Friday, May 31, 2013

31a0513 BLOK / T.T.

31a0513 BLOK / T.T.
Everything is reversing, as in:
The Lotus Flower is in the Jewel!

Tantric Taoism


310513 BLOK / T.T.

310513 BLOK / T.T.
'Death,' all it is, is the loss of the ego-body, but not everything!

Tantric Taoism


Keep using pesticides and it will be the death of us, as well. We're greedy, stupid, and it will cause our demise!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What does this tell you about the male ego?

Always with humanity, 'Hollywood's never-ending theme: 'Violence is the solution' (to all things)!

The 'New Age' Crusades continue! And will be the destruction of humanity. Read 'On the Beach!'

I wouldn't be surprised!

So, what's the 'secret,' to getting control, control of the 'monkey mind' and/or called Ego, the 'I,' of you, your name...

You have to be motivated to change, to subdue the Ego 'I.' 
I don't know how all of that came to me...?  I think the idea from a variety of sources.  Sometimes, it's just 'you,' in a particular place in time.  Something you have to go through.
My earlier bodily life, nothing but mistakes, pain and suffering.  But, then if you survive (yourself) you begin to 'get it.'  That there's something else to consider, like IT, whatever name you give 'it.'  You also realize, that to get to so-called 'heaven,' you have to go through 'so-called' Hell!  This is the Jesus story, what it really means.  There's good news (Gospel) and bad news.  First, it's possible to do, to be redeemed, but the bad news (I suppose to most.) is that you gotta do it yourself in this life time!
All of this is called evolution...
On one hand I'm a pessimist, knowing history (in Duality), and how Wo/mankind has evolved so little in the last one million years.  But, only from my POV.  Maybe we've evolved tremendously, out of the slime (or from another world), to where there's this concept called 'love.'  
Jesus brought the idea of 'love' into consciousness.
We (Tantric Taoism) add one word to that, 'unconditional.' For most so-called 'love,' is nothing more than 'desire,' Nature's Joke I call it to proliferate the species.
Well, folks we've been too successful in this category, and our 'success,' is going to be our demise, unless we become conscious enough to slow down at least!  Do couples need to have five children?  No, one's enough, maybe two...
On the otherhand, I am an optimist because I know we're into a New Cycle, one ruled by Female Energy (just in the nick of time)!  Everything is beginning to reverse itself,
Male to Female,
North to South,
War to Peace,
Day to Night,
Bad to good,
Stingy to generous,
Not caring to caring,
On and on,
A better, more positive cycle!
Thank your God for such,
As it will mean the human race survives!
Is this good?
Only if it's an enlightened form of humankind, one who realizes we're all 'connected' as one form of LIFE!  We're not separate, just because we have a name!  We have to stop abusing Mother Earth, killing off life in every form, and just for money!  The North America indians once asked the white man, 'What will you do when there is no more food, can you survive eating your money?'  We have to change, and that means me of all people, me first, as there is only hope if we solve whatever within as in, 'We have met the enemy and he is us!' (Walt Kelly).  We're the problem, not 'them.'  Note the politicians, not the other religion, not the other God, but us!
So, join us in at least trying to shed light into the darkest corners, beginning with each one of us, first!
in Bolivia

We're so stupid we can even punish people properly! Why, I'll bet the system in on the deal and collect a 'mordida!'

300513 BLOK

300513 BLOK
There are only two kinds of people:
One the 'Free Willers,' and 
Two, the 'No Free Willers!
Which are you?
Do you believe in 'Free Will,' or 
Think maybe there's something else we 'collaborate' with?


29a0513 BLOK T.T.

29a0513 BLOK T.T.
The action of enantiodromia!
Opposites attract in Du-
Thus, the nature of the Beast,
'Going back and forth (reciprocating)
Until we are lost in
Each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring,
The Guan Yin,
Supreme Bliss!
Tantric Taoism
Reciprocating, until 
We are lost in...


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another example of U.S. pathology! And oh woe be unto us for it!

290513 BLOK

290513 BLOK
Nature is conscious,
Humanity, unconscious,
Destructive, must go,
So the Earth survives, even 
Without us!
We failed the test and now the arrest!
A Dungeon awaits
For the so-called 'greats!'
We can not blame anyone but ourselves!
We failed!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ironically, we just purchased the domain name:

Dick H. on the 'History of Sea Navigation,' the quest for measuring LONGITUDE (with clocks).

The search for a practical way of determining longitude at sea was a horrible problem in the early 18th century.  Briefly, there was no good way of doing it.  We knew that longitude was related to the Earth's rotation, that is, time.  You could easily determining longitude if you knew when noon was at a known point (later Greenwich) and comparing that time to your own time of noon -- that is, when noon occurred on your ship.  But, you needed an accurate clock to do this.  The development of a clock accurate enough to take to see was a quest among all the European powers.  They knew that whoever developed one would, most likely, rule the world.
John Harrison, a Brit, developed the first practical chronometer in the mid 1700's.  This, along with the development of the modern marine sextant made the problem of solving longitude at sea, possible and enabled "Britannia to Rule The Waves."
For awhile, there were several prime meridians -- each country had their own.  Fir instance, in France, the 'Prime Meridian" was a brass line on the floor of Saint Sulpice Cathedral in Paris.  Even the US had their own "Prime Meridian," of base of reference -- for us it was a line between the Capitol dome (or where it would be) and the Washington Monument.  Seafaring countries, though, soon realized that everyone having their own frame of reference was silly -- and confusing, so, since the Brits already were on their way to ruling the world; the other nations decided to go along with them and make the Greenwich meridian the prime meridian and the universal point of reference.  This was done in the early 19th century.
There is an excellent PBS/Nova show on this subject called "Lost at Sea -- The Search for Longitude."  It's worth watching and I always show it to my navigation classes.  It begins with the loss of the British Fleet on the Scilly Isles, led by Adm. Sir Cloudsley Shovell (sounds like a Monty Python routine) and that event set the stage for the "quest for longitude."

Money is God, what do you expect?

How the Prime Meridian (Greenwich, U.K.) Changed the World

Grape Nuts wants you to buy Grape Nuts!

More U.S. pathology, violent death!

27g0513 BLOK

27g0513 BLOK (for
The sunlight at 17 degrees south latitude,  
Tis a frequency 'vibed' with,
Like a home cranked to before,
And ranked, 
Peaceful, tranquil, no
Honking horns, no
Barking dogs!
The sunlight warming my heart!
One week of winter, 
Eternal summer
Cochabamba, city of
Ancient memories,


MARTIN FOR PRESIDENT! (You read it 'hear' first!)

Mr. Martin's motto:
"A club in every house!'
For those who can't take politics all that seriously!  C'mon, let's go to the videotape!
'I can improve your game!
Keep that arm straight!
Keep your eye on the ball!
Keep your head down!
Visualize victory!
P.S.  Remember a movie entitled, A THOUSAND CLOWNS, WITH JASON ROBARTS PLAYING 'MURRAY?'  This is how we should be in later life, not giving a shit… Just like Murray!

27f0513 BLOK / T.T.

27f0513 BLOK / T.T.
Everything is reversing,
Male to Female,
War to peace,
North to South,
Night to day,
Bad to good,
Im- to perfection,
Going back and forth,
Until we are lost in 
Each other,
'Knot noting'
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring,
Tao Tantra

Everything is reversing!


Monday, May 27, 2013

My God, raping a 2-year old girl! Don't tell me U.S. culture isn't very ill!

More and more U.S. Pathology, a very sick Nation!

More U.S. Pathology, now an epidemic of violence!

More U.S. Pathology...

Dick H. on the 'Speed of Thought!'

The speed of thought -- that is an interesting question.  I'd have to say that it is probably, nay maybe necessarily, faster than light.
 I'm sure you know of the Einstein - Polovsky -Rosen experiment also know as the EPR Effect.  Einstein and his colleagues postulated this effect in the 1940's (I believe), which has been later verified as being valid.  To make it as brief as possible, it says (predicts) that if you send-off two photons moving at the speed of light, in opposite directions and then you alter the "spin state" (by passing it through a magnetic field) the "twin" of the photon, going in the other direction, will also change it's spin state even though it did not pass through the field.  The question to all of this is "how did the twin know of this?"  Since they are both traveling at the speed of light there, then, must be some sort of "information exchange" that occurs faster than light.  In other words, the speed of light may not be an absolute limit after all. 
 My take on this is that the speed of light is a limit only for things that have mass -- such as every known atomic particle.  But, then, does not apply as a limit to those things who have no mass -- those things, then, may be able to transcend light and become "superluminal" and live both within and beyond ordinary reality.  This, then, would or could be "thoughts" also "spirits," "souls" and most probably God.  All lie beyond our understanding of physics and, therefore, are not bound by the rules of consensual physics.  That does not, though, make them any less real on tangible. 

27e0513 BLOK / T.T.

27e0513 BLOK / T.T.
Shakti Yoga
Shakti Yoga
Shakti Yoga
Shakti Yoga
Shakti Yoga

Tantric Taoism 


27d0513 BLOK / T.T.

27d0513 BLOK / T.T.
The Guan Yin:
Everything in perfect harmony with its

Tantric Taoism


27c0513 BLOK / T.T.

27c0513 BLOK / T.T.
(over and over)

Tantric Taoism 


27b0513 BLOK / T.T.

27b0513 BLOK / T.T.
Why do humans grieve so much when they lose a loved one?  Is it for the loss or the gain (feeling guilty) do they grieve?
We should celebrate the physical 'shedding of the body,' as the spirit is freed!  We should mourn birth, as the Spirit is trapped (in Duality)!
Wake up humanity!

Tantric Taoism


27a0513 BLOK

27a0513 BLOK 
I want to convey to Mr. Yuichiro Miura,
Who, at 80-years of age reached the summit of 
Mt. Everest recently (2013), that
The Highest mountain he will ever climb is himself!
Summiting physical peaks is an Ego endeavor,
And bad for the Soul!


270513 BLOK T.T.

270513 BLOK T.T.
And when you're both,
You're 'Won!'

Tantric Taoism


26b0513 BLOK

26b0513 BLOK
We've planted 
For future generations,
The Harvest already had!
Thanks 'Dad!' and
Who came before us,
Take now,
Give later,
But give,
As you shall receive
(In Duality).
The Loving-Kindness Group Fund (Rotraut Boyens & F.A. Hutchison)

P.S.  The 'trick'… Getting beyond Duality!

Always about resources, money, survival. Rather than thinking about Mother Earth!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

No surprise to me, I know we've been 'dumbed down,' by TV and movies! Now, just robotic consumers!

This is good news!

The origin of U.S. Pathology: 'Hollywood, sells,' violence is the solution (to all things). Some one male acts it out! Then other males copy. Simple. Stop 'Hollywood's money is God idea!

26a0513 BLOK / T.T.

26a0513 BLOK / T.T.
If there is a God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Shiva, (positive),
Then there has to be 
The Devil, Satan, Demon, demons (negative).
You can't have 'won' without the other in Du-
However, if we eliminate them both, 
This is what meditation can do
For you,
Solving 'the dilemma'
Internally =
Tantric Taoism
Is all about!

P.S.  Remember, 'God,' and 'Devil' are only English words!


260513 BLOK

260513 BLOK (inspired by Julianne)

A Blue Rose,
Would it smell as sweet
If another color?
'No what?'
A Blue Rose World, 
Would it be any better
With a different name?
Yes, contest,
Who will win?
It's 'knot' a sin
To be 'won!' 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Obama’s Global Vision -- Preguta, El Presidente? Why did the relationship with Pakistan become 'toxic?'

Obama’s Global Vision Could Face Daunting Problems

From the grinding civil war in Syria to the toxic American relationship with Pakistan, there is a multitude of hurdles to President Obama’s goal of taking America off “perpetual war footing.”

The 'Academic professors' were bought off by BP. Simple.

Friday, May 24, 2013

These 'Benefit' Concerts, a fraud. They benefit the performers, but not the victims of whatever...

Another example of U.S.A., pathology... When will U.S. citizens admit, the U.S., a very 'sick' country?

Power over these firms, doesn't work! They just pay more bribe $. I don't go to doctors or hospitals, and healthy at 73-years of age. Your choice!

This is a metaphor for the collapsing U.S.A. The infrastructure, way overdue for rehab.! And, of course, there will be more of these, if not done soon.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

23d0513 BLOK

23d0513 BLOK 
Can't people see where this 3D Printing idea is going…?
Eventually, we'll be '4D Printing' humanoids!  This is already happening with body parts (3D)!

This is a form of 'Time Travel!'  'You' create 'you,' in a different 'location,' via the Internet!  Suddenly, 'you're' in more than one 'place!'

23b0513 BLOK / T.T.

23b0513 BLOK  / T.T.
Bruce brought up the subject of 
'Man's Great Inhumanity to man!'
Yes, but, we can't have 'won' without the other.
'Know' inhumanity, 'no' humanity! 
By 2013, we'd gone to the extreme of inhumanity (male), only to start
Back to Humanity (Female)!  Enantiodromia!
The best is in the middle, or balance,
But, can't sustain, 
This life movement, action, always
One extreme seeking its opposite,
Going back and forth,
Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing'
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring,
The Guan Yin!

Tantric Taoism 


23a0513 BLOK / T.T.

23a0513 BLOK / T.T.
The arrogance of mankind be damned!
The Female Energy Rises,
The Guan Yin!

Tantric Taoism


230513 BLOK / T.T.

230513 BLOK / T.T.
The tables all wobble,
They march to
Futbol fanatically,
Church sporadically,
The Government reluctantly,
Male-Female, auspiciously,
Babies frequently,
Over populating with regularity!
South America!
Grab the golden ring,
While you can:
World Cup, 2014,
Olympic Games, 2016.
The Serpent of Light
Landed in Bolivia,
Tantric Taoism


23c0513 BLOK / T.T.

23c0513 BLOK / T.T.  'What's Love Got To Do With IT?'  asks Tina Turner
Unconditional love
Is without expectations, only
Love from love to love is

Tantric Taoism 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh well, sorry about that! Collateral damage!

More on 3D Printing...

From Julianne Murray, an old friend, who lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon

"Well, I just spent the morning with a neighbor who is a very talented visual artist, now in her late 60's.  Her living room is cluttered with her paintings and photographs.  Mary Hyde Martin has worked the last several years photographing a dying culture, "Buckaroos in the Great Basin."  We talked about some of the people she has met recently while out doing photography in very rural areas.  She was helping me put a donate button on the Facebook Page for Klamath Animal Shelter.  KAS is my main public focus since retiring a year ago.  I photograph the animals and post them on FB and a website and do other activities to help dogs and cats find homes.  For me, this is very rewarding.  Otherwise, my days are shaped around getting my 11 year old daughter off to school and then providing taxi service for her late afternoons.  The last few weeks I've been engaged in ridiculous battles with her teacher and the principal over what they call education.  Just now I'm getting ready to call the mayor, who was a high school cohort, and ask about his plan to condemn Pacific Power facilities here with the city taking over the local power industry."

'Could,' the operative word, 'could,' meaning... (used to express possibility): I wonder who that could be at the door. That couldn't be true."

Great example of how inefficient Governments are, and then blaming whatever on their citizens!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And the problem, the 'I,' the Ego!

Wow, this 3D printing, intriguing me. It will eliminate. or reduce the cost of shipping, as ordered/needed in one place, produced in another via the Internet.

This is how you get media attention! This is how you sells tickets!

Nature's way of reducing over population!

Clever thinking, clever idea, bravo! Something for money that helps people!

Money is God, and Corpos. are the Devil!

210513 BLOK / T.T

210513 BLOK / T.T
The Guan Yin is a simultaneous 'orgasm' of everything, and everybody, everywhere!  A frequency so high as to have no sound, as in Singularity!  It has to be felt!
Tantric Taoism


20a0513 BLOK

20a0513 BLOK
The Old Capitalism (male):  All about more for me, and less for you!
The New Capitalism (female):  Less for me, and more for you!  

Indian-American teen invents device that can charge phone in 20 seconds

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's like the kettle calling the pot, black! Who do we think we are to dictate to the world! No wonder our karma so bad!

Here comes 'Marshal Law,' in the U.S.A.

What gives us (the U.S.A.) the right to intervene around the world?

More observation, less freedom! I simply don't want to live in a country that has these.

The never ending travail of U.S. pathology! A very sick culture.

200513 BLOK

200513 BLOK
Paraphrased from a book entitled, THE TENTH INSIGHT, by James Redfield
The wisdom was emerging that, as with the problem of poverty and violence, the crime of pollution has its co-conspirators (Money is God!)  People who would normally never kill a fly or dump garbage in the wild themselves, worked with people who did and they kept quiet about it.  They said nothing (Money is God) yet now, thank God, things were changing.  These people were not only speaking up but were also manning the barricades at protests, risking their safely for Mother Earth!  In the course of their new courage (Money wasn't God any longer, freedom!) they inspired others to join them!
Note, at some point we're going to have to risk our lives for Mother, now Father Earth, or succumb to extinction! 
What we need is courage, and it isn't the absence of fear, but the ability to overcome fear, without thinking about it.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Letter to the Editor, 'Denver Post,' Colorado, U.S.A.

19 Mayo 2013
To the Editor:
Re:  the legalization of recreational marijuana ('Electric Puha' in N.Z., 'La Mota' in Mexico, 大麻 in Chinese (Simplified), 'weed' in Bolivia where I am now)
My Hutchison family goes way back in Colorado, about 1895, when Camden Robert moved the entire family from Illinois-Missouri to Cripple Creek. Of course, they were after that gold rock!  They ended up outside of Steamboat Springs, a place called Hahn's Peak (Hutchisons in the local museum)
My father was born in 1902, in Cripple Creek.
I grew up in the Rockies, when Evergreen had maybe a dozen log cabins (we used to rent one for the summer).  The fishing was great!
I had aunts living in Denver, up into the 1950s.
At one time my father managed the Brown Palace Hotel.
Recently (2000-2005) I lived in Old Colorado City/Manitou Springs.
Thus, I have a 'connection' with Colorado.
I have applauded fellow Coloradons for coming to their senses and voting in legal 'pot.'  This is way overdue.  The hemp plant, one of multiple uses, all good in my opinion!
Now, I hear the conservative establishment is trying their best to find some way to derail this, and/or tax it out of existence!  For shame!
I've never really understood the conservative fear of 'weed,' except that they think it's bad for business (employees get lazy and develop consciousness -- Oh, oh!).  
It's always been a money issue.  We don't believe the Medical Establishment is really concerned with our wellbeing!
Alcohol is much worse for you than Cannabis Sativa, trust me!  I've partaken of both.  Alcohol makes males aggressive, and Cannabis turns them into lovers!  Maybe this is what the Establishment doesn't like?  They'd much rather have men fighting amongst themselves (divide and conquer). 
Finally, what about the people?  What about the fact that Proposition 64, passed in favor of, and Gov. John Hickenlooper, signed it into law!
What ever happened to law?  Whatever happened to integrity?  Seems to be missing at the lowest levels in Denver!  Oh well, nothing new here as 'Politics...the last refuge for scoundrels!'
My deceased family now 'rolling over' in their Colorado graves!
'Gov. man!
Gov. man!
Spare that plant,
Touch not a single leaf!!
F.A. Hutchison, spanning the globe on a bicycle to bring you the constant variety!
'Haqi' in China
'Hache' in Bolivia (for Ernesto)

It already is!

I love this guy, but his questions already answered!

Stephen Hawking at TED (Copyright: TED)

Stephen Hawking's big questions
How did the universe begin? How did life begin? And are we alone?

19f0513 BLOK / T.T. Open your 'doors of perception!'

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” 
― Aldous Huxley


I don't even have to read it to know it's true!

The old, 'Man the ramparts,' hunker down, regale the troops. At the same time discrediting the opposition. Same ole!

19e0513 BLOK / T.T.

19e0513 BLOK / T.T.
North Korea so interesting… This kid Kim Yum Yum Jin, bing and bang, along with Dennis Rodman?  Excuse me?  The world's most unlikely couple!  Now, Rodman is telling Obama what to do.  Certainly this is a Shakespeare comedy! 
The young 'King,' dueling with windmills, brandishing his sword, this 'sabor,' his small 'thing!' 'LOOK I'M A MAN!' he cries!  This, the virtual male.  It's entertaining at the very least!
But, this is the last gasp of such, the male ego!  It's waning, as Female Energy rises!   The Guan Yin!  The Age of Kalki has begun!  That's what 122112, the so-called end of the Maya calendar, wa/is all about!  Not the end of the world, but a transition from one cycle (male-negative) to another cycle (female-positive).   
Everything is reversing!
Tantric Taoism


19d0513 BLOK

19d0513 BLOK 
I saw/read a funny thing the other day, this about Angela's missing tits.  Note, I'll bet, knowing how desperate people can get, some enterprising operating room 'nurse,' took those tits, and saved them in cold storage.  And then guess what…?  Some day, after Angela's no longer with the rest of her body, those tits will be auctioned off for millions of dollars!  I'll bet!
But, the funny line from some blogger, 'Angela Jolie, the sexiest woman on the planet, had a radical mastectomy… Huh?'  An oxymoron, 'non-sexitur.'
Note, Modern Life to me is insanity!

19c0513 BLOK

19c0513 BLOK 
Re:  Coca, ojas de Coca, Erythroxylum coca Lam.
I've proven, at least to me, that either chewing or drinking the tea (Mate de Coca) helps adjusting to elevation.  Additionally, it seems to help with stamina.
We're going to add it to JIAO JUICE!

19b0513 BLOK / T.T.

19b0513 BLOK / T.T.
The best example of Unconditional Love, is Nature!  Observe Nature, not that little screen!
You dream of being $ rich,
When all the riches of the world are
Tantric Taosim 


19a0513 BLOK / T.T. a poem…

19a0513 BLOK / T.T. a poem…
Everything Is Reversing!
The roles,
The poles,
Everything is reversing,
The male to female,
War to peace,
Night to day,
And, of course,
North to South!
Everything is reversing!
Tantric Taoism
P.S.  This is what was meant by 122112, not the end of the world, but a transition from one Negative cycle (male) to one Positive (female) cycle.  And, it's already happening!  It's what's going to save humanity!


190513 BLOK / T.T.

190513 BLOK / T.T.
The 'Art' of Unconditional Loving is 'tricky!'  You have to both give and take!
Tantric Taoism


Watch the Biggest Explosion Ever Seen on the Moon | Wired Science |

Time is money! Money is God! The customer to be exploited!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Police in the U.S., very dangerous!

About the craziest Modern Life idea I've ever heard of! They'd have to pay me much!

Life on Mars? Maybe...

Money is God, what do you expect?

Women of the world unite!

More U.S. pathology...

It's all 'war' in D.C., why nothing productive gets done! Let's throw out democracy, and find a 'benevolent Dictator' to run the U.S.

if something of that size impacted Earth it would probably result in global extinction.

Massive Asteroid to Pass by Earth: "if something of that size impacted Earth it would probably result in global extinction."

'via Blog this'

The 'New Age' Crusades continue! I hope/pray both 'groups' kill each other off, as neither deserves to live on this Earth!

'They' will try anything to stop it!

That's the 'job' of a scapegoat, you protect the real culprits!

Note: This is the 2000th 'post' to my BLOK, wow...

F.A. Hutchison
'Haqi' in China
'Hache' in Bolivia
'Nima' in Tibet
'The Magic Dragon, who doesn't like living near any 'see!'
P.S.  I went back to the very first post (19 July 2005):

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2005

The Daily Does 19 July 2005

Before departing for Chengdu in a week, I better rewind and tell how we got here to China and what happened… I know you can’t wait!

23 June 2005 – Beijing

We have a Chinese buffet breakfast. It’s horrible, no tea, and nothing hot! From now on in China, I’ll be buying/travelling my own food. Or, did I tell this all before?

So much happens to me I can barely keep up with it all… I’m going to go and check… Hold on… I can’t find June 22nd…? But, maybe apart of June 21st…? Ke garne? Keep going… If I stop to ponder too long, days will go by, weeks, as we pass through the void at the speed of 30KM per second… We’ve already traveled thousands of miles just thinking about it!

Beijing, yes Beijing, the Washington D.C. of China, the home of the Ti’an Namen uprising in 1989, and the Summer Olympic Games in 08, the two events some (almost) twenty years apart! But, don’t forget the guy who stopped the tank! Where is he now? There was courage!

I found June 22nd, now the 23rd:

Speaking of Ti’an Namen Square we take a taxi to… We’re doing the tourist thing… Visiting Mao’s Mausoleum. I’m neutral. But, when I find out I have to check my backpack, no way… Mao will have to do without me! I explain to Nisha, as she’s curious… Young people… So much to learn about life and living (besides school). I offer to wait, watching all of our hand bags. We decide where we will meet later (across the street). I’m happy to wait in the shade of a tree as the ‘discomfort level’ is off the scale! Maybe it’s Mao’s bad energy! Nisha runs up, having forgotten something (they won’t let her take in her purse even).

While I’m waiting I take some photographs of life in Beijing (in ‘Gallery’ at

I’m standing there observing Chinese humanity when a Chinese woman gets my attention. She wants me to read something she’s written. But, it’s in Chinese. She’s carrying a young boy on her back. She tried to convey something, but I could only guess. My intuition told me that this woman was widowed (the child orphaned) in the ’89 uprising, and she wanted me (others) to know. I would think, if this was true, that this is a dangerous thing to do, as there are police everywhere. I offer some money, which she accepts. Maybe she’s just a beggar!

After she departs I lay the written material on my backpack. It isn’t long when a young Chinese woman walks up and is curious about this. She squats and reads it intently (see photograph in ‘Gallery’ ).

Nisha, Subodh and Mira return in something like thirty minutes. They’ve seen Mao’s body lying ‘in State!’ I haven’t missed much I’m told! I have a theory that it’s a Disney version of Mao… Who would know? Who cares? Even the present government admits ‘he made mistakes!’

Now, we’re off to World Park… I have no idea what this is, or where… I just follow along.

Nisha is trying to figure out which bus to take, when a Chinese man, physically handicapped no less, seems to want to help us! Of course, he’s selling something, but after what he did (we followed him several blocks to get to the correct bus stop), I would have bought whatever it was he was selling… What was it…? A map, some memorabilia? When I offered a donation he wouldn’t accept it however. A man with integrity!

We board a double-decked bus and climb above and sit in front. The view of passing Beijing is good, although right in front of me is a blaring TV set (ubiquitous). In the next row I observe a mother taking very good care of her young son (about eight- years old). She fans him. She offers him water. Ah, mothers, amazing… I thank God for mine!

We go on and on, must be one hour before Nisha indicates we’re getting off. We’ve finally arrived at World Park, and now I remember seeing it yesterday, riding back from the Great Wall (Badaling). I have a very good memory for things seen.

We are suddenly deluged with people selling drinks (it’s horribly hot), and restaurants (‘Come to ours, it’s the best!’ they must be saying). We pass one and end up in the second, and quite a nice place it turns out to be. It’s air-conditioned for one thing. The food is good and fast, the service solicitous. Nisha and Mira eat like Trojans! I am weary of eating, and constipated. But, they think I have to eat to keep up my strength when just the reverse is true! They don’t know it, but they’re ‘killing me with kindness!’

After lunch on to World Park in the afternoon heat! It’s insane! There is no one in the Park, they’re all smarter than us! But, we only have this afternoon, and this is a part of Nisha’s plan. Thank God we rent an electric cart with guide. I would have passed out walking! The discomfort index is now off the off-the-chart reading! But, I’m there as photographer, and pose Nisha, Subodh and Mira in front of the Eiffel Tower, the World Trade Center (prior to 9/11), the Taj Mahal, pyramids in Egypt, Niagara Falls, etc. – all smaller scale replicas of things that identify that country.

Later when I post these in ‘the Gallery’ (don’t my captions mislead on purpose and sure enough, someone is fooled. He sends me an email message telling me it’s not London Bridge they’re standing in front of but some other bridge in London. We got around ‘the world’ that afternoon in about one hour.

Now, it’s really hot! We buy cold drinks (Subodh likes his really cold!) and try to recover in the shade. But, soon time to return to beautiful downtown Beijing. Before we depart we take some photographs at the main entrance. Three ‘bums’ accost us and it’s a ‘photo opp.!’ (see in ‘the Gallery’ at

Poor Mira, I felt sorry for her, as she’s not used to this kind of running around. She falls asleep on the bus. I might have too, except it’s not that comfortable! We must have stopped a hundred times, between World Park and ‘downtown’ (this ‘local’ bus). But, we get to see the real Beijing. I can’t say it’s a place I would like to live… It has no sky, just that kind of toxic haze that L.A. or Dallas has.

But, it’s only 1142 days until the Summer Olympics begin—China making a very big deal out of this! They’d have to pay me much money to be in Beijing in 2008! Not interested!

We take a taxi to our ‘out-of-the-way hotel, retrieve our bags (I’ve kept mine with me.), and ride on to the Beijing Train station. Wow! Talk about people! There must be one million Chinese coming and going ! It’s overwhelming, just like Shanghai’s RR station—not a place I would seek to hang out!

We’re early so we sit at an outdoor café drinking more, and eating more (I buy a banana for later). We observe Chinese humanity as it rushes past, or sits and drinks like us… Subodh and Mira call home (Kathmandu) via Nisha’s mobile. This is the most interesting part of the day for me, observing the scene. I go buy film. Subodh wanders around. The ladies find a toilet.

After ninety-minute’s wait, we follow Nisha (our Chinese-speaking Nepali guide) to our sleeper car and back to Shanghai. This time, however, we’re separated, Nisha and Mira in one ‘stall,’ Subodh and me in the adjacent one (and all of us on the second level). The desirable one is the lower berth, as you have a table, and don’t have to climb up and down.

I’ve learned the trick with Chinese train travel… Buy the ticket early or you’re going to end up on the top bunk, or not get on at all. There are millions of Chinese people travelling by train everyday. Buy early for a off-hour departure (like in the middle of the night). Try to time arrivals at off-hours too, so you won’t have to deal with the ‘stampede!’ It’s madness to me!

The all-night ride back to Shanghai is jerkier and noisier than the one going to Beijing… Thus, I don’t sleep that well. The same thing for Subodh, both of us arising early… 0530. I make Nescafe coffee for us (the Chinese drink nothing but Lu Cha/green tea). All cars have an endless supply of boiling hot water! This is good!

We arrive and deal with the ‘stampede,’ rushing for a taxi which takes us back to Shanghai Second Medical University. Subodh and ladies go to Nisha’s room, I head for our hotel room and a hot shower! Some things ‘hot’ are good!

24 June 2005 (in Shanghai)

This is a day of shopping which I should have sat out. I’m not a consumer, I don’t even like window shopping—thank God I’m not married! But, somehow I go with the ‘flow,’ as Subodh has been so nice to me.

We go to the Lotus Super Mall, next to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The mall is pretty amazing actually, ten floors of stores and restaurants. They look and buy, look and buy! I buy one gray t-shirt for 9.90 Yuan, or $1.25 cents. That’s the sum of my purchases for a week in China… Except for film… I buy many rolls of film. Kodak, Fuji, would be happy to know. They buy gifts to take back to family and friends in Nepal. I take photographs of them looking and buying.

We eat in one of the Mall restaurants, Subodh after something in particular. I think he’s trying to accommodate me actually, always thoughtful he is! I get my rice!

Afterwards we walk the Promenade on the Huangpu River, this opposite the Bund. At night the lights are spectacular, and we take photographs with such in the b.g. (see in ‘the Gallery’ ).

I buy them Hagen Daz ice cream!

We take the five-minute ferry ride across the Huangpu, and taxi back to where we’re sleeping! It’s 10P.M. and been a hard day of shopping! We’re asleep before our heads touch the pillows (as least mine).

Being a tourist is a strenuous thing! More debilitating actually than cycling 100KM per day, which I’d much rather do!

June 25th and 26th, (I think) in Shanghai…

Two more days of doing the ‘tourist number.’ I remember more shopping. I remember ‘Old Shanghai’ (more shopping).

I remember seeing Nisha, Subodh and Mira off to the airport early one morning. I’m taking a train to Hangzhou to ‘live!’ for awhile, checking out the Apollo Development Corporation (Stephanie’s company). They’re flying to Bangkok for a few days ‘vacation,’ before returning to Kathmandu. It’s Nisha’s last moments in Shanghai, after six-years of Medical School. It’s my beginning in China!

Seems like I’ve left out Nisha’s graduation, on a Tuesday…? Oh, well… You get the idea!

Suddenly I was on my own in China, ‘no direction known like a rolling stone’… Well, not exactly! Bhuwan (my new Chinese-speaking Nepali friend) takes and gets me on the train in Shanghai. Stephanie and Benson will be at the train station in Hangzhou.

We’ll be ‘hanging ten, in Zhouland!’ or should it be ‘Zhaoland?’ Whatever… Soon continuing ‘Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas!’ Remember…?

You say prior to THE BIG BANG

You say prior to THE BIG BANG ('God's Orgasm!'), is called 'Singularity.'  This is symbolized in the 'Garden of Eden' story (Adam and Eve):  Before Eve takes the 'big bite,' Singularity.  After she enjoys 'the other,' Duality!
'THE BIG 'BANG,' to most, means the beginning of existence!  But, these are only English words… 
What really happened?


Re:  the Strike over pension funds...
The time has come to compromise for this is the 'art' of successful living!  Think of the general public, caught in the middle of this 'battle.'
On the other hand, less motor traffic is wonderful!   Is there any way to achieve this more peacefully?  More Pedestrian Days,  more bicycles, more environmental awareness, less honking of horns (less noise)?
Please consider!
F.A. Hutchison
'Hache' in Bolivia

180513 BLOK / T.T.

180513 BLOK / T.T.
The energy is shifting North to South, the magnetic poles reversing which will mean Great Change (for humanity, whomever survives)!   Imagine it!  Imagine as the energy shifts, North to South, Night to Day, Male to Female (this transition already in progress).  What havoc and chaos this will cause!  But, it's necessary to get humanities' attention.  We don't change, evolve, without getting 'pushed!'  And we're in for a 'Pushing!'  
Modern man has relied too much on technology.  Now, s/he will learn to survive with less of it (pray you're one of the lucky ones that have succumbed).  The survivors will have to adapt to the new Cycle (Age of Kalki, Age of The Guan Yin:  Female Energy in control).
In just 13 days, a large asteroid, 1998-QE2, will 'pass' by the Earth, less than 4 million miles / 6 million kilometers distance.  This is a 'close shave,' in terms of astronomical distances!  And if they're (the astronomers) wrong, this could be it, the one, and it's BIG, bigger than the QE2 ocean liner, and if it comes closer it could cause the reversal of the poles to increase dramatically.  If it hits the Earth going as fast as they do, something like 5 Billion people would be wiped out over time, as a great cloud of 'shit' would prevent the sun.  No sun, no life!
But, what is life but consciousness!   Shift your consciousness, and you shift your life!  Shift your consciousness and you will make existence, this 'life,' better for you and others -- you're only a figment of your imagination anyway!  Imagine that!
So, let's see what happens this May 31st.  In the U.S., Memorial Day!
In terms of devastation an asteroid, the size of 1998-QE2, hitting the earth would be catastrophic.  But, I think humanity needs it.  We can't go on the way we are, the way we have, burying our heads in the sand, living an illusion -- destroying everything because of our greed, because of our stupidity! 
As the poles reverse, and the magnetic energy moves South, communication will become difficult, aircraft will be at risk flying, nothing much will be able to move, as everything becomes confusingly reversed.  We will become isolated, a great human pall falling over the Earth…  On the other hand,  'Father Earth' will rejoice (note, now 'Mother Sun' as things have reversed).   
The Earth doesn't need us, humanity needs the Earth yet we abuse her (now 'him' as everything has reversed, or is in the process of reversing)!   
Only those prepared, like Dr. Bruce will survive.  But, Bruce… You won't want to survive to 'live,' in this completely devastating and chaotically different time (no electricity, no computers, no TV, no Internet)!  It will be completely different as 'survivors' plunged back into the Dark Ages!   And what to do when y/our 'stores' run out…?  There will be violence as survivors compete for water, food, shelter, even air!  
For the more conscious, however, an epiphany as they realize we have to compromise and cooperate to survive!  Female Energy!
We have to grow, change, evolve, with the rising (already here) Female Energy.  Female Energy that might save us (from ourselves).   The Female Energy is the 'Second Coming,' and already beginning to mediate extremes,
Back and forth,
Until we are 
Lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring,
Tantric Taoism
P.S.  Someone once wrote/said, "There is infinite hope, but 'knot' for us!"  Let us change this idea, and let there be hope for humanity!  But, we must change!  We must evolve!  Humanity must stop abusing 'Father Earth!'   We must stop having too many children, the total population of the Earth climbing to deplete dwindling resources.  Simple!  It's that or extinction!  Simple!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to the Future!

This book, plan, etc., about how humanity might survive (an asteroid hitting earth), is typical of 'left-brained' thinking. It's always an external (objective) solution, for example the author suggests a 'Space Elevator.' When, in fact, the solution is internal. We need to change the way we think, metanoia!

Legalized marijuana, for recreational use, coming to the entire U.S. eventually.

Meteoroid or Asteroid, coming to your 'local theater' soon!

More U.S. pathology! People living in the U.S., just take this a 'normal' now!

Help by driving less, maybe slower. Take public transport when you can, and the most important: GET AND RIDE A BICYCLE AROUND!

More U.S. pathology!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well, guess what? There's a reason, as doctors, the system 'bleed' patients dry! Cancer isn't a disease, it's an industry!

I would tell Mr. Chwe, if I had a chance, that Economics is not a science but a philosophy, beginning with 'People act!' But, he probably wouldn't be interested...

We're cutting down trees all over the world to make toilet paper! Trees are a big source of the oxygen we breathe. How intelligent is it to trade air for toilet paper? The time has come to stop using it, substituting a washcloth or handkerchief, that you wash and reuse!

What a crock! The Catholic Church a part of the 'cult of money!'

Why this doesn't surprise me...

Cancer, once diagnosed a 'death sentence!' If I die of cancer I won't know it, just another pain.

Another example, of killing ourselves off, wanting money the culprit.

African clawed frog may carry deadly disease

A deadly disease may lurk on the African clawed frog.

African clawed frog may carry deadly disease
Photo credit: Flickr
Science Recorder | Delila James | Thursday, May 16, 2013
African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis), once imported to many countries during the first half of the 20th century for use in pregnancy tests, are spreading a deadly fungus to other frogs and salamanders, according to a study published today in the journal PLoS One.
The species was once imported from South Africa and bred by hospitals because they produced eggs when injected with the urine from pregnant women. The practice was mostly discontinued in the 1970s when better methods were developed to test for pregnancy and many African frogs were released into the wild. Now, the frogs are posing a serious threat to amphibians on multiple continents.
Frogs infected with the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, or Bd, could have brought the deadly pathogen to California shores, according to researchers. The frogs carried the infection in Africa for decades before it appeared in North America.
Bd infects the skin of amphibians, causing it to thicken up to 40 times greater than normal. Since frogs, salamanders, and other amphibians respirate and take in nutrients through their skin, this can have a deadly effect. Within a couple of weeks, the pathogen causes an electrolyte imbalance and the infected amphibians die of heart attacks. Over 400 species of amphibians are thought to have been driven either to extinction or near extinction by the arrival of this disease, according to one of the researchers involved in the study, Vance Vredenburg, a conservation biologist at San Francisco State University.
The deadly fungus is affecting amphibian populations worldwide, as the African clawed frog is now found nearly everywhere, including the United States, Europe, and China. It is “the worst disease in vertebrate history,” Vredenburg told the New York Times.
Dr. Vredenburg and colleagues assessed the prevalence of the disease by taking DNA samples from the skin of African clawed frog specimens that had been collected from wild populations in California between 2001 and 2010. They also tested preserved specimens collected in Africa between 1871 and 2010. The evidence confirmed that Bd was present in African frog populations before they were exported to other countries.
Although African clawed frogs are no longer used in pregnancy testing, they continued to be imported to the U.S. for medical and basic science research. However, because of their suspected role in spreading Bd, 11 states have already restricted the importation of these animals.
Vredenburg says people must be cautious when it comes to the importation of species for research and other purposes, noting that there could be other disease-carrying animals out there that nobody knows about yet.

How long is one billion years in days: 3.65 with 20 zeroes!

Yep, we're definitely looking for another (life-sustaining) planet to exploit. We know we've trashed this one!

It doesn't 'plague' me and easy to understand. These young people, undeveloped, unprepared for combat service. Worse, eventually they know intuitively that what they're doing/done was wrong. That the U.S. policy of fomenting war is wrong, and then the guilt of it all... They don't know how to reconcile, and then take the easy way out...

U.S. politics, a 'football,' game of offense and defense! In the meantime, nothing much gets accomplished in terms of governing. And thus the State fails!

Cancer is an industry, not a disease!

Yes, let's continue to 'rape' Mother Earth, and destroy ourselves in the process. Humanity's greed will be the death of 'him!'

160513 BLOK / T.T.

160513 BLOK / T.T.
We like saviors, Jesus, etc., to come and save us from ourselves as we 'no' we can't!   They (saviors) make the BIG SACRIFICE (why we worship them), shedding the body in a horribly painful way (our inhumanity).  But, in the process saviors add a new 'twist' to the tale, that gets our attention, shifting the direction as a new cycle begins.  Note, Jesus brought the concept of love into being.
The challenge is 'won' of consciousness (bevouszine:  a State of Knowing).  And how does it happen, this 'State of Noing?'  It just happens as decreed by Master, Lord, and God (our Trinity).  In the scheme of things, some are 'chosen' (captured, subdued and enslaved), their eyes opened to trancendence! 
Most people 'lobotimized' lead very small lives, shedding the body before understanding much. They return in another body ('born again') one rung higher on the ladder to Enlightenment.
Of course, all the foregoing, like the Christian Bible, just English words. What you make of them is the quest!
In our case it was cycling the world, living in China for five years, and creating, TANTRIC TAOISM!
Thus, we have added 'unconditional' to Jesus' love!  It's one thing to love, another to love unconditionally (the kind of love between mother and child). 


Chief Seattle, asked how he thought the white man could 'own' land! The concept was totally foreign to Native Americans.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There's always a scapegoat that pays for 'higher ups' mistakes!

15a0513 BLOK

15a0513 BLOK 
"Why does every religious tradition assume a form of prayer?  (Note, not all do, for example, Buddhism and/or Taoism.). If God is the one, all -knowing, all powerful God, then why would we have to beseech 'his' (maybe God is a woman?) help or try to impel 'him' to do something?  Why wouldn't 'he' just set up commandments and covenants and judge us accordingly?  Why do we ask for 'his' special intervention?"  Because we believe we're helpless without.
"In this sense, every thought, every expectation--all of what we hope for to happen in the future is a prayer, and tends to create that very future."
Of course, this author, James Redfield (the book, 'The Tenth Insight,') makes my point again:  We create our wor(l)ds from our minds!  Yours maybe slightly different than mine, but we come together in dictionaries (we agree on what a word means). 

150513 BLOK

150513 BLOK
"Think of what has happened… The Western mind has lost touch with the Great Mystery and reduced the magic of the forest to lumber (everything measured in terms of money). 
Urbanization has isolated the great majority of people.  So, we think experiencing Nature, has to do with an outing on a golf course!  Do you realize how few of us have experienced the mysteries of wilderness?"
('The Tenth Insight')

Another example of U.S. pathology! How can this be?

The Global Economy must crash! This, in order, to start over again, maybe with less greed and more consciousness!

The future of Capitalism is bleak. And I'll pass on that trip to Chicago, U.S.A.!

Milestone in medical human 'cloning' Human cloning is used to produce early embryos, marking a "significant step" for medicine, say US scientists.

It's ain't for 'medicine,' but for money!

The antiquated Catholic Church, always on the wrong side of issues.

What do we do when the ice has all melted? Maybe we can drink petrol?

Europe sinking, the U.S. next!

This is good news! Commute to work on a bicycle, as so many benefits!

Detroit, California, the U.S. sinking into the abyss, as 'the owners' dance in the ballroom (of the Titanic).

14a0513 BLOK

14a0513 BLOK
Well, now I'm convinced, La Paz, the best shopping city anywhere I've been in the world!
From Llama fetuses, to muffin pans, to cycling shorts, to camping gear, and I couldn't believe it yesterday I found a 'Dugout.'  A Dugout in a Tatoo store (and only a few will know about this item).  If you can find Dugouts and Llama Fetuses in La Paz, then you can find anything!
Fresh figs, 'higos' (in Espanol) I buy here, candles, every known tool and construction item.  Anything having to to with illumination, light bulbs, freshly squeezed orange juice. The list never ends… Chocolate, Coca ojas.  There are health food stores.  Maybe the one item not so available here are good vitamins, food supplements (which I have to have Raj. send me.).  But, I'm told I can purchase quinoa flour and grown flax seeds.  
Practically, enough reason for living here in Bolivia are tamales (here 'humintos').  I love them, and this is the first place in So. America I've found them.  They also make the best corn bread I've ever tasted, different from the kind in the U.S. 
Of course, Alpaca and wool garments, bags, handicrafts, offering items (palo santo), even little stoves to burn the palo santo (sacred stick). 
On Thursdays and Sundays, up in El Alto, supposedly one of the largest gathering of goods in the world, an all day, and all over the City market.  I've yet to go to this as not big on crowds, but maybe this week as another reason to go:
101.7 FM, 'Yellow Radio,' in La Paz.  Every morning at precisely 10:15 my cell. tele. rings with a reminder to tune into 101.7.  And this alarm goes on until you shut it off, like a 'wake up' call.  Well, we've been to technicians, many have tried, but nothing seems to shut this alarm off.  So, we're going to 'Yellow Radio,' and ask them why?  At the same time we see an opportunity to 'tweak' their interest, and we end up on the radio talking about YOU BE TRAVEL, and other timely subjects.
Yesterday, was the final task of completing our 1-yr. Residence Visa.  Surprisingly, it went the easiest, quickest of all!  Whew!  Three months work and $1,000U.S. total.  So, we're celebrating!
And with a dinner party on the 25th of Mayo.  This to thank many people for their help with obtaining this residence visa (couldn't be done alone).  Also, to present awards for those who participated in the FIRST ANNUAL DEATH ROAD CHALLENGE!  This year's was for the oldest cyclist, and won by Ruben Martinez, 76-years 'young!'  Go Ruben!  He gets 1,000Bs. ($150U.S.)
In the meantime, Angelo and I are now 'slouching towards Cochabamba' to live and develop our travel business.  
If you need airline tickets anywhere in the world, we can do for you.  But, remember, THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marx was right: WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! The only problem... They don't seem to be able to accomplish this uniting!

And now watch... This is what she'll die from...

He's probably right, if you consider only winning as important. But, what about the women that were subjected to this?

Just because they're rich and famous, doesn't mean they're intelligent!

140513 BLOK / T.T.

140513 BLOK / T.T.
We are completely self-sustaining.  We give 'birth' to ourselves.  We need no outside 'agency' to conceive.
The Guan Yin!
Tantric Taoism 


Monday, May 13, 2013

13c0513 BLOK / T.T.

13c0513 BLOK / T.T.
This is the Honeymoon, beyond all Honeymoons,
Back and forth,
Until we are lost in
Each other!
'Knot noing'
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring,
Tantric Taoism 


13b0513 BLOK

13b0513 BLOK 
Today, a BIG day for us, as we (Angelo and I) collected my 1-year residence visa/passport from Bolivian Imagracion!  Was they ever any doubt?  Yes, today, first having to wait again for a signature, Angelo having to run out and fotocopy some documents.  The bureaucracy in Bolivia never seems to end.  Then a month ago having to go to Puno, Peru, twice.  This didn't instill confidence in me.  But, Angelo, and the Jove Family did the trick.  Certainly, I couldn't have done this without their help. 
Can we say that Evo's Socialism is any better?  Can we say that the Bolivian Socialistic Bureaucracy is more organized…?  I'd like to discuss this with Evo…  I'm all for Socialism, even Communism, but only IF IT REALLY IMPROVES THE LOT OF THE POOR PEOPLE -- not the government in power!  
The Bureaucracy in Bolivia reminds me of the one in Nepal.  C'mon, let's go to the videotape.  But, I'm guessing pretty much the same in the U.S. and China, just on a larger scale.  Remember I did the Chinese 'visa game,' for five years!
It's US, the people of the world, that are the problem, not the governments.  A sad fact, no one will admit!  It's just easier to project inefficiency, corruption, and evil onto others.  'Hey, I'm perfect!'  If only you'd listen to me!' 
I'm sure the challenge for a U.S. citizen to get a Bolivian residence visa, similar to what the poor Bolivian citizen has to go through to get any kind of U.S. visa.  It's tit for tat, and part of the reason we 'jumped through so many Bolivian hoops,' was to prove, one, that it can be accomplished, and secondly, to prove not all U.S. citizens are troublemakers, and/or working covertly for the C.I.A.
That done, we are now good to cycle around Bolivia, at least for one year.
Long term plan, two more (one-year) residence extensions, and I can apply for citizenship.  Best, you can hang onto your other 'citizenship' (passport), just in case you need such.  But, traveling around South America, much easier on a Bolivian passport than a U.S. passport.  Gringos are suspect!
The U.S., billions, maybe trillions, spent on 'Foreign Aid,' only to be disliked in many places around the world!  Where did it go, the money?  Mostly in the bureaurcrat's pockets. 
Oh well, we just print it anymore when needed (constantly)!  Thus, our imminent demise...

And yet another example, of U.S. Pathology, a very 'sick' nation!

Brother's arrest stuns Calif. town in girl's death

The Associated Press
 — People in this quiet Northern California community expressed relief that there had been an arrest in the stabbing death of an 8-year-old girl, but they were stunned by the suspect: her 12-year-old brother.
"It's just shocking. I don't know what else to say," Patti Campbell, longtime restaurant owner in the town of Valley Springs, told The Associated Press on Sunday.
Last month's stabbing death of Leila Fowler shook this small community southeast of Sacramento and set off an intense manhunt. Her brother was in the home at the time and told police he saw a man run from the scene.
Days later, the boy appeared with his father and stepmother at a vigil for his sister. On Friday, as speculation in the community built that perhaps the boy was involved, his biological mother told Sacramento television station KOVR her son "could never hurt his sister."
Later that day, police announced that the boy had been arrested and faced homicide charges.