Monday, October 29, 2012

281012 BLOK / T.T.

281012 BLOK / T.T.
Whatever happens in our lives is Masters' doing… Free Will is an illusion.  The Ego seduces 'us' (itself) into believing it's in control.  And thus the battles waged.  'Tis better to win one battle with oneself, than to win thousands of battles with others.' (Buddhism).  'We have met the enemy and he is us!' sayeth Pogo (Walt Kelly).
To 'win,' is to surrender to the Other… Your choice of 'Others.'   We surrender, submit, and commit to Varachod, the Divine Lover, nee:
'You are the Divine Lover,
And this is Spiritual Intercourse,
The Union of Compassion and Wisdom,
Begetting Unconditional Love.'
Simply, and in Duality, it's putting others before yourself!  'Do unto others…'
Tantric Taoism



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