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181212 BLOK / T.T.

181212  BLOK  / T.T. (Preface to the book, Tantric Taoism))
What is enlightenment?  Knowing you're not, to begin with!  
Only a few human beings have ever achieved this state of grace in human history.  It requires control of your Ego (the 'I').  But, without an Ego (the 'I'), we can't be 'here,' as such is to be human.   Thus, it becomes a 'battle' between the 'I' and 'we,' the mundane and the spiritual.  'I' catch myself all the time my Ego trying to cause trouble (selfish desires).  But 'I'm' now able, after so many years, to identify them ('Ah, that's the Ego.').  Just identifying these Ego thoughts neutralizes them. 
Once you stop thinking of yourself so much you have the opportunity to tread the path to enlightenment.  
But, again, few actually achieve this in modern life as so many daily distractions. We're constantly bombarded with messages 'manipulating' our Egos ('The Hidden Persuaders,' Vance Packard).  We live in an out-of-control Ego driven world -- they've (the 'owners') have turned us into robotic consumers.  
We glorify and worship the wrong things:  material wealth (money as God),  fame, celebrity, power over others.  We rarely think of gaining power over ourselves, our greatest 'enemy.'  The Buddhists say, 'One battle won with yourself, is worth one thousand battles over others.' 
Of course, the first task is to be aware of how we're being 'manipulated' (for money/power).  STOP WATCHING TV!
The second task, has to do with this vigilance, monitoring our thoughts.  The 'monkey mind' has to be subdued, that incessant chattering that goes on in our minds.   Try to catch your Ego thoughts enflaming your desires (I want!).  Try to become more aware of yourself; your thoughts.  The more you can accomplish this, the further down the 'road' you go to a state of grace called 'enlightenment.'   
One day walking I came upon a fork in the road.  One looked well worn, the other hardly used.  I took the road less travelled.  It's made all the difference!' ('I' paraphrase Robert Frost.)
At the beginning of our Pilgrimage, January, 2005, I was blessed by a friend on the day I departed Colorado Springs, U.S.A… She said, 'The light is with you, the light is within you!'  (I shall always honor Phyllis Rock for such.).
Now, I pass on her blessing on to you:
Attempt to overcome your greatest 'enemy,' yourself!   Once accomplished, many 'doors' open… 
F.A. Hutchison
who took the 'road less travelled.' 
Tantric Taoism



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