Sunday, January 27, 2013

27d0113 BLOK

27d0113 BLOK
Do not f___ with the Serpent of Light! 
Well, I thought I was in the clear, sailing in a calm sea for awhile.  But, today I discovered this is not yet.  It's the Shambala Demons last chance to attack, and they did with vengeance!  Full moon!
First, walking to the Radisson Hotel for their Sunday brunch, I took a new route, and the new route led me right into trouble.   There was a restricted area, marked off with Police tape, but that didn't stop me, or a woman posing as a Chilean tourist.  She engaged me in conversation, asking me where something was on a mapa she pointed out.  I guessed, and pointed, but she had another agenda.  She followed me, next wanting a foto with her camera.  It didn't work (I should have known then.).  
The next thing I knew a man was there flashing his 'police badge,' and an entire story about tourists, counterfeit money, fake credit cards, and they would have to check us both.  Of course, she was in on the scam, and not to bore you but they got away with 500Bs. / $70U.S., and my debit cards with their access code.  They didn't take my passport, Thank God!  I quickly called my Bank and reported the cards as stolen.  They never got access to my account!  But, now I have to go through the hassle of getting a new card here to La Paz, and making sure it works.  Thank God for Marty, there in Colorado!  
The new card I'd just received, to replace the expiring card, didn't work.  But, maybe that was good as I made a point to withdraw more cash than usual, concerned that if the new card continued to be a problem, I'd be SOL. Note, the old card still worked.  Now, they're both gone, stolen!   I know, kinda of complicated...
Second, I got some bad news about extending my Bolivian visa.  I may have to leave Bolivia, and apply at a Bolivian Embassy in another country.  That means flying, traveling, money, etc.  I was hoping to vegetate for awhile, but now this new visa challenge.  It's my fault, however, I assumed, breaking rule #1.  I assumed you could apply for a longer stay, without leaving the country… Ah, the 'Visa Game!' I think I'm going to develop a 'board game,' with that name.
So, all in all I can't say that today, 27 January 2013 was a particularly good day, although sunny for the first time in weeks.   It's the rainy season here in Bolivia, summer...
The good news… the good news is that the Shambala Demons lose all their power beginning 10 February, when the Snake arrives (the 'Year of the Snake' in Chinese mythology). That's in 13 days!  I can't wait, as we brought the 'Snake,' the Serpent of Light with us from Tibet to Tiawanaku, Bolivia.   And mostly on a bicycle!
The energy is changing, the Yin is Rising!
P.S.  Oh, woe be unto those who stole things from us today.  For seven generations you and your family will suffer much!  Do not f___ with the 'Serpent of Light!' 


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