Monday, January 14, 2013

What is the Serpent of Light?

What is the Serpent of Light?

What is a Dragon? The oldest dragons and dragon symbolism comes from Chinese traditions. You can see their bodies are actually the body of a snake, only that they can fly. The wings are related to air and so to the mental.  Dragons symbolize mental and spiritual uplift. 
The snake represents the life force of every being, some may call it 'chi,' others call it 'kundalini.' It´s the same.  Snakes came from the sea,  first conquering soil and then growing wings. The snake then becomes a Serpent with feathers.  
This mythology is the story of life itself. The snake, the Life Force, conquered the 4 elements in an alchemistic way. Out of the water, onto the land and finally lifted up into the sky (air) because of the fire within.   It is the Will to prevail. It involves the 7 chakras.  The Root chakra represents the snake and the Crown chakra represents the Condor. 
The union of both the Snake and the Condor is a snake with wings, the Serpent of Light... This is the story of human ascension into the Heavens, nee the full potential and magic of the Spirit.


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