Thursday, January 10, 2013

For the Tiawanaku Ceremony Group:

For the Tiawanaku Ceremony Group:
Something significant was born on 122112, and we're all the 'fathers and mothers!'
We must nurture this 'thing' to Light up the world;  more consciousness:  the (Male) Kundalini has been shifted (declining), from Tibet, China, to South America, and now more Female than male -- a higher vibration; a higher consciousness.
Help this come about!  The ancient Tiawanaku Civilization understood that 'human agency,' brought such things about!  And thus, Tiawanaku, the #1 Ceremony site of all South America.  It is the 'Second Chakra,' the sexual chakra, and thus the place of conception.  In this case the conception of Compassion (male) and Wisdom (Female), begetting unconditional love.
If you ever wanted to understand what '122112' is all about, it's simply the birth of unconditional love beginning a new cycle, the 'Age of Kalki.'  A more positive cycle.
Tantric Taoism
Espara told me (in Tiawanaku) I needed to be more humble, and learn about Light.  So be it!


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