Saturday, September 01, 2012

310812 BLOK

310812 BLOK
How suddenly Spring has come to San Pedro.  Almost over night I notice how much warmer at night.  There are some trees (not many in this area) that are budding, I counted three.
Where you are (? -- Northern Hemisphere) it's Labor Day, summer over, and back to school, Autumn on the way.  The opposite of us in the Southern Hemisphere.
This opposite, north and south poles a great example of our Dual World, where EVERYTHING has its opposite, and if no name, then the 'noward.'  For example, what is the opposite of bicycle?  No bicycle.  Moon? No moon, etc.
I sit outside in the morning sun at 0730.
At Casa Campestre (where I'm located at) -- Note, this is an Adventure Travel group who drive ATVs or climb rocks, sand surfing, some kind of outdoor activity.  San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, has something in common with Queenstown, N.Z. -- I remember Bungi Backpackers where I met Lee Cook.
The shower dribbles out, but hot eventually.
Trash everywhere, although better since Alvaro returned.
The bicycles all dirty, tires sagging.
The dogs out of control (standard in Chile, Nepal, and China).  Especially, 'Fergus,' a huge black Newfoundland, neurotic (peed on my tent four times now).  At the other end of the spectrum, Pierre's female white Simian, so good I'd take her if no one owned.
Mostly here, working or guests, young Chileno boys and girls.  They don't know that they don't know.  But, some very good ones like Francisco and Jose (tattoo of Homer Simpson on his arm.)
Now, however, there's much construction, cleaning up going on… Since Alvaro (the older manager) returned.  He's a good guy.
I can recommend the place (Carocoles, #66), as near the S.P. River, and out of the way of the crowd.  But, this is definitely for younger travelers.  Between the engines and the dogs it's rarely quiet (only early morning).  On the other hand, sometimes a digeridoo, drums, guitars, and singing.  Chilenos love to sing and dance.
Everyone here gets up late 0900+, lunch at 2-4P.M. (this is 'siesta' time traditional in Latin America), dinner 8P.M., and then up late. 
The Internet hardly works here in San Pedro, the ethos:  It's not that important!  Slow down, eat, drink and make Mary!
Today, 31 August, the electricity is off, Full Moon!  What's the opposite of Full?  Empty ('dark moon').  If you need efficiency, and can afford, go to Germany!
What I like about the Atacama Desert, when out away from the 'madding crowd' is the stillness, the absolute quiet.  This, of course, when there's no wind (viento).
August ('February' in terms of weather in the S.Hemisphere) came in like a 'lion,' and leaves now like a 'lamb.'  Or, is this a 'March thing?' 
And the birds!  I enjoy feeding the birds!


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