Friday, January 18, 2013

18d0113 BLOK

18d0113 BLOK
Capitalism does produce abundance, but only at a price!  If you have money you can purchase anything.  If you don't have money you're SOL!
I am astounding at the number, and variety of products, goods, food, beverages available (for a price) in La Paz, Bolivia.  There must be one or more million sellers of something, from the fancy supermercados in Calacoto (upscale zona) , to the single Bolivian women on the street with their little display.  And these 'displays' or stalls are from large, to small, to someone walking around selling candy, basically begging!  Much of the stuff is of poor quality, probably manufactured in China.  
But, the food is mostly from Bolivia, maybe Peru, maybe from other South American countries.  The variety astounds me!  I buy my favorite fresh figs (higos) on the street.  Yesterday, I purchased some black berries.  You can purchase freshly squeezed orange juice to drink, one glass for 3Bs. or about .40cents U.S.  I purchased some Italian-made cycling shorts in one outdoor store.  There are a million shoe stores, places to get your hair cut, a trillion restaurants.  Billions of sidewalk vendors selling everything from A to Z.
If you like markets, buying things, the less developed countries are better, as the richer countries, Germany, China, and Australia, the U.S., maybe, more antiseptic, sterile and expensive.
Come to South America for colorful markets!  In La Paz, you can even purchase Llama fetuses for good luck!


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