Friday, January 25, 2013

An Englishman, Daniel Day Lewis, plays Abraham Lincoln

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An Englishman, Daniel Day Lewis, plays Abraham Lincoln, in Spielberg's latest.  And make sure you know who 'directed by,' an Ego so large as to not be contained in this Universe. 
Sally Fields plays Mary, Abe's neurotic wife.
It's a somber piece metamorphosed out of the old black and white daguerreotypes.   Civil War, niggers, political dealings, and all of rest of the Union circa. 1865. It's all about the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, setting negroes free.  God, women will want it next!
Abe turns out to be portrayed as a near Saint, with political savvy and 'hudszpa,' out the gazoo!   A loving father, a man of the people, in fact now apotheosized.  When asked the best president ever, Lincoln always first on the list, and a damn Republican.
There's a tsunami of subterfuge in this almost melodrama, drowning the actors in cliches.  But, Hollywood movies are made to make money, and not enlighten us!  
The acting is good, as one might expect ('Great Expectations' you could title the production of this BIG TIME effort.  'That's my boy, Steven, from Phoenix, Arizona!').
Critics complain that DIRECTED BY STEVEN SPIELBERG, bent history.  Facts and the movie business never the Mark Twain shall meet!  
History keeps changing, as we keep changing!  What do facts have to do with story?  Little.  And even less in 'Hollywood.' 
P.S.  Want facts go to your nearest Library!


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