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10c1012 BLOK

10c1012 BLOK
What I love about this old structure (now the Kaminu BP Hostel), are the old, worn wooden floors.  You can feel the energy with your bare feet.  It's a softer (than concrete), safer feeling of being loved!
The Kaminu Backpackers Hostel,
I recommend as an authentic 'Funky Broadway' style!  It reminds me of a Hostel in Perth, Western Australia.  Very similar, 'Funky,' kids, devices, music, beer, marijuana, sex drugs and rock 'n' rule!  Oh, I forgot food.  The young, still growing, are always 'mucho hambre!'  Along with eating, playing the guitar and drums a close second!  Screaming and yelling, dancing maybe #3.
The kids I meet in this places (and I've stayed in hundreds over the last seven years tour cycling the world) are seeking a refuge from destructive Modern Life.
I tell them, get more Native:  'START THE DRUMS!  SOUND THE CALL!  'Get Native!' the t-shirt!  
This Hostales in Peru, Kaminu, is small (only 20 beds) and intimate (the walls laughing).  I hear a girl getting laid!
The best part maybe, for us older folks (hanging out with the younger), is the area, supposedly an artist/tourist kinda milieu.  It's right on Oceano de Pacifico.  Overcast most of the time, thus the direct opposite of San Pedro de Atacama (where there are hardly any overcast days:  I remember 2/67, and those just flowery cirrus).  No mi gusto, Frederico.
There was one in particular, a 27-year old woman with a French first name, and a Spanish family name.  Born in the U.S. of Mexican parents, she liked Panama.  Go figure?  She was amazingly open and articulate about herself, and the U.S.  Such a difference between us in terms of consciousness (at that young age).  The younger ones, at least some I meet are way, way ahead of where I was at 27.
At 27, I thought I had reached the 'pinnacle' of success, only to see it wrenched from me discovering an abyss I'd never experienced before.  But, no Hell, no Heaven!
Becoming aware was the greatest pay off…
Opening to discovering the world my way…
Changing the way I thought…
Realizing a few things, some truth…
Waking up from the dream most think is 'reality'…
Discovering who I really was/am…
Evolution from the material to the Spiritual!
Supreme Bliss!
Unconditional Love!
The male shall give way to the female!
Hate begins to become Love!
Join us in everlasting understanding,
The retaking of the responsibility of our own human actions,
Realizing in the process if we don't change courses,
We're going to destroy ourselves -- all humanity!  Then the great question, 'When the last goes, will we have been 'hear' at all?'
Some people are blind!
Some people can see,
And even hug a tree!
Tantric Taoism
In the meantime, we're rushing for the cliff...


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