Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Rucha,

Dear Rucha,
Now your days are numbered in South America, you depart on the 23rd for Toronto, Canada.  (By the way, I have a friend there Nedin Tudacovic, a young man whose life I once saved.  I'll be glad to send him an email message that you'll be passing through, and if you need assistance to be available)!  But, you're a smart traveler, you picked Canada, because of the English.  There's a street in Montreal, Canada, named after my family, Hutchison.  
I'm glad you came to Lima, almost three months ago, and that we made it all the way!  All the way to La Paz, Bolivia, and you can be more than proud of that as it's at 3800Mts. ASL!   I know how you suffered from such thin air (and pollution in La Paz).
Of course, you did it mostly for me, but for whatever reason YOU DID IT!  Not too many women, 75-years of age, would have hitched a ride on my 'ferris wheel,' and withstood the 'torture.'  
You're scared of heights.  So am I!  By being with us, high in the magical Andes, you overcame some of that fear.  
You trekked into the Cave near Sorata.  You managed!  You're stronger than you think!  I just wish you wouldn't go back to your old ways in Garding, sitting and eating too much.
You're in good physical condition right now!  KEEP IT!  Isgard and I want you around for as long as possible.  You're a virtual guarding angel to many!   I'm… Well, sometimes liked, sometimes feared, sometimes loathed. 
You sacrificed to be with me!  I was glad I could give you something, an adventure!I come from the 'suck it up, and keep going school,' raised hard in the great U.S. tradition (mythology), that the tough guy gets the money and the girl!  I was athletic in my youth, full of energy… I'm still full of energy, less of course, but the CHI…. I was given a healthy portion!  If you're 'stasis,' I'm 'action!'  
But, you have no excuse now, as we've given you the idea of a treadmill allowing you to walk kilometers at any speed, while reading a book -- inside in the comfort of your house.  I don't want to hear any excuses!
But, Rucha, your life is your life, and you choose.  Don't do it for me, DO IT FOR YOU, ISGARD!  You're 75-years old, if you want to fatten up your arteries with 'fat water,' this should be your choice.  I'm not as disciplined as you think!  I have an almost terminal 'sweet tooth.'  If I didn't cycle, and/or exercise I'd weigh 100Kgs.!
Johnny's going to lose weight, and find the woman of his dreams!
You, DARE ME TO SAY THIS;  you could, if motivated, ride a bicycle around Garding!
It's the mind, not the body, that controls…  Two of the most potent words in the English dictionary are:  I WILL!  They are omnipotent.  There's nothing we can't if we put our minds to it…
And I will end with one of our cycling group's slogans:
Climb high!
Ride far!
Your goal the sky!
Your aim the stars!
I'm a Metal Dragon (1940).  I fly around the sky and stir up the stars!
Love, your great friend always,
Fred (for my sister Sally)
P.S.  I pray for your safe travel home.  Of course, you know to send me an email message that you have arrived.


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