Friday, January 04, 2013

25b1212 BLOK Christmas Day

25b1212 BLOK  Christmas Day
We are in Sorata, Bolivia, about 120KM northwest of La Paz.
Sorata, clinging to the side of a hill appears to be about gold mining and tourism.  But, since low season (rain) few tourists. 
We languish in the richer (2800Mts. ASL) air;  the warmer temperatures.  Peaches ripen on the trees outside of the 'Ex-Provencial' Hotel (the building for government before). 
I'll take Nature over manmade any day, although the wood floors make up for so much concrete.  They talk to me.   Then again, I need a computer/Internet, so I've one foot in Nature and one foot in the modern world. 
At the Hotel there's also an open fireplace with wood fires at night.  I love the smokey smell.  Rucha and I sit in front of it every night after dinner, staring into the flames (our TV). 
We appear to be the only guests in a hotel that can probably accommodate 100.  A resort of sorts with a swimming pool, built in 1941 (by the local government).  But, it was the only hotel in Sorata suitable for Rucha.    
As I luxuriate in my chair, In the b.g. the Bolivian woman sweeps the floor.  I move the indoor chair out into the sun.  The sun directly overhead is strong, and I can only take it for fifteen minutes.  I lift the chair back inside, and resume napping.
I'm in a state of Supreme Bliss! 
Hope you're in the same!


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