Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mitch of 270912

Mitch of 270912,
I wanted to respond directly to your message, 'on going from youth to adulthood'…
Jung called this 'Individuation,' as becoming what you really are, not your parent's projection.
It never ends, Mitch, I'm still developing, changing, we 'live' in a Dual existence where everything is seeking its opposite, making the world go 'round!'  We' re on a Merry-go-round!'
I love the childhood 'ditty,' we used to sing on those long and boring (for children) automobile trips:
'Row, row, row, your boat,
Gently down the stream!
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream!'
I read your insightful English words, creating your 'wor(l)d.'   Of course, my response is… These are only 'wor(l)ds' s, but they beget your wor(l)d.  And for the moment you are who you are.
But, It's always changing, and into unfathomable dimensions! 
I used to be a television producer.  Who would have ever thought I would write a book about Taoism?
In 30 years or so you will be completely different than you are now, reflecting on the/your past.
A young man I met in Berkeley, back in 1984, oh… What was his name…?  I learned much from him, and his advisor (he studied at the U. of Montana), R.W. Funk.  Funk, now deceased, launched something called 'The Jesus Forum.' I learned more about 'story,' 'parable,' etc., from these religious scholars than all the books about drama, combined.
But, in reference to your message, I'll will try to paraphrase, what David J. Carter (I just remembered his name) said:  The mystery (of life) is a paradox, wrapped in an enigma, presented as a conundrum.  (Note, That's why Christians become Christians, it simplifies everything!  They don't have to think…)
I suppose our only choice is to 'tie ourselves to the mast,' and hope to God we don't get swept overboard.
In the meantime, stop to smell the roses along the way!
Much love to dear 'son,'


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