Wednesday, September 26, 2012


THE BOILING FROG ANALOGY… (thanks to Fred Seal)
For people living everywhere, but in particular, the U.S.:
A frog was put in a pot of water, and the pot went on the stove.  The water in the beginning was tepid, but as fire/heat increased, so did the discomfort of the frog.  S/he tried to avoid the situation, unable to decide what to do (put head in sand).  The heat increased, until the frog grew weaker and weaker, until… s/he couldn't have climbed out of the pot if s/he'd wanted to!
Get out while you can…
Get off the Titanic, before it sinks, not afterwards…
'Get out the back, Jack,
Make a new plan, Stan,
Create a new joy, Roy
Mark the tally, Sally,
Just get yourself free,
P.S.  And STOP WATCHING TV!  Movies maybe, but not from 'Viollywood!'  And go to the theater, sit in the dark with other people.  And most importantly, WAKE UP!  THIS IS NOT REAL-ITY!  This is the dream we need to awaken from…


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