Thursday, November 29, 2012

291112 BLOK

291112 BLOK
The corporations, who have acquired the same legal status as an individual citizen, may have a brain, but no heart!  Profit is God to them, and people are to be exploited!  Marx was right!
What would be wrong with taking just a little less profit and giving (sharing) with the workers (people)?  What would be wrong with that?
Why this is crazy nonsense suggesting such, to take less and to share more!  Crazy nonsense not wanting to exploit the situation for your own material wealth!  Positively, un American!  It's glorious to be $ rich -- or, is it?
'What shall it profit a person if s/he gains (owns) the entire world, yet loses their own soul in the process?'
Oh, woe be unto these predatory corporations!  May their profit sink like the Titanic!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

26a1112 BLOK / T.T.

26a1112 BLOK / T.T.
Our lives, lived as in 'The Grail Myth!'  Discovering 'the Grail Castle,' being allowed in, being thrown out of!  Then 'wondering' in the abyss, staggering about, dueling with windmills, saving damsels when they didn't need it.  Such is the folly of youth, of unknowing.  But, after 'cranking in the rain' for years, having suffered the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,' there it is again, 'The Grail Castle.'  Because he is older and a different horse they don't recognize our knight, thus he is allowed inside.
This time, however, he does not fail to humble himself before his host, sensitive to the fact the man is suffering (as he has himself).  'What ails thee, uncle?' Magic in a few words, 'What ails thee, Uncle?'  Courtesy.  Redemption can be as simple!
Our own lives sometimes a bit like this, our unknight-like behavior all too evident to others, dimmed in our eyes.  It all has to do with consciousness.
But, getting 'thrown out of the Grail Castle,' is a necessary step in life, a major 'plot point,' as it 'hooks into the narrative (your story), and spins it around in a different direction.'  Life.  In the process, the 'cup is filled!'  The jewel is in the lotus flower.
The key has opened the door!
Supreme Bliss!
Tantric Taoism  


261112 BLOK / T.T.

261112 BLOK / T.T.
Ecstasy beyond ecstasy!
Nirvana beyond nirvana!
Heaven beyond heaven!
Supreme Bliss beyond supreme bliss!
Enlightenment beyond enlightenment!
Tantric Taoism


251112 BLOK

251112 BLOK 
Yin energy, that's what's rising!
We're in hip hop Cusco, Peru, another tourist nexus, as the 'gateway' to Machu Picchu.  We compete to be 'cool' here, never awed!   But, I'm afraid here, like everywhere in the world, the inhabitants (and tourists) infected with modern life's material expectations!  The narrow streets are crammed with motor vehicles.  This is not a city for cycling.   The sidewalks, unusually narrow are crammed with people, rushing, running to catch a bus going nowhere.  Another 'beehive on steroids' Cusco, Peru.  
I lasted only one day cycling.  This is quest of Howard Levine, and some other tasks.  I quickly got the message, this is not a cycling-friendly situation, between the traffic, narrow, cobblestone streets, the hills, the calles going every which way but loose!  Worst ever, drain grates, with wide grooves going in traffic's direction -- my back tire fell into one.  I mean absolutely no thought about bicycles, riding them, reducing pollution, etc.    
Mining, besides tourism, supports one million people in this valley.  Somehow mining and oil go together, and the next thing you know the hefe is owned by vested interests.   Bicycles… Toys… Get them off the road!  This is the mentality in Chile and Peru so far.  So, thank God for 'Los Furiosos' in Santiago!  Let's get furry on!'
But, something inspired me here as well, right here in Cusco, where cycling is nye impossible!  Right here at our Hostel, we meet a French couple with a young boy.  They ride in tandem, pulling a trailer.  So, young son, has an option of riding in a chair in front of dad, or in the trailer.  I think they're cranking something like 200KGs through the air.  But, they have experience having come from Ecuador.  Now they're on to Machu Picchu, which is even more difficult because of the road.  Somehow I know they'll make it, as young and strong!'  You have inspired us, dear French couple!  'Viva La France!'
Yesterday, was Howard Levine-Canada Day.  We were to meet at 7:30P.M. for dinner.
I spent the day doing the usual 'shuck and jive,' but then off to discover the main (Centro) Market.   It wasn't too far on foot, so I headed out post lunch.  I can't remember if before, probably after lunch, at Luciano's (avocado salad, and chocolate cake).   It's the San Pedro Market, more organized (under one roof) than most.  But, at the same disappointing, as only Inca items, handicrafts, all for tourists to remember us by… 
Then it started to rain, so I hurried back towards the Plaza de Armas.   I"m in my Chinese rain jacket, and prepared, sometimes darting into to discover, then onward, motivating myself with a cafe latte grande and muffin at Starbucks.  In the process, of 'taking cover,' I"m exposed to some interesting stores, businesses, etc. 
Starbucks has decorated for Christmas, only missing an open fire on this rainy afternoon.  Nonetheless, cosy enough, with classic music floating in and out of the sight of two young laughing woman.  This is one of the best operated Starbucks ever, right on the Plaza de Armas, in Cusco, Peru.  Everyone's happy here. 
Our group (me, Johnny, Jose, and Sara) are first at Cicciofina's (Howard had recommended).  But, we discover there's no reservation for dinner.  What to do?We let them decide being our hosts.  Howard recommends we follow him, a short walk…
So, we move on to 'take two,' in the dark night of loud traffic, whizzing about like angry bees.  I'm thinking to myself it's lucky Rucha didn't come, as she wouldn't have been able to keep up. 
The name of the restaurant (sister to Cicciofina's) is BACO'S.  The food was exceptional, if not expensive ($23U.S. per).  But, we had a good table, with perfect seating arrangement (six basically unknowns), with Howard right next to me.  
We got to know each other a bit… The friend of a friend, 3X, Howard's 55-years old from Canada, 11 of those years right here in Cusco.  He's 'hip,' to many things, and an expert on Cusco.  Amazingly, he doesn't know Ann who introduced us via Julianne, and a Russian named Ilya.  Complicado... 
I had an avocado salad, a glass of dark (too cold) beer, and the most unusual apple pie ever.  The food was good, the waiters understood English. 
We parted company on the sidewalk, as Howard and Zilke had some shopping in mind.  We walked off into the Cusco Saturday night fever-pitched, me back to the Hostal, Jose, Johnny and Sara, off for the next adventure.
For me, still no hot water in my room at the Hostel… 
Yin energy, that's what's rising!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

241112 BLOK

241112 BLOK
I'm reminded of Christmas…  As a youth my father's guilt in material representation so apparent under and around the Christmas tree (too much, spoiling me).  Santa Claus was bountiful in those 1950 days.  And the excitement I felt still believing in Santa Claus, literally.
We all lament Christmas' of the past, when they seemed more spiritual than material.  But, even by the 1950s, it was all about 'presents.'  Now, a commercial orgy measured by $ ('Black Friday,' an apt name). 
We need 'The New Capitalism,' as outlined at  Our motto:  'We give more, take less!'  Imagine that…
You'll be surprised by the results!
Merry Christmas in which there is less suffering in the world.  Stop the pain!  Hold hands on 122112.

211112 BLOK

211112 BLOK (one month from 122112)
Capitalism is all about growth,
'More, more, more!'  They cry!
When less is actually better!
In fact, less is more!
This is Taoism.
Tantric Taoism

Sunday, November 18, 2012

181112 BLOK

181112 BLOK
Huancavelica to Ayacucho (250KM, 8 hours in our Kia)
That was yesterday, this is today…
And whoa, whoa, wow, wowa, in the morning, wowwhoa, Viracocha, Panchamama, mama, wowie, beyond words, today's 'S.I.!'  It was 1000X; Supreme Bliss!!!!!!!!!!!  The honeymoon continues!
We're in the Peruvian Andes, a ciudad named, Ayacucho, at 2600Mts. ASL. It has 36 Catholic churches, and at Easter, a crucifixion, an Indian in the 'lead.'
Yesterday, a spectacular automobile journey, this through the heart of the Peruvian Andes.  The terrain, the geology, the vistas rivaling Tibet for mountain drama.  I think this may be some of the best elevation has to offer as unique -- I've never seen anything like it, the Andes between Huancavelica and Ayacucho, Peru.
We started at 3700Mts. ASL, went over two passes, one 4800Mts., the other 4200Mts.  The highway started out not so good, but luckily there was less traffic.  Then later the highway turned 'new,' and very good (for the darkness later).  Earlier, the sun, the sky, clouds, the majesty of this mountain range (near the Equator).  We were awe struck by the sights!
Crowded into our 'air-conditioned box on wheels,' we managed to offer food to man and beast, to marvel, we so dwarfed by our surroundings.  The colors, an ashen orange, and a muted green (plants) on an overcast day made for some interesting 'fotos.'  See all at GALLERY
It was wonderful, the combination of outside and inside (the vehicle) -- not having to cycle… A day of love and conflict, four (U.S., Spain, Chile, and Germany) cultures in another (Peru) cruising down the highway...
The day went from some sun to no sun, to black and threatening, thunder in the distance.  We ate a restaurant lunch during a downpour, the Gods approving our arrival. Afterwards I was surprised by 'squat toilets,' a la Asia.  I took a picture,
Rucha continually shrieked from the fear of calamity, we laughing at such until tears rolled from our eyes.  But, Johnny's expert driving saved the day.  We climbed and descended, turned and slowed, sped up, avoided, as the trucks sped by us.  Up and down in and out of the clouds we went as if in an aircraft.
How fortunate we are to have Johnny, a professional driver and all around 'good guy.'  Also, Jose, our Spanish 'clown' (nee cyclist) and translator.  We are a 'family' now, the four of us. 
But, no Internet in the Rhaphaela Hotel (in Ayacucho) this Sunday (Domingo) morning.  How dependent we've become on a good 'connection.' 
We spent the day walking around partaking of whatever came to us.  At one point I was asked to take part in a music video, dancing with some senorita!  Earlier Johnny asked the police about the route to Cusco…
Then after several days in Cusco, on to Bolivia, for 122112.