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141012 BLOK

141012 BLOK - movie review, 'The Iron Lady'
I watched 'The Iron Lady,' on DVD last night.  This a 'vehicle' for Meryl Streep, the current 'Katherine Hepburn.'  This turned out to be well done, brava, female unknown director?  Of course, having Meryl Streep in your feature film helps (money enough).  It also helps to choose the right project, subject, director, fee, etc, in this case Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of Great Britain. 
Eleven years in office, Margaret led the Conservative banner, a la Reagan* in the U.S.  They were pals of course!  They, both students of the 'Witch of Rand, Ayn.'
It takes an 'Iron Lady,' to know an 'Iron Lady!'  But, maybe in this case is was Margaret Thatcher playing Meryl Streep.
Meryl Streep, the current 'Katherine Hepburn,' of that New England stuff that make for strong women. Meryl Streep the perfect life, goes off to 'Hollywood' and becomes other people for money.  She has the perfect husband, Don Gummer, an artist, and no doubt, some almost-perfect children (although going to be difficult to follow Meryl's 'act').   All of this on a Connecticut Yankee farm.  Note, I once cranked by on my bicycle (on the way to Massahchewingontomuch (obscure Indian tribe, that used to munch on Datura).
Meryl doesn't 'act,' she 'becomes' -- there's a difference; a house full of awards, fame and fortune, and a load to bear (she would tell you).  
Note, I think it's better to be anonymous, being discovered 800 years after your death (like Rumi), and remain immortal.  The Gummers do a good job avoiding limelight trouble, they're wise in not seeking immortality. 
To 'become,' rather than 'act like,' a 'beingtor,' must make an emotional connection with the subject.  Meryl has that ability, and is probably an 'artist' in bed as well (women belong on top).  Such is the life of the perfect woman (again, she would lament about the load).  Not conventionally pretty, this was Meryl's blessing, as not burdened with cynosure (as Angelina Jolie is).   Meryl can be anyone, probably even playing a male character, just as well as any man (her next challenge).  Note, I think I would have cast Brad Pitt to play Margaret Thatcher. 
The Gummers aren't the 'beautiful people,' type but the 'thoughtful people' type, a regular family -- heeding Orson Welles' advice, 'Don't live there, it's for naked gals gardeners, and golfers!' -- referring to Hollywood of course.  Note, I once worked with Mr. Welles, and true…
Meryl was lucky, and maybe that had something to do with it, good parents, education, ambitious genes.   She was ambitious enough to seek fame and fortune, probably not understanding in the beginning the 'price' you pay for such.  You have to 'want' it,' more than life in the beginning, wall flowers and shy people need not apply in the land of 'golden golfers.'  The 'burning desire' not understood until later… 'Oh, why did I…?"  'Why did I sell my soul to the Devil, for this…?'  
I feel sorry for someone like Sharon Stone, tying to look like thirty years of age (approaching sixty).  Women aren't allowed to get old, fat, and ugly (once in a movie like 'Basic Instinct').  Nobody knows anything in Hollywood, including William Goldman.
Meryl and family has been smart to avoid most of that the 'Hollywood' bullshit, spun into legend.  They're just people, or so they would have you believe.  Certainly, they are intelligent people, smart enough to have the life they've managed to create, and without major scandals!    Look at Arnold and Maria… ?Look at Faultless Frank, and what's her name…?  Massive male egos out of control. 
Maybe someday people will be enlightened enough to understand ego pursuits are ultimately worthless!  No house full of awards will help you on the day you die.  Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut realized this, writing, 'Life is a bowl of crap!' or something to that effect… The rich, the famous, they still have all the problems everyone olse has… So, 'What's it all about Alfie?'  God knows…?
Margaret Thatcher had an idea… The time was right for it to resonate with the voters.  She 'one,' turning the Great Britain upside down, and died having 'strutted and fretted her hour upon the political stage.' Nee Meryl, ironically, both having supportive husbands. 
I think Meryl, at this point in her career, wife, mother, is worth a serious interview… But, it wouldn't work, as we would be interviewing, not Meryl, but the idea 'she' has, of a character, who gets interviewed…
To be or not to be, that is the question?  Certainly, for an 'actor1'  Most of it is 'acting like'...
F.A. Hutchison
*  'The Reagan Paradigm,' Carter and Hutchison, Polebridge Press, 1985.


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