Saturday, September 29, 2012


What does everyone in the world need?
1)  Air
2)  Water
3)  Food
4)  Clothing
5)  Shelter
So everyone in the world, is always maneuvering to obtain these basic resources.  We feed ourselves first, baby second -- as we know we have to sustain ourselves in order to provide.  Thus, there is competition for resources nee wars.  So, how to provide these basic resources for ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH, not just a few?  Who decides who gets what?
The conservative Right says the marketplace, if left alone, is the decider.  Yes, it does, but not always equitable!  Of course, at this point they would bring up Darwin, and 'survival of the fittest,' nee 'Natural Selection.'  The Liberals (I hate labels) , seemingly more conscious, would suggest that government is needed to temper the marketplace.  They're both right and wrong.  'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!' (Lorn Acton)
We have nothing new, but something so simple to add, this to make distribution of resources more equitable:  just a little more sharing… Just a little more caring… Just a little more loving!  Is this possible?  We're not suggesting to abandon 'laissez faire'  Capitalism.  We just want to add some positive elements.  In 2012, in America, Capitalism seems to have brought out the worst in some people.  But, are we being too idealist, too naive, and/or too gullible?  
Is evolution to a higher consciousness possible?  Why not try?  We believe just 'a little more,' will create more peace in the world.  (Oh, oh, I just offended the Military-Industrial Complex!). What's preferable to the majority?  The violence and paranoia of 2012, or more peace and peace of mind?  It's interesting that I write this while in Chile, where there is less paranoia, and people seem happier.  For the U.S. to continue down the same 'road' we've been traveling since September 9, 2001, is suicide!  There are so many potential WWIIIs in the world today: Iran and Israel (the U.S.), China and Japan, etc.! 
We can't divorce economics from politics!  And Economics, (I have a worthless B.S. in), is not a science.  It's not numbers and formulas (the 'Marginal Propensity to Consume'), it's people.  And thus, we conclude from whence we started that, everyone seeks the basics and then some.  Others, like Ruppert Murdock want it all (don't want to share). 
But, we're hopeful we can evolve to something, kinder, gentler -- ultimately, less violence/war and more peace.  imagine that!
In the act of giving you set up some 'karma,' some positive energy that returns to you in 'spades!'   Giving is just a practical way of getting!  Try it sometime, but without expectations!
Concluding we reaffirm Capitalism, but a kinder, gentler version:  just a little more sharing, a little more caring, and a little more loving!  It's 'The New Capitalism!' 
Can we possibly stop projecting negative and evil onto others, and take responsibility for our individual thinking, our individual acts?
Why not try?
'The New Capitalism'
F.A. Hutchison


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