Thursday, January 10, 2013

100113 BLOK / T.T

100113 BLOK / T.T.
Consciousness… Do you have it?  Do I have it?  I don't 'no!'  I 'no' it's important, however!  We think It's 'noing' that you 'no.'  But, it's also, at the same time, 'noing' that you don't 'no' as well.  
I 'no' it has to do with getting beyond words!  This is Casteneda/Don Juan's 'Stopping the World!'  And this is possible!
The body is a 'Duality Machine.'  How could we 'no' God, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Chakrashamvara, and Demchod without the Ego, 'I?'  Distinction!  Thus, recognizing such (the 'I'), subduing it!  Then it's possible to 'return' to Singularity, ('The Garden') adding something to it (the goal of creation, higher consciousness).  But, the Singularity we think is Singularity, is 'knot' Singularity.  And thus the conundrum…  We're trapped in Duality.
The goal of Tantric Taoism:  getting beyond words, even thoughts (Duality)!  Listen to the Guan Yin!'  And the longer the better, until
We are lost 
In each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!



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