Friday, January 04, 2013

301212 BLOK

301212 BLOK
OHMYGOD!  Last night… After eating in the hotel dinning room, I was 'attacked' by bacteria and/or a virus in the middle of the night!  I managed to get to the door of the bathroom before exploding vomit and this continued from both ends for about an hour.  I was exhausted by the time I thought I was safe, falling into bed.  But, then not too long after, another session, giving up everything I had in my digestive system.  Again, in bed I managed to fall asleep and didn't awake until 0430.  But, I didn't get up until 0900 -- Rucha was inquiring at my door.
The morning was spent seated or lying down, not feeling well at all… weak, a slight headache, but no fever.   I spent the rest of the day trying to recover, only wanting to ingest liquids.   Coca tea, etc.
But, when one feels like 'doggy do' you realize that just feeling good, feeling strong, etc., is all that one needs.  The rest is icing on the cake.
I had tried, of course, to figure this out, why…?  One of three or four possibilities:
One, being punished for treated Rucha so poorly (guilt).  Two, the Shambala Demons, are having their last great 'pain' during the year of the 'Water Dragon.'  Three, having to get used to Bolivia germs, now rather than later.  Four, nothing special, just a part of life.
We can't go through life without 'woes,' without challenges, without illnesses, without accidents, without injury.
But, I know one thing for sure, when I've recovered I'll be stronger than before.
P.S.  Rucha had her own 'test,' in Lima (two months ago).  Just after she arrived she was felled by an asthma attack, and she spent three days in a hospital recovering.  She, until recently, has suffered greatly from the high elevation.  But, she didn't give up and still with us.  


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