Saturday, January 12, 2013

'Nature's Joke' (on us) explained:

'Nature's Joke' (on us) explained:
From 'The House of Spirits,' by Isabel Allende:
'All it takes is the shallow of a female arm, the curve of the waist, or the crease of a knee to put ideas into my head.  Even now that I'm so old I don't even recognize myself when I look into the mirror.'
Louis Bunuel made a movie entitled, 'That Obscure Object of Desire.'  It's about what we call, 'Nature's Joke.'
It's happened to me when I was younger, the 'whore moans' at work.  
Once, In Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., I attended a Christmas Eve service in a Christian church.  I spied a woman sitting in front of me.  I fell instantly in lust.
After the service ended, I followed her home as she walked with a friend.  But, I lost them.  But, so smitten, I made an appointment with the pastor of the church, concocting a story about how she dropped something I needed to return.  He gave me her name and address.  I used to stand out in front of her building hoping, I get a chance to 'bump into her.'  I followed her several times, but never had the courage to introduce myself -- a love sick puppy.  This is an example of 'Nature's Joke'.  
We get attracted to someone of the opposite sex ('That Obscure Object of Desire') but we don't know why…  The 'spell' never lasts, however, although children are conceived because of it, ensuring the proliferation of the human species!
'Nature's Joke' (on us).


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