Wednesday, December 12, 2012

121212 BLOK

121212 BLOK
Yesterday, my BD, I cycled 60KM / 36 miles, at 3900mts., (almost 13,000ft. ASL).  This next to Lake Tikicaca, Peru (near Puno).
Try that when you're 73-years of age!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

091212 BLOK

091212 BLOK
We're about to depart Puno, Peru, on Tuesday (or Wednesday), for Bolivia.
The demons have increased their attacks to the point of torturing us continually.  But, they can't stop us, only making us suffer more. 
On the road for 7 years I've lost half my teeth, been severely injured from bicycle accidents, been ill, been lost, grown older, doubted myself, even have contemplated suicide. And for what?  
At this elevation, 3800 Mts. (almost 13,000ft.),  I'm weakened to the point of complete exhaustion, to just falling over and dying!  You get to the point where you don't care, that dying would simply be relief.  
But, it's much worse for my partner, Rotraut Boyens.  Without her support I think I would have 'thrown in the towel' by now.  She's become my inspiration!  At nearly 75-years of age she's going through a 'hell' much worse than mine.   Not used to such elevation (thin air) she can't sleep at night, grasping for breath when exerting (going up stairs), coughing her guts out!  And why?  Just to be here with us, just to help.  But, without her help and inspiration I certainly wouldn't be on the verge of completing this Pilgrimage.  Remember her name, Rotraut Boyens, Garding, Germany.  Build a statue in her honor!  This simple German woman, who survived WWII.  She is my 'hero!'
On Tuesday (or Wednesday) we drive to a town on the Bolivian border, Desaguedero.  Here we will spend a night, waiting until the next morning to cross the border on bicycles (me and Johnny).  This, pending my Bolivian visa -- always the 'visa game.'  'Rucha,' will ride in a taxi and meet us in Tiahuanacu (can't take our rental KIA across the border). 
But, I still have to cycle that last 40KM at 3800Mts., and with weight no less.
Yesterday, I cycled roughly 40KM (beside Lake Tikicaca), without weigh, and survived… Our motto, 'We let nothing stop us!'
Finally, it seems absurd that I've been 'caught up in all of this, this Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas, and now Tiahuancu, Bolivia, South America.  How?  Why?  Why me?
A long time ago, I 'sensed' I had a 'rendezvous with destiny' -- maybe a silly egoist thought, but here I (we) am/are… And here we are after 7 years of cycling the world -- and always with holy objects in my bicycle pannier bags.  But, here we are… Here we are on the verge of helping to renew the spiritual energy, from male to female, shifting the Kundalini from Tibet to South America.  Who would have ever thought…?  
'I thank whatever Gods may be!'  (from the poem, 'Invictus'),
Humble in your presence!
The Magic Dragon
F.A. Hutchison (with 'Rucha' and Johnny)

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

041212 BLOK

041212 BLOK
At 3800M / 12,400ft. ASL (Lake Titicaca), I barely have the energy to write… Both Rucha and I suffering… No appetite.  Can't sleep easily.  Out of breath.
I wasn't prepared for this, after two years at sea level (and not doing any heavy cycling).  The first three days out of Lima, one month ago, almost killed me!  I had to 'pack it in,' and ride in our KIA.  I did manage to go down Ticlio Pass (4800M ASL).  Then one day I did 70KM which involved going up over a 3200M pass, and then down, down, and down, into Izacocha.  But, that was the last of it, except riding around Cusco.
Now, we're in Puno, on the Peru side of Lake Titicaca.
But, hell or high water we will make it to Tiahuanacu, and there make the offering, of the 'Serpent of Light.'  The female Kundalini.