Friday, January 04, 2013

12a1212 BLOK

12a1212 BLOK
U.S. Pathology: violence…
We glamorize the wrong things:  weapons, police, soldiers, violence, and war!  And most of this negative mythology comes via TV and movies!  No wonder then this is acted out in malls, schools, public places, by lone gunmen.  Over and over and over innocent people are killed, and nobody asks why this is happening?  They blame the guns or 'nut cases,' but it's happening so much now, I don't think we can write it off to just that.  Of course, no one wants to hear this, or admit it, admit that we're all to blame by supporting a system that engenders it.  We have to accept the responsibility for what we've created, a violent culture that worships money.    'We have met the enemy and he is us!' 
Of course, there is violence in other cultures, but not this unique form, a particular American brand.  This, an indiscriminate variety, where lone gunmen go into a public places and start shooting, killing innocent bystanders (for no apparent reason;  no apparent motive) and then kill themselves (pure destructiveness). 
The theme of many Hollywood movies is simply, 'Violence is the solution!'  Why?  Hollywood makes money with such, as we respond to it (we pay to watch such).  Trust me, if we (the general public) responded to something more benign, more than to violence, Hollywood would churn these stories out, as they are only interested in 'box office.'   With them it's what makes a profit! 
Money is, in fact, God in the U.S. (nee the world).  We glamorize the $ rich, while ignoring the poor.  In fact, it is a 'crime' to be poor in the U.S. (the world).  People will do anything to get money, lie, cheat, steal, kill others!  And this lust for money is the source of much of the evil in the world!
We need to change!  And we pray it's coming, beginning with 122112.


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