Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Discussion about the word 'solicit.'

You bring up an interesting discussion about the word 'solicit.'  What is it?  I assume you're referring to the 'solicit' in the dictionary, which means 'to ask for.'
How do we know if this 'asking for' is done consciously or unconsciously?  I would imagine we are asking for things all the time (the Ego wanting).  But, many times 'things just happen.'  Were we 'soliciting' them…?
This just happened to me, this interpretation of my planets for 2013,  Just like my new Korean granddaughter (Heisoung) came to me.  Did I solicit her?  I must have, but unconsciously.
The reason I sent you and Becky my 'whorescope' was because you two understand Western astrology.  I wanted your opinion to see if you felt this was legit?  When horoscopes are too 'wonderful,' news of financial windfall or the partner of your dreams to I'm suspicious.  I want to know if you think this 'reading' is legit, since it's all too good for the coming year.
On the other hand, and I've been thinking about this… This coming year in Chinese Astrology, is the 'Year of the Snake,' and I'm a 'Snake/Serpent Bearer' (Ophiuchus).  I'm no longer Sagittarius.  We just brought the 'Serpent of Light,' from Tibet to Bolivia.  And now the 'Year of the Snake!'  A coincidence?  I don't think so.
What do you think?  Oh busy woman with no time.  There is no such thing as 'time.'  There is only change, because live in Duality:  Change - stasis - change. 


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