Sunday, January 27, 2013

27a0113 BLOK

27a0113  BLOK
We had a party last Friday night, this at Paul's flat on the third floor, but I counted and they count differently:  To me the fourth floor.  I was the first, and the first to depart, my usual drill at parties, not much into anymore except for the food and beverage.  I arrived at 1930, Paul still wiring up his sound system, it didn't really happen until 2130, me out the door after rejecting the idea of eating more (homitas had just arrived).  I had eaten way too much as too good. 
Paul said, 'No bass, no party!'  So, we ended up with maybe the best sound in a small space I'd heard in a long time.  Paul's a musician nee audiophile.  I had thought of bringing up the subject of Erik de Vries, in The Netherlands.  His speakers, $20KU.S. each.  I listened, my ears not good enough to know the difference.  But, a Paul's I did.  And usually this is a combination of both the sound system and the musica playing.  Paul knows music!  
Gabby was next, then Tom.  These two pictured here, one 63-year old expat Texan, U.S.A., and one younger woman, Bolivian parents, but born in the U.S.
Others came, and I ate.  Tom waited for the pizza.  Others came, and I ate.  Tom waited for the pizza.  Others came, and Tom started eating the healthy food (quinoa salad).  I had gorged on his Pringles (perfectly machine made).  I had one of Tom's Huari beers.  The beer too cold, but O.K. Thanks Tom.  
Tom's a good guy, who likes to read.  He thinks I like being in front of a computer.
I was in bed by 2200 hours.
Goodnight, Chet!
P.S.  I've been invited to the next Party ('in the bar') on February 2nd. 


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