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18a1212 BLOK

18a1212 BLOK
This is day three in Tiawanaku, and we've seen nothing but rain. But, summer is the rainy season in Bolivia.  We're told most tourists come to Bolivia in the winter, as a better season (sunny but cold).  Probably also because winter here is summer in the northern hemisphere, and 'school's out' (vacation time).  Europeans, more that U.S. citizens, love South America (long history of conquest).
Tiawanaku, the village, has sprung up around the Ruins, and it's larger than expected.  There's a Catholic University, but one wonders why?  There's the usual Plaza/Catholic church.  But, there's also a good restaurant (La Cabana Del Puma) where we've been enjoying good meals.  And the Ankapana Hotel, operated by Rosaria.  She's wonderful, and the hotel is perfect for us, a short walk from the Ruins.  Three rooms with private baths cost only 210 Bolivianos / $30U.S. or 20Euro -- three private rooms, mind you.  Bolivia, off season, is very inexpensive.
To enter the nearby Ruins, you pay 80 Bolivianos, or about  $12U.S.  Rucha joined me yesterday, but so out of breath she had to return after visiting 'The Gate of the Sun' (Puerto Del Sol).  I continued wandering around, and managed to climb Akapana (manmade 'hill'/pyramid) but I had to retreat to the hotel before a rain storm.  I managed, in our short visit, however, to get some idea of the Tiawanaku Civilization, once a city of 30-60,000 inhabitants.  The Tiawanaku civilization dates back to 300BC (to 1100AD:  pre Inca). 
Of course, the reason we're here is to make our offering of the Serpent of Light shifting the kundalini from Tibet (East) to South America (West).  The conclusion of our seven-year Pilgrimage.  Seems amazing to us, after cycling around the world to get here!
I tried to fast for the offering, the act of purification, but a mistake.  I'm too old, or the elevation, the cold, or a combination there of, but fasting right now, is not a good idea for me as I need the calories!  This trip, from Lima to Tiawanaku, the most difficult of all these seven years, even more difficult than cycling to Mt. Kailas, Tibet.  I must be getting older...
At breakfast we met Maurice, wife Luna, and two young daughters Gaia, and Leda, a family from Cordova, Argentina (3,000KM to the southeast).  They, like us, are here in Tiawanaku for 122112.  He described himself as a 'warrior,' trying to enlighten his fellow Argentinians to things spiritual.  We, of course, were immediately sympatico.  He showed me some crystals he'd brought with him.  I was glad he appeared out of 'nowhere' to validate, for Rucha and Johnny, that I'm not totally insane. 
In the evening, I met my fellow 'Shaman' (Lucas Choque Apaza) whose own 122112, Ceremony we've been allowed to join (at the Gate of the Sun/Ruins).  He told us that the Dalai Lama has been here (to visit the Ruins), and there will be Buddhist monks at the Ceremony.  He has agreed to accept the Serpent of Light, along with the Heart Stone, and the Heart of the Tree of Life.  After the Ceremony these sacred objects will be on display in their local Tiawanaku Museum.  We couldn't ask for a greater reception.  He has taught us a new hand shake, nee HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD!
Tomorrow, however, we take a bus into La Paz (80KM to the east) to get more dinero.  No bank or ATM here.  Ah, the mundane of modern lifeā€¦


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