Saturday, September 01, 2012

31c0812 BLOK / T.T.

31c0812 BLOK / T.T.
'The Duality Machine,' that's what we call this existence, 'reality,' for the lack of a better word.  The '1,' the '2,' as in the 'Tao Te Ching'  creates the '3.'  On and on, as the '1' seeks the '2,' and vice versa, enantiodromia.
This 'opposites attracting' creates the cycles!
In Tantric Taoism, the opportunity to unite with the Divine:
Going back and forth,
Until we are
Lost in each other,
'Knot noing'
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
Supreme bliss!
Unconditional Love!
'The Duality Machine!'
Tantric Taoism



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