Wednesday, September 26, 2012

250912 BLOK

250912 BLOK 
Wow!  It's a lively scene here where I'm eating lunch on the shopping street ('21 de Mayo' -- Google:  "Armada de Chile | Combate Naval de Iquique (21 de Mayo de 1879)").  Some Chilean naval commander named Prat was killed, and I think Chile lost the deal…?  Not sure…?
Sometimes what's posted at Wikipedia is not well written, nor has the facts right… Ah, what to do…? I went to another history site, and the wanted me to pay… Money has become 'God!' in the world!
We solved the Canon camera to computer uploading problem, thanks to fellow geek Marty (  It turned out to be the memory card, maybe too much on, or can't deal with, as too much, God only knows.  But, only perseverance won this race, as I scurried about Arica on Mr. Fetes, first purchasing a new cable (thought that was the problem), then a new card reader, etc.  But, we figured it out.
Whee!  As traveling the world on a bicycle sometimes challenging!  If you suddenly have a problem in the wrong place, you have to get creative!  It also helps to have experience.


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