a toilet seat, a door bell, and a list of things I need for the house.  Door bell, O.K., but no toilet seat long enough.  This is the strangest situation with the toilet in the bathroom at the house, one that I don't quite understand:  I got a picture of this if you don't believe me:  the toilet seat is too short for the toilet.  I don't suppose this ultimately matters, it's just my sense of what's right and what's wrong (cultural difference).  
Diego finds out where we can purchase a humidifier for 200Bs / $30U.S.  I needed three garments repaired (simple sewing jobs).  The cost, 10Bs / $1.25U.S.  But, when we return to pick up in 30 minutes, one garment, my Italian cycling shorts not very well done (won't go back to her). 
After shopping, we hop in yet another a taxi.  I go to Tuesday's Restaurant where I normally have lunch and get on line (don't have the Internet at my funky house yet).   Angelo and Diego continue on back to our abodes at the end of Los Robles. (Note, we all live separately, yet close together).  Then more frustration!  I can't get online, this for the first time I've gone to Tuesdays.  Our brutal day continues!  I tell the waitress but she's too busy to care.  Additionally, Chrome (Internet browser) won't shut down… software problem!  I wonder when the torture will end!
After Tuesday's, and to get online (not giving up), I start walking toward the Mall, where I think there are cafes with WIFI.  The first says 'WIFI' but closed.  The second, Restore Cafe, turns out to be good, and I get online with a cup of coffee.  I'm able to get to and download the two forms I need.  But, later I admit that I made a mistake, as I need to fill these forms out online, and then print out.
I take a taxi home, and discover Diego doing a poor/messy job installing the door bell. He got the idea that 'the boss was not happy!'  He was right!  He has to learn, and he will.  He's got a good attitude, just hasn't learned yet how to do things properly.  Of course, I will teach him!  The father is gone, and he lives with his mother.  So, guess what?  Now, he has a new gringo 'father.'  We're about to hire him full time!
Angelo was late (sent a message to my cel., by mistake, forgetting he has mine and to contact Diego instead).  He had some trouble with his propane gas tank valve, and had fix.  But, we're still in time to go to the Police Station out by the Lake.  He calls for a taxi.
After running the 'gauntlet,' many people, several buildings, at the Police Station, finding the right office, finding the right man, etc. (my stay in Bolivia would be impossible without Angelo's help).  Of course, once we find the proper man we have to wait the proper amount of time!  But, the entire process ends up being fairly painless, only costing 5Bs.  I give the man 10Bs, and we get the 'official' document we need, STAMPED of course!
We decide to walk back to 'La Chancha' (as surprisingly close) to see about purchasing the humidifier (for me), the one that Diego had found during the first trip.  On the way I purchase some Brazilian olive oil at a Farmacia.  Go figure, olive oil at a Pharmacy!   That's what's so interesting about traveling the world, the discoveries, that other people are similar, yet culturally do things a little differently!
Back at 'La Chancha' I become even more amazed at this stupendous outdoor market, a thriving mass of commercialism. They even have the bicycle pedals I need (Cristian was right).  I buy some little things I need for the house.  We find a humidifier, and after consulting with Angelo and seeing it tested I buy with the idea it might solve my breathing problems sleeping at night.  If it doesn't help I'll pass it on to Angelo's 95-year old father, Liberato.  
Liberato Jove.  When he worked as an accountant at Chrysler in St. Louis, Missouri, (for thirty years no less) they called him 'Liberace!'  But, he was anything but 'gay,' as married twice and fathered six children.  He's extraordinary!
Afterwards we take bus #103 back to 'final Los Robles,' and walk the three blocks on the rock and no-rock 'street' up hill to our homes.  It's a good workout living up here.
Happily, I discover Diego has redone the door bell properly.  Additionally, he's done a good job of cleaning up afterwards!  Of course, maybe the money (50Bs / $6U.S.) I'd given him earlier helped.  Money does have one positive aspect, as a motivator.
Back at my funky-clunky house I try to recover from this extraordinary day of woe, I've now labeled 'Black Tuesday!'  Not just about my lost passport, but the problem in La Paz with Elvia and Classic Travel.  But, as Angelo said, 'there's a solution for everything!'
What to do?  Take it in the ass again, BOHICA TIME, and move on!  'When the going get's tough, the tough get going!'  Also, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!  So now we are stronger we hope, and we will definitely overcome this!  'We let nothing stop us! 

P.S.  An interesting aside… On this very day I had an unusual experience with an insect, a cricket-like creature (small).  I discovered it among my discarded coca leaves, trying to get out of the sink.  I managed to scoop it up on one of the leaves and deposit it outside.  Later, I noticed it had returned and was on the wall near the front door.  Then that evening, much later, I noticed it on the wall near my bed table.  What are the odds…?   I think it was 'saying thank you!'  We need to learn to be more grateful!  In the morning it had gone. 

100613 BLOK (New Moon)

100613 BLOK (New Moon)
Big day today, the 10th of June.  Much to do, problems to solve.  Note, when changing homes, a move, much to do, I'd forget about a house move, as for the past seven years I've been living on a bicycle.  Now, I have a house to deal with!
The plan:  Diego coming to work on the house, Angelo and I going to town for many tasks.  Rosa coming to the house at 2:30P.M. with Gov. 'officials.'
But, of course, Diego, not here when he said he would be, 0800, what to do?  Have patience, I'm living in Bolivian culture.  
Bolivians, are not tied to the clock.  Angelo, being brought up in the U.S. an exception.  He came early (surprised me), and we met Diego walking up Los Robles an hour late.  Of course, he had an excuse of course, this time he had to wait for the gas man.  There's always something… We're about to give him my cel. tele. so he can call at least when late.
We walked back to the house, told him what to do, gave him 200Bs. / $30U.S. to make purchases. The doors, hang the banner, the toilet seat, etc., maintenance tasks.   He's a good kid I hope to develop.  Already, I suggested to Angelo that he be SWUNK Band's 'Roadie!'  If he turns out good, reliable, he's got a future with us, a great opportunity for a young man.
We all went to Centro on the #103 bus, a mini-van crammed with riders.  But, a ride to Centro costs but .30 cents U.S.,  This to have a key made of the house, one for Diego, one for Angelo.  With key Diego returned to the house to work.
Angelo and I continued in Centro, first he had to deal with his child support payment.  Bolivian governments, they run you around pretty good.  And also the fotocopy madness.  I used to wonder what there are copy shops everywhere.  Now, I understand.  I waited outside in the sunshine while Angelo ran around getting fotocopies.  Next, because the proximity we tried to meet Cristian, the local Government man in charge of building a cycling path network, we wanted to drop off our YOU BE TRAVEL banner, which reads:  'Cochabamba, the cycling capitol of Bolivia.'  Rushing out he said to return between 5-6P.M. that afternoon.
Next, to Comteco for the Internet.  This Internet provider is a cooperative (public owned), and had been recommended by both Paul in La Paz, and Nirzia's uncle in Cochabamba.  They're in a fancy building on the Prado.   I was impressed waiting in their vast lobby room.  There were many people waiting, but it was all organized with numbers and screens to watch for your number to come up.  They even had a woman inquiring about us (#, etc.).   They offered coffee. We watched Spanish CNN, and the finals of the French Open Tennis (screens everywhere. They seem organized, however,    I think we waited something like 30 minutes, but then finally our number came up.  Go to #2 window.   
The process to order two Internet services seemed complicated to me.  The woman asked many questions, and there were many documents to sign!    She even asked me for my passport which I don't carry now that I have my Official Bolivian ID.  I do carry a photocopy of my Bolivian visa and that sufficed. But, we must have sat there for at least 30 minutes, Angelo answering question after question.  There was some concern finding our houses, as just beyond the pale.  We had to draw a map. The total fees were 2520Bs / $300U.S., but this is service for two (in two different locations) for three months each.  Turns out to be something like $50U.S. per.  And this is for 1.25MB 'Professional' service.  If it works I think the cost is reasonable.  'We will find out!' 
Afterwards, it was time for lunch, Angelo dropping me off at Tuesdays Restaurant, and he returned home as Nirzia cooks.
Tuesdays,' their WIFI, baked potato and vegetables, mate de coca, for 40Bs / $5U.S., is all good.  I had many email messages.  Hungry, I gulped down the food, one of my many bad habits. 
I made it back home by 2P.M.  It was a lovely sunny day, after last night's cold front which had flushed the city of pollution.  Note, we look down on Centro Cochabama in the distance, roughly 200mts. lower in elevation.  Buenos aires up here, and close to the National Park.  The location couldn't be better. 
Rosa was supposed to arrive by 2:30P.M. bringing the local government officials, as she has an owner problem.  The exterior wall in what is now my store room is deteriorating.  It's the uncooperative neighbors.  Their lack of wall, and brick making water is leaking water into Rosa's wall, and the deterioration is beginning to show on the inside.
Angelo came at 3P.M. (on time).  Waiting, we decided to 'take a break.'
We were about to depart, when Rosa showed (at 3:15) with the two gov.-guys, one old, one young.  The old guy could hardly be bothered, grunting a greeting and unsympathetic to Rosa's problem.  Seems this house, this area, only semi-legal, and if not completely legal they can do nothing (long complicated story).  Rosa was upset and accompanied me and Angelo back into Centro (where she lives).  I was looking for a dry cleaners, she a bank to pay the electricity bill.   We found both.
Then back to meet Cristian.  What a day of rushing around, reminding me of chasing my visa in La Paz. 
Short on cash and wanting to purchase a new cel. telephone, I was able to access mas dinero.  This enough to purchase the same model Samsung cel. tele. I was giving to Diego.  
Even with all we had to do we were on time to meet Cristian at 5P.M., But, the usual waiting…  He was in a meeting, etc.  Waiting, Angelo had a good suggestion about my breathing (at night) problem.  A humidifier.  We were about to give up meeting with Cristian and depart, leaving the banner, with the idea of returning the next day, when he suddenly appeared.  It was worth the wait, however, as we had a good conversation (he speaks a little English).  They have two projects planned, one 'Bicycle Days,' three times per year (no motor traffic days), and a new bicycle path network.  We pledged our support, of course, as it coincides with our goal of making Cochabamba the cycling capitol of Bolivia.
We were going to go to the Big Mercado to buy me a humidifier, but when I saw the time, I said to Angela, let's forget until manana.  
We stopped at a bakery, bought bread (whole wheat with no azucar), and then headed home in a taxi (20Bs. / $3U.S.).
Now, it's almost 9P.M., and I'm exhausted… But, we accomplished so much this New Moon Monday.
The life and times of Hache in Cochabama, Bolivia, spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety!

09a0613 BLOK

09a0613 BLOK
What a switch!
From La Paz, where there's nothing but noise, to where I am now in Cochabamba, where there's no noise at all!  From much to none, in just a few days.
From maximum city stimulation (La Paz), to little stimulation here, up on this hill north of Centro, Cochabamba!
No wonder I'm having trouble adjusting to this 'country living.'   Additionally, I'm not online yet, and I feel 'cut off' from the world.
Today, Domingo (Sunday) I cycled the bicycle path (one major one in Cochabamba), all around the Lake, maybe 20KM, but I'm way out of shape.  I sat too long in La Paz, without cycling enough.   
Sunday in South America means NO WORK!  They go to church, then eat a big meal, then it's either watching or participating in sports, and sports means futbol!  There were some cyclists on the path, but more runners, and families pushing baby carriages on the bicycle path (I need a horn.).  Also, motorcycles are using the bicycle path, which is in need of repair.   This will be something that mention tomorrow to the City Bicycle Engineer (name?).  But, not before giving him one of our banners which reads, 'Cochabamba, the cycling capitol of Bolivia!'  Around the lake there must be at least six soccer (futbol) fields, and all were full of teams (young boys) playing.  I was a beautiful sunny afternoon, the weather in Cochabamba, generally good.   But, the sun… I always seem to return to my funky house, climbing Los Robles at the hottest part of the day, around 4P.M.  
I managed to cycle up to the first park on Los Robles, but had to push the rest of the way (to home).  But, interesting, sometimes cycling is easier than pushing. Eventually, I'll be strong enough to cycle all the way up Los Robles, all the way home.
Now, at 6:20P.M., sitting in my kitchen I can see a thunder storm in the distance to my southwest (in the Andes).  I can see the lightening, but I hear no thunder (too far).   Best, of all, no rain here, yet…


Sunday, June 09, 2013

091613 BLOK I wonder...

091613 BLOK  I wonder...
I wonder…
I wonder how man can be so cruel to each other, what is it that causes this, this hatred, strong enough to bury someone alive (not a good way to 'shed the body!'  The suspect 'guilty' of raping and killing a woman.  In fact, they buried the man alive in the same grave as the woman!  Cruel irony.  What causes this violence?  
We're worse, more inhuman, than animals, who only kill out of instinct and/or for food.  Man seems to torture, to rape, to kill, for the feeling it gives him:  power, sex-out-of-control, revenge (getting even, loss for loss, eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth, etc.). 
I'm sure there are books on this subject, and far more erudite at my attempt to explain here.
To me it's unconsciousness, not knowing that you don't know.  But, not the same kind of unconsciousness of animals.  Man's kind a form of stupidity, a contrived unconsciousness, 'man's great inhumanity to man!'   It has to do with the Ego, Ego out of control.  The 'I' wanting to rule, to have what it wants when it wants it, the 'I' desiring power over others.  The lust for money/power. 
The Ego is out of control all over the world right now, 2013!  War is everywhere.  Potential war is omnipresent, hot spot after hot spot.  There's unrest!  There's unhappiness, there's sorrow, there's grief!   And 'I'm,' always right, and 'you're' always wrong!  And this is part of the problem.  An inability to see the other side's way, an inability to trust, an inability to compromise, to cooperate to help make things better for all!  One only has to look at the dysfunctioning U.S. Congress, in fact, the entire U.S. Government caught in an imbroglio, the participants failing to understand.  They subscribe to the Vince Lombardi school of life:  'Wining isn't the only thing, IT'S EVERYTHING!'  
We've been dumbed down into robotic combatants!  We live in a 'Football,' world where Vince's philosophy rules! 
We've dumbed ourselves down into robots, programmed to 'win,' to 'consume,' to consume Mother Earth.  It's mass madness, and Paddy Cheyevsky knew this forty-five years ago when he wrote, a motion picture (screenplay) entitled, NETWORK. 
Forty-five years ago!  He was prescient, trying to warn us!  But, nothing has changed, in fact we didn't hear, didn't listen, didn't 'get it the message,' and it's only gotten worse!
You can ascribe part of it to the 'Rats in a cage Syndrome.'  There are now too many human bodies on earth chasing too few resources.  A poignant example, China going around the world, buying them all up!  And boy, do they need resources with 1,500,000,000 bodies to keep happy!  By the way, that's almost 5 billion meals PER DAY!  PER DAY!  Start adding that up?  What's the number in one month, in one year?  Why do you think we're on Mars?  (Note, but unless WE CHANGE it's just another planet to exploit, to trash out--for money!) 
In the meantime, how do we prevent ourselves from self-destructing with a nuclear war (here on planet Earth)?  If we go, we will have never been (something people don't realize; consider this, worse don't understand this!)! 
I believe mankind is at a crossroads, and I think many would agree.  The signs at the crossroads are simple!  One says LIFE, the other says DEATH!  What's it going to be?  Self destruction, and extinction, or growth, evolution, and continuing life.
We have a choice!

P.S.  We have to stop putting such emphasis on 'winning!'  Because 'winning' is 'losing' ultimately!  Things have changed!

08b0613 BLOK

08b0613 BLOK
Imagine this!
We all, every living thing, have one thing in common; death!  So, why don't we all get together on this one and share grief.  Doesn't it make sense to stop killing each other, and so violently, and so horribly!  We've got to stop this somehow, this madness, by first admitting the problem is us!  Everyone one of us, you, me, him, her, every living homo sapien.   Not just in the U.S., but all over the world!  I see it happening, no one else wants to know.   I'm the New Age Paul Revere crying out, WAKE UP!  WAKE UP PEOPLE! 
If you tune into world media you realize there's unrest everywhere.  Religion, Capitalism, hasn't failed us, we have failed Capitalism and Religion.  We have failed ourselves!  Of course, no one wants to hear this!  We've let ourselves down blaming everyone else!  'We have met the enemy and he is us!' (Walt Kelly). 
What to do now?  Wake up!  Admit to yourself, it's you who have to change, us!  Admit, it's me, that needs to change, to wake up, to evolve, to see the Light! 
Let's start by taking responsibility for our actions! 
Stop the violence!  Stop it now! 
We've been saved!
We've been saved from ourselves by an event that occurred recently (122112), and is in the process now:  a change of cycles.  This is what the end of the Maya Calendar means, not the end of the world, but the end of one cycle (Kali), and the beginning of another, Kalki (The Guan Yin).  
The Kundalini (the Serpent of Light) has been shifted from Tibet to Tiahuanacu, Bolivia. Everything is reversing:  North to South, Male to Female, East to West, Night to Day, War to Peace, etc., etc. Everything!   In fact, a 'Savior' has come, you've just missed it (too busy watching TV).  You will begin to see this reversing process, little by little, however. 
So, be prepared!  Wake up!  It's us that have to evolve!  You and me!  Everyone!
Imagine that!

P.S.  Note, Einstein said, 'Imagination more important than knowledge!'  Imagine that!

08a0613 BLOK First day riding Senor Fetes around Cochabamba.

08a0613 BLOK  First day riding Senor Fetes around Cochabamba.
I managed sleeping until 0700, unusual for me. 
It dawned kinda hazy (foto. at, the sun not over the hill until 0800 (It's almost winter solstice here in the southern hemisphere, June 21st.). 
I worked on Senor Fetes, basically oiling and trying to clean the chain.  I had pumped the tires up two days before.
I sent Angelo a message, as I needed some information via the map of Cochabamba. 
I boiled a couple of eggs for breakfast.
Angelo came over about 1000.  He showed me where the big market is in Cochabamba, supposedly the second largest (behind La Paz/El Alto).  Saturdays and Thursdays, I think he said.  Today is Sabado, Saturday, perfecto.  South Av. Ayachucha (sic), past the Bus Terminal, past a gasolina station, then at a roundabout, a left and into the market.  It's here, according to Angelo where you'll find kitchen appliances.
But, first I wanted to get online with Ms. Macbook here, and that requires WIFI.
So, at 1100, after loading up, I ride Senor Fetes down to Tuesday's on Av. America, where I know there's WIFI. 
Lickety split down Los Robles, an 4% grade hill, feeling a little strange riding the first time in too long.  But, I manage Tuesday's with no problem, lock and inside find a table in the sun (of course).  Hardly anyone is here yet, as only 1130.  I ordered Mate de Coca, a baked potato, rice, and vegetables.  Generally speaking Bolivianos, eat later and meat.  When I departed at 1P.M. it was beginning to fill up with families.
Next, the challenge of finding the BIG MARKET in a new city, but I'm good at such, finding things.  I had Angelo's directions, and that's all I needed.
But, somehow after Tuesdays I couldn't find Av. Ayachucha.  A nice bystander, pointed in the right direction, but I headed south, as sometimes it's just the best way to go on a bicycle (using your instinct, rather than directions).  Plus, I'm into discovery.  Along the way many wonderful wall murals, available at 
I ended up on the wrong (oeste - west) side of the hills, and going until the WWII bomber perched in the middle of a roundabout.  I'd passed there in an taxi with Angelo.  I asked another, this time a cyclist, and he pointed me in an easterly direction.  Here I discovered the motor vehicle supply district, one after another stalls of everything for the motor vehicle.  I passed a middle-aged guy, riding a Chinese bicycle in street shoes.  I said 'Buenas Tardes,' as I passed.  Note, I try to support any cyclist out there.  We're an elite group, unafraid to 'burn fat, rather than oil!'  
Being Saturday Market Day, the area around the Mercado area was traffic madness.  I followed Angelo's directions, first the bus terminal, then the gasolina station, then the roundabout, but no roundabout.   So, I turned around, and going north again, into the Market where I thought he had said (kitchen appliance area).  It wasn't, however, but stall after stall of clothing, and everything else.  This market reminds me of BioBio in Santiago, Chile, hectares of stalls, of selling everything known to mankind.  
Somehow I found the appliance area, and passing several appliance stalls stopped and looked, but didn't see any of what I needed.   Later, I saw something, and went that way, of course being 'directed' to what I needed, an electric heater, and a rice cooker.  I found both in one stall, and the price was right, 300Bs. / $40U.S. for both (remember the rice cooker at the Home Deport, the Bosch's price was $80U.S. alone.  I think the heaters were $100U.S.).  I had bought my bungee chords as I've done this before, and it all worked, the rice cooker fitting into my larger panier.  I stopped for some freshly squeezed orange juice, all for .60 cents U.S.  It was 25C., and hot in the sun.  The mountain climate here, extremes:  freezing cold in the A.M., but by 4P.M., in the afternoon, in the sun, probably 60C.
I rode back all the way to the bottom of Los Robles, our long 4% grade hill, but up now.  I had to push, rather than crank, as so out of shape.  Not only pushing, but resting many times.  It's long to where we are at the end, probably 2KMs. 
I was resting when Angelo and Nirzia pulled up.  Slightly shocked I was, as they have no automobile.  But, if was moving day for Nirzia, and they'd borrowed a relative's American-made something or other.  They offered to take my load, but I  opted to continue as is.  I know I've got to struggle, to get back where I was riding up from Lima 9 months ago. 
Back, I shucked off all my clothing outside (my private patio), and hung what was wet from perspiration up on my clothes line.  Changed, I sat resting in the late afternoon sun. 
With the sun disappearing beyond the horizon, I retreated into the house to set up both appliances.  First the heater, but simple and it worked right off (made in China, of course).  Then the rice cooker, which I was a little more concerned with as cooking brown, not white, rice.  Note, I pre-soak brown rice, but know it needs a 3:1 ratio of water to rice.   But, again it all worked.  In the meantime, I ate a uminta (tamalie) I purchased in the Mercado, rather than wait for the rice.  Cold my now, it was adequate, but not great!  
Later, I went outside to locate my 'para Llegar' (take away) food from Tuesday's brunch and heard Angelo calling from the gate.  Note, the front gate, is at least 30 meters distance, and inside the house you can't hear anyone, unless they yell loudly.  What are the odds I'd go outside just when Angelo needed me?
He asked to park the borrowed motor vehicle inside (more secure than on the street).  Of course, let's go to the video tape!  We talked, and I found out he's planning to return to La Paz, week after next.  Seems Elvia is stressed out at Classic Travel.  But, this affords me some advantage, especially if one of my packages has arrived from distant lands (U.S. and or Germany).
Life in the 'slow' lane… 
from the funky house on the hill,

Cochabamba, Bolandia