Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22b0113 BLOK

22b0113 BLOK
Today, Martes (Tuesday) it was some kind of Gov. Holiday/Festival in La Paz…? I didn't really understand until later…
After my brown-rice lunch that I had cooked, I started walking, heading for a Chinese Trade Show. I'd done some research, and had the address, even directions.  But, when I got to the high rise building on Av. 6 de Agusto, I couldn't find a way to get in… I walked completely around the building, even into the parking garage, but I saw no entrance.  Maybe one of those deals, that advertises, but then no show. I finally gave up for trying and headed south, to a part of Centro/La Paz I'd never been to before.
I end up in the 5-star Radisson Hotel/Convention Center.  The multi-storied a huge modern complex, with an adjacent park.  My humble abode at Namas.Te, in Zona de San  Pedro, so much the opposite (thank God).  But, why not I thought, as I was curious about their postres?  Many coffee shops and restaurants are not open on a Holiday.   
I ordered a piece of lemon pie and coffee, sitting in their dining room, watching two different TV screens.  One had CNN, and the other La Paz TV with Evo Morales, (El presidente de Bolivia) giving a speech. When I saw Evo on TV I understood what the 'holiday' was all about.  It appeared to be something like a 'State of the Union' address, explaining to those in the live audience and TV, all the good things his Government has been doing.  I'm sure Obama's will be similar.
It had been a long time since being able to watch anything on CNN.  I didn't find it in either Chile or Peru, and I was a bit surprised to discover it in La Paz.  The program was hosted by a anglo woman (probably from Atlanta), the segment about Aubrey Hepburn.  What contrasts, Aubrey in Bolivia!  Then they switched to Obama's inaugural ball, and I got to watch Obama and wife dancing.  Beyonce had just 'lip-synced' the National Anthem. Even stranger!  But, the juxtaposition of the two presidents, interesting… Politics, all about looking good on TV.  We live in a TV culture, nee Facebook existence, with all the rest of pop culture's 'ka-ka!'
The Rad. pie was O.K., but the coffee, insipid!  I paid, then used their banos (Hombres) on the way out.  Hotel's, especially the fancier ones, usually have good (clean) banos. 
I planned to return for Sunday brunch at the Radisson (1130-3P.M.) just to take a shit (just kidding).  I want to see what this buffet spread is like.  Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day.  I still remember the one at Dan Hostel, in Denmark (2005).
I walked on and back up hill returning to Centro proper.  I was planning to purchase some more books in the 'Spitting-Llama Bookstore.'
First, however, I discovered Banais, a backpacker's restaurant was open.  Here I indulged myself again, with a piece of apple pie, and cinnamon tea.  This time, the beverage lived up to its reputation (now I have less cholesterol).  Banais is adjacent a Hostal, so it's usually filled with backpacks and computers (WIFI Zone) -- young people!  I'm sure I was the oldest in there, eating apple pie.
Afterwards I walked up to Calle Linares, where the Spitting Llama Bookstore is located.  But, it was closed.  I wasn't entirely surprised.
This was a typical day for me, wandering around taking fotos.  Now, the day's fotos uploaded and 'live' at www.cyclingpeace.org/gallery/.  This is how I discover the world!
Hache in La Paz, Bo.


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