Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's only 17

It's only 17 to the big day, Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year, beginning the 'Year of the Snake/Serpent!'  A very good omen, indeed, as having just brought from Tibet to Bolivia!  10 February 2013, the date (beginning, the Yin Rising).  On the Eve, the day before, 090213, eat Chinese food!  
In the West you will get a fortune cookie.  Read it carefully.  Send them to us (text via email).  We'll explain what they portend.  Of course, people only  want to hear good news.  Thus, the charlatans ply their weils upon the unsuspecting (gullible).  We'll tell you the truth, slightly sweetened, por nada.
Interesting, this custom of fortune cookies, not practiced in China.  I think the original idea out of Japan (Yoji and Shingo…?).
in La Paz, Bolivia, where I think they have a China Town.  'We will find out!' as Rucha says.


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