Wednesday, January 09, 2013

080113 BLOK

080113 BLOK 
Today, I rode Senor Fetes in Centro La Paz.  Wow, what a rush they'll all in, as time is money.  It's not so pleasant riding a bicycle when you realize that you could be killed at any moment - what I feel like when I ride in South America capitols.  Note, they say Bogota, Columbia the best for bicycles!  Go Columbia!
This was moving day and I had moved most of my things in a taxi, but Senor Fetes wouldn't fit.  After unloading we returned to Bacoo Hostel, so I could ride it back to Namas.Te, my new home in La Paz.
I think Centro-La Paz, the worst cycling distopea I've encountered around the world.  Worse even that Chongqing, China, etc.  But, there's a reason.  First of all, La Paz, is crammed down into a canyon, no doubt paradise 500 years ago, but in 2013, absolute urban madness.  Of course, the locals growing up here, accept it as 'normal.'  The streets are narrow handling too much vehcular traffic.  I would say it's even dangerous walking Centro, La Paz.  C'mon Evo, let's solve this together.  Additionally, there are rock and cobblestone streets.  This makes it even less desirable on a bicycle (many of these rock streets climbing hills)!  Yesterday, it was raining… Like an adrenaline rush?  You should have been with me…
Up one hill puffing like an old steam engine, I made it to the top to rest.  WE LET NOTHING STOP US!
Now, Senor Fetes rests against the wall in my 'flat.'  This is an almost ideal situation here at Namas.Te (people from the city I was born in, St. Louis, Missouri).  I have my own private bedroom.  A tub in the bathroom.  A kitchen where I can cook, WIFI and also the vegetarian restaurant next door.  There's a Supermercado, two blocks away (where I purchased Kefir sweetened with stevia).  All this for $200U.S. per month.  My neighbor, Tom is from Austin, Texas, U.S.A.  He seems to like reading murder mysteries. 
After seven years on the road, we're blessed!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Grateful!  Grateful!  Grateful!
Hutch nee Hache in Bolivia.


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