Thursday, January 31, 2013

310113 BLOK (actually 2801)

310113 BLOK (actually 2801)
Abuelo Lucas, my Aymara Shaman friend came today, but unannounced, except for a knock on my door.  Since a knock on my door is unusual, I didn't respond, as I thought it was something else.  Later, I noticed he'd left me a note.
I called him, and he returned with his colleague, Gonzalo.
We had a somewhat stilted lunch, as we can't communicate very well (he little English and me little Spanish).  We tried but there were many uncomfortable silences (at least I was uncomfortable).  Of course, they rarely think about this, having a translator along, etc.
After lunch at Namas.Te, I took them into my room (adjacent), and tried Google translation software.  But, I quickly learned that neither one of them is facile with computers/Internet, etc.   The older ones generally aren't.  I think Abuelo ('grandfather' in Espanol) Lucas, is my age (73).
Luckily, Rosaria (operates Hotel Akapana, in Tiawanaku) saved the day by showing up at just the right time. She, knowing both Spanish and English, was able to translate for us.  Lucas, now understanding what I need, vis a vis extending visa, agreed to write a letter (on my behalf).  Not only that, but he volunteered to go by Bolivian Immigration to get the proper name to address the letter.
We exchanged a few little gifts:  He gave me a Viracocha (God of action, shaper of worlds) pin, and I gave them a DVD movie ('The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser' dubbed in Spanish).  I invited Rosaria to stay for lunch, but she had already eaten.  She did accept one of my Alexander (Starbuck's-like chain in La Paz) chocolate-chip muffins.
It pays off to develop and stay in contact with friends!
We're been lucky we have Rucha 'in our corner,' even though she's now back in Garding, Germany.  Near or far, she's always with us in spirit!
'The light is with us, the light is within us!
P.S.  In the meantime I've written to Lucas and Rosaria (using Google translation software) what my Pilgrimage has been all about!  I don't think they have… 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

27d0113 BLOK

27d0113 BLOK
Do not f___ with the Serpent of Light! 
Well, I thought I was in the clear, sailing in a calm sea for awhile.  But, today I discovered this is not yet.  It's the Shambala Demons last chance to attack, and they did with vengeance!  Full moon!
First, walking to the Radisson Hotel for their Sunday brunch, I took a new route, and the new route led me right into trouble.   There was a restricted area, marked off with Police tape, but that didn't stop me, or a woman posing as a Chilean tourist.  She engaged me in conversation, asking me where something was on a mapa she pointed out.  I guessed, and pointed, but she had another agenda.  She followed me, next wanting a foto with her camera.  It didn't work (I should have known then.).  
The next thing I knew a man was there flashing his 'police badge,' and an entire story about tourists, counterfeit money, fake credit cards, and they would have to check us both.  Of course, she was in on the scam, and not to bore you but they got away with 500Bs. / $70U.S., and my debit cards with their access code.  They didn't take my passport, Thank God!  I quickly called my Bank and reported the cards as stolen.  They never got access to my account!  But, now I have to go through the hassle of getting a new card here to La Paz, and making sure it works.  Thank God for Marty, there in Colorado!  
The new card I'd just received, to replace the expiring card, didn't work.  But, maybe that was good as I made a point to withdraw more cash than usual, concerned that if the new card continued to be a problem, I'd be SOL. Note, the old card still worked.  Now, they're both gone, stolen!   I know, kinda of complicated...
Second, I got some bad news about extending my Bolivian visa.  I may have to leave Bolivia, and apply at a Bolivian Embassy in another country.  That means flying, traveling, money, etc.  I was hoping to vegetate for awhile, but now this new visa challenge.  It's my fault, however, I assumed, breaking rule #1.  I assumed you could apply for a longer stay, without leaving the country… Ah, the 'Visa Game!' I think I'm going to develop a 'board game,' with that name.
So, all in all I can't say that today, 27 January 2013 was a particularly good day, although sunny for the first time in weeks.   It's the rainy season here in Bolivia, summer...
The good news… the good news is that the Shambala Demons lose all their power beginning 10 February, when the Snake arrives (the 'Year of the Snake' in Chinese mythology). That's in 13 days!  I can't wait, as we brought the 'Snake,' the Serpent of Light with us from Tibet to Tiawanaku, Bolivia.   And mostly on a bicycle!
The energy is changing, the Yin is Rising!
P.S.  Oh, woe be unto those who stole things from us today.  For seven generations you and your family will suffer much!  Do not f___ with the 'Serpent of Light!' 

27c0113 BLOK

27c0113 BLOK
Miss. Hu,
'Mothers' of Innovation!

27b0113 BLOK

27b0113 BLOK
It's a one sock, two handkerchiefs day!  Full moon, attracting germs, sneezing, running nose, kind of morning, glory!
I counter with Golden Seal Root, Echinacea, Lobellia, and 2Kmg. vitamina C. Next is garlic!  engard!

27a0113 BLOK

27a0113  BLOK
We had a party last Friday night, this at Paul's flat on the third floor, but I counted and they count differently:  To me the fourth floor.  I was the first, and the first to depart, my usual drill at parties, not much into anymore except for the food and beverage.  I arrived at 1930, Paul still wiring up his sound system, it didn't really happen until 2130, me out the door after rejecting the idea of eating more (homitas had just arrived).  I had eaten way too much as too good. 
Paul said, 'No bass, no party!'  So, we ended up with maybe the best sound in a small space I'd heard in a long time.  Paul's a musician nee audiophile.  I had thought of bringing up the subject of Erik de Vries, in The Netherlands.  His speakers, $20KU.S. each.  I listened, my ears not good enough to know the difference.  But, a Paul's I did.  And usually this is a combination of both the sound system and the musica playing.  Paul knows music!  
Gabby was next, then Tom.  These two pictured here, one 63-year old expat Texan, U.S.A., and one younger woman, Bolivian parents, but born in the U.S.
Others came, and I ate.  Tom waited for the pizza.  Others came, and I ate.  Tom waited for the pizza.  Others came, and Tom started eating the healthy food (quinoa salad).  I had gorged on his Pringles (perfectly machine made).  I had one of Tom's Huari beers.  The beer too cold, but O.K. Thanks Tom.  
Tom's a good guy, who likes to read.  He thinks I like being in front of a computer.
I was in bed by 2200 hours.
Goodnight, Chet!
P.S.  I've been invited to the next Party ('in the bar') on February 2nd. 

270113 BLOK

270113 BLOK
Not much changes,
All for money,
All por nada!
Something is nothing, and
Nothing is something
Where do you want to 'bee,'
Crash, flash, and trash it 'be'
Our Modern Realitee:
Superficial, with Realpollu!
Where is the dare to be greater?
P.S.  Poulo, my favorite Uyguhur dish.  What is the name of that restaurant in Kashgar, Ord… something?  Best Poulo in China!

260113 BLOK

260113 BLOK 
El Sol!
We seek the sun,
Always on the run!
It's grace, best as a race!
We're the 'High, Dry, Brown, and Blue,' kind of Hugh,
The 'son of,' Hutchison!
Lizards are resuscitated by that Orb,
So, absorb, not for color, 
But, for D, and Thee,
El Sol!

Friday, January 25, 2013

An Englishman, Daniel Day Lewis, plays Abraham Lincoln

25a0113 BLOK
An Englishman, Daniel Day Lewis, plays Abraham Lincoln, in Spielberg's latest.  And make sure you know who 'directed by,' an Ego so large as to not be contained in this Universe. 
Sally Fields plays Mary, Abe's neurotic wife.
It's a somber piece metamorphosed out of the old black and white daguerreotypes.   Civil War, niggers, political dealings, and all of rest of the Union circa. 1865. It's all about the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, setting negroes free.  God, women will want it next!
Abe turns out to be portrayed as a near Saint, with political savvy and 'hudszpa,' out the gazoo!   A loving father, a man of the people, in fact now apotheosized.  When asked the best president ever, Lincoln always first on the list, and a damn Republican.
There's a tsunami of subterfuge in this almost melodrama, drowning the actors in cliches.  But, Hollywood movies are made to make money, and not enlighten us!  
The acting is good, as one might expect ('Great Expectations' you could title the production of this BIG TIME effort.  'That's my boy, Steven, from Phoenix, Arizona!').
Critics complain that DIRECTED BY STEVEN SPIELBERG, bent history.  Facts and the movie business never the Mark Twain shall meet!  
History keeps changing, as we keep changing!  What do facts have to do with story?  Little.  And even less in 'Hollywood.' 
P.S.  Want facts go to your nearest Library!

250113 BLOK / T.T.

250113 BLOK / T.T.
It's all subject and object, in Duality.
The goal is both simultaneously,
'Going back and forth,'
Until vibrating at the 
Speed of
Guan Yin!
Tantric Taoism


Thursday, January 24, 2013

240113 BLOK

240113 BLOK
Yesterday, I went down to Zona de Calacoto, this to get my mobile telefono repairo.
I had to wait longer than usual to get a taxi.  But, then like we were in a race!  I said my usual prayer, as this guy was crazy in a hurry.  He knew all the back roads, and we made it all the way to Essenza Cafe/Calacoto, in record time, something like 20 minutes.  But, I got to see a new part of La Paz. This ride, from San Pedro to Calacoto normally would take 40 minutes.  I was happy to be alive, and happy to see him go!
Essenza, my favorite little Cafe in Calacoto was open at 8:40A.M. It a little strange, however, as they're new, and I seem to be the only customer.  Francisco greeted me, as I'm sure they're always happy to see a paying customer.  I like their muffins, and their coffee, with leche de soya, good too.  And all for $4U.S.  Bolivia much less expensive than Chile.
Afterwards, my 'Calacoto Drill'… I shopped at Andy's, finding the exact item I was looking for, a bath 'strap,' for washing your back.  This besides my 'Urban Drink, Zensa' for the 'Body.'  They have, I should say Coca Cola (The Monarch Beverage Company, Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A.) have designed something for us 'yuppies,' sugar water, plus nutrients for specific needs:  'Skin,' 'Body,' 'Relax,' 'Energy,' etc.  And in a cool bottle.
Then on to the video store, to return two n.g. DVD movies.  However, it was closed.
Then on to print out my message to the Telefono Repairo Shop.
I was happy to discover they were open, this place whose symbol/icon is Sagittarius (half man, half horse) -- not sure of the 'connection?'  Not only were they open but the guy fixed my mobile, and for no charge.  Oh, happy day!
Then I returned to the video store, but still 'cerrado' (closed).  Yesterday, Martes, was a National Holiday, so sometimes, people just can't return to the idea of working so soon afterwards. 
I went on to Alexander's for more coffee, and to wait for the video store to open.  I had also wanted to call Raul, but too noisy in the Cafe.
When I finished, for some reason I hailed a taxi, forgetting I was suppose to try the video store.
Again, it was another 'race' back to San Pedro.  I thought maybe this, for the second time in one day, had to do with a risING moON (full on Friday, Viernes).
This guy, however, went up too high on the West hill, and we 'snaked' around until he pretty much gave up, and let me out four blocks from where he should have.
But, these 10+KM rides to Calacoto and back only cost me $7U.S. Again, things are generally less expensive in Bolivia than in Peru and Chile.
I got back in time for the usual wonderful lunch at Namas.Te:  Soy patties and a salad.  Their bread is good, and their picante sauce excellent. Again, an example of the costs of living in La Paz and Bolivia:  this lunch only $3U.S.   High quality, vegetariano comida por not much dinero!
I took my usual nap after a large meal.
Then off again, but on foot, to partake of Banais' apple pie.    This restaurant, Banais is a part of a chic Hostal, so generally full of snappy, cool-looing and young backpackers.   Today, poor service, but some 'eye candy.'   I indulged myself with carrot (zanahoria en Espanol), actually 'pastel de zanahoria,' better known to me as my favorite carrot cake.   Not leche de soya here, but the cake pretty good.
I had come to this tourista area really to buy books at the Spitting Llama Bookstore, but it was closed.
Now, returning I had another look, the sign saying 'open,' but the door locked and no people.
My last task of the day was picking up my laundry.   Again, too little they charge, 17Bs. / $2.25U.S., so I pay 30Bs., because, not only are they good, reliable, etc., but they carefully fold every item.  I think they're a little uneasy about this… What?  Someone paying more than asked for…  No comprende!
Our motto:
Give more, take less!
in L.P., where if it's not raining, it's probably going to…

Where do words come from?

Where do words come from? Do they really mean anything?

How do we use language? We use it to express ourselves through speech, to record our experiences or to invent and tell stories in writing. But before all that begins, before a word leaves our lips or a pen hits the page, we use language in our heads. This code we share is more than a “simple naming process.” It’s the means by which we form our thoughts and interpret the world around us.
One of the first people to articulate this concept was a Swiss linguist named Ferdinand de Saussure. Saussure wrote and taught in the late 1800s, and though he died in 1913, he remains one of our heroes here at Saussure understood that thinking about language was essentially thinking about thinking. He put language under his own theoretical microscope the way biologists study cells, looking at words as the building blocks of our thoughts.
The foundation of his project is breaking down our idea of a word into its component parts: the concept and the sound-image. Let’s do an experiment. First, picture a tree. It can be a tree you’ve climbed or a generic tree you’ve invented in your head. Regardless of the exact form, this abstract idea of a tree is a concept. Now picture the letters T-R-E-E. These four letters, when placed in this order, form the sound-image in that they can be spoken, written, or read. But without the imagined tree behind them, the letters are meaningless. Only by uniting concept and sound-image will “tree” evoke the mental picture you just conjured.
Saussure does not call this fusion of concept and sound-image a word, instead he calls it a sign, and it was through this code of signs that he built the discipline that’s given us so many tools to know our language: semiology. In Saussure’s words semiology is “a science that studies the life of signs within society,” named for the Greek word semeion, meaning “sign.”
In his book A Course in General Linguistics (the ground-breaking tome that this is coming from), Saussure replaces the term “concept” with “signified” (referring to that which is signified, i.e. the image of the tree) and “sound-image” with “signifier” (that which does the signifying, i.e. the written/spoken “tree”).
From there he drops a bomb that puts a new spin on the whole business: the signifier (written/spoken sound-image) is arbitrary. That’s right, according to Saussure the only function of the word “tree” is to be different from every other word. For all he cares it could be “blarg” as long as every speaker of a language recognizes that “blarg” signifies a leafy wooded plant.
Saussure points to the fact that onomatopoeias for the same sound vary greatly from language to language, and speakers are often conditioned by their language to perceive certain sounds as beautiful. (What words do English speakers find beautiful?)
This is the first in a series of three posts on the strange and wonderful world of semiology and Ferdinand de Saussure. We’ll tell a tale of love, loss, and forgiveness as we take Saussure’s “science of signs” into the real world.

230113 BLOK / T.T.

230113 BLOK / T.T.
The Uncle Joy Baby Factory,
The mothers of unconditional love!
Conceived in such,
The Guan Yin
Is Rising! 
Tantric Taoism


210113 BLOK

210113 BLOK
The sunlight at 22 degrees south latitude, interesting… has a certain feeling at 1030 in the morning, 210113, January, summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
It snowed here in La Paz, four days ago.  This is 'summer' at 3700mts. / 12,000ft. ASL.
It's been raining just about everyday, but the other day the rain turned into some snow with accumulation.  Of course, it was gone in several hours, but nonetheless, snow in what's equivalent to the month of July in the Northern Hemisphere.
We're on the same time as New York City, Eastern Standard Time, or some such, as I think Daylight Saving Time here in Bolivia, -4GMT.  It's a little crazy about time here, as the three countries I've so far visited (Chile, Peru, and now Bolivia), they're all on different times.  South America needs to become more united!
New York City and La Paz, similar in many ways as huge commercial centers.  One on an island, the other tucked into a canyon of the Cordillera Real (a part of the Andes).  Majestic snow-topped peaks frame this Capitol (Sucre the first).
This city, La Paz, it has some of the most interesting terrain, and right a part of humanity.  They contrast each other, one straight and square, the other one irregularly nonconforming.  There are these 'stalagmite-cite creatures,' vertical columns of brown, with deep crevices between.  These aping the 'Valle de Luna,' a few kilometers south of the Zona de Calacoto.  I haven't been to this 'Valle de Luna,' but I have been to the one in the Atacama Desert, Chile.  Juxtaposed with what humanity has done (concrete and red brick), they combine to make interesting vistas. I get to observe riding in a taxi, as we go down and down, round and round, the housing getting more expensive the further south we go (from San Pedro).  It's fascinating to me, to discover some City completely different than all the ones I've been through (cycling the world in the last seven years).  
La Paz, meaning 'peace,' is anything but peaceful I'm afraid.  Too many people crowded in this lovely, albeit polluted canyon, rushing around, rushing around, rushing around!  This is how it's similar to New York City.  NEW YOUR CITY?  That's why so many now up in El Alto, just above La Paz proper, as this is the rolling and flat Alti Plano, at 4Kmts. ASL.  This is where it's sprawling to God knows where… 
Every woman has a baby…
Oh, Catholic Church, what have your wrought, our undoing…  Now, by the way, the Chinese are considering rescinding the 'One-Child Per Family' law.  It wasn't working anyway, the Han felt discriminated against, as the 56 Ethnic groups could continue to have as many children as they could.  So, the Han would bribe local officials and they'd turn their heads.
I sit inside Sucre Plaza (nee park), two blocks from Namas.Te (where I'm living).  On the south side of the Plaza, the infamous La Paz Prison.  Already I've been hustled for M.  / 12,On the west side a fancy hotel.  I watch the world rush by…  I'm part of the 'old folks' crowd, most immobile, and/or asleep.  I bask in any sunlight, as starved for such rays!
Isgard asked me what I liked about my lifestyle?  Easy, I wrote, 'Freedumb!' 'Freedumb's just another word for nothing left to lose!' (thanks, K.K.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's only 17

It's only 17 to the big day, Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year, beginning the 'Year of the Snake/Serpent!'  A very good omen, indeed, as having just brought from Tibet to Bolivia!  10 February 2013, the date (beginning, the Yin Rising).  On the Eve, the day before, 090213, eat Chinese food!  
In the West you will get a fortune cookie.  Read it carefully.  Send them to us (text via email).  We'll explain what they portend.  Of course, people only  want to hear good news.  Thus, the charlatans ply their weils upon the unsuspecting (gullible).  We'll tell you the truth, slightly sweetened, por nada.
Interesting, this custom of fortune cookies, not practiced in China.  I think the original idea out of Japan (Yoji and Shingo…?).
in La Paz, Bolivia, where I think they have a China Town.  'We will find out!' as Rucha says.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22b0113 BLOK

22b0113 BLOK
Today, Martes (Tuesday) it was some kind of Gov. Holiday/Festival in La Paz…? I didn't really understand until later…
After my brown-rice lunch that I had cooked, I started walking, heading for a Chinese Trade Show. I'd done some research, and had the address, even directions.  But, when I got to the high rise building on Av. 6 de Agusto, I couldn't find a way to get in… I walked completely around the building, even into the parking garage, but I saw no entrance.  Maybe one of those deals, that advertises, but then no show. I finally gave up for trying and headed south, to a part of Centro/La Paz I'd never been to before.
I end up in the 5-star Radisson Hotel/Convention Center.  The multi-storied a huge modern complex, with an adjacent park.  My humble abode at Namas.Te, in Zona de San  Pedro, so much the opposite (thank God).  But, why not I thought, as I was curious about their postres?  Many coffee shops and restaurants are not open on a Holiday.   
I ordered a piece of lemon pie and coffee, sitting in their dining room, watching two different TV screens.  One had CNN, and the other La Paz TV with Evo Morales, (El presidente de Bolivia) giving a speech. When I saw Evo on TV I understood what the 'holiday' was all about.  It appeared to be something like a 'State of the Union' address, explaining to those in the live audience and TV, all the good things his Government has been doing.  I'm sure Obama's will be similar.
It had been a long time since being able to watch anything on CNN.  I didn't find it in either Chile or Peru, and I was a bit surprised to discover it in La Paz.  The program was hosted by a anglo woman (probably from Atlanta), the segment about Aubrey Hepburn.  What contrasts, Aubrey in Bolivia!  Then they switched to Obama's inaugural ball, and I got to watch Obama and wife dancing.  Beyonce had just 'lip-synced' the National Anthem. Even stranger!  But, the juxtaposition of the two presidents, interesting… Politics, all about looking good on TV.  We live in a TV culture, nee Facebook existence, with all the rest of pop culture's 'ka-ka!'
The Rad. pie was O.K., but the coffee, insipid!  I paid, then used their banos (Hombres) on the way out.  Hotel's, especially the fancier ones, usually have good (clean) banos. 
I planned to return for Sunday brunch at the Radisson (1130-3P.M.) just to take a shit (just kidding).  I want to see what this buffet spread is like.  Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day.  I still remember the one at Dan Hostel, in Denmark (2005).
I walked on and back up hill returning to Centro proper.  I was planning to purchase some more books in the 'Spitting-Llama Bookstore.'
First, however, I discovered Banais, a backpacker's restaurant was open.  Here I indulged myself again, with a piece of apple pie, and cinnamon tea.  This time, the beverage lived up to its reputation (now I have less cholesterol).  Banais is adjacent a Hostal, so it's usually filled with backpacks and computers (WIFI Zone) -- young people!  I'm sure I was the oldest in there, eating apple pie.
Afterwards I walked up to Calle Linares, where the Spitting Llama Bookstore is located.  But, it was closed.  I wasn't entirely surprised.
This was a typical day for me, wandering around taking fotos.  Now, the day's fotos uploaded and 'live' at  This is how I discover the world!
Hache in La Paz, Bo.

22a0113 BLOK / T.T.

22a0113 BLOK / T.T.
Fusion + Fission = thought
The combination of compassion and wisdom is unconditional love,  the 'know orgasm!'
Love from love, to love, is unconditional,
Beyond all feeling,
'Won in the same!
Here's to…
Tantric Taoism


220113 BLOK / T.T.

220113  BLOK / T.T.
We want it!
We need it!
We love it!
We want you!
WE need you!
We love you!
The Uncle Joy Baby Factory,
Mothers of Unconditional Love!
The Yin is Rising!
Tantric Taoism


Monday, January 21, 2013

210113 BLOK / T.T.

210113 BLOK / T.T.
Oh perfect day,
The way;
The sun shining
On the Eve of THE SNAKE,
A quake,
Shaking the world,
Tantric Taoism


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The only problem with 'Beowulf,'

200113 BLOK / T.T.
The only problem with 'Beowulf,' the ancient (8th C.) Anglo Saxon poem/myth, besides being elitist, is the theme: violence cures all things!
Kings and warriors  (heroes) slay monsters and save damsels in distress. 
But, where people go wrong is reading this Classic literally (projecting evil outside of themselves).  It's meant to be read figuratively, for slaying your own demons, the ones that haunt your mind!  'We have met the enemy and s/he is us!'  (Walt Kelly)
The time (in history) has come to go inward, not outward!  This is where solutions are lasting.   You have to become more aware, developing your consciousness, perfecting y/ourselves first, then if anyone wants to follow, or not, great!  Live by example! 
Imagine that?
The Yin is Rising!
'Imagine all the people, living for today…?' (thank you John Lennon)
The Yin is Rising!
Tantric Taoism

Dear Rucha,

Dear Rucha,
Now your days are numbered in South America, you depart on the 23rd for Toronto, Canada.  (By the way, I have a friend there Nedin Tudacovic, a young man whose life I once saved.  I'll be glad to send him an email message that you'll be passing through, and if you need assistance to be available)!  But, you're a smart traveler, you picked Canada, because of the English.  There's a street in Montreal, Canada, named after my family, Hutchison.  
I'm glad you came to Lima, almost three months ago, and that we made it all the way!  All the way to La Paz, Bolivia, and you can be more than proud of that as it's at 3800Mts. ASL!   I know how you suffered from such thin air (and pollution in La Paz).
Of course, you did it mostly for me, but for whatever reason YOU DID IT!  Not too many women, 75-years of age, would have hitched a ride on my 'ferris wheel,' and withstood the 'torture.'  
You're scared of heights.  So am I!  By being with us, high in the magical Andes, you overcame some of that fear.  
You trekked into the Cave near Sorata.  You managed!  You're stronger than you think!  I just wish you wouldn't go back to your old ways in Garding, sitting and eating too much.
You're in good physical condition right now!  KEEP IT!  Isgard and I want you around for as long as possible.  You're a virtual guarding angel to many!   I'm… Well, sometimes liked, sometimes feared, sometimes loathed. 
You sacrificed to be with me!  I was glad I could give you something, an adventure!I come from the 'suck it up, and keep going school,' raised hard in the great U.S. tradition (mythology), that the tough guy gets the money and the girl!  I was athletic in my youth, full of energy… I'm still full of energy, less of course, but the CHI…. I was given a healthy portion!  If you're 'stasis,' I'm 'action!'  
But, you have no excuse now, as we've given you the idea of a treadmill allowing you to walk kilometers at any speed, while reading a book -- inside in the comfort of your house.  I don't want to hear any excuses!
But, Rucha, your life is your life, and you choose.  Don't do it for me, DO IT FOR YOU, ISGARD!  You're 75-years old, if you want to fatten up your arteries with 'fat water,' this should be your choice.  I'm not as disciplined as you think!  I have an almost terminal 'sweet tooth.'  If I didn't cycle, and/or exercise I'd weigh 100Kgs.!
Johnny's going to lose weight, and find the woman of his dreams!
You, DARE ME TO SAY THIS;  you could, if motivated, ride a bicycle around Garding!
It's the mind, not the body, that controls…  Two of the most potent words in the English dictionary are:  I WILL!  They are omnipotent.  There's nothing we can't if we put our minds to it…
And I will end with one of our cycling group's slogans:
Climb high!
Ride far!
Your goal the sky!
Your aim the stars!
I'm a Metal Dragon (1940).  I fly around the sky and stir up the stars!
Love, your great friend always,
Fred (for my sister Sally)
P.S.  I pray for your safe travel home.  Of course, you know to send me an email message that you have arrived.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

190113 BLOK

190113 BLOK
The days zoom by, like 'tick's of a clock counting seconds!
The only solution, as there is no such thing as time (we've been sped up acting like robots), is to live in the moment!  
The Guan Yin!
It's infinity!

Friday, January 18, 2013

18d0113 BLOK

18d0113 BLOK
Capitalism does produce abundance, but only at a price!  If you have money you can purchase anything.  If you don't have money you're SOL!
I am astounding at the number, and variety of products, goods, food, beverages available (for a price) in La Paz, Bolivia.  There must be one or more million sellers of something, from the fancy supermercados in Calacoto (upscale zona) , to the single Bolivian women on the street with their little display.  And these 'displays' or stalls are from large, to small, to someone walking around selling candy, basically begging!  Much of the stuff is of poor quality, probably manufactured in China.  
But, the food is mostly from Bolivia, maybe Peru, maybe from other South American countries.  The variety astounds me!  I buy my favorite fresh figs (higos) on the street.  Yesterday, I purchased some black berries.  You can purchase freshly squeezed orange juice to drink, one glass for 3Bs. or about .40cents U.S.  I purchased some Italian-made cycling shorts in one outdoor store.  There are a million shoe stores, places to get your hair cut, a trillion restaurants.  Billions of sidewalk vendors selling everything from A to Z.
If you like markets, buying things, the less developed countries are better, as the richer countries, Germany, China, and Australia, the U.S., maybe, more antiseptic, sterile and expensive.
Come to South America for colorful markets!  In La Paz, you can even purchase Llama fetuses for good luck!

18c0113 BLOK / T.T.

18c0113 BLOK / T.T.
The Honeymoon continues, delightfully, beyond description, 'won' in the same!
Here's to allowing and sharing,
Flowing back and forth,
Until we are lost in
Each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really carrying!
'Butt' the description you think is the description, is 'knot' the description!
Tantric Taoism


18b0113 BLOK / T.T.

18b0113 BLOK / T.T.
'Condes' = Shiva!
Spiritual Intercourse = Chakrashamvara
Unconditional Love =  Demchod
Vajra + Chod =
Tantric Taoism


18a0113 BLOK / T.T.

18a0113 BLOK /  T.T.
The image of Spiritual Intercourse (the union of compassion and wisdom)
Distracts from the
Monkey mind!
The Guan Yin!
Tantric Taoism


180113 BLOK / T.T

180113 BLOK / T.T.
Being born is taking form.
Shedding the body dissolves the form.
But, the form you think of as the form, is 'knot' the form!
Tantric Taoism


Thursday, January 17, 2013

170113 BLOK / T.T.

170113 BLOK / T.T.
If flowers could sing,
They'd sound the Guan Yin.
If flowers could sing
They'd sound the Guan Yin,
The Union of Compassion (male) and
Wisdom (female),
Spiritual Intercourse,
Supreme Bliss,
Back and forth,
Until we are lost in
Each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
It's love beyond love!
Tantric Taoism


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

150113 BLOK / T.T.

150113  BLOK / T.T.
With Tantric Taoism we move from many words to fewer words, to 'know' words, chanting:
Focusing on the
Stilling the monkey mind!
…Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
P.S. I must credit Ching Hai, a female Vietnamese mystic of some wisdom, for enlightening me about the Guan Yin (the Chinese Female Buddha of Compassion).  I first came across Ching Hai via a vegan restaurant in Lhasa, Tibet, this back in 1999.  A Chinese couple, from Geermu, Qinghai Prov. China, had launched the 'Wondefu' Restaurant in Lhasa.  After the first meal there, I returned almost everyday for lunch -- the cook brilliant at making tofu taste like chicken or beef).  I got to know Grace (Chinese name?), who had Ching Hai's books on their shelve.  I read one.
Grace was a devotee of Ching Hai.


Discussion about the word 'solicit.'

You bring up an interesting discussion about the word 'solicit.'  What is it?  I assume you're referring to the 'solicit' in the dictionary, which means 'to ask for.'
How do we know if this 'asking for' is done consciously or unconsciously?  I would imagine we are asking for things all the time (the Ego wanting).  But, many times 'things just happen.'  Were we 'soliciting' them…?
This just happened to me, this interpretation of my planets for 2013,  Just like my new Korean granddaughter (Heisoung) came to me.  Did I solicit her?  I must have, but unconsciously.
The reason I sent you and Becky my 'whorescope' was because you two understand Western astrology.  I wanted your opinion to see if you felt this was legit?  When horoscopes are too 'wonderful,' news of financial windfall or the partner of your dreams to I'm suspicious.  I want to know if you think this 'reading' is legit, since it's all too good for the coming year.
On the other hand, and I've been thinking about this… This coming year in Chinese Astrology, is the 'Year of the Snake,' and I'm a 'Snake/Serpent Bearer' (Ophiuchus).  I'm no longer Sagittarius.  We just brought the 'Serpent of Light,' from Tibet to Bolivia.  And now the 'Year of the Snake!'  A coincidence?  I don't think so.
What do you think?  Oh busy woman with no time.  There is no such thing as 'time.'  There is only change, because live in Duality:  Change - stasis - change. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

What is the Serpent of Light?

What is the Serpent of Light?

What is a Dragon? The oldest dragons and dragon symbolism comes from Chinese traditions. You can see their bodies are actually the body of a snake, only that they can fly. The wings are related to air and so to the mental.  Dragons symbolize mental and spiritual uplift. 
The snake represents the life force of every being, some may call it 'chi,' others call it 'kundalini.' It´s the same.  Snakes came from the sea,  first conquering soil and then growing wings. The snake then becomes a Serpent with feathers.  
This mythology is the story of life itself. The snake, the Life Force, conquered the 4 elements in an alchemistic way. Out of the water, onto the land and finally lifted up into the sky (air) because of the fire within.   It is the Will to prevail. It involves the 7 chakras.  The Root chakra represents the snake and the Crown chakra represents the Condor. 
The union of both the Snake and the Condor is a snake with wings, the Serpent of Light... This is the story of human ascension into the Heavens, nee the full potential and magic of the Spirit.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

140113 BLOK / T.T.

140113 BLOK / T.T.
The Yin is Rising!
The Kundalini is the sexual energy, the urge to create (Hindu, Shiva, Tiawanaku, Viracocha).  It moves around the Earth when needed, this time/cycle departing Tibet with us, the Serpent Bearers, 'Ophiuchus' (2010).   In hand we moved the Serpent of Light to Tiawanaku, Bolivia, 'the Stone in the Center,' a place of conception, the Second Chakra where, 
Spiritual Intercourse enlightens,
'Going back and forth
Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing'
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!'
Supreme Bliss!
The Union, of Compassion (male) and Wisdom (female), begetting Unconditional Love:  the Guan Yin (Female) to rule the Kalki Cycle (beginning 122112).  
A cycle that's more:
The Yin (female) is rising consciousness! 
'The Light is with you, the Light is within you! sayeth 'The Rock'
Tantric Taoism


Saturday, January 12, 2013

130113 BLOK / T.T.

130113 BLOK / T.T.
Yin is Rising!
The Honeymoon continues, in grand style,
Begetting Unconditional Love,
Beyond all feeling 'won' in the same!
Supreme Bliss beyond Supreme Bliss,
The Union of Compassion (male) and Wisdom (female),
Giving birth to
Uncle Joys, 
Packets of Light!
Packets of Love!
Every darkness!
Every darkness!
Every darkness!
Beginning with me!
At the speed of thought!
Yin is Rising!


'Nature's Joke' (on us) explained:

'Nature's Joke' (on us) explained:
From 'The House of Spirits,' by Isabel Allende:
'All it takes is the shallow of a female arm, the curve of the waist, or the crease of a knee to put ideas into my head.  Even now that I'm so old I don't even recognize myself when I look into the mirror.'
Louis Bunuel made a movie entitled, 'That Obscure Object of Desire.'  It's about what we call, 'Nature's Joke.'
It's happened to me when I was younger, the 'whore moans' at work.  
Once, In Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., I attended a Christmas Eve service in a Christian church.  I spied a woman sitting in front of me.  I fell instantly in lust.
After the service ended, I followed her home as she walked with a friend.  But, I lost them.  But, so smitten, I made an appointment with the pastor of the church, concocting a story about how she dropped something I needed to return.  He gave me her name and address.  I used to stand out in front of her building hoping, I get a chance to 'bump into her.'  I followed her several times, but never had the courage to introduce myself -- a love sick puppy.  This is an example of 'Nature's Joke'.  
We get attracted to someone of the opposite sex ('That Obscure Object of Desire') but we don't know why…  The 'spell' never lasts, however, although children are conceived because of it, ensuring the proliferation of the human species!
'Nature's Joke' (on us).

ON LIFE (by Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet)

ON LIFE (by Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet)
'How much does a person live, after all?
Does s/he live a thousand days, or only one?
For a week, or for several centuries?
How long does a person spend dying?
What does it mean to say, 'forever?'
Most people are dead on their feet!
So, what is living, anyway?

Wake up!

Wake up!
Wake up, people,
Trapped in a small world,
Humanity rushing about,
Working for 'the Man!'
Distracted by TV,
Put on the rack,
What a sack
Of shit, modern life!
See through the haze,
The craze, for the material!
'What shall it profit a wo/man
If s/he gains the entire world,
But, loses its own soul in the process?'
Wake up, people of the world,
Wake up!

11a0113 BLOK / T.T.

11a0113 BLOK / T.T.
We win when we forgive!
'Endless acts of compassion,' sayeth the 'Talmud' (the Jewish book of wisdom).
Hate poisons the heart, and then you lose!
Tantric Taoism


110113 BLOK / T.T.

110113 BLOK / T.T.
The Practice:
You become The Guan Yin, that 'sound' in your head/mind ('sounds' like electricity, which it is a form of).  This is the 'Silver Thread' sometimes used to describe such.  If it stops, you are no longer.
The meditation:  You focus on it until all the thoughts (words) drop away.
This is the practice.  
In beginning few can focus on it for more than five seconds before a word/thought interferes.  This is the 'monkey mind,' which must be quelled.
But, as you focus, and become it
We 'cum' together
Everything, and everybody, everywhere,
A simultaneous 'orgasm,' 
The union of compassion (male) and wisdom (female)
Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
A meditation for
Tantric Taoism.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

10a0113 BLOK / T.T.

10a0113 BLOK / T.T.
From love comes love.
From hate comes hate.
But, no hate, no love, in Duality.
The goal is to return to a semi (50%) state of Singularity.  This is a return to 'The Garden' with higher consciousness (the goal of creation).  This is possible to achieve while you still have a body.
This 'state' is the union of compassion (male) and wisdom (female), via Spiritual Intercourse, begetting (giving 'birth' to) unconditional love,
'Uncle Joys,'
Packets of Light!
Packets of Unconditional Love!
Every darkness!
Every darkness!
Every darkness!
With the speed of Thought!
With the speed of Thought!
With the speed of Thought!
And here's how:
Focus on the Guan Yin!  That 'sound' in your head/mind like electricity (that it is).   When focused on 'IT' words ('wor(l)ds') disappear:  Singularity, 'The Garden!'
This is enlightenment -- if you can focus on 'IT' for greater, and greater lengths of 'time.'
'…until we are lost in each other'...


100113 BLOK / T.T

100113 BLOK / T.T.
Consciousness… Do you have it?  Do I have it?  I don't 'no!'  I 'no' it's important, however!  We think It's 'noing' that you 'no.'  But, it's also, at the same time, 'noing' that you don't 'no' as well.  
I 'no' it has to do with getting beyond words!  This is Casteneda/Don Juan's 'Stopping the World!'  And this is possible!
The body is a 'Duality Machine.'  How could we 'no' God, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Chakrashamvara, and Demchod without the Ego, 'I?'  Distinction!  Thus, recognizing such (the 'I'), subduing it!  Then it's possible to 'return' to Singularity, ('The Garden') adding something to it (the goal of creation, higher consciousness).  But, the Singularity we think is Singularity, is 'knot' Singularity.  And thus the conundrum…  We're trapped in Duality.
The goal of Tantric Taoism:  getting beyond words, even thoughts (Duality)!  Listen to the Guan Yin!'  And the longer the better, until
We are lost 
In each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!


For the Tiawanaku Ceremony Group:

For the Tiawanaku Ceremony Group:
Something significant was born on 122112, and we're all the 'fathers and mothers!'
We must nurture this 'thing' to Light up the world;  more consciousness:  the (Male) Kundalini has been shifted (declining), from Tibet, China, to South America, and now more Female than male -- a higher vibration; a higher consciousness.
Help this come about!  The ancient Tiawanaku Civilization understood that 'human agency,' brought such things about!  And thus, Tiawanaku, the #1 Ceremony site of all South America.  It is the 'Second Chakra,' the sexual chakra, and thus the place of conception.  In this case the conception of Compassion (male) and Wisdom (Female), begetting unconditional love.
If you ever wanted to understand what '122112' is all about, it's simply the birth of unconditional love beginning a new cycle, the 'Age of Kalki.'  A more positive cycle.
Tantric Taoism
Espara told me (in Tiawanaku) I needed to be more humble, and learn about Light.  So be it!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

080113 BLOK

080113 BLOK 
Today, I rode Senor Fetes in Centro La Paz.  Wow, what a rush they'll all in, as time is money.  It's not so pleasant riding a bicycle when you realize that you could be killed at any moment - what I feel like when I ride in South America capitols.  Note, they say Bogota, Columbia the best for bicycles!  Go Columbia!
This was moving day and I had moved most of my things in a taxi, but Senor Fetes wouldn't fit.  After unloading we returned to Bacoo Hostel, so I could ride it back to Namas.Te, my new home in La Paz.
I think Centro-La Paz, the worst cycling distopea I've encountered around the world.  Worse even that Chongqing, China, etc.  But, there's a reason.  First of all, La Paz, is crammed down into a canyon, no doubt paradise 500 years ago, but in 2013, absolute urban madness.  Of course, the locals growing up here, accept it as 'normal.'  The streets are narrow handling too much vehcular traffic.  I would say it's even dangerous walking Centro, La Paz.  C'mon Evo, let's solve this together.  Additionally, there are rock and cobblestone streets.  This makes it even less desirable on a bicycle (many of these rock streets climbing hills)!  Yesterday, it was raining… Like an adrenaline rush?  You should have been with me…
Up one hill puffing like an old steam engine, I made it to the top to rest.  WE LET NOTHING STOP US!
Now, Senor Fetes rests against the wall in my 'flat.'  This is an almost ideal situation here at Namas.Te (people from the city I was born in, St. Louis, Missouri).  I have my own private bedroom.  A tub in the bathroom.  A kitchen where I can cook, WIFI and also the vegetarian restaurant next door.  There's a Supermercado, two blocks away (where I purchased Kefir sweetened with stevia).  All this for $200U.S. per month.  My neighbor, Tom is from Austin, Texas, U.S.A.  He seems to like reading murder mysteries. 
After seven years on the road, we're blessed!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Grateful!  Grateful!  Grateful!
Hutch nee Hache in Bolivia.

090113 (= 5, female) BLOK / T.T.

090113 (= 5, female)  BLOK / T.T.  Miercoles, La Paz, Bolivia
at Namas.Te, a vegetarian restaurant/community nee WIFI
The honeymoon continues,
Conceiving, together,
Unconditional love,
'Beyond all feeling
'Won' in the same!
Here's to 
Allowing and sharing, flowing
Back and forth,
Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!'
Packets of light,
Packets of unconditional love,
Every darkness!
Beginning with me!
Every darkness!
With the speed of thought!
Pumping them out!
Tantric Taoism


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

080113 BLOK / T.T.

080113 BLOK / T.T.
Enlightenment, is getting control of the Ego ('I'), and being open to anything!  We ultimately don't 'no!'
It's getting beyond words!
Tantric Taoism


Monday, January 07, 2013

070113 BLOK / T. T.

070113 BLOK / T. T. 
When having a physical orgasm, what happens?  For a moment or two you are lost in reverie, out there in space, unconscious of anything beyond the intense feeling.
This is what Tantric Taoism is all about, getting beyond wor(l)ds!  But, it is a mental orgasm, not a physical one, but it lasts…And it lasts…And it lasts.  In fact, ultimately it's a 24/7 'deal'
'…lost in each other,
'knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
Supreme Bliss beyond Supreme Biiss!
Heaven beyond Heaven!
Nirvana beyond Nirvana!
Enlightenment beyond Enlightenment!
Tantric Taoism


010113 BLOK

010113 BLOK
The New Solar Calendar Year dawned sunny an clear.  I rushed out to view Llampu, the 6+Kmt. / 20,000ft. mountain, that dominates Sorata, Bolivia.
In the process I met Diego, and he offered me a 'toke.'  He also explained about DMT, which I'm not eager to try.  DMT  (), 'The Secret Molecule' (a video via  I'm checking it out...
Diego, born four months premature, turns out to be a shamanic figure, full of wisdom for his years.  What he doesn't have physically, he certainly has mentally.  My new friend, Diego.

Sunday, January 06, 2013


A THOUSAND BUTTERFILES, inspired by Rotraut Boyens
Befuddle me,
Metamorphosis taking place.
Now, I'm flying
But, to where,
Such is the dare?
Nothing conventional
But, the un...
'Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a woman,
Or, a woman dreaming  I'm a butterfly?' (line inspired by Chuang Zi)

Friday, January 04, 2013

301212 BLOK

301212 BLOK
OHMYGOD!  Last night… After eating in the hotel dinning room, I was 'attacked' by bacteria and/or a virus in the middle of the night!  I managed to get to the door of the bathroom before exploding vomit and this continued from both ends for about an hour.  I was exhausted by the time I thought I was safe, falling into bed.  But, then not too long after, another session, giving up everything I had in my digestive system.  Again, in bed I managed to fall asleep and didn't awake until 0430.  But, I didn't get up until 0900 -- Rucha was inquiring at my door.
The morning was spent seated or lying down, not feeling well at all… weak, a slight headache, but no fever.   I spent the rest of the day trying to recover, only wanting to ingest liquids.   Coca tea, etc.
But, when one feels like 'doggy do' you realize that just feeling good, feeling strong, etc., is all that one needs.  The rest is icing on the cake.
I had tried, of course, to figure this out, why…?  One of three or four possibilities:
One, being punished for treated Rucha so poorly (guilt).  Two, the Shambala Demons, are having their last great 'pain' during the year of the 'Water Dragon.'  Three, having to get used to Bolivia germs, now rather than later.  Four, nothing special, just a part of life.
We can't go through life without 'woes,' without challenges, without illnesses, without accidents, without injury.
But, I know one thing for sure, when I've recovered I'll be stronger than before.
P.S.  Rucha had her own 'test,' in Lima (two months ago).  Just after she arrived she was felled by an asthma attack, and she spent three days in a hospital recovering.  She, until recently, has suffered greatly from the high elevation.  But, she didn't give up and still with us.  

291212 BLOK (summary of being in S.A.)

291212 BLOK (summary of being in S.A.)
What a time I've had in South America.  So much has happened, I can't even remember when it began in Santiago, Chile. 
I'd flown LAN from Auckland, N.Z., this after cycling from top north (Cape Reiga where the Maori souls depart the Island from a tree), and then cycling to bottom south, Carl and Invercargill.  Six months. 
It was a long 11-hour flight (Auck. to San.), too cramped, and too many people (they don't fly anymore without a full load -- money!)
I don't mean to get off the track here, but must every decision in the world be based on money?
I arrived Chile in the morning, having to do the custom's thing, scolded for something about filling out the form wrong, having my garlic and yoghurt taken from me.  Then paying $140U.S. to get into… 
Then the expensive ride into Centro, first glance of the poverty reminded me of Mexico. 
The Atacama Hostel, wasn't great, but for the people.  Cold showers, and a spin into 'terminal jet lag' -- but the room had a gas heater.  The only time in my million-mile commercial flying career, where I arrive four hours before departing.  My old body suffered.  But, I cycled anyway, and recovered with the help of my homeopathic doctor, sister, Sally.  'Aurum metallica' para mi.
I also discovered the best salad in the world at 'El Arbor' Restaurant (means 'The Tree').
Bio Bio Market, south of Centro, covering hectores of land amazing!  I went there three times.
And it was in Santiago I met Ann and Bob, Bob enlightening me about 'The Serpent of Light' (book).   Thank you, Bob.  What a night that was, trying to find their friend's place after dark… 
However, the best part of Santiago, Chile to me, is the fact it's, in spite of the wicked motor traffic, a bicycle city (there's even bicycle lanes).  And the best part of that was riding one night with 'Los Furiousos!'  Amazing, as there was 3,000 of us, stretching out two kilometers, complete with mobile music and food.   Of course, we held up traffic, scolding drivers for being so stupid as to drive an automobile.  I shall never forget being a part of such a bicycle 'serpent.'  GO LOS FURIOUSOS!
In Lima I rode with a similar group, but fewer, as it's not a bicycle city like Santiago. 
La Paz, seems almost impossible for the traffic and hilly terrain.   But, I'm going to try.  If I survive I'll have t-shirts make:  I SURVIVED RIDING A BICYCLE IN LA PAZ, BOLIVIA!
Of the probably 4,000KM, from Santiago to La Paz (via Lima), I probably rode only 1,000KM (fully loaded).  From Santiago to La Serena, Chile, 500KM of that.  
But, north, when Ruta Cinco becomes only two lanes, too dangerous, too boring, plowing through endless sand-hilled landscape, I opted for a bus. 
Two months in San Pedro de Atacama, I cycled most days after changing to off-road tires.   Maybe five hundred kilometers in nine weeks.  I went 24KM up the hill east, over the pass.  Coming down, however, so much wind in my face. 
I cycled up to the muy grande open-pit copper mine, 20KM north of Calama. 
I cycled around Arica, Chile, and of course Lima. 
Lima as dangerous as Santiago.  
Then, with Rucha, and our rental, east on Ruta Central, and up over a 4800Mt. pass within 120KM.  And that first day the traffic out of, choking us with pollution so bad, when I finally hit the bed I was totally drained.  
I tried the next , and lasting three days, before I had to unload to make it at all.  And one day I think we only made 40KM. 
I rode up Tichio Pass, but cycled down with Enrique and Daniel 'shooting' me riding (for their video).   Crazy what I get involved with… 
My best in the Andes, 70KM, up over a low pass 3200mts. ASL, but mostly down. 
The next day going up, I made only 12KM before unloading and finally 'throwing in the towel' and riding in the KIA.  And thank God, as this day, would have been a challenge with the best of circumstances.  It seemed endlessly up, plus it, in the year of the 'Water Dragon.'  I think what we did in the KIA that day, would have taken me something like three days cycling. 
This stretch of highway, mostly #3, has some of the most spectacular mountain vistas I've ever seen, rivaling Sichuan and Tibet, China.  The Andes are different than any mountain range I've experienced before.  Something magical (I think the green patina).  Of course, 600 years ago this was Inca territory. 
Jose was with us from Lima, then diverted, then met up with us for the ride into Cusco.  Here Jose knew of a Hostel near the Plaza, Jose knew about.  He stayed in the more 'hip' 'Backpackers Something.'  There was a good restaurant half-way down to the Plaza.
I met Howard (Levine) and Zilke.  They had taken delivery on my vitamin package from Rajesh.  Note, getting packages when you have no permanent address dicey!
We took them to dinner, and then ate lunch at their house several days later.  Besides Zilke's wonderful food, we learned from Howard about the 'San Pedro experience.' 
Through all of this the 'Honeymoon' continued with such pleasure as beyond describing (in English words).  And even this morning, WOW, WOW, AND MORE WOW! 
Somehow Jose ended up with my sleeping bag, we on to Puno, he staying to catch a flight to Lima, and ultimately home for the holidays in Madrid, Spain. 
Puno, was for too long, but adjusting to the elevation, 3800Mts. ASL.  Everyday Rucha and I sucked up oxygen at a local Clinic.  I had my thyroid checked out (feeling too cold).  The blood test came back 'normal.'  
We got stronger.  One day I hiked up to the giant condor sculpture, 200mts. with a view of Puno and Lake Titicaca.  
There were many good restaurants in Puno, each day Rucho and I having lunch and dinner.
Finally, we got my sleeping back deliver from Lima, via DHL.  
With time running out (to 122112, 'HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD!') We drove on to Desahuadero (border), with a stop to make an offering at the 'Fertility Garden' (ancient stone penises).   I had tried to cycle there one day prior, but missed and went too far, ending up cranking 60KM in one day (next to Lake Titicaca). This day, however, I asked Pachamama (mother earth) for good favor, touching the 'Serpent of Light' to every 'penis.'   
Tantric Taoism (our Pilgrimage), is all about procreating/giving birth to unconditional love, the union of compassion (male) with wisdom (female).   Tiawanaku, turned out to be the 'second chakra' (in the world) or 'sexual' chakra.
So many 'connections'...
Desahuadero, on the border between Peru and Bolivia… We hit it on a market day, and the traffic absolute madness.  Walking, after parking the KIA, we found a good 'hotel' however.
The next morning, we crossed the border into Bolivia, but not before dealing with visas and passports, in and out.  The Bolivian troops weren't interested in my Yellow Fever Vaccination booklet (proof).   What they were interested in was the $135U.S. cash to get in…
We sent Rucha ahead with the luggage in a taxi, and Johnny and I cranked the 50KM to Tiawanaku.  This ride, first part easy second part rain/wind), was the end of cycling the world (for seven years).


251212 BLOK / T.T.

251212 BLOK / T.T.
I will let go of control, that's the Ego!
Master, Vajrachod controls, so trust,
Lust for It!
More non-action, 
Only one attraction!
Observe what happens:
'…allowing and sharing,
Back and forth
Until we are lost
In each other, 
'Knot noing,'
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!'
The jewel is in the lotus flower!
Tantric Taoism


241212 BLOK

241212 BLOK Christmas Eve / T.T.
The Honeymoon continues, in such wonderful ways!   So, inventive The Divine Lover.  Have you ever made S.I., while fixing breakfast?  Then giving 'birth' to Uncle Joys…?
The sun always golden where we are.
The moon always silver in our dreams.
The Earth always nurturing, if only we would listen...
Tantric Taoism 

221212 BLOK / T.T.

221212 BLOK / T.T.
Life is like a Mobius Strip, a closed loop, twisting and turning inside and out.  Consciousness and unconsciousness, one with the five senses, the other without.  One Called God, the other man. 
It is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, paradoxically incomplete, yet complete,
Going back and forth,
Until we are 
Lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt not' really caring!
Tantric Taoism


201212 BLOK

201212 BLOK
Dawned blue the hue,
The sun opening the Gate,
Such is fate.
The days before
Beseeching the Gods.
To change the world,
The Akapana beckons.
We reckon,
We hope,
But nope,
It will take time, 
And yet there's none!
The space is grace,
The Rock at the center! 
Trials and tribulations
A pilgrimage be,
But now stronger, longer,

191212 BLOK

191212 BLOK
Today We (Rucha, I, and Johhny) glimpsed La Paz, Bolivia, for the first time, and a stunning sight coming down the hill from El Alto.  It's massive (8 million inhabitants) tucked into a mountain canyon, framed by the snow-capped Andes.  The hills surrounding covered with red brick structures.
We, Rucha, Johnny and I, had taken a 'bus' from Tiawanaku, some 70KM to El Alto and then a taxi down into La Paz.  We needed to go to a banco and replenish our dwindling supply of cash.   The ride cost us all of 6 Bolivianos / or .90 cents U.S. each.  Of course, you're packed into a 'van,' like 'proverbial sardines' -- capacity, I counted 17 including the driver, and a hawker/money collector.
In Centro La Paz, and out of the taxi, we 'danced' our way with other pedestrians in search of a bank that would cash a traveler's check.  I was reminded of walking the crowded sidewalks of Hong Kong.  In La Paz, however, the sidewalks are more narrow and you're forced to compete for space.  Many times I was either pushed or fell off the curb, and into motor traffic.  It's crazy, insane, the traffic, but the inhabitants probably accept it as normal.  
If you can ride a bicycle around La Paz, Bolivia, my helmet is off to you!   I wouldn't even attempt it, not just because of the traffic, but this is a city of ups and downs, some incredibly steep a la San Francisco.  
We found only one bank (in a major capitol) that would cash one of Rucha's traveller's checks.   One problem was the color of the ink-pens used to sign the checks.   At her bank in Germany she had signed with a black ink pen.  Here the clerk handed her a pen with blue ink, which she used to counter sign.  Well, guess what, the ink color of the signatures has to match… Rucha fumed, we complained loudly (as the clerk's fault) and ultimately all was resolved.  But, it had taken one whole hour just to cash one check.  Additionally, their exchange rate is less than on the street, (6.85:1, versus 6.90:1).  Finally, they stuck us with an an additional service charge of 42 Bols. / $6U.S.  Thus, we can't recommend BiSA BANCO in La Paz.  
Oh, woe be unto all banks!
Out of the other hand, we give to most beggars we come across, and La Paz has many!  Too many!
Luckily, Rucha's Visa card worked at a Cajero Automatico (ATM) and we got what we needed in Bolivianos.
Afterwards we had lunch, bought 3 umbrellas, some 'Kleenex' tissues (for Rucha), then beat a hasty retreat to calmer ground.  But, in the process I got some idea of La Paz:  only when necessary.  One wonders who (Simon Bolivar?) and why this particular location (in the 'bowl') was chosen some 500 years ago -- maybe a paradise back then. 
Back in El Alto Johnny headed off to check out Sorata (where we going for the holidays).  Rucha and I 'vanned' it back to Tiawanaku with 17 others and two crying  babies. 
Merry Christmas from 13,000ft above sea level.  -2 days to 122112.
P.S.  I think they've confused the seasons in Bolivia… Summer is cold (rainy season) with Christmas.  Winter is warmer in June.  I'm going to write to Evo Morales, El Presidente, and suggest they switch names.

181212 BLOK / T.T.

181212  BLOK  / T.T. (Preface to the book, Tantric Taoism))
What is enlightenment?  Knowing you're not, to begin with!  
Only a few human beings have ever achieved this state of grace in human history.  It requires control of your Ego (the 'I').  But, without an Ego (the 'I'), we can't be 'here,' as such is to be human.   Thus, it becomes a 'battle' between the 'I' and 'we,' the mundane and the spiritual.  'I' catch myself all the time my Ego trying to cause trouble (selfish desires).  But 'I'm' now able, after so many years, to identify them ('Ah, that's the Ego.').  Just identifying these Ego thoughts neutralizes them. 
Once you stop thinking of yourself so much you have the opportunity to tread the path to enlightenment.  
But, again, few actually achieve this in modern life as so many daily distractions. We're constantly bombarded with messages 'manipulating' our Egos ('The Hidden Persuaders,' Vance Packard).  We live in an out-of-control Ego driven world -- they've (the 'owners') have turned us into robotic consumers.  
We glorify and worship the wrong things:  material wealth (money as God),  fame, celebrity, power over others.  We rarely think of gaining power over ourselves, our greatest 'enemy.'  The Buddhists say, 'One battle won with yourself, is worth one thousand battles over others.' 
Of course, the first task is to be aware of how we're being 'manipulated' (for money/power).  STOP WATCHING TV!
The second task, has to do with this vigilance, monitoring our thoughts.  The 'monkey mind' has to be subdued, that incessant chattering that goes on in our minds.   Try to catch your Ego thoughts enflaming your desires (I want!).  Try to become more aware of yourself; your thoughts.  The more you can accomplish this, the further down the 'road' you go to a state of grace called 'enlightenment.'   
One day walking I came upon a fork in the road.  One looked well worn, the other hardly used.  I took the road less travelled.  It's made all the difference!' ('I' paraphrase Robert Frost.)
At the beginning of our Pilgrimage, January, 2005, I was blessed by a friend on the day I departed Colorado Springs, U.S.A… She said, 'The light is with you, the light is within you!'  (I shall always honor Phyllis Rock for such.).
Now, I pass on her blessing on to you:
Attempt to overcome your greatest 'enemy,' yourself!   Once accomplished, many 'doors' open… 
F.A. Hutchison
who took the 'road less travelled.' 
Tantric Taoism


161212 BLOK

161212 BLOK 
We are in Tiawanaku, Bolivia, on the verge of something historic.  It's taken seven years, cycling the world, to get here.  In the beginning (2004), we didn't understand.  Now, we do as we've been humbled in the process, unworthy n the beginning, now worthy to be the bearer of 'The Serpent of Light!' (the shifting Kundalini from Tibet to South America).  Of course, with the help of many people, particularly, Rotraut Boyens (our sponsor and 'guarding angel').
Yesterday, Johnny and I rode our bicycles some 50KM (along side Lake Titicaca), from Desaguedara, Peru, to Tiawanaku.  The first part in the sun, and relatively easy, the last through a blinding rain-wind storm, mud splattered from truck after truck.  Drenched, we recovered in front a gas heater in our room at the Akapana Hotel.  Here we were give a book, by proprietor, Rosaria Morales, this about the anthology of Tiawanaku.  It confirmed that this is the place to make the offering!  What follows are some random notes (from a book entitled, 'The Ancient Americas' which includes a wonderful quote from Lewis Mumford.  I paraphrase, 
And thus we are here to regenerate, 122112!

25d1212 BLOK / T.T.

25d1212 BLOK / T.T.
More than Jesus was born this day, 25 December 2012!  Remember!
The Light is with you, the light is within you!
Tantric Taoism


25c1212 BLOK / T.T.

25c1212 BLOK / T.T.
We should all be chanting now:
Help the female energy rise, 
To penetrate every darkness!


25b1212 BLOK Christmas Day

25b1212 BLOK  Christmas Day
We are in Sorata, Bolivia, about 120KM northwest of La Paz.
Sorata, clinging to the side of a hill appears to be about gold mining and tourism.  But, since low season (rain) few tourists. 
We languish in the richer (2800Mts. ASL) air;  the warmer temperatures.  Peaches ripen on the trees outside of the 'Ex-Provencial' Hotel (the building for government before). 
I'll take Nature over manmade any day, although the wood floors make up for so much concrete.  They talk to me.   Then again, I need a computer/Internet, so I've one foot in Nature and one foot in the modern world. 
At the Hotel there's also an open fireplace with wood fires at night.  I love the smokey smell.  Rucha and I sit in front of it every night after dinner, staring into the flames (our TV). 
We appear to be the only guests in a hotel that can probably accommodate 100.  A resort of sorts with a swimming pool, built in 1941 (by the local government).  But, it was the only hotel in Sorata suitable for Rucha.    
As I luxuriate in my chair, In the b.g. the Bolivian woman sweeps the floor.  I move the indoor chair out into the sun.  The sun directly overhead is strong, and I can only take it for fifteen minutes.  I lift the chair back inside, and resume napping.
I'm in a state of Supreme Bliss! 
Hope you're in the same!

25a1212 BLOK / T.T.

25a1212 BLOK / T.T.
The Honeymoon continuing, with a special Christmas session this morning. It was such a delight, beyond describing in English words.  Ecstasy beyond Ecstasy!  I'm in a state of Supreme Bliss!
Sitting outside I stare at the Eucalyptus trees, swaying in a breeze.  I sneeze, hypnotized.  The silence of the moment, potent, transcending time and space.
Where am I?
Who am I, and why?
Tantric Taoism


22a1212 BLOK

22a1212 BLOK
Today we departed Tiawanaku for Sorata, some 200KM distance.
The previous evening I was surprised to discover Frederic informing me they want to join us in Sorata.  This pleased me no end, as I had invited them when we first met a couple of days earlier.
I remember happening to have been sitting outside of the Akapana Hotel, observing their arrival in a van.  They had been traveling four straight days from Barcelona, Spain.  I remember he hugged the driver which I thought strange, and was immediately friendly.  He spoke English, explaining their trip.  I was immediately interested.
Somehow, we've become, he, his wife Sonia, and the two boys,  good friends.
Sonia, Sophia, or something he calls her.  Think about it, talk international…  He's French, she's Spanish, the boys multilingual.  They both had near fatal accidents, but her's… I find her fascinating, having come back from the dead.  Additionally there doesn't seem to be anything she can't do besides raising two boys.  This, of corse, living on prana (not eating).  He's versed on all things spiritual, explaining how the Maya defined 'time.'  Both well travelled.  His parent lived in Taiwan, and Shanghai, China.  He's been to Tibet.  Now, in their late thirties, they're seeking a place to live in Bolivia.   We're doing a project together.  
The gift of the 21st was an incredible sunset, and this family.
We had hired a guy named Rene to drive us to Sorata.  There was much luggage plus two bicycles on the top.  Five adults, two boys., one driver and assistant. 
We stopped in El Alto as to get cash from an ATM.  In Bolivia, a cajero automatico.
The first worked, the second, a scary card slot not wanting to take the plastic card.  The third, over a dicey dodging boulevard, informed 'insufficient funds.'  
We headed on to Sorata. 
The country on the east side of Lake Tikicaca, my kind:  some trees on open hills, something, that says in my head, 'deja vu' elevation, blue skies, brown earth. 
There were a few towns and rivers, then up into fog.  We were all a little concerned, but Rene did well. 
The pass is 4200mts. ASL, then down to 2700, or 1500mts. into a side-situated town, a mecca for trekking.   I had wanted to come check it out on the advice of a Swiss friend I'd met way back in Santiago, Chile.  
We had come for a rest, seeking lower air and warmer temperatures.  Summer on the alti plano, like winter in other places.  Certainly snow on the Andes peaks.
Rucha shrieked a couple of times, as the drop-off is sheer, and we're talking way down.  
We arrived at 3:30P (four hours in route), the boys about to jump out of their skins. 
We had lunch on the Plaza.  While waiting I walked around, bought some granola, and flowers from a Bolivian woman.  Sonia ended up with the flowers. 
I had ordered 'Taco with gaucamole' to avoid wheat (just assumed), only to get wheat tortillas.   I'm going to make sure next time:  No wheat.  No leche de vaca, quesa, etc., and no azucar!  I've been breathing better since avoiding mucus creating foods (wheat-gluten, dairy, and sugar).  I ate the Tacos anyway, three of the them, the guacamole exceptionally good. 
Frederic and Sonia, the boys moved in the adjacent hostel.  We drove on to the 'El Exceptional' old hotel.  I liked the wood burning fireplace, the wood stairs and floors.  It's old and decaying, but the silence like vintage champagne.  We're the only guests so far. 
We're here for almost two weeks.  I look forward to a fire in the fireplace.  I look forward to doing some trekking, and riding Senor Fetes.
Rucha…?  She's in fine fettle!   Amazing woman!

18a1212 BLOK

18a1212 BLOK
This is day three in Tiawanaku, and we've seen nothing but rain. But, summer is the rainy season in Bolivia.  We're told most tourists come to Bolivia in the winter, as a better season (sunny but cold).  Probably also because winter here is summer in the northern hemisphere, and 'school's out' (vacation time).  Europeans, more that U.S. citizens, love South America (long history of conquest).
Tiawanaku, the village, has sprung up around the Ruins, and it's larger than expected.  There's a Catholic University, but one wonders why?  There's the usual Plaza/Catholic church.  But, there's also a good restaurant (La Cabana Del Puma) where we've been enjoying good meals.  And the Ankapana Hotel, operated by Rosaria.  She's wonderful, and the hotel is perfect for us, a short walk from the Ruins.  Three rooms with private baths cost only 210 Bolivianos / $30U.S. or 20Euro -- three private rooms, mind you.  Bolivia, off season, is very inexpensive.
To enter the nearby Ruins, you pay 80 Bolivianos, or about  $12U.S.  Rucha joined me yesterday, but so out of breath she had to return after visiting 'The Gate of the Sun' (Puerto Del Sol).  I continued wandering around, and managed to climb Akapana (manmade 'hill'/pyramid) but I had to retreat to the hotel before a rain storm.  I managed, in our short visit, however, to get some idea of the Tiawanaku Civilization, once a city of 30-60,000 inhabitants.  The Tiawanaku civilization dates back to 300BC (to 1100AD:  pre Inca). 
Of course, the reason we're here is to make our offering of the Serpent of Light shifting the kundalini from Tibet (East) to South America (West).  The conclusion of our seven-year Pilgrimage.  Seems amazing to us, after cycling around the world to get here!
I tried to fast for the offering, the act of purification, but a mistake.  I'm too old, or the elevation, the cold, or a combination there of, but fasting right now, is not a good idea for me as I need the calories!  This trip, from Lima to Tiawanaku, the most difficult of all these seven years, even more difficult than cycling to Mt. Kailas, Tibet.  I must be getting older...
At breakfast we met Maurice, wife Luna, and two young daughters Gaia, and Leda, a family from Cordova, Argentina (3,000KM to the southeast).  They, like us, are here in Tiawanaku for 122112.  He described himself as a 'warrior,' trying to enlighten his fellow Argentinians to things spiritual.  We, of course, were immediately sympatico.  He showed me some crystals he'd brought with him.  I was glad he appeared out of 'nowhere' to validate, for Rucha and Johnny, that I'm not totally insane. 
In the evening, I met my fellow 'Shaman' (Lucas Choque Apaza) whose own 122112, Ceremony we've been allowed to join (at the Gate of the Sun/Ruins).  He told us that the Dalai Lama has been here (to visit the Ruins), and there will be Buddhist monks at the Ceremony.  He has agreed to accept the Serpent of Light, along with the Heart Stone, and the Heart of the Tree of Life.  After the Ceremony these sacred objects will be on display in their local Tiawanaku Museum.  We couldn't ask for a greater reception.  He has taught us a new hand shake, nee HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD!
Tomorrow, however, we take a bus into La Paz (80KM to the east) to get more dinero.  No bank or ATM here.  Ah, the mundane of modern life…

12a1212 BLOK

12a1212 BLOK
U.S. Pathology: violence…
We glamorize the wrong things:  weapons, police, soldiers, violence, and war!  And most of this negative mythology comes via TV and movies!  No wonder then this is acted out in malls, schools, public places, by lone gunmen.  Over and over and over innocent people are killed, and nobody asks why this is happening?  They blame the guns or 'nut cases,' but it's happening so much now, I don't think we can write it off to just that.  Of course, no one wants to hear this, or admit it, admit that we're all to blame by supporting a system that engenders it.  We have to accept the responsibility for what we've created, a violent culture that worships money.    'We have met the enemy and he is us!' 
Of course, there is violence in other cultures, but not this unique form, a particular American brand.  This, an indiscriminate variety, where lone gunmen go into a public places and start shooting, killing innocent bystanders (for no apparent reason;  no apparent motive) and then kill themselves (pure destructiveness). 
The theme of many Hollywood movies is simply, 'Violence is the solution!'  Why?  Hollywood makes money with such, as we respond to it (we pay to watch such).  Trust me, if we (the general public) responded to something more benign, more than to violence, Hollywood would churn these stories out, as they are only interested in 'box office.'   With them it's what makes a profit! 
Money is, in fact, God in the U.S. (nee the world).  We glamorize the $ rich, while ignoring the poor.  In fact, it is a 'crime' to be poor in the U.S. (the world).  People will do anything to get money, lie, cheat, steal, kill others!  And this lust for money is the source of much of the evil in the world!
We need to change!  And we pray it's coming, beginning with 122112.


The basic tenets of capitalism, what drives it, is basically wrong:  more for me, less for you.  Capitalism is based on the exploitation of resources (labor, in particular), and all for profit (for a few). Of course, the truth has been turned around by those who benefit from Capitalism (the predatory greedy).  We have been inculcated to believe Capitalism is good for all, when in fact, it is only good for a few. I was taught that capitalism is good because competition between producers (for your money) benefits the consumer.  Part of this is true, but only to a degree.  Most corporations, like Coca Cola, Budweiser (beer), spend most of their money on manipulating consumers via marketing.  Consumers are easily duped by clever advertising ('The Hidden Persuaders,'  Vance Packard).  The only thing that makes corporations act/change is wanting greater profit (ad infinitum) or a loss of sales.  
Thus, it's us, the consumer, that must lead the way.  We must change our nature:  wanting more for less, wanting something better at the expense of others (cheap labor).  It's us that has to change?  Us!  And what specifically?  Our lack of consciousness!
Simply, consciousness is a form of education, an enlightening, a state of 'knowing.'  But, I think maybe the best way to define 'consciousness,' is to describe what it's like, not to have it.  My friend Richard once described it as when, 'You don't know that you don't know.' (unconsciousness).  I met an Argentinian man recently, just 33-years old who has fathered 10 children with four women.  This is acting unconsciously.  Acting with consciousness is just the opposite. 
Of course, everyone thinks they know, and that they are right in thinking such.  Such is the problem as everyone knows they're right (including me)!  
In fact, we have lead ourselves astray and the result, the world is in decline.  A person, a business, life in fact, is judged by how much money they have -- money has become God!   Modern life has become all too material, and so much less spiritual (to our undoing). 
Take for example the lotteries operated by governments.  Mostly, the $ poor buy the tickets.  Intelligent people, by in large, don't because they know the odds of being a winner are so infinitesimally small, it's not a wise thing to do.  So, governments are exploiting the poor.  Is this right?  Is this moral?  Is this just?  No!
Now, the subject of Capitalism (Karl Marx) and the subject of exploitation (Eugene V. Debs) has been dealt with before.  Unfortunately,  instead of progressing upward, capitalism (much via TV/'Hollywood') has 'dumbed us down.' 
By 1980, the world had lost its moral compass, and now thirty years later it's drifting into the abyss.   The 'Industrial Devolution' (more than 200 years ago) took us down the wrong road, and one to ultimate destruction.  Now, we arrive at a crossroads.  One road sign says LIFE, this way (more spiritual), the other says DEATH (more material). 
In the U.S. the politicians (both Parties) pushed the world populace to a 'Fiscal Cliff.' -- the U.S., and thus other countries on the verge of bankruptcy.  
What to do?  How to correct?  Again, it's us, each and everyone of us, that have to change.
We're not against capitalism per se, but the extremes of such (one person making millions of dollars selling 'air' on a telephone, etc.)  The greed of people, wanting it all for themselves, and not willing to share!   People like Ruppert Murdoch who wants to own the world, corporations like G.E. who pay no taxes, people that want more and more for themselves, while others have less and less.  What ever happened to integrity, generosity, even morality?  These ideas seem to have disappeared from the world by 2012.  Religions have failed us!
In 2013, we offer an adjustment in our economic system, what we call 'The New Capitalism' (  Of course, it means we have to change our ways of doing business:
These ideas, offered here, have been suggested before, yet always crushed by those who benefit from the (old) system.   But, we shouldn't give up on evolving… We have to change, grow (mentally), evolve, or we will become extinct. 
'You may think I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one!'  (John Lennon)
All the best leaders/teachers in history have been innovators, visionaries, that have tried to elevate humanity to a higher level of consciousness (Lao Zi, Chuang Zi, Buddha, Jesus, the Sufi poet Rumi, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, etc.).  Most are killed, as the 'owners' try to keep the status quo.   Note, Jesus wasn't killed by the Romans, but by the Jewish money-changers of the Temple. He advocated unconditional love, caring, sharing, giving.  Oh, oh, can't have that!
Oh, but we can!  If an imagine a better world, a better humanity; we can have!  So, instead of getting more for yourself, try sharing more with others (simple).  Try being more mindful of Mother Earth (simple).  Not giving 'lip service' to such, but actually doing it!
IMAGINE A BETTER WORLD -- it's possible!  We have to begin with thinking such is possible!   A U.S. President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.'  Now, the only thing to fear is complacency, inaction and business as usual.   If so, humanity is ultimately doomed. 
F.A. Hutchison