Wednesday, October 03, 2012

021012 BlOK

021012 BlOK, Martes, Tacna, Peru
It's a, 'From dancing cliff edge shattered sills of slandered shackled jails." kind of morning!

Today, (yesterday, sometime in history… I've lost track…) Mr. Fetes took me up the hill, north of Tacna.  I always climb to the highest, to get a 'lay of the land!'  There was one very steep short city street, this getting to what I spied the first day, a road going to the top, to the antennas (that are always there, we gotta have our mobiles!).  
Tacna, reminds me of Xining, Qinghai Prov., China, because of the barrenness!  Check out the 'fotos' at in the Gallery of course!  Thousands now!
Tacna is much larger than I thought.  This is what's interesting about traveling, I'd never even heard of 'Tacna,' and now in it!  And the pretty much the same as Chile, except maybe more 'Indian,' feeling. I think they're just as sophisticated, certainly the restaurants and the food is, but slightly less expensive than Chile.  But, the traffic, the same crazy fast, rushing around like a headless chicken!  It reminds me of Nepal, a bit, certain parts of China, like Xinjiang A.R.  But, the language, versus, Chinese, possible… They use the Roman alphabet for one thing!
Cranking up the hill reminded me of cranking up Bei (North) Shan (Mountain) in Xining, something I did many times, alone and with others!
The sunlight different here, however.  It's warm and friendly, reminding me of something (deja vu).  I've been here before, maybe in previous life time!  It's the sunlight, always the Light with me:  'The Light is with you!  The Light is within you! sayeth 'The Rock!' (Phyllais Rock).  And the light here, pretty interesting, Spring light going on the Summer light.
I didn't stay long on top, just got a 'lay of the land.'  I try to orient my self, as to know… I'm interested in geography, Mother Earth, the birds, plants, the weather… I can tell the prevailing wind as how the orient the major runway at a commercial airport.  Here's what I would have guess northeast-southwest.  The wind, 90% from the southwest.
I glided down into the city, looking for a restaurant.
I ended up, heading toward Rio Caplina, in a more 'up scale' part of town (the south east).  I found a good restaurant where I ate 'pescado frito,' which is basically 'fish and chips,' with salad and arroz (rice).  But, the fish was whole and with bones (a first in S.A.).  I don't like eyes staring at me.  But, I did thank it for sacrificing its life so I might be nourished. 'Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Grateful! Grateful! Grateful!
I met some of the 'help,' there and took their picture.  I will return today and give them, as I need their help.  There is a method to my madness!
I cranked down to the 'dulceria,' and ate an absolutely decadent piece of cake, mostly whipped cream. Ah….
Later, after 'more Honeymoooooooooon,' I went out after dark.  But, like Kathmandu, crazy on the streets with so many people! 
I had the pictures printed, and I was looking for both the book store ('Apocalypse Now') and a nightclub.  Without a book, or movie, I have to get inventive at night, lest I 'hit the hay' too early.
Anyway, my first day riding Mr. Fetes around Tacna, a city of something like 300,000 population!  Amazing to me!
I've got my bus ticket, however, and will be departing on Friday for Lima!
P.S. Interesting in that Tacna, not that distant from Taiwanaku, Bolivia.  We're getting closer...


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