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22a1212 BLOK

22a1212 BLOK
Today we departed Tiawanaku for Sorata, some 200KM distance.
The previous evening I was surprised to discover Frederic informing me they want to join us in Sorata.  This pleased me no end, as I had invited them when we first met a couple of days earlier.
I remember happening to have been sitting outside of the Akapana Hotel, observing their arrival in a van.  They had been traveling four straight days from Barcelona, Spain.  I remember he hugged the driver which I thought strange, and was immediately friendly.  He spoke English, explaining their trip.  I was immediately interested.
Somehow, we've become, he, his wife Sonia, and the two boys,  good friends.
Sonia, Sophia, or something he calls her.  Think about it, talk international…  He's French, she's Spanish, the boys multilingual.  They both had near fatal accidents, but her's… I find her fascinating, having come back from the dead.  Additionally there doesn't seem to be anything she can't do besides raising two boys.  This, of corse, living on prana (not eating).  He's versed on all things spiritual, explaining how the Maya defined 'time.'  Both well travelled.  His parent lived in Taiwan, and Shanghai, China.  He's been to Tibet.  Now, in their late thirties, they're seeking a place to live in Bolivia.   We're doing a project together.  
The gift of the 21st was an incredible sunset, and this family.
We had hired a guy named Rene to drive us to Sorata.  There was much luggage plus two bicycles on the top.  Five adults, two boys., one driver and assistant. 
We stopped in El Alto as to get cash from an ATM.  In Bolivia, a cajero automatico.
The first worked, the second, a scary card slot not wanting to take the plastic card.  The third, over a dicey dodging boulevard, informed 'insufficient funds.'  
We headed on to Sorata. 
The country on the east side of Lake Tikicaca, my kind:  some trees on open hills, something, that says in my head, 'deja vu' elevation, blue skies, brown earth. 
There were a few towns and rivers, then up into fog.  We were all a little concerned, but Rene did well. 
The pass is 4200mts. ASL, then down to 2700, or 1500mts. into a side-situated town, a mecca for trekking.   I had wanted to come check it out on the advice of a Swiss friend I'd met way back in Santiago, Chile.  
We had come for a rest, seeking lower air and warmer temperatures.  Summer on the alti plano, like winter in other places.  Certainly snow on the Andes peaks.
Rucha shrieked a couple of times, as the drop-off is sheer, and we're talking way down.  
We arrived at 3:30P (four hours in route), the boys about to jump out of their skins. 
We had lunch on the Plaza.  While waiting I walked around, bought some granola, and flowers from a Bolivian woman.  Sonia ended up with the flowers. 
I had ordered 'Taco with gaucamole' to avoid wheat (just assumed), only to get wheat tortillas.   I'm going to make sure next time:  No wheat.  No leche de vaca, quesa, etc., and no azucar!  I've been breathing better since avoiding mucus creating foods (wheat-gluten, dairy, and sugar).  I ate the Tacos anyway, three of the them, the guacamole exceptionally good. 
Frederic and Sonia, the boys moved in the adjacent hostel.  We drove on to the 'El Exceptional' old hotel.  I liked the wood burning fireplace, the wood stairs and floors.  It's old and decaying, but the silence like vintage champagne.  We're the only guests so far. 
We're here for almost two weeks.  I look forward to a fire in the fireplace.  I look forward to doing some trekking, and riding Senor Fetes.
Rucha…?  She's in fine fettle!   Amazing woman!


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