Thursday, January 31, 2013

310113 BLOK (actually 2801)

310113 BLOK (actually 2801)
Abuelo Lucas, my Aymara Shaman friend came today, but unannounced, except for a knock on my door.  Since a knock on my door is unusual, I didn't respond, as I thought it was something else.  Later, I noticed he'd left me a note.
I called him, and he returned with his colleague, Gonzalo.
We had a somewhat stilted lunch, as we can't communicate very well (he little English and me little Spanish).  We tried but there were many uncomfortable silences (at least I was uncomfortable).  Of course, they rarely think about this, having a translator along, etc.
After lunch at Namas.Te, I took them into my room (adjacent), and tried Google translation software.  But, I quickly learned that neither one of them is facile with computers/Internet, etc.   The older ones generally aren't.  I think Abuelo ('grandfather' in Espanol) Lucas, is my age (73).
Luckily, Rosaria (operates Hotel Akapana, in Tiawanaku) saved the day by showing up at just the right time. She, knowing both Spanish and English, was able to translate for us.  Lucas, now understanding what I need, vis a vis extending visa, agreed to write a letter (on my behalf).  Not only that, but he volunteered to go by Bolivian Immigration to get the proper name to address the letter.
We exchanged a few little gifts:  He gave me a Viracocha (God of action, shaper of worlds) pin, and I gave them a DVD movie ('The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser' dubbed in Spanish).  I invited Rosaria to stay for lunch, but she had already eaten.  She did accept one of my Alexander (Starbuck's-like chain in La Paz) chocolate-chip muffins.
It pays off to develop and stay in contact with friends!
We're been lucky we have Rucha 'in our corner,' even though she's now back in Garding, Germany.  Near or far, she's always with us in spirit!
'The light is with us, the light is within us!
P.S.  In the meantime I've written to Lucas and Rosaria (using Google translation software) what my Pilgrimage has been all about!  I don't think they haveā€¦ 


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