Thursday, January 24, 2013

240113 BLOK

240113 BLOK
Yesterday, I went down to Zona de Calacoto, this to get my mobile telefono repairo.
I had to wait longer than usual to get a taxi.  But, then like we were in a race!  I said my usual prayer, as this guy was crazy in a hurry.  He knew all the back roads, and we made it all the way to Essenza Cafe/Calacoto, in record time, something like 20 minutes.  But, I got to see a new part of La Paz. This ride, from San Pedro to Calacoto normally would take 40 minutes.  I was happy to be alive, and happy to see him go!
Essenza, my favorite little Cafe in Calacoto was open at 8:40A.M. It a little strange, however, as they're new, and I seem to be the only customer.  Francisco greeted me, as I'm sure they're always happy to see a paying customer.  I like their muffins, and their coffee, with leche de soya, good too.  And all for $4U.S.  Bolivia much less expensive than Chile.
Afterwards, my 'Calacoto Drill'… I shopped at Andy's, finding the exact item I was looking for, a bath 'strap,' for washing your back.  This besides my 'Urban Drink, Zensa' for the 'Body.'  They have, I should say Coca Cola (The Monarch Beverage Company, Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A.) have designed something for us 'yuppies,' sugar water, plus nutrients for specific needs:  'Skin,' 'Body,' 'Relax,' 'Energy,' etc.  And in a cool bottle.
Then on to the video store, to return two n.g. DVD movies.  However, it was closed.
Then on to print out my message to the Telefono Repairo Shop.
I was happy to discover they were open, this place whose symbol/icon is Sagittarius (half man, half horse) -- not sure of the 'connection?'  Not only were they open but the guy fixed my mobile, and for no charge.  Oh, happy day!
Then I returned to the video store, but still 'cerrado' (closed).  Yesterday, Martes, was a National Holiday, so sometimes, people just can't return to the idea of working so soon afterwards. 
I went on to Alexander's for more coffee, and to wait for the video store to open.  I had also wanted to call Raul, but too noisy in the Cafe.
When I finished, for some reason I hailed a taxi, forgetting I was suppose to try the video store.
Again, it was another 'race' back to San Pedro.  I thought maybe this, for the second time in one day, had to do with a risING moON (full on Friday, Viernes).
This guy, however, went up too high on the West hill, and we 'snaked' around until he pretty much gave up, and let me out four blocks from where he should have.
But, these 10+KM rides to Calacoto and back only cost me $7U.S. Again, things are generally less expensive in Bolivia than in Peru and Chile.
I got back in time for the usual wonderful lunch at Namas.Te:  Soy patties and a salad.  Their bread is good, and their picante sauce excellent. Again, an example of the costs of living in La Paz and Bolivia:  this lunch only $3U.S.   High quality, vegetariano comida por not much dinero!
I took my usual nap after a large meal.
Then off again, but on foot, to partake of Banais' apple pie.    This restaurant, Banais is a part of a chic Hostal, so generally full of snappy, cool-looing and young backpackers.   Today, poor service, but some 'eye candy.'   I indulged myself with carrot (zanahoria en Espanol), actually 'pastel de zanahoria,' better known to me as my favorite carrot cake.   Not leche de soya here, but the cake pretty good.
I had come to this tourista area really to buy books at the Spitting Llama Bookstore, but it was closed.
Now, returning I had another look, the sign saying 'open,' but the door locked and no people.
My last task of the day was picking up my laundry.   Again, too little they charge, 17Bs. / $2.25U.S., so I pay 30Bs., because, not only are they good, reliable, etc., but they carefully fold every item.  I think they're a little uneasy about this… What?  Someone paying more than asked for…  No comprende!
Our motto:
Give more, take less!
in L.P., where if it's not raining, it's probably going to…


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